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Chat log from R11 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R11 of 2015

frenzy: go big Fyfe
Karlpov: Who will kick 3 goals today? Stephen Hill?
SaintsMan: fyfe will
SaintsMan: fyfe will kill it today
colmullet: This could be a massive bloodbath
miner4pts: Congrats Barlow a big ton for your 100th
Torz: Let’s go Lachie, bit score as captain!
scud98: Captain Fyfe!
OnTheRocks: Depending on performance, this may be the last games Touk and Saad have in my team
AngryRyno: not sure why alex pearce is starting with a bandaid for seemingly no reason
auxDT: saad will become b.smith/laird next week for me
OnTheRocks: $ symbol for Pearce please, he’s going to make me some coin
frenzy: suns 2 kicks and a goal ? or slow stats
AngryRyno: laird over smith surely, watching crows v blues last week, laird seemed to have taken brodie’s role
Torz: Raines tagging Neale? As if. Tag Hill to spud.
Grazz: Suns switched on
OnTheRocks: Saad turning into Simpson at this rate
AngryRyno: further, apart from one big score, brodie smith hasn’t looked like it this year, regardless of concussions
Torz: Saad looks fine. Yes Lachie!
AngryRyno: great start neale, another BOG coming up today
circle52: Greasy conditions not helping game as a spectacle
RooBoyStu: keep going kk
Redraptor: I’m keeping Saad as long as I can…he’s averaging 82 sc
circle52: Stanley looks done though for suns
m0nty: that didn’t look good did it
Grazz: second and third efforts Pav well done
circle52: Stanley subbed Malceski in
zadolinnyj: Stanley out
auxDT: @AngryRyno B.Smith is too tempting for his current price, ill probably wait another week and bring Laird in first
Grazz: Eski will be on shortly
Grazz: sub made
circle52: keep going Boston $ sign as well
zadolinnyj: Yes Boston.
AngryRyno: sounds good, i definitely wouldn’t be touching smith until he has at least 1 good week
Wends: Welcome to my SC team A. Boston, with 3 mins to spare.
OnTheRocks: Bo$ton
RooBoyStu: how is Boston over $600k on RDT surely that’s bullshower
zadolinnyj: Everyone surely ended up with Boston.
Raspel31: Atta boy Fyfe. Step it up. Don’t want loophole on a bye
AngryRyno: wanted to get andrew ‘the bun’ boston in, but couldn’t afford another r12 bye.
scud98: Pearce and Boston!!
OnTheRocks: A.Pearce show me the money as well!
Wends: Not in RDT @zad, didn’t get in b4 lockout 🙁
AngryRyno: a stinker from CEY next week and he’s mine in a flash
Redraptor: Fremantle Pearce-ing
Wends: Hey yeah – brought pearce in too – just crashed into Boston!!
tamoz: Lift Fyfe, Barlow and D.Pearce!
frenzy: Pearce you are a star Alex
gdshifty: how bad was saads concussion?
AngryRyno: gotta be more specific than just pearce wends! haha
Wends: What’s the collective noun for Pearce?
auxDT: mundy better get 120, he owes us all
boydshow: Boston & Pearce <333
OnTheRocks: this game is dripping with $ signs
RooBoyStu: Fyfe groggy
tamoz: Is fyfe hurt?
Grazz: Nice grab
m0nty: bucket of Pearces
circle52: Fyfe copped a head knock
circle52: Dockers kicking accuracy helping Suns
zadolinnyj: Great ground to watch afl. You here the thud of tackles
AngryRyno: hallahan rubbish DE, that’s new…
zadolinnyj: Flock of pearce
OnTheRocks: if it’s a bucket of Pearces, what do you call the 5 Jack’s in the Saints?
frenzy: jack shower
Wends: Lol Monty. that’s a meme waiting to happen.
OnTheRocks: lol, i’ll accept that Frenzy
SaintsMan: great stuff mundy
stubba11: a slab of Pearce?
AngryRyno: kolo has surely repaid the faith shown by those who’ve kept him since day 1?
zadolinnyj: Nice and quich @frenzy
Redraptor: @frenzy lol
carlton_99: is fyfe oka
carlton_99: ok
SaintsMan: yeah hes fine
Wends: Press of Pearces.
