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Chat log from R7 of 2015: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2015

J.Worrall: Go Bombers, go Goldy!
Ragnar: Let’s go Captain Goldstein
goes: Let’s go Higgins and Thompson
frenzy: howdy peoples
willywalks: u watch swallow ton up after i lost patience with him and traded him out this week
danmaio: same here WW with missy, gone tonight
uptoolate: evening all …
Fury Ride: Golly for 186 sc and 76 dt
wadaramus: Lets go VC Goldy!
Scootin on: evening dawn
Cummo3: No 30 dead
auxDT: hibberd 100% eff after that kick to langford which ended up a free kick for north????
SaintsMan: does anyone know how to change the size of the stats, it shows me handballs, kicks etc and i dont like it, please help
J.Worrall: heyhey utl
DirtyDawn: Evening all. Special hello to you Scootin on, how are ya cobba?
tamoz: Go Higgins!
goes: I have bombers to win
J.Worrall: good work McK
abbarulz94: Melksham following Swallow
J.Worrall: Yes, Jobe!
Scootin on: oh hi.
J.Worrall: oooooh Heppelll yeah yeah yeah
Scootin on: who is your kapitan dawn
J.Worrall: saintsman, hold ctrl, roll mouse
Costanza: hep hep hooray
J.Worrall: roll mouse Wheel
DirtyDawn: Pendleshanks @Scootin on. You?
Jogr: how do i change the size on a laptop
Dommy02: get a touch zach merrett
Scootin on: i cant remember @grubby
J.Worrall: does the laptop have a scroll function on the finger pad?
Kenny27: @jogr hold down jst ctrl and scroll mouse
Jogr: no
J.Worrall: if so, ctrl and scroll
Burnsyy: C’mon Heppell, Thompson and Bellchambers!
Scootin on: wonder if the marshmallows are ready?
tamoz: Lift Higgins and Goldstein
DirtyDawn: Heppell scoring well. He must have had a can of Mother???
runt: Its good to see Essendon aren’t affected by the constant talk about Fletcher turning 40
J.Worrall: Higgins just lifted in a big way!
Scootin on: and a curry pie
runt: North need to get it to Thomas
J.Worrall: Beautiful grab Collyer’
tamoz: This inaccuracy will lose north the match
J.Worrall: Nice kick too!
PlayboyZM: I still have melksham -Cue dramatic music- hopefully he makes atleast 60
Torz: Got rid of Melksham this week. Nice feeling.
Dasherman: Traded Higgins for TMitchell…….your welcome
J.Worrall: I haven’t got a welcome
J.Worrall: your nuts
J.Worrall: Oh Jobey one can hope we
PlayboyZM: in Jobe we trust
3rdstriker: We might have just seen TBC’s first two hitouts to advantage for the season
monkebuket: thanks dasherman, i think i can notice the difference?
willywalks: subbed in tarrant after his first two games, rubbish since…
goes: How much sc is Higgins and Thompson on
pies13: i traded mcarthy 2 titch dteam and simpson 2mkenzie how shower are defenders this season?
3rdstriker: And rewarded with 20sc, go TBC
KingPetrie: watson always dominates the roos
Yelse: seen hansen came back tarrant struggling
uptoolate: so far not so good for me ….. Tarrant a waste of space ….
uptoolate: so what has got up Jobes skirt ?
Grumpman: watson SC please anyone?
mijg: fuck off watson drug cheat ring leader
colin wood: Jobe a cape for a 49?
wadaramus: Tarrant 13, Goldy 33, Bellchambers 20, Watson 47sc.
goes: Thompson and Higgins sc anyone
Grumpman: cheers c/wood:-)
iZander: you better believe it colin
mijg: jobe looks like a homeless person. prolly had a crack pipe before the game
J.Worrall: Gojobe Jojoba
colin wood: Thompson 20 and Higgins 23
J.Worrall: correct mijg
goes: Thanxs Colin wood
m0nty: 49 and two goals, that’s capeworthy
spudaroos: My god, What a week to bring in Boomer
sammyo7: can we get a walking stick for old man fletcher?
colin wood: Getting softer minty….
