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Chat log from R7 of 2015: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R7 of 2015

J.Worrall: uptodate?
desmondo: Crows to win by 5 goals..and Tex Walker to kick that many 😉
Hawks_15: im predicting saints to come back and win again in a close game
frenzy: McKenzie and Kelly avoid the green vests… winning!
uptoolate: gday all …
desmondo: hey uptoolate…what are you doing up? lol
frenzy: wakey wakey m0nty
frenzy: lemontagna OUT
desmondo: hands off snakey monty lol
Bothy: is Hogan out?
pants42: Why do we have 11 games listed across the top??
SaintsMan: what happened montangna?
wadaramus: Hammy during warm up.
frenzy: tight hammy in warm up
desmondo: yes Hogan out general soreness
SaintsMan: does anyone know how to get rid of the stats across the top of the players? so its just points???
m0nty: pants42: so you can click through to other games more easily
Torz: Newnes/Smith H2H on a wing? Looks like it. Would be good if they both scored well for once.
m0nty: SaintsMan: if you make the browser window smaller, the stat tables shrink horizontally
pants42: All good m0nty, just seems odd that next weeks games are there. Just asking.
Torz: Yay Newnes. 🙂
circle52: Hopew this kick starts Newnes score this week
Torz: Saints looking good,
abbarulz94: Weller following Dangerfield
SaintsMan: how do you do that m0nty?
OnTheRocks: has anyone heard about Cripps being a late out?
m0nty: drag the corner of the browser window
circle52: Rumours onlyt nothing definite OnTheRocks
Torz: Cripps was warming up but heavily strapped calf, allegedly.
the spud: woah m0nty are you a wizard?
OnTheRocks: thanks Circle/Torz, need to know before dees game starts so i can put Vandenberg on the field for him
the spud: late out rumours give me the Cripps
the spud: Thank you thank you I’ll be here all week
Dommy02: anyone minding steven?
mijg: carn Mckenzie your on ground
SaintsMan: cheers m0nty
SaintsMan: brought steven in this week
Torz: Can someone remind me why I picked Brodie Smith this year?
OnTheRocks: Madness?
colin wood: Gonna be one of those weekends I think.. Danger, Jacobs and Smith…
iZander: you go for adelaide and not many other good options haha
Torz: Madness is beside the point @ontherocks.
frenzy: Oh my, Lonie stinker
vartic: @Torz to be fair you wouldn’t have been complaining after his first two games I’m sure
Torz: I picked him up after those @vartic. Lol
circle52: gee umps more generous with Eddie secon “mark”
auxDT: jesse hogan not playing?
J.Worrall: Lonie concussed
circle52: Yep auxDT cinfirmed out
auxDT: thanks @circle52 i guess ill be taking tarrants 79! #worth
SaintsMan: please tell me riewoldt is alright
circle52: WOW Waht a head clash
frenzy: icicle tex frozen walker
colin wood: That looked yuck…. Hope the Roo is ok. Smith gone too….
wadaramus: Smith and Riewoldt not good.
SaintsMan: riewoodt is gone by the looks of it
circle52: Stretcher out for Nic out cold
J.Worrall: Roo out cold.
runt: Riewoldt absolutely knocked senseless
J.Worrall: Smith groggy
colin wood: Brodie smith 2nd headclash will be subbed out …
Torz: Smith 🙁
Ewoks: at the game smith may be ok to come back
carlton_99: I have smith is he going to be subbed:(
J.Worrall: keep us posted, ewoks
Andrew37: Why does it make a difference if you are at the game or not, and how you can tell if Smith going to be subbed.
carlton_99: hes been suubed as a concussion sub
Ewoks: becae i watched him ging down the rooms and he didnt look to bad
Andrew37: Radio can do the same thing.
Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt highly unlikely to come back on, but I’ll wait till we’ve got confirmation
iZander: why are you on fanfooty at the game is a better question haha
Andrew37: Concussion is mental. Not physical.
colin wood: Smiths second headclash in 5 weeks will stay subbed off IMI hope I’m wrong wrong as I have him in my team..
J.Worrall: because you can
runt: Will be hard for Saints now, Riewoldt very important
J.Worrall: concussion is physical
Torpedo10: Ben, how is Lonie? Will he come back so you think?
Tw1tch1n: @iZander Was thinking the same thing.
Ewoks: haa. only during he breaks lol but was getting the stats but forgot you cant see them on mobile 🙁
Dommy02: did riewoldt play less than 50% of the game?
Dommy02: i mean 20%
Andrew37: The effects of a concussion is 100% mental.
