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Chat log from R7 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, R7 of 2015

deanie: Hogan a late out, nice
dipstick: hogans BE is 77 and will lose cash. pretty sure most upgraded him
J.Worrall: no play, no lose cash …
Woodie: He won’t lose cash if he don’t play
OnTheRocks: Go McDonald, smash Shoenmakers
carlton_99: cmon mcdonald and lumumba
Hawks_15: i have to say, schoenmakers is the worst player ive seen. makes me nervous when he has the ball
carlton_99: i was actually considering putting mcdonald captain
Torz: Good start Duryea 🙂
dipstick: hey why is smith out? i traded him for lewis
Torz: Smith is crook.
dipstick: awww his crook is he? what a fucken baby
OnTheRocks: @Hawks: Worse than Z.Dawson?
meka100: Birchall can’t handle that little fuckwit Vince, fucken softcock
iZander: surprised me meka, birchell always took a tag so well………
auxDT: salem needs to do what he did last week
colin wood: He won’t Aux last week I had him on the bench for the first time this year .. He’s back in for me this week..
Hawks_15: @on the rocks. Well zac dawson was the worst player to look at. maybe on par
OnTheRocks: is Vince the new Crowley or not yet?
SaintsMan: who is michie tagging?
mijg: lumumba has to go
shaker: Lumumba is one of many in my backline that has to go
Bruce: Delicious two bounces and goal from the flank by Cyril!
circle52: he needed to go weeks ago but have had other problems
dipstick: that hale icon is kinda scary for the kids
dipstick: salem done a hammy and is off
TasDevil: What is it?
deanie: ffs Salem
Torz: Smith and now Salem. Falling apart in front of my eyes.
spuditup: Salem cooookkkiinnggggg meee!!!
colin wood: Lol I have Salem and smith…
iZander: having kelly on the bench makes salems injury feel a lot worse…
spuditup: cooking*
tamoz: Power off Gunston
colin wood: Smith from Adelaide that is
Chelskiman: Stop tagging Birch!
Rilian: Wall icon for Vandenberg?
SaintsMan: my opponent has vandenburg, lumumba, salem and smith from adelaide
auxDT: whats that icon on hale?
m0nty: I promise I will update the icon list today.
danmaio: more pain, Cripps out for blues
SaintsMan: and my opponent has blood cripps. this is so good
Yelse: why is cripps out
Chelskiman: At least all my opponent’s have Mumba and Vandenberg. I really do need Birch to break this tag though.
Jukes82: calf
danmaio: calf
Yelse: whats with everyone having a calf this year prior to games
carlton_99: i think ill be lucly to get 1800
gazbby: put the vc on mcdonald and with 72 at ht, it seems like a good idea
Apachecats: Is andrew 37 here yet
J.Worrall: The calf think is a bovine story
J.Worrall: Calf injuries are 100% mental!
wadaramus: Haven’t seen him Apachecats.
Andrew37: What
Jwow: issac smith?
SaintsMan: ill
Redraptor: Carn the Hawks
Redraptor: Roos not giving Birchall a happy 200th
happytimes: Come on Cyril another 5 touches please
frenzy: the rookies have hit the wall
uptoolate: Shiet @! just did me calf at computer !!!
matterooni: What is Hale icon?
happytimes: Grimes is breaking out
uptoolate: My injury is 100% mental. It’s not at all physical ??? I am dreaming it . WTF >????????
dipstick: @uptoolate enough already buddy
uptoolate: thanks Dip.
meka100: Birchall you are a gimp
J.Worrall: you need to see a mentalist
iZander: give nathan jones the hulk
colin wood: B.smith, Salem, Cripps, lumumba and Mckenzie .. Must be my lucky week…
matterooni: Have them all col!
iZander: stretch for the cape this quarter ;O
colin wood: Will go from top 3k in SC to about 20k in one week…
happytimes: Gibson bin please
m0nty: nominations for star please
The39Steps: This game a good example of why we need relegation for the wooden spooner.
J.Worrall: Andrew for the star
frenzy: Frawley
The39Steps: Dees relegated and replaced by Ripponlea Primary 3rds. They would be more competitive.
happytimes: Rioli for star. 11 touches for a 90 + go you good thing
iZander: schoenmakers, 2 goals were crucial in this win
Andrew37: Roughead
dipstick: relegation??? 10 million dollar team in the 2nds? doubt it
frenzy: no Watts no Demons
The39Steps: Happens in the EPL every year. Hundred million pound team become paupers onite.
Andrew37: EPL to AFL relegation comparison is an awful one.
dipstick: LOL AFL played prof in one country. more people play netball and soccer in Aus than AFL
The39Steps: Stops tanking. An AFL premier league of 12 teams would allows each to play each other twice.
dipstick: relegation will never happen. too many spuds in the AFL as it is
man0005: How exactly has Paul Roos improved Melbourne?
J.Worrall: Play each team twice? What?
J.Worrall: Once at home and once away? What?
J.Worrall: Never happen!
zadolinnyj: A relegation system would just make poor clubs poorer as no crowds at 2nds
OnTheRocks: witches hats for all melbourne playas?
KelCO: You must admit a relegation battle would make the end of the season a bit more interesting
The39Steps: Of course it would never happen..but it started a good debate.
J.Worrall: Rainbow camels for Roughy and Langford!
Batto09: what is the icon on Hale?
J.Worrall: Hale icon is the anonymous mask
iZander: mummy, he’s back from the dead @ batto
Batto09: hadnt seenthat one before
frenzy: U have done squat in the 2nd half Suckling
danmaio: yeah, collingwood could then play their away games at MCG, ohhh, they do that now
frenzy: why does Tmac get overinflated

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