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Chat log from R11 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R11 of 2015

frenzy: robison and dumont the green vests
Harmes37: FFS dumont with the vest. Seriously, get rid of the sub!
FlagDog: Glad my league doesn’t have head to heads in bye rounds. Got both vests on the field… FML
Jukes82: bad luck!
SaintsMan: robinson again…flower
Bazza2014: lol
jalapenoh: Buddy to go huge tonight!
SaintsMan: titchell, hannebry and kennedy
Jukes82: Goodes getting booed again, haha.
frenzy: Nahas should be fresh
3rdstriker: dont know about fresh but hes certainly hungry frenzy
3rdstriker: theres a contender for worst umpiring decision of the year
circle52: Was not paly on at all
JRedden: stay down mitchell and keep going parker
Bazza2014: didnt look lik paly either
Raspel31: Cut me off at the knees and call me tripod-no vessted interest. But hate Norff. Carn Swans.
ryanbob: Missed parkers tackle in the defensive 50?
AngryRyno: get involved titch, c’mon
3rdstriker: not really holding the ball either, umpires have not started well
SaintsMan: the week i bring in hannebery and mitchell
ryanbob: Lol wtf why minus 3 for parker? He didn’t get away any frees
Raspel31: Early days Sainter.
SaintsMan: Thats true mate
AngryRyno: may well be early days, but one handball in 20 mins isn’t too promising
gdshifty: C’mon Mitchell, tarrant – get involved
Raspel31: Seen Hanneberry get 50 in a quarter-too early to panic. Not that I have him.
zadolinnyj: Kennedy has been horrible lately
mijg: Need parker and buddy to flog titch and jpk. Lokking good so far
AngryRyno: is jacobs doing a decent job on hannebery or is he just not in the play?
luked98: yes parker
Raspel31: New to this-should I take captainctoff Tarrant?. Go Swans !
Roksta: What’s the+1 on rampe mean
banta: Kennedy is so crap these days. Overrated flog
SaintsMan: calm down banta, i have hime too
FlagDog: Extra man in defence
AngryRyno: i had parker in 2012 and rampe in 2013, always go too early…
Roksta: Cheers flag
AngryRyno: JPK 24sc hold your horses
Kernahan: Who you got this year AngryRyno?
SubOptimal: already a happy ziebell owner after flicking off smellchambers
AngryRyno: a bunch of duds, until they come good in 2017…
thommoae: Anyone know where the phrase “butters up” gained credibility as one meaning ‘second effort’? Blowed if I get it …
mijg: Nice tarrent. Keep it up mate
cripdogs: so my theory on goodes is doesnt matter if youre black or white an idiot is an idiot
axe9: go Buddy !
AngryRyno: Petrie is in some sort of form, well over 100 average for his last 5, is he becoming fantasy relevant?
Pecks: Lindsay Thomas is such a flog!
SubOptimal: agree pecks
frenzy: Hansen is not a back mans alps
AngryRyno: tmitch starting to find the footy, cmon mate
Bazza2014: North’s whole team isa bunch of flogs, couldn’t hit targets to save themselves, Swans by 46
iZander: yeah call bazza, halfway through the game….
Raspel31: Just so good to see Norfff flogged.
FishMonger: Not watching game… is Goodes getting Booed by the Roos fans?
iZander: yes fishmonger
Jukes82: yes epic booing
tamoz: Get in there Lloyd!
zadolinnyj: They are saying boo urns @Fish
FishMonger: Classic – read the Ziebell article pleading fans not to boo!
Raspel31: Every time he touches the ball Fish.
iZander: i swear sydney fans boo him…
iZander: quote commentator “i think its the cheering we are hearing here” no mate its the booing for sure
AngryRyno: north should kick the ball to goodes just to enjoy the booing
zadolinnyj: Time for sub north
Rexys Lads: lance best player in comp
SubOptimal: rexy pls
Raspel31: Suck that Norff.
Karlpov: Muppet for Rampe!