J.Worrall: rubbish andrew
deanie: Andrew, pretty sure its a physical hit to the head mate
runt: I would say Riewoldt played 22 or 23
iZander: wow @ andrew
Andrew37: You can break your nose and not have a consussion. But hit your head on the door and do.
Andrew37: I said effects. Not cause you spastics.
auxDT: are you a wizard andrew?
J.Worrall: A concussion is a traumatic brain injury
OnTheRocks: So Nick is thinking he’s been KOed and can go to a shrink to fix it?
runt: Andrew playing the S card
J.Worrall: Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordinatio
deanie: Dr. Andrew in the house, Can you assist me with this rash i have on my arse?
runt: Bit early for that I would have thought
J.Worrall: Not a shrink!
SaintsMan: riewoldt off to hospital
Andrew37: Think the average IQ here is roughly 68.
Jukes82: Is Smith likely to be subbed out?
J.Worrall: Doctors are physicians
J.Worrall: headache is not mental
runt: I would be amazed if Riewoldt doesn’t have a hairline skull fracture
frenzy: ecsma, ya get it from ya mothers milk
J.Worrall: Roo will see a dpctor
happytimes: Do you get your name in purple for being a flog?
J.Worrall: it would be higher if you give it a rest
J.Worrall: balance and coordination are physical problems
iZander: my exact thoughts @ happytimes
shaker: 68 more than is going to get me in SC
runt: Steven running free again.
colin wood: Too straight to hospital my thoughts are with him
circle52: Yep runt Croiws need to put someone on him
dipstick: concussion is a cognitive, physical and emotional injury
iZander: crows aren’t worried about stevens dream team score
runt: @circle52 I hope not
runt: The Crows will show no mercy now
H1bb3i2d: concussion has PHYSIOLOGICAL symptoms
auxDT: looks like j.kelly might ton up woooo!
runt: Good on you Steven
Andrew37: But Brodie Smith looked fine!!!
carlton_99: is smih subbed off
Cyberdyne: what happened guys, i missed it
runt: @Andrew37 Safety first these days
Apachecats: He looks fine but doesn’t know what day it is
Kenny27: yes Smith is gone for the day subbed
colin wood: Not offical yet but yes he will be
frenzy: Smith will be give away soon
Andrew37: I was taking the piss….
runt: @Andrew37 you are an idiot
Andrew37: Thanks bro. I try
circle52: Dubious Free results in a goal
JRedden: this is a bit of karma for saints, last week they beat us cos we had 2 players injured in the match
auxDT: newnes fading as usual
dipstick: newnes the new 1 half dusty martin. only newnws cant ton up
SaintsMan: Hey! Adelaide are cheating. They have 21 on field! Umpires!
circle52: Need him to lift aux but we are not alone with him.
runt: Riewoldt was the plug in the bath, down the drain go the Saints
sticky12: No redden, saints beat Bulldogs last week cause dogs put their boots away at halftime
frenzy: lift mckenzie ffs
dipstick: ouch. salem hammy, lonie KO, Ismaith out, heeney, poss cripps out… my team is GAWN!!!
sticky12: Don’t blame injuries, they thought they were better than they are
JRedden: no sticky, if you watched the match, we were down 2 rotations so we had no run, please dont comment if you didnt watch
mijg: at least Mckenzie cant be subbed
auxDT: i expect goldy to play like jacobs..goldy is more mobile IMO
sticky12: I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were outside my window. I did watch and dogs clearly thought they’d won the game at ht
tamoz: Power off Billings
Hawks_15: steven has done nothing this quarter
sticky12: They ran out of legs cause of the constant pressure they applied in first half
JRedden: so you’re saying being down 2 rotations has no impact on the match?
fshow: speculation. horrible nonsense. speculation, idiotic dribble.
SaintsMan: so you’re saying that we weren’t the better side in the second half?
auxDT: ffs salem
JRedden: you were the better side, but if we had the 2 rotations we wouldve held the led
sticky12: It would have an affect redden but not 9 goals worth. To blame that by itself is insulting to the saints comeback
auxDT: cmon newnes you got this kick
Roksta: saints played half dogs reserve side
SaintsMan: if we kicked our goals we would be up there with the crows right now
JRedden: yea I didn’t say saints weren’t better in the second half, just said dogs would’ve won
uptoolate: avo all ….
mijg: Mckenzie useless. may as well be on donuts.
uptoolate: sad fact is Dogs lost. Depleted side yes.
sticky12: Just sounded like an excuse, they were complacent also
Andrew37: And if I had wheels, I’d be a wagon
uptoolate: you either have wheels or you dont Andrew. Try to be normal.
runt: If I had wheels Id be a Porsche. Good luck in your little wagon
Brown*Dog: nvb?