AngryRyno: footy on the boot, touk!
zadolinnyj: Fifi is fine @carlton_99. Tap to the head. Nothing serious
m0nty: jigsaw of Pearces?
stubba11: a taking of Pearce
zadolinnyj: Pearces of shower
stubba11: pretty happy to have traded in Boston & A Pearce this week
zadolinnyj: Luv it @stubba11
fshow: A purse of pearces
AngryRyno: more than half the team is made up of hotties, yet they trail and fyfe isn’t one of them, who’d have thought
frenzy: pearce off m0nty
fshow: way to ruin it frenzy
the spud: a plethora of Pearces
OnTheRocks: i’m so Saad right now
fshow: spud you nailed it
zadolinnyj: With the first quarter points it’s an orgy of pearces
the spud: freo trying to find a guy named Pierce Pearce to draft. Would make the team complete
the spud: Thank you thank you I’ll be here all week
fshow: dennis would have something for this
m0nty: that would be the final Pearce of the puzzle
fshow: should have just left it at plethora
SaintsMan: fyfe 31 sc
zadolinnyj: Is that a warning Monty or just more comic genius. Great pun
stubba11: try the spuds…
elmooray: pearce’n in the wind
the spud: Just saw Swallow eating while watching on. David Swallowing?
stubba11: lol @elmooray! they are no good into the wind!
Wends: Piles of pearces, wait, no.
fshow: why
ballbag: 2 indian batsman pearced ar ear and wa nada vaginatu
zadolinnyj: All you need now @spud is Hill to m
fshow: A.Pearce approaching his predicted score a tick after qtr time. booya
zadolinnyj: Hill to be climbing a hill
ballbag: 2 indian batsman pearced ar ear and wy nada vagynatu
fshow: this was fun at the begginning. ballbag is flat out ruining it. just repeats himself
Grazz: Pearce Boston best duo in this year, tell how my years going. 🙁
circle52: $ sign for Alex Pearce as well
circle52: Saad getting medical attention again
Redraptor: Pearce-ing Raines at Gold Coast atm
Torz: Is Saad ever not injured?
Wends: Holy crap, lee spurr.
circle52: Bad miss by Neale there
man0005: 2 indian batsman pearced ar ear and wa nada voweltu
zadolinnyj: Freo looks like they need the bye very soon
dipstick: @fshow go and cry a river you comedian
Hawks_15: put the green dollar sign on a.pearce
Wends: Why KK SC so average?
roshanetw: back to the footy guys, these puns are shocking
fshow: go and cry a river. this is what passes as a burn these days. you sound ridiculous
Wends: Nah that was some Saturday arvo gold roshane!
m0nty: back on the game please
zadolinnyj: Looks like the wind is going towards free end at moment
Wends: Nice Touk, stay ahead of Barlow…
fshow: i was okay with getting A.Pearce in at the last minute with mckenzie not making the cut, but this…wow
frenzy: icicle Charlie m0nty
happytimes: The way Fyfe is going he won’t make my best 18
carlton_99: cmon fyfe
gdshifty: pretty happy with trading out Barlow at round 6 right now. Not the same player
RooBoyStu: Fyfe having a mare
ryanbob: the one week i verse someone without fyfe and he does this
auxDT: aww gummon fyfe!
grossn: looks like fyfe will be a good pickup in a couple of weeks for all the idiots who don’t have him yet
gdshifty: not happy with fyfes score today eh grossn?
circle52: Fyfe only 4 possessions this quarter lift you spud. Great for my oponnent who has him as C
Redraptor: fyfe 39 sc is OK he normally gets going after half time
grossn: mee too ryanbob
frenzy: thats a lotta disposals for 3 goals each
colmullet: barlow disgraceful
Redraptor: Fyfe 45sc pretty good for a quiet half
Harmes37: having fyfe as my VC using the loophole is helping as my opp has fyfe C & has xtra plyrs onfiel
Sunday2810: Pathetic game…no flag for freo this year. Congrats swans 2015
circle52: Alex Pearce 46 SC points explain that one CD. Has 100% D/e so that can not be an excuse this time
colmullet: all uncontested chipping around stuff circle, no impact
gers: mckenzie deserves a symbol
fshow: i say do sc and deal with it. or don’t do sc. every year people having a whinge about the scoring system.
tamoz: FFs Fyfe, Barlow and D.Pearce!
circle52: Had to keep Miller with the outs so not too unhappy atm
frenzy: boston -2 for qtr, lift muppet Lol
ryanbob: boston minus 2 points that qtr, wtf lol CD have no idea sometimes
Redraptor: Malceski is probably the most overpaid player in AFL. GC should never have given away Rhys Stanley
Jukes82: I think Freo should draft another ‘Pearce’ in the draft
LuvIt74: Wonder if Fyfe will come home with a wet sale. I’m hoping NOT
LuvIt74: I put the VC on Fyfe and will put the Captain on Pridders if he scores sub 110
frenzy: looking forward to GAJ comeback, perma Capt.
