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Chat log from R16 of 2015: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R16 of 2015

pies13: carn pies get the 4pts!!
RooBoyStu: Etihad = advantage WC over the Skunks
Jair: Come on Pies lets not fall down after so many near losses
dmod: now i know why fanfooty game chat is rubbish – its full of pies filth
m0nty: Stoppage stoppage stoppage
SaintsMan: wouldn’t be surprised if nic not is already on 40 sc
Jair: You come here because you love the dirty talk dmod
pies13: its only going 2 get filthier dmod
ballbag: problem with AFL is only 18 teams in the world play this way
ballbag: the AFL is in no way similar or reflects local footy. its getting really bad to watch
drapes15: need better game plans to make it higher scoring
pies13: gday @ballbag carn pies!
drapes15: and less coaches to follow ross lyon game plan
pies13: luvit just took his dogs scarfe off n replaced it with the swans 1 haha
drapes15: you cant support 2 teams its not right
pies13: thankyou @drapes where were you lastnite? that was my arguement
Yelse: umpires very bias towards eagles today
colin wood: Keep going ox!!!
ReaperRage: traded oxley to hodge this week
colin wood: Yeah was gonna go ox to picken but saved that one and got gaz in for Cripps!!
RooBoyStu: Go Eagles!
Woodie: Cloke subbed
Woosha 73: Ahh yeah right Yelse. Did you see Browns “push in the back”?
Chelskiman: Cloke gone.
RooBoyStu: Cloke donuts and subbed
Jukes82: Geez this has the hallmarks of and eagles 100 point thrashing
meka100: Good Ox will avoid the vest
SaintsMan: yeo u dud
Jukes82: whats nicnats sc?
Chelskiman: Lift, Yeo!
SaintsMan: probably something like 60 jukes
Jukes82: lol @ saintsman
brunckka: ninat 20SC. must not have too many to advantage
dmod: nobody going to mention how poorly swan is doing? Few ppl given him the C im sure
Jukes82: cheers
TasDevil: sub score will count for cloke or no?
h a mm e r: I’m keeping Ox. Glad Cloke is vested as bucks can’t screw up the Ox now 🙂
pies13: carn pies lift!
m0nty: the donut counts
HowI Rioli: Aw jeez I gambled on captain Cloke eclipsing Goldys VC score
Chelskiman: No, @TasDevil.
brunckka: no you will get a zero for cloke @TasDevil
TasDevil: bugger
HowI Rioli: Tease evil no
HowI Rioli: *tasdevil*
Dangermaus: wth Swannie, what is this shit
TasDevil: he’s gone next opportunity
h a mm e r: Cloke’s a choke anyway. To be honest pies are better off without him and his glove of stickiness
RooBoyStu: Swanny ate too much popcorn at the movies with Sam
Solat: thumbs up for the snowman monty
h a mm e r: After being mounted by Sam, you too wld be deflated and sore
Torz: Traded Ox out this week. 🙁
h a mm e r: For who Torz?
pies13: go grundy carn pies!!!
Torz: McVeigh. Think he’s probably bottomed out.
SaintsMan: what torz?
SaintsMan: mcveigh is a gun torz i have him my self
h a mm e r: He avg 101 SC per game. Not otoo bad but he has to share points with too many other good players at Syd
RooBoyStu: Yeo coming good
ReaperRage: same here @torz for hodge whod you go
lozdaleg: Priddis sc???
frenzy: no idea umpire, reward holding the pill muppet
Torz: My defence is pretty good now. Boyd, Hodge, Mundy, McVeigh, Newnes and Duryea. This is AF.
auxDT: Too bad Boyd played shit today
Torz: Very unlike him.
RooBoyStu: Boyd lol
thommoae: Eagles 100 points – where’s that guy?
RooBoyStu: Dureya also out this week
RooBoyStu: *Duryea
Torz: I realise that. One week injury, so I just benched him.
Yelse: shower umpiring
RooBoyStu: what a goal Hill
zadolinnyj: Umpiring fine as a neutral.
Chelskiman: Yeo is going to be my combo breaker. Had 3 tons from 3 up until this game.
Chelskiman: Actually, I have Swan too. Looking like a bad game for me, but most have Swan anyway.
Jukes82: Swany had a good quarter, too many handballs but still could ton from here.
Jukes82: nicnat 39, swan 40sc
ryanbob: surprised priddis is 51, thought hed be about 40
wadaramus: Priddis good DE, hoefullyhe can get more of the ball in second half.
frenzy: wet toast may kick em selves out of it
wadaramus: Traded Saad but still have the Ox, looking OK so far.
mark621: Gaff SC? thinking him for my last mid to just about complete my team
wadaramus: Gaff 54sc.
wadaramus: Priddis needs to kick more!
ReaperRage: wow nicnat quick start to the quarter
SaintsMan: yeo sc?
Jukes82: swany lifting!
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady in a cab on the way to Etihad
ballbag: tell the fat lady to stop for a burger! i need WCE 1-39
goes: Swan McGovern and Kennedy sc
ballbag: pull out the guitar. they saying ncgov did a string
Fletch91: Cmon Priddis, lift!
tamoz: Cmon X.Ellis!