Kenny27: Cripps Out!
fshow: i hate wild speculation, disguised as informed opinion
Andrew37: Don’t understand why everyone keeps saying IF THIS, IF THAT.
SaintsMan: for carlton?
uptoolate: lol agreez with Runt. Andrew get another act.
OnTheRocks: SHIT, i’m going to get McKenzie’s lame ass score with Crapps out
runt: I agree, would have has no place in this world. footy is a game of attrition, last man standing. No complaints
Roksta: if saints kick more score they will beat adelaide
uptoolate: @Andrew, there is only one job for a dhead i here and I hold it. Please submit a new application.
zadolinnyj: Lol @ uptoolate
Apachecats: Andrew 37 log onto the other game .Someone is calling you.
J.Worrall: You’re just in time, uptoodate
uptoolate: :0) zado …. life is just what happens ….
fruity: whats going on with dangerfield, he’s not as much of a ball magnet as he use to be ..
circle52: Danger again proving he can not handle a tag – Weller running with him and has more possessions
uptoolate: Oh when the Saints get YET ANOTHER local government grant to move BACK AGAIN to where they were !!!
poolboybob: feel free to touch the pill occasionally, McKenzie
uptoolate: which is handy for a club which is insolvent ….
wadaramus: Oh crap, Jeansch ACL.
J.Worrall: Grigg down
J.Worrall: No Jaensch …
runt: ouch
Andrew37: I’vr alaways been the forum ahole. I am just migrating now.
fruity: l thought the coach was trying to change Dangerfield style of play which is causing him to not chase the ball as much…
J.Worrall: Eddie Baby – Carlton really miss you!
_wato: This is carnage, Smith, Salem, NRoo, Lonie, Cripps now Jaensch and Mckenzie/Brayshaw spudding up..
fruity: Great tackle Armitage..
J.Worrall: Kelly js just improved outta sight!
uptoolate: @Andrew. your position is secured here.
Ragnar: Smith 8 points, things are going real well
uptoolate: @All …. henceforth Andrew should be recorded as the room ahole by his own wish
sticky12: Does anyone know what armitage SuperCoach score is?
J.Worrall: rumour hole?
Torpedo10: 75 @Sticky
wadaramus: He’s flying sticky12, 76sc.
runt: They sure throw “super star” around freely these days
sticky12: Thanks torpedo
Redraptor: The injuries this week are incredible
wadaramus: Betts is on fire!
Redraptor: …and we are only in game 2 and 3
uptoolate: Saints moving to Frankston (with $10M grant now moving back to Moorabbin ($10M grant) should be subject to enquiry. Man
uptoolate: Saints are insolvent as a business and should be folded.
SaintsMan: did you guys know saints might be getting sloane?
uptoolate: the Saints should not be ‘in business’. They are a loss making entity.
mijg: so close to getting Betts just before
J.Worrall: J Bruce magic!
rickyb80: did smith and roo get subbed before the 20 minute mark
rickyb80: or was it just after
Jukes82: Danger bin
happytimes: How do you get a bin at 3/4 time?
shooter43: Thompson sc?
Redraptor: Walker sc 87 is more than Betts 86
frenzy: do something MacKenzie, get reported anything
OnTheRocks: i go away for a Qtr and Sauce jumps to the top position. VC move may just pay off
Jukes82: quite easily, the game is over and he’s junking
Redraptor: Thompson sc approx 90
shooter43: Thompson?
shooter43: Ty
jvcfalcon: Mckenzie sc ?
runt: Eddie only likes to kick 5?
Redraptor: McKenzie approx 27sc
OnTheRocks: McKenzie not going to be making much money at this rate
danmaio: who has the bin?
abbarulz94: Who’s going to rebound off half back for the crows now?
SaintsMan: will newness actually get a ton?
OnTheRocks: bringing in Armitage next week i reckon
poolboybob: McKenzie still being outscored by a player who was hurt in the first quarter
dipstick: thanks jock reynolds- DMac is a keeper player who is workman head over the ball type.
circle52: Come on give it to Eddie
OnTheRocks: Eddie = Coleman chance?
steef: What is danger on now in sc? Use his vc scor?
sticky12: Armitage SuperCoach score anyone?
dipstick: gees danger is a butcher
dipstick: danger always top 10 in a game for lowest DE
iZander: how many goals has bruce kicked this year and how many is the leader on?
SaintsMan: where is steven
auxDT: newnes/kelly ton up pls
J.Worrall: Can’t expect jock to be right all the time
Redraptor: Danger 109sc Walker 105 and Armitage 105 all approx
J.Worrall: Can’t expect Jock to be right all the time
frenzy: needed better than that McKenzie
Jogr: why on;y 41 for sinclair

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