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Chat log from R11 of 2015: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R11 of 2015

Dangermaus: Fantasia avoids the vest
DTmuppet: Will hopefully be a big one for Nic nat
colin wood: hey guys, anyone else jump on kavanagh a week early?
KelCO: He has a bye next week , so no point till rd 13
mijg: Need Goddard tagged out of the game thanks simmo.
colin wood: Kel – had to becuase of my bye rounds and very very short this week
KelCO: I’ve got 17 this round and have been very tempted to up rich to hanneberry even though he has the bye next week
KelCO: How are you going to go next round colin wood?
Dangermaus: loopholing Heppell
Coen: I traded in Kav to free up some money for next wk.
Redraptor: Thank God for Fyfe…still getting over the last game
Jukes82: Brought in Fantasia hopefully he can make me so cash
Jukes82: *some
The39Steps: These byes give me the X%#@. Why can’t we just have one week off when everyone can chill not this death by paper cuts?
AngryRyno: should be able to nominate one of the bye weeks as your week off at the start of the year
derkaderrr: Why can’t we just have a split round rather than 3 bye rounds
vamos77: agree 39 steps not only is it shower for fantasy if you dont have fox you only get 2 games on a weekend
Redraptor: Byes are so hard…lots of uncertainty…good for SC I think
The39Steps: With a week off everyone can chill – cameraman, media, ground staff, umpires, etc etc. Lets everyone freshen up.
Apachecats: Cooney must’ve read the papers this week
Redraptor: @The39Steps revenue will also chill
Jukes82: nicnat will have 50+ hitouts today
Rebuild: Come on Kav. Turn it on!
Apachecats: Especially with these clowns trying to bounce it Jukes
Redraptor: McGovern left hand injury
LuvIt74: What a screw up i wanted to trade out Rockliff to Kavanagh to set me up for the bye rounds but forgot damn now im screwe
Apachecats: McGovern taken over from Missy as the bandaid king
RooBoyStu: welcome back jabe watson glad i kept you!
The39Steps: Why@redraptor? Still the same amount of games.
Apachecats: Radio boys say McGovern is done
Redraptor: @The39Steps I don’t think it is as linear as that, stopping and starting could cause a dip in revenue…just a theory
LuvIt74: Now i have to find another rookie to bring in my midfield
DTmuppet: Why do I have McGovern….
Apachecats: Not too late for Boston Luvit still be big minus breakeven
AngryRyno: Why do I have Butler…
frenzy: Liz Hurley breakout year
AngryRyno: heppell 50sc, who had him?
LuvIt74: @Apacchecats i got boston this week & Pearce but i need more cash for next weeks bye
LovesIt: Naitanui not gonna be 1/4 the player cox was
LuvIt74: There is news floating around that H Goddard will get to play
gunners23: do something kav
Apachecats: You’ve done well Luvit ,another rookie will bob up for you.
AngryRyno: why don’t the dons play giles?
cammo92: Hasn’t been doing much in the VFL. McKernan will come in when they can upgrade him
Apachecats: Dons slaughtering them in the Clangers Cup
SaintsMan: wtf yeo?
zadolinnyj: Would expect more from Goddard considering its snow season and he’s a downhill skier
Sunday2810: Lol at all the do
Sunday2810: Lol at the douhebags who likened Yeo to Fyfe…he couldn’t win a game of his own back
AngryRyno: lol at the douchebag who gets on Yeo’s back after one bad half
northernstar: brought in mcgovern….boom
frenzy: dons are on the nose
Redraptor: Bombers need to be more efficient…they are getting enough of the ball
Raspel31: Dons-season gone,sigh. But Zacky Merret-go you good thing.
Apachecats: you’re lucky you just got him NTStar.I’ve had to put up with him all season.injured every second game.
Fletch91: Zachy Merrett indeed!
Sunday2810: Had a coup of good games and all wce fans think they’ve got a Fyfe…HA!
Raspel31: Can’t believe I benched Fyfe this week.
AngryRyno: zach merrett great pick-up, please tell me you’ve had him since rnd 1
zadolinnyj: Merrett did this last year then died once we all had him
AngryRyno: ill put a whopper on yeo bouncing back this coming half
Apachecats: Zachary on my list for next year.Midfielder in the making
Raspel31: But consistent this year zado
zadolinnyj: True but I know if I grab him he will then average 40. I am a jinx
Raspel31: And, as I speak.
Apachecats: Merrett just laid a tackle in the rooms
zadolinnyj: Anyone have the nicnats sc
frenzy: reckon belly would be doing better , than wot jake is
Fletch91: Zach has been in my team since the beginning. Been consistent every week
Raspel31: Rule of thumb-Dons crap this year and sad about that. But Merrett shining-and agree Fletch.
frenzy: nic nat 67
AngryRyno: zachy 70sc
frenzy: dumont sub will hurt a few
Raspel31: No colours any more Monty?. Dons fans stand up.
desmondo: Fee Fyfe Oh wot a good SC score 😉
Raspel31: Never will I captain Gimpy over Fyfe again.
LuvIt74: Coz i forgot Rocky to Kavanagh, I can only go Rocky to Robinson which might b a blessing as Kav has done nothing.
Apachecats: Robinson sub Luvit
Raspel31: Luvit-how could you possobly forget Rockliff-and in a bye week ?
LuvIt74: Bloody hell robonsin is sub cannot get a break
LuvIt74: yeah just seen that
LuvIt74: @Raspel i traded Heeney to Boston & McIntosh to Pearce and was meant to go Rocky to Kavanagh this avo
LuvIt74: coz i thought kavanagh might end up with the SUB
Raspel31: But you didn’t Luvit?