DirtyDawn: Not as capeworthy as Frank Costanza’s lawyer
runt: So many players retire to give a kid a chance. Fletcher says “stuff the kids”
Scootin on: bwahahahahaha
PlayboyZM: Melksham not so hopeless after all :’)
sammyo7: also wouldn’t mind seeing the ol’ fletcher torp
J.Worrall: Frank “the godfather” Costanza?
J.Worrall: Hurley brilliant!
DirtyDawn: Serenity Now
tamoz: Wtf Ben Jacobs
KingPetrie: ess fans jeers when they get a free is pathetic
J.Worrall: Yeah, it’s all about the serenity!
runt: I thought Daniher had omproved but he still has an element of the headless chook about him
wadaramus: Hoochie Mama!
PlayboyZM: Daniher is such a lazy footballer i cant watch him play
J.Worrall: Gave it every chance, Petrie!
pies13: how was that not a mark??
J.Worrall: Razor not paying a lot of chopped arms
runt: North trying to make it closer than it really is?
willywalks: umps are pullin their puds…
meka100: Hibberd you are a bum
J.Worrall: Shocking umpiring
Costanza: yada yada carn Bombers
Scootin on: another bout of bomber tears
J.Worrall: yada yada umpire shot
wadaramus: Loopholing Hibberd this week, he’s untrustworthy.
DirtyDawn: Howdy @Costanza. How was Festivus?
uptoolate: Lol willy
auxDT: hibberds SC score should be alright
LuvIt74: Evening m0nty and all
tamoz: Wtf Goldstein
uptoolate: Bellchambers laziest ruchman in the business >>> dump him Essendone
LuvIt74: Now that I got rid of Minson I’ll be trading out TBC out either next week or in 2 weeks
runt: Apparently Jesus barracked for Essendon and liked to boo some of the Romans decisions.
LuvIt74: @uptolate AGREE
uptoolate: North gonna take this game over … ?
Costanza: disappointing
colin wood: Goody still 42sc settle
DirtyDawn: If Joe Daniher and Rocky Dennis were at a bar and trying to pull the same chick, I bet Rocky would take the chocolates
Kenny27: These Pretzels aremaking me thirsty!!
Scootin on: yes, those danihers can play footy, but by christ they got a good touch of the ugly stick
runt: security guards for the security guards tonight?
pies13: not that theres anything wrong with that @kenny
DirtyDawn: Hi there Kenny Banya. How was Mendy’s?
wadaramus: Carn Tarrant.
uptoolate: really Dawn …. that;s funny that you say that ….. but are your sex appeal judgements relevant ? u want to know m
dipstick: hey joygie, stop treating ur body like a musement park
Kenny27: Ovaltine why dont they call it Roundtine
drumfoot: umpiring is ruining this game. very poor 10 mins from the umpires
pies13: i heard soup is not a meal @dawn?
runt: Ziebell struggling to find a new way to injure himself
mijg: goody or goldie
Torz: Piss of Melksham, where was this the last 4 weeks.
dipstick: ohh ffs silverstein…. you turning into a tinstein?
PlayboyZM: lol i agree @Torz i was hoping atleast 60 from him
uptoolate: @runt lol …. re Ziebal … he’ll find a way ….
DirtyDawn: Apologies for the offence uptoolate. Ive always been a bit of a close talker
runt: The Swallow mic is riveting. What next? stomach cam?
uptoolate: north by 40+ ?
Torz: Wouldn’t be surprised if he still finishes on 60 @Playboyzm
Jair: Somethings going wrong, I tipped North and they’re winning
Scootin on: he won a competition once @uptoolate
pies13: haha@dawn pies13 loves football pies13 loves the pies
runt: a lot of effen and jeffen from Jacobs just now. Ban him Monty
Costanza: I laughed anyway Dirty.
J.Worrall: BJ you f+in” ripper!
