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Chat log from R11 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R11 of 2015

Dangermaus: sup yall
rickyb80: i need a cheapie mid… boston or robinson?
Dangermaus: who’s the subs ?
berniebern: kavanagh? dumont?
rickyb80: not sure bout robbos job security. went boston
BennyCuzzy: Boston assuming you already have kavanagh?
auxDT: absolutely love the football atmosphere in adelaide!
BennyCuzzy: Boston assuming you already have kavanagh ???
dibbydobby: monty please
Kernahan: Hooray for Wad Chinguard
RooBoyStu: another year and the same shower
AngryRyno: site effed or just me?
uptoolate: no scores here ? .
jimmyjay: Hey noobs!
roshanetw: finally
roshanetw: took long enough to get in
roshanetw: boston, robinson likely to get the vest
carlton_99: where are the scores the website hasnt been even letting me on for like an hour
casey22: Site problem again? Just got on & no scores. WTF
mijg: Whats goin on
rickyb80: hmmm who broke ff?
facebook23: where r da stats?
ballbag: boston for me.
ballbag: ouch!! hows wendall sailor snapping that guys arm in half on the NRL footy show last night? sickening sound and sight!!
dibbydobby: boston
desmondo: had damn kelly in my match day team 🙁
facebook23: nah nah, whats the lark m8
carlton_99: is monty on?
roshanetw: i think we’re good
Dangermaus: come on Motlop ya flog, do something
frenzy: bang and we’re back
mijg: Selwood should go better now with a bandage on his head
berniebern: monty ran out of bitcoins
RooBoyStu: I swear the TAB website and Fan Footy share the same server
yeah_nah: cats getting reamed by the umps
casey22: Finally, just got on. Had to view another site, might stick with it
Dangermaus: J.Selwood should be just about everyone’s first IN after the byes… He’s a 2nd half of the year specialist
3rdstriker: Bews owners have a heart attack, he’s ok
m0nty: alright, so who’s batting for haven’s sake
Breezey: For all of Ports run and carry the Cats are going with them
casey22: Any word on site issues? Or m0nty silent!
Dangermaus: you got the red vest on Bews when it should be on Kelly ?
ballbag: you better start having sneaky midweek drinx motlop. youre shit without them!
RooBoyStu: only a 4 day gap, but what was m0nty watching tues-thurs lol
meka100: That wasn’t a free against Ebert you stupid fucken maggot, the turd needs all the ponts he can get
Breezey: Broadbent impressing tonight. Could be a sneaky unique after the byes if the form continues
casey22: Odd to see two rucks top of stats
RooBoyStu: @Breezey what 36% de, obviously not sc
Dangermaus: I tipped Power by 10… they better pull it off, no worse way to ruin your weekend by getting friday night’s tip wrong
3rdstriker: matt white gone
luked98: bought selwood this week
Dangermaus: hahaha, stupid StevieJ
tigerman28: Get a touch gray you flowering flower!
Andrew37: Gray tagged now by Guthrie.
auxDT: stevie j thunderfists
Dangermaus: White subbed off – hamstring
Breezey: @RooStuBoy. Only a thought.
RooBoyStu: love ppl that comment like Dangermaus without seeing replay, was Selwood mate
Dangermaus: does Motlop not work hard enough or what? It’s like he goes out of his way to disappear during a game
Breezey: @RooStuBoy. Pardon my ignorance but what’s the DE that your talking about
tamoz: Lift Pittard and Wines!
Dangermaus: dont worry RooBoy, StevieJ will end up with a TV screen by the end of the night, i’m sure
casey22: Forgive dangermaus; stevie j there so had to be him
rickyb80: dark elixir
RooBoyStu: see the target column? disposal efficiency
tigerman28: Love watching port losing at home this year #tearthemapart
Breezey: Thanks.
RooBoyStu: dangermsaus is like the ppl on fb that comment prior to reading article
thommoae: Bruce: It’s Rhys Stanley’s “coming out night” … um, do you mean “break out”, Bruce?
Heizenberg: Lol ricky thought of same thing straighta way
ballbag: lol brayshaw saying lobbe done nothing but 3 possies. how about 26 HO and 7 tackles you wooly woofter?
Drummo: Where do you play the purple name game
rickyb80: lol hey heiz
JRedden: got enright in this week looks good
rickyb80: still waiting for bruces coming out night
Dangermaus: take it easy RooBoyStu? you’ve never made a comment without watching the replay? Sheesh!