LuvIt74: I need a huge POD as only managed to get 17 players on field, TBC & Mcenzie disappointed me.
LuvIt74: @frenzy i wont be bringing him in.
frenzy: massive POD for me then.
Redraptor: well done Miller
circle52: Fyfe plqaying forward now to start 3rd qtr
LuvIt74: @frenzy if your wanting GAJ back at least wait till he plays 4 games coz he will drop over 300k
Apachecats: Here comes Fyfe with that wet sale Luvit
frenzy: yep am onto it
Torz: Fyfe dominating at full forward.
Redraptor: Fyfe starting to go now
SaintsMan: and fyfe just kills the game in two minutes
mijg: Here comes fyfe
RooBoyStu: wet sale lol *sail
frenzy: fyfe going goodes
LuvIt74: @Apachecats YEP he is a absolute GUN.
gdshifty: GC should just double team Fyfe and drop a spare man back in front of him
Elephant: I had a feeling that 41 at half time was nothing to worry about it
circle52: Yet again a stupid deliberate out of bounds kick goes 50 metres across ground
DTmuppet: Now need Barlow to lift
LuvIt74: I really wanted FYFE to score crap to have that POD as captain but now i may have to keep Fyfe as my C if he scores 110+
Redraptor: Fyfe just go 35sc in 8min
auxDT: i go away for 20 mins and fyfe goes HUGE
frenzy: pearce off the boil
carlton_99: fyfe on 88 scupints
stubba11: is Boston still playing?
Redraptor: Fyfe is outstanding…the way he picked up that greasy ball with one hand…great!
RooBoyStu: Boston eating a Boston Bun on the bench
carlton_99: fyfe on a whoping 88 points believe it or not for sueprcoach wowweee
Torz: Lift Neale
_wato: Fyfe more than doubles his SC score in 13 minutes of footy. He’s unbelievable.
SaintsMan: Yes Mundy!
auxDT: fuck off pav!
gdshifty: Saad should get the heart
zadolinnyj: Saad in serious pain. Hip I think or ribs
IHateChat: Saad heart.
carlton_99: cmon fyfe get the ton before the quatert is up
m0nty: Saad gets the heart if he comes back on
AngryRyno: saad strapped up and about to come back on
Dangermaus: Good one, stupid Pavlich… or sun-dial as I like to call him
IHateChat: Saad coming back on now.
Redraptor: Fyfe’s tonned up in sc
Jukes82: kid has ticker
gdshifty: gutsy little bugger is back on. Only been smashed 3 times gets handpass now
carlton_99: fyfe was on 40sc points at half time but is not at 102 points woweee
zadolinnyj: Heart him up
carlton_99: make that 107
stubba11: respect Saad
zadolinnyj: May need a boxing bag symbol for Saad
SaintsMan: anyone know mundys sc?
roshanetw: cape for fyfe
gdshifty: fyfe may get cape at this rate
zadolinnyj: 78 sc mundy
Redraptor: Mundy 78sc Fyfe 110sc!
SaintsMan: cheers boys
RooBoyStu: ying yang fyfe maybe lol
stubba11: Superfyfe
grossn: what the hell? I go have a shower and come back and fyfe does this? 😀
AngryRyno: get a kick neale
carlton_99: saad has had something happen to him every quater so far
LuvIt74: Fyfe 110sc
grossn: and that was an actual shower, not the autocorrect for sh1t 😛
zadolinnyj: Mckenzie has fallen along way from where he was a few years ago
frenzy: good boy Bun
RooBoyStu: lol grossn
AngryRyno: ok, now get an effective kick neale
zadolinnyj: i think him and rocket aren’t friends. Trade bait maybe?
miner4pts: Saad impressive today
auxDT: hahah grossn
Torz: McKenzie was a promising wingman, but for some reason they play him as a key back.
qiu333: shit
nikos: Malcho has looked good today… late season pick up???
DanBlack: Does Fyfe get the hulk?
RooBoyStu: whenever anybody needs a player to lift tell grossn to have a shower lol
AngryRyno: saad on track for his usual 70-80s, 61sc
circle52: Suns initially planeed to use Malco for 1 – 2 quarters fdue to lack of match practice.