SaintsMan: great stuff yeo!
auxDT: priddis took a mark!
wadaramus: Did he kick it auxDT?!
RooBoyStu: Pies fans quiet, 4 losses in a row coming up.
auxDT: yes he did!
wadaramus: 15 points and a quarter to go…fat lady is a bit early isn’t she?
pies13: rooboy cooking t 4 me family still here carn pies!!!
wadaramus: More of the same Priddis, kick it man!
pies13: carn pies!!!
Woosha 73: Discaceful decision
RooBoyStu: @pies13 long time for 2 minute noodles 😉
Jukes82: pies win this
ballbag: has sidealps tonned in sc yet?
auxDT: B.Kennedy omitted next week
poolboybob: Cripps muppet
J.Worrall: Let’s go now Dave
auxDT: Dave!
poolboybob: Shuey magnifying glass
DirtyDawn: Dave’s not here man….
frenzy: c’mon toasters
J.Worrall: What’s my name, quick, quick …
J.Worrall: Happy B’day 2 me, hippo bd 2 me ….
DirtyDawn: Time to stand up and be counted Priddis. We need you to drag the team over the line.
J.Worrall: … dear Bo-ob
J.Worrall: Bob, that’s it wiat no no, that’s backwards ….
SaintsMan: nic nat 57 sc
RooBoyStu: WC 23 scoring shots to 16
Woosha 73: Well done to the review guy who did all he could to find footage to make that seem inconclusive.
Chelskiman: Big quarter needed from Yeo and Pendles. Swan did well in the end in that quarter too.
wadaramus: Sidebum 91sc.
RooBoyStu: last week the tv icon on here said Sam Gibson would get weeks, got 0
OnTheRocks: trust my opposition’s only rook to go big where mine goes shit
ballbag: haha ox nic naitashuey
OnTheRocks: Joelwood to GaJ next week or Lever to premo
frenzy: Lol, the BIG suspension @ rooboy
DirtyDawn: Come on Pendles FFS
RooBoyStu: yep lol
RooBoyStu: Tv for gibbo and no tv for fyfe, who got fined?
J.Worrall: Sin Gobsmack’s suspension?
Chelskiman: Less going backwards, Yeo.
RooBoyStu: Skunks lucky Eagles missing heaps
Woosha 73: Is that gun on Sidebottom a joke?
poolboybob: These refs have been incompetent.
zadolinnyj: Gun to shoot himself for missing that
DirtyDawn: That holding the ball against the frenchman with the goal that was touched for the pies? Wouldnt want a close one!!
circle52: Obvviusly 20 – 8 in favour of Pies
ballbag: ton up ffs nicnat. you been on 99 for 3 weeks
cartz411: steele SC?
happylab: the umpiring is a bit dodgy
circle52: Sidebottom finbally tonned up in SC 101
RooBoyStu: heart for Selwood looked gone at qtr time
DirtyDawn: Brad Sheppard good game today regardless of DT points
RooBoyStu: goal umpire needs OPSM
Woosha 73: Month. You might want to go back and read what the gun means?
ballbag: OPSM need ta give free specs to goal umpis except chelsea
ballbag: big fucken bottle top fackers so theres no errors
poolboybob: Heart is only for players who come back and play well.
Woosha 73: Monty
poolboybob: Sinclair is one of the worst set shots I’ve ever seen
cartz411: ox and pendles SC?
m0nty: nominations for star please
Edders: goal umpire is clearly trying to keep the pies in it. 2 points that looked like goals
poolboybob: Jesse White potato
RooBoyStu: orders Pizza to celebrate Skunks 4 losses in a row
happylab: Gaff
frenzy: Tragic Choke star
SaintsMan: gaff monty
DirtyDawn: Frenchman for star
Woosha 73: Give Sidebottom everything Monty. Except star for umps
ballbag: where are ya pies13? you been cooking those 2min noodle for an hour
RooBoyStu: x factor LeCras
zadolinnyj: Lol ballbag
DanBlack: I though Nic Nats taps and takling was huge
pies13: haha ballbag yeah flowerd them me n the 8kids holdn a carboard sign sayn feed me haha me internet flowerd all wkend
zadolinnyj: Cripps x factor
ballbag: lol. i thought the game would be alot closer. dun worry stick it to me when the blues play v freo
frenzy: good star monty, nobody went cripps Lol
poolboybob: Hurn, Sheppard and Wellingham were all very good down back.
ryanbob: Nic Nat x factor? Lol don’t think so
Breezey: White, Seedsman and Kennedy can introduce themselves to the reserves coach
poolboybob: Fittingly the game ends with a free kick for Collingwood
RooBoyStu: @ballbag blues almost beat Freo last year, Wood kicked it to Neale and they lost
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
ballbag: @rooboy yeah but carl will kick 8.16 tonight like always
ryanbob: Uhhhhh how did nic Nat get nearly 50 points that qtr? Barely saw him
pies13: same ballbag all good bud nah wont rag your 1 of the only blokes on this site who has a clue
ballbag: agreed nicnat on 99 most of that Q but i have so
pies13: rooboy you happy? its not thursday but you at least a day 2 celebrate
RooBoyStu: @pies13 i told you last week we will finish higher than the pies
pies13: mayb rooboy mayb still will go close

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