Heizenberg: Hi ricky
auxDT: motflop doing shit all
rickyb80: i dont think there is purple name game anymore.. slip monty a tenner and he will make u purple;)
Pedrominat: harlem globetrotter stuff there til Johnson flowered it
casey22: Hell of a first half of footy
ballbag: hahaha remember the night bruce said “dare i say it, but i love big cox” hahaha
berniebern: bruce comes out when cyrils playing
gdshifty: is Clurey on the ground?
3rdstriker: I think that’s every night ballbag
rickyb80: lol ballbag. or “geez buddys a hand full isnt he”
tigerman28: Come on loophole gray! Get a touch!
meka100: Kick the goal Thurlow you fucker
Yelse: umpires paying marks way too quickly!!!
auxDT: hahaha stevie you legend
Dangermaus: Stanley playing the game of his life
berniebern: stevie slapping for equality
wadaramus: Stanley tons up in sc already.
RooBoyStu: besides Fyfe, who does everyone think is his danger, or the 2nd pick in brownlow
Karlpov: Why are the port fans boo’ing?
carlton_99: probably hannebry but fyfe will prob get the most brownlow votes ever
Breezey: Pendlebury for mine @ RooStuBoy
yeah_nah: love stevie j. you need players like him in the game
Pedrominat: Sheil Rooboy
rickyb80: mundy mite take votes off him rooboy
berniebern: sam mitchell is a smokie
carlton_99: stanley on 103 supercoach anyone got him
ballbag: they reckon neale has stolen a few BOG from fyfe
RooBoyStu: I personally dont think Fyfe will poll last week
Pedrominat: there was talk of Fyfe being 21 votes after 7 games
Breezey: Hannebery not far away either
rickyb80: dusty martin will poll well again
carlton_99: do you think fyfe willget the mst ampunt of votes in a yr
Heizenberg: Perhaps hanneberyy
bangerz: hannebry not far behind
3rdstriker: Fyfe polls like Adam Goodes used to, might already have enough votes to win
rickyb80: dusty definitely got 3 last week
Pedrominat: personally i dont think he even best his opponent in a couple of them games
Dangermaus: Priddis will still poll well
ballbag: @pedro no way. lauchie neale has has 3-4 BOG’s
frenzy: Priddis having better year than last
Pedrominat: that’s what im saying ballbag. theyre talking about 6 BOG in 7 rounds
berniebern: neale hardly gets a mention in commentary even though he’s in everything. prob also explains why he is only on 12% of si
Pedrominat: but I think there were games he wasnt in top 3
rickyb80: mundy had atleast 1 or 2 aswell
hbui35493: As long as Fyfe doesn’t get banned, like last year
ballbag: neale won the derby medal and was BOG in at least 2 other games. hes dropped off lately but first 6 rounds
RooBoyStu: Half Time Talk, Brownlow top 3 as of end of Rd 10: mine Fyfe, Priddis & Tom Mitchell, yours?
bangerz: neale very underrated
frenzy: dangerfield probs finish 2nd imo
Heizenberg: Hope my damn multi goes off cmon port
colmullet: haha tom mitchell?? he hasnt played most of the games!
3rdstriker: If Tom Mitchell was top 3 with only 6 games played I’d be legitimately stunned
Heizenberg: I have port bombers pies T the line
boydshow: Fyfe Priddis Pendles
Heizenberg: Amd saints sorry
RooBoyStu: @colmullet 6
ballbag: @heizen i have port and freo 1-39 @5.70
rickyb80: bombers a big risk heiz. but good odds i guess
Heizenberg: Okay gl mate
RooBoyStu: doesnt matter games played, if you poll, he’ll poll, under umps nose
Heizenberg: I thiught they would get a ricket during the week amd with watson back
valkorum: everyone keeps saying that players take votes off the favourite – yet they always still poll well
Heizenberg: +39.5 good value imo
Heizenberg: Bbl
Dommy02: forgetting hannebury or dangerfield in those brownlow votes are we RooBoy?
3rdstriker: Mitchell has played well when more notable players have played better. Sydney mids will split a lot of votes
RooBoyStu: Mitchell massive smokey imo
3rdstriker: I like your enthusiasm for Mitchell but he’d be defying history to win even if he plays every game from here
Pokerface: surely you must mean sam mitchell…
ballbag: titch not even worth a top 5 bet atm
RooBoyStu: no tom
ballbag: if you wanna win cash Blicavs close to having Cats BnF wrapped up
3rdstriker: hes not even listed on sportsbet’s brownlow odds, you can get better than 1000-1 if you wanted it
tigerman28: Gray!
RooBoyStu: @ballbag, what agency bets on b&f, heard tmitch is 251
m0nty: back on this game please
Pokerface: i thought Bont had it wrapped up after round 2
the spud: I heard that m0nty’s odds of banning someone tonight are $5. Get on at that price!