AngryRyno: miller 63sc, boston 47sc & alex pearce 55sc
zadolinnyj: You would think sides would want a long kicking wingman especially the ones with big forwards.
ryanbob: bit generous for miller, kicked a goal but thats about it. terrible efficiency
nikos: will cost peanuts in 3 weeks.. averaged 105SC last year
AngryRyno: a. pearce robbed, still at 100%
ryanbob: and how is miller more than saad and boston? both are playing better
zadolinnyj: Why is Adelaide game Thursday next week. Anyone know.
G-Mo77: Yeah surprised A. Pearce so low. Uncontested possesions I guess
Apachecats: Happy to take Fyfe as capt now.
fshow: fuckin super coach people still cracking on about unfair scoring. dont do SC
AngryRyno: so if you handpass it straight to your teammate, and they simply drop it, why does that drop your DE?
frenzy: another goal to the Suns would be nice
Apachecats: Give Saad a bigger heart icon
zadolinnyj: @grossn can you have a shower with 2 minutes to go? I need Boston to kick the winner
RooBoyStu: if Freo lose, here comes the choke
tamoz: Please do something Barlow and D.Peace!
grossn: all my GCS players on 72 DT
circle52: Game on
Pavalinco: Flower
grossn: Sorry @Zadolinnyj I need freo to win this for my multi 🙂
roshanetw: holy crap i wonder what GCS would be paying to win right now
Pavalinco: Get on the Bombers and Roos
zadolinnyj: You may not get the multi grossn but you will smell like a winner
Apachecats: Can someone with Touk go and have a shower
AngryRyno: BOG is anyones call, especially if suns win
frenzy: prefer his girl friend
nikos: Barlow forward status in UF??
DTmuppet: Fyfe gun
Apachecats: Thanks whoever you are ,its starting to work
masterdead: what does the +1 mean?
fshow: spare man back
AngryRyno: +1 = spare man
Costanza: is Boston the first Mexican to play AFL?
nikos: spare man in defence @masterdead
zadolinnyj: +1 = extra chromosome when west off gets it but for everyone else it’s the spare
Wends: No, alot of Victorians play AFL Costanza.
fshow: lol zads
zadolinnyj: Lol wends
AngryRyno: ouch
SaintsMan: mundy sc?
AngryRyno: fyfe 139sc thus far, saving everyones bye scores
frenzy: ya need to know about footy to live here
AngryRyno: mundy 102sc
Wends: And KK tonned up in SC
SaintsMan: cheers
zadolinnyj: Saad star I think
roshanetw: nah rischitelli for star for me, did well to keep fyfe quiet in the first half and got a lot of the ball
frenzy: c’mon suns
Apachecats: No junk time here!
Redraptor: Saad has a lot of guts…will keep him
zadolinnyj: Considering the low scores, great game
stubba11: Fyfe has to get star by Montys definition. Will get 3 votes
miner4pts: im keeping saad after watching this too
fshow: i’ve missed the train for boston. i mean boston train
Torz: Ton up Lachie
AngryRyno: boston 89sc, saad 86sc
fshow: you too clancee
Apachecats: I’m still buying him FShow
casey22: Ive gotta keep Saad & KK, and happy
Dangermaus: sandilands 66 hit outs! mental
grossn: draw?
stubba11: Ross will not be impressed if they don’t win Dangermaus!
Costanza: been a Saad day’s night
fshow: i’m RDT so can’t afford to trade unless its big $$$
frenzy: that would be 3 records in 3 weeks for sandi
AngryRyno: neale DE was above 80 before the start of this qtr
Apachecats: Give Fyfe the wet sale!!
AngryRyno: thats 70 hitouts for sandy, wow
stubba11: Atlas for Rischi an insult to Saad
Dangermaus: surely 70 hitouts is a record ???
carlton_99: i goal the difference and 22 secs left
LuvIt74: SAAD has to be considered a keeper in defence now, considering how volatile defence is.
carlton_99: 1 goal the idfference and 22 secs left
frenzy: not convinced freo
Tim Tam: freo are nothing without fyfe….
Costanza: good game for top vs bottom
LuvIt74: Fyfe wins the Sydney to Hobart by 10 miles.
AngryRyno: russell blue moon
SaintsMan: fyfe maybe won the brownlow already
ryanbob: boston only 89?? didnt get any points for that mark and kick at end…he lifted them in that forward line
stubba11: Boston robbed
Sunday2810: Freo nowhere near good enough for the flag…and I’m a member
wadaramus: Saad 25 possessions @ 80eff, 10 contested only 91sc?%

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