Rexys Lads: get kermit out
derkaderrr: Rampe does this so much
AngryRyno: i looked up and saw “robbie, 39” and the eyes lit up, thinking tarrant pulled one from the himalayas, i was disappointed
SaintsMan: great quarter from hannebry and titchell
Rexys Lads: boring contest
Raspel31: Told you Sainter that the Hannebery would come good. But really boring game. Over to the rugger.
ryanbob: franklin 66 points really? hes kicked 3 goals sure but other than that hasn’t been doing much
AngryRyno: hbery 44sc, tmitch 47sc, tarrant 27sc, parker 65sc
foolysik: Goldy & Swallow SC?
Jukes82: goldy 45 sc
frenzy: Gee Pyke is gunna be a player
3rdstriker: classic higgins, give him the muppet
3rdstriker: hannebery in massive trouble
_wato: Hanners very sore
SaintsMan: the week i bring him in, flower
RooBoyStu: where are all the flogs bagging us?
_wato: Hanners is gone
3rdstriker: hannebery walking on the bench
Wends: Jetta’s for the target Monty – not kicking goals but spot on.
iZander: give waite the permanent muppet
auxDT: @iZander agreed.
3rdstriker: hannebery back on
Wends: Goldy stopped?
wadaramus: Can’t wait to trade Tarrant.
AngryRyno: but who to @wada?
Wends: Muppet boomer!
Raspel31: Wads-I’ll trade you Tarrant for Tarrant. My only Norff player. Waste of space.
wadaramus: Haven’t thought about that!
wadaramus: He’s made fair cash,but his scoring now is deplorable!
auxDT: gooodesyyy lol
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Wright kicks straight to Goodes in the BP, who plays on and shoves it up everyone with a goal and a little dance.
Wends: Yesss goodesie. Norff fans will have no voice left by 10pm.
wadaramus: Carn Mitchell, fire up.
AngryRyno: agreed, i think ill send another mid forward and scoop up boston before its too late
iZander: hannabery the heartttttt
DanBlack: @RooBoy We still here
AngryRyno: nearly ready to call BOG already, congratulations Jarrad Waite
Raspel31: Have an uncanny feeling Norff may still lose this.
wadaramus: Goldy 72sc, keep going big fella.
DanBlack: Tough yr for the roos. I reckon NDS will make them better though. Need some mid class
AngryRyno: urgh, just remembered boston has the r12 bye, feck
bigbaddasa: may still lose? lol
Wends: Raspel that’s spooky. You must have ‘the gift’.
LuvIt74: cmon JPK for fruit’s sake.
Raspel31: So my ex wives tell me Wends
LuvIt74: @AngryRyno ya still got to be happy you brought him in.
LuvIt74: lmfao@Raspel
wadaramus: Got the”Kavorka”
DanBlack: When the subs coming on?
Wends: Ahh, powerful stuff.
AngryRyno: tarrant could cop the vest, north need run to win this
wadaramus: Was hoping for a Norf injury much earlier than now.
runt: Kangaroos kicking with a 1 point draft from the open back door
MattyZ: dammit north i need the ball to go to Shiggy Higgins
Wends: A few Dumont owner jangling the ice cubes in their glasses.
qiu333: jesus christ sub him on already
gdshifty: isnt everyone a dumont owner?
Pkbaldy: Goodes starting to pick up now!
3rdstriker: mcmahon off
3rdstriker: dumont on
wadaramus: Most of us.
Wends: Not quite gd, missed lockout by about 1 minute.
iZander: no shifty….
ben31215: Dumont on
wadaramus: Go Dumont, bust it up young fella!
auxDT: Dumont will still outscore Clurey
runt: Dumont will rack em up
Jukes82: big quarter from goldy.
Wends: $ Sign for Dumont already.
mijg: Cmon buddy do something
Raspel31: Definitely trading Tarrant next week for Fyfe.
Karlpov: Love how Goldy goes about his footy. Never gives up!
wadaramus: Tarrant 41sc, keep going man, 60sc is not beyond your capability.
mijg: Why is tarent on 41 sc
Wends: Parker nearly tonned up in SC.
gdshifty: Raspel you obviously havent looked at byes…
wadaramus: 42sc now mijg.
wadaramus: Think I need to carry Tarrant for another week due to the byes.
wadaramus: Tarrant to Fyfe, you must have a good savings account Raspel.
Raspel31: Well-yepI have and thank god I have Fyfe. And who doesn’t?. The new Gablett.But thanks shifty.