Dangermaus: wines/boak/gray = one of the best midfields going around
tigerman28: Yawn!
gdshifty: clurey you piece of sh*t get the ball
luked98: wines 6 touches in 3min yay
RooBoyStu: Boak is good without tag, tagged he’s shower, i know have him in sc
dflek: clurey only 2 behind mackie…
3rdstriker: cant believe running two guys in the ruck is legal, needs to be cracked down on
ballbag: clureys already made 6k tonight
Torz: Ebert has been getting involved lately. Good stuff!
DanBlack: You wouldnt read about it, Brought in Stanley in elite because I did a 2 for 1 trade
DanBlack: Was hoping for him to get me 30 – 40
FlagDog: Selwood Fantasy irreverent?
FlagDog: Not in SC sense… oops.
bangerz: Stanley’s best game ever easy
tigerman28: Robbie g(r)ay – flowering useless
Torz: Stanley destroyed the dockers a few years back.
RooBoyStu: I’ve seen plenty of bullshower icons here, but Stanley needs a blue moon
3rdstriker: Gray spending a huge amount of time forward, may be carrying an injury
Dangermaus: crowd is ready to lynch the umps, but the call was fair
tamoz: Lift Wines!
yeah_nah: free kick for having a man bun
luked98: lift selwood!
luked98: Continue Wines!
berniebern: ebert…which grave did you come back from???
Breezey: Bruce about to cream his pants over Wingard
tigerman28: I think Bruce just shot his load over wingard
mijg: Bruce orgasmic
Breezey: @Tigerman28. We think alike
ballbag: bruce drained his nutsack alot earlier. what is he packin?
gdshifty: ebert almost ready for the superman cape
tigerman28: Lol breezey!
FlagDog: about time Ebert, keep going
RooBoyStu: Port will runaway with this
Dangermaus: I have to take my hat off to the Geelong defence… they’ve done well to withstand the port pressure
happytimes: Glad I didn’t get Motlop this week, was tempted
tigerman28: Did gray go home?
BennyCuzzy: Selwood sort it out mate
ballbag: a higher DE would be great gray… and some more touches and a clutch goal pls
mijg: Blitz is a gun
mijg: Jelwood barely seen this qtr
SaintsMan: He is
frenzy: Um wtf? Jelwood
gdshifty: clurey got 4 points!!!
FlagDog: looking for a ruck to bring in… Grundy, Blitz?
3rdstriker: Selwood cannot handle a tag or even an opponent, has been rubbish all year
Jukes82: Selwood is worse than Cotchin
Karlpov: Blicavs been amazing all year
berniebern: someone here brought in jellied, lol
yeah_nah: blicavs!
ballbag: jelwood old man syndrome? his best is gone. 11 rounds in aint nothin gonna change
3rdstriker: sadly ive had him all year
sticky12: Geelong should win this…they look more composed
tabs: kelly gone will hurt my match day rank
circle52: 2tabs also mine had him as well
3rdstriker: Got the same feeling with Selwood I had with Swan last year, you think surely he will turn it around, Swan never did tho
tabs: i was ranked 17th before tonight
fshow: carn ollie. time to go bang
roshanetw: Rhys Stanley looks like he might be mothballed
circle52: Really rotten luck for you Tabs
Dangermaus: fark, just remembered I forgot to do my Perfect9, dammit
ballbag: @m0nty what is mothballed?
roshanetw: Rhys Stanley done for the day
roshanetw: means he’s got the trackies on and is put away for the night
circle52: Hope I do not regret going Ziebell over Wingard
circle52: needed a round 13 forward for balance
frenzy: put away or stored @ ballbag
m0nty: mothballed means put away for a while, like when you put mothballs in your wardrobe
uptoolate: hi all …. so far so good … Cats are better …
ballbag: ok. my grandma had mothballs and they fucken stunk… bless her soul. kinda nice smell but
m0nty: if the Cats win I think Stanley might deserve the star anyway
rickyb80: Apparently injured. not mothballed
Karlpov: Boak gone missing
roshanetw: @rickyb80 they’ve got him strapped in and iced he won’t be coming back on
rickyb80: yea thats what i mean.. mothballed implies nothing wrong with him
ballbag: why dosent Jelwood ever got icons he is a mare, magnifier + more ALL year
casey22: @ballbag, “what is mothballed?” Are you 10years old?
roshanetw: i always thought it meant they were injured so you put them away for the night
roshanetw: even if you’re injured
Fernyys: ducking rule affecting selwood
auxDT: jelwood will pull out the cape in the 5th qtr just watch
roshanetw: ballbag 14 possies, 6 clearances, and 5 tackles is not a mare of a game or going missing lol
frenzy: Lobbe playing like a bellchambers
tabs: jelly got a kick!!