Apachecats: He might as well be sub Luvit.You’ve saved yourself a trade there
LuvIt74: i got no choice but to go Rocky to Robinson otherwise i wont have the cash to bring in the premiums in round 12 & 13
frenzy: nic nat keeps going +1, luv it, hard way to get the ton
Fletch91: Looks like everyone just died…
Raspel31: Understood Luvit-I work 5 hours a week and hard to find the time. Life is tough.
LuvIt74: @Raspel Robinson might out score Kav anyway even though he is the sub. Plus he’s $25k cheaper
Apachecats: McGovern is risen!
Raspel31: Such stuff are dreams made of Luvit. Good luck.
LuvIt74: @Apachecats very true m8 the only thing is i hate to bring in a SUB to generate the cash but its my only choice.
Raspel31: Merrett-carn you good Dons
Jukes82: Chappy should have retired last season!
Fury: Chappy can’t bend over to pick up the ball any more.
tamoz: Lift Yeo!
jakem1717: if anyone wants to know SC scores just ask 🙂
DanBlack: Yeo can kick at goal a bit like Fyfe does. Maybe the closest similaritty
gunners23: @jakem1717 kavanagh? gaff? priddis?
Viscount: Nic Nait SC thanks Jakem
LuvIt74: Cant believe Bumont is the SUB also bloody unreal…
Fletch91: Cmon Priddis, get the pill
LuvIt74: NicNat 94sc
Raspel31: Cripps and Merrett-ahappy surprise in a bye.
Perry95: goddards sc anyone?
Viscount: thanks Luv It
jakem1717: goddard 64
Perry95: cheers jakem
jakem1717: nic nat 107
Viscount: thanks for the update Jakem
ryanbob: lol is goddard playing? havent seem him for about 5 minutes or more
ryanbob: lol just as i say that
auxDT: priddis wtf u doing
northernstar: geelong using “third man up” Essendon using “no man up”
banta: All junk from Hibberd. Always so loose. Chipping around the backline. Hack.
Raspel31: Think Priddis past his his best-wouldn’t touch him.
axe9: Come on Bombers we can win this
Harmes37: how can nicnat have 11 CP and only 10 poss. ?
frenzy: Zach tons up in SC, well well well
auxDT: @Harmes37 he’s a wizard
grossn: @Harmes37 This happened before with another player and I also questioned it
Raspel31: Axe9-good work.
axe9: lol game over
axe9: lol fuck game over
Raspel31: Sadly
Apachecats: McGoverns SC dare I ask?
MattyZ: you can get a hard ball get and get tackled or pushed over the boundary or get it knocked out and only the contested pos
tamoz: Junk up Yeo and Ellis!
wadaramus: McGovern 41sc.
Raspel31: Just a question-why would any team pick up junk like Gwilt?.
Apachecats: Thanks Wada ,better than nothing.
grossn: @Raspel31 the only reason I can think of is that essendon traded in old players cos they thought they would win the prem
luked98: good hibberd
tor01doc: McGovern – surely will be scaled down?
tor01doc: Gwilt rolls a good number.
frenzy: if Carlisle keeps playing like this he’ll get a game next week
MattyZ: free agent pickup purely for depth since they only have 3 keys and one plays forward a lot
Raspel31: And they lost their draft picks
The39Steps: Bombers’ players get next week off – Hirdy will get the rest of the year off.
frenzy: carlisle might get another game in the VFL
tor01doc: Carlisle needs a new team.
sticky12: Sux when u have to explain a joke aye frenzy!
tor01doc: Is Edwards SC relevant?
derkaderrr: I’ll take Carlisle at Collingwood
iZander: can’t blame carlilsle, he’s playing out of position, all australian defender when he plays back
SaintsMan: stkilda need someone like carlisle, our defenders are too small and carlislie would be a brick
Apachecats: Check the DT scores Bombers 1618 WC 1320,Bombers getting a thrashing on real scoreboard
Raspel31: Agreed – and thanks Matty-but St Kilda could have told you.
bigbaddasa: Need WC to win 1-39 to keep my multi bet alive..comon Ess
LuvIt74: After all that searching I just found out Melbourne have Billy Stretch & Alex Neal-Bullen at least 1 will play.
LuvIt74: Now im really glad I forgot to trade Rocky to Kavanagh
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit-Cripps normally on the bench. He and Merrett will see me through. But sad day Dons.
frenzy: seagull goddard
LuvIt74: @Raspel are u going to keep Cripps from Carlton on the bench? He is priced to high to have on the pine
tor01doc: Which Cripps?
zadolinnyj: Cripps scored well when Jude has not played
Raspel31: No-think Cripps from Carlton a stayer Luvit.
frenzy: fair dinkum unbelieveable Zach Merrett
auxDT: lol priddis junking it up i love it
Raspel31: Indeed Frenzy!
roshanetw: seagull stiff for stanton i’d have thought
LuvIt74: Raspel after the byes trade Cripps to Priddis, Pendles, Beams or any elite u can afford
frenzy: trash pack bj
Jukes82: Good junk fantasia!
Raspel31: Abso-bloody-lutely Luvit. Good luck lad.
wadaramus: NicNat 146sc, what the?
Jair: Love it NicNat
ryanbob: priddis 40 point qtr? didnt see that much of him
bigbaddasa: you are just dead set crap Ess and full of old guys, no future

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