Raspel31: I have a good broker Wada
Wends: Me. I don’t have Fyfe but would prefer not to talk about it.
wadaramus: Can I get some of that borrowing power?!
Raspel31: Just between you and me Wends.
Wends: A bit like Charlie with my no wonka bars.
Karlpov: Ouch Swallow 5FA!
Raspel31: Lol-a bit. Ha.
FlagDog: Cmon Titch
tamoz: Jetta where have you gone?
3rdstriker: heart for hannebery
frenzy: Dropping the ball ffs
LuvIt74: If only Sydney had the bye this week then Buddy would of been a moral for next week with a B/E of 17
Wends: Just got my hands in my pockets, kicking up the street, hoping I’ll see 10 pence in the gutter.
wtf???: need more Hana’s (and Mitchell)
FlagDog: About time, Robinson On.
Wends: You’ve opened the floodgates now Raspel u heartless b’stard.
Raspel31: Don’t make me larffin the middle of a drink Wends.
gdshifty: raise the bat Goldy!
LuvIt74: Glad I figured out what I did after forgetting to put Kavanagh in & then was going to put Robinson in
gdshifty: raise the bat Parks!!
iZander: waite should get the crab!!!
gdshifty: and 1 quarter of Dumont passes 4 quarters of clurey….
Raspel31: Gotta worry about any teams that buy has beens iZander
wadaramus: Carn Norf, still plenty of time.
LuvIt74: If JPK doesn’t ton up tonight i’ll be furious.
Karlpov: North can steal this!
stubba11: Dumont!
wadaramus: Dumont should never be sub again!
_wato: Ziebell at 29% is so unfair, every time he kicks it long the spuds get out marked by Sydney, pathetic
DanBlack: dumont with a cape from sub
Raspel31: Whoops.
3rdstriker: dumont will probably still outscore kavanagh
frenzy: DuPont clutch
Wends: C’mon over Rooboy, we’re all just hangin’ out waiting for u 🙂
Karlpov: terrible decision
auxDT: RooBoy just died after that free Lol
masterhc2: dumont will be a star
stubba11: shocking decision
meka100: Norf ferals going crazy
LuvIt74: I cannot stand that Goodes bloody hell what a fool
circle52: Justice done though
ben31215: goldy junktime
wadaramus: Waite you spud.
LuvIt74: What a mark Waite shocking kick though thats deplorable.
Karlpov: There’s no junk time in this game..
gdshifty: dumont going for teh cape!!
masterhc2: how it is junk time lol 2 goals in it game on
Wends: Got alot of love for Goodesie.
gdshifty: thatta boy Tarrant – get cracking finally!
FlagDog: Titch finally comes thru
mijg: One more goal for buddy and thats the sealer
Raspel31: Not alone in not liking Goodes. A show pony-but no talk about race anyone.
LuvIt74: why the hell did Norff start Dumont as Sub he’s killing it although he’s got fresh legs
3rdstriker: unbelievable what goodes gets away with
gdshifty: cmon parker do more
LuvIt74: Norff had there chances but they suck
Jukes82: great recovery by mitchell
LuvIt74: ALL over, im the fat lady andim singing loud.
3rdstriker: buddy!!!!
meka100: Permanent trash can for Mitchell, always gets the junk
Wends: Buddy boy!!
Raspel31: Yep, Norff suck.
FlagDog: loving having goldy in all season, what a gun
wadaramus: I can’t remember seeing JPK all night, but he’s on 90sc!
SubOptimal: mitchell bin for sure
mijg: Called it 🙂
DTmuppet: Solid Night with goldy, Parker, titch and ziebel
auxDT: cya north
ryanbob: Let me guess, 30 points for that goal when though the game was over when he got the mark
wadaramus: 25 scoring shots to 21, Norf kick straight they win.
LuvIt74: Think ill get Franklin in round 13
Wends: Left the C on Goldy in RDT. Who a piece o luck!
gdshifty: Goldy for cherry!!
LuvIt74: im keeping a eye out franklin was on 101 prior to mark & goal on SC
LuvIt74: JPK again a score sub 100
LuvIt74: Goodes shut up
wtf???: Tarrant 63 sc…Pwew!!
LuvIt74: night all
gdshifty: raise teh bat titch!!
frenzy: At least it wasn’t ten goal smashing

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