RooBoyStu: Ebert again looks like scoring a big sc score
3rdstriker: if Bellchambers tackled or got hitouts maybe
frenzy: sorry Lol I was thinking DE% and possies
Breezey: These Adelaide lunatics in the crowd will go ballistic any moment now
gdshifty: stuff me Clurey is pathetic
3rdstriker: yeah, in that respect he is, at least Lobbe appears to have a heart
Dangermaus: Again Geelong’s defence just too good, as Port fail to score again
Dangermaus: thanks for nothing Port, there goes my tips
tamoz: Wines please
3rdstriker: Really hard to gauge how good port are this year, on tonight they are not top 8
luked98: junk it jelwood
thommoae: Clurey has kept Kersten quiet – which is his job – not that plenty of others haven’t done the same.
tigerman28: Another home loss for port. Love itt!
Torz: Ebert was a good pickup this week. 🙂
Keano: Wines sc ?
SaintsMan: so glad i got rid of jelwood last week
RooBoyStu: is the game over tigerman28, time still left
happytimes: Hands up if you traded Steve j in a couple of weeks ago
zadolinnyj: Someone call the guy who makes massive tarps. Got seats to cover for port games the rest of the season
roshanetw: jelwood keeping sports tape in business
roshanetw: less than 8 min left i think
tigerman28: Selwood being booed. Adelaide crowd must be racist! Get over it goodes lovers.
frenzy: c’mon Thurlow get a touch
zadolinnyj: Brilliant falcon blitz
roshanetw: tigerman uncalled for
carlton_99: i dont get how selwood whos done nothing has similar supercoach score to gray and wines
Dangermaus: wines and gray would have much higher SC if their disposal efficiency was better
roshanetw: carlton 99 it’s disposal efficiency
DanBlack: No need for that tigerman
willywalks: anyone reckon colquhoun is worth bringing in at 219k as a downgrade?
circle52: Gray and Wines both have 6 clangers which effects SC scoring.
tigerman28: So it’s ok to boo a white bloke? Get real roshanetw.
m0nty: back on this game please
frenzy: Sc is like the wife, give up trying to work that shower out
roshanetw: lol tigerman not advocating booing of anyone
ballbag: “Joel Selwood- a great M9 since 2015”
SaintsMan: good m0nty
carlton_99: but selwood also has three clangers and a 60% DE
tigerman28: Fair dinkum m0nty, let’s get real.
meka100: Selwood’s been off for the blood rule more times than had kicks
roshanetw: haha woosh* it goes tigerman
berniebern: cock or no cock??
roshanetw: jelwood to visit the red cross after this for a blood donation, he’s oing to need it
DanBlack: Carlton, Clearnances and contested possies score high as well
3rdstriker: Selwood is the LVP of 2015
ballbag: blics almost as many tackles as jelwoods possies. a waste of my mid spot jelwood
fshow: tigerman28 yuor impersonation of the average australian bloke in all his ignorant self rigteous glory is spot on
m0nty: nominations for star please
SaintsMan: tipped geelong
frenzy: Hey m0nty just under the Legend ya could squeez another advertisement in
RooBoyStu: m0nty is like a school teacher to adults
roshanetw: yea ollie wines is at 40% and robbie gray 55, so that’s possibly why they’re all about the same even if the disposal num
tigerman28: Anyway, I’m just loving watching port lose another home game. And let’s not boo port because we might hurt thrm.
KingPetrie: i love you Josh Caddy
roshanetw: stanley or enright, blic for a gun
DanBlack: Stanley star I reckon
carlton_99: enright for star surely
RooBoyStu: ying yang boak
carlton_99: enrights star, stanley blue moon blic, gun and wingard atlas
3rdstriker: thats the 4th time tonight Selwood has been about to get a touch only for it to be called back for a free kick
ballbag: ranked 2000’s with 19 trades-you are out selwood you hack. 1st sideways pathetic flog
tigerman28: Fshow=flog
Torz: Who would’ve thought a player would ton up with 5 touches and no marks!
zadolinnyj: Enright star
berniebern: dirty sanchez for jelwood
mijg: Good night for the ruckmen
fshow: you could instead just say. selwood champion player but your fantasy scores are no good i will trade you but good luck
ballbag: hahaha the chief gave jelwood 3rd worst on ground.. youre a disgrace this year jelly
Dommy02: stevie j and motlop are bitter letdowns
3rdstriker: Geelong sucks the opposition in every week tagging Selwood while the rest of the midfield run rampant

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