J.Worrall: Hurley having a good night
Heizenberg: Lol runt
J.Worrall: png time
Torz: Surprised Goddard’s ownership is so low.
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
pies13: do you know about the cup sizes @dawn?
SpudsFC: I nearly got Goddard thus week but he’s a flog
wadaramus: Excellent, thanks for asking.
uptoolate: @Dawny … na … don’y worry. Your comment was fairy nuff in hindsight, I was just surprised. The aesthetic value is a
uptoolate: gday Heizen. I for 1 am well. You ?
J.Worrall: DD knows all about cup sizes …
DirtyDawn: All good mate
PlayboyZM: was gonna get goddard but with injuries was forced to keep Melksham
Heizenberg: Okay cool uptoo yeah I’m pretty good man
3rdstriker: do the live sc scores go up during the breaks like the dt points do? Anyone know?
desmondo: And speaking of flogs, hello Mr Goldstein LOL
goes: How much sc Higgins and Thompson
wadaramus: Who knows what was really in the Penski file?
J.Worrall: I was gonna get Goddard and make him Captain – unfortunately, my eliminator opponent did!
uptoolate: get off your fat bottom Bellchambers !!! ohhhh dearrr …. why I have u ? ….
Heizenberg: Can I plz have God hibberd and taz sc?
wadaramus: Goldy 49sc.
YoungGun: hansen hurting tarrants sc
pies13: heart breaker soul shacker i cant get that out my haed
J.Worrall: McKernan is wrapping Goldy up, so Jobe takes a third man up tap …
uptoolate: @Wada …. the Penski file ?
pies13: head
iZander: whats wrong with goldy latterly?
Heizenberg: It’s from Seinfeld uptoolate
KingPetrie: hansen taking tarrants points
SpudsFC: Behind the Pedo File
J.Worrall: hat cracker, soul rucker?
pies13: heppel killing me at the moment slow down!!
Heizenberg: Hahahhahaha spuds. Controversial
goes: How much sc Higgins and Thompson on please
DirtyDawn: You have the rooster, the hen, and the chicken. The rooster goes with the chicken… So who’s having sex with the hen?
mijg: go norf.shut down watson
uptoolate: Too complex Dawn ….
valkorum: Back on topic please
mijg: had thompson lst year….. never again
pies13: what is the topic? seinfeld?
uptoolate: Bellchambers , …. by any measure …. as a ruckman …… at 18 @ 1/2 time …. is only a fill in
uptoolate: lol …. pies …. farkd ifIknow …
fshow: brought in heppell two weeks ago for his two 80’s. so good to see that 600k finally paying off
wadaramus: Seinfeld…four?
pies13: stella!!
Heizenberg: Lol wad
Whiskeyjak: That’s perverse!
bernieV: they are crapping on like essendon are no chance…they are better than nm, surely
willywalks: bella, u have send the END of my team, can he please get the spud Ben_Gogos…
uptoolate: @wada …. hello …. and stop this Seinfeld stuff now please …. it’ll damage your eyesight ! … we talk AFL here .
Heizenberg: Seinfeld…. The contest
uptoolate: @bernie …. u are welcome to your dream …. NM by 40+ in my humble opinion
Costanza: I’m out
bernieV: im a crows fan (shows how long i’ve been here) i dont care, i just think NM are average
mijg: wow that MND has got holdvof Neil. so sad
uptoolate: Ohhh dearrr …. Seinfeld humour is great. Please don’t relate it to here ! ….
bernieV: if the crows can beat you by 70’re in trouble
wadaramus: Roger that uptoolate, I’m out of material anyway.
J.Worrall: Carn Bombers!
Drak: I just think Norf are mediocre too
J.Worrall: Selll any cars this week, Bernie?
PlayboyZM: Melksham you spud -.-
Raspel31: Go you good Bombers-only Norff.
J.Worrall: Razor gets it wrong again
3rdstriker: agree J Worrall, poor free kick
bernieV: I get most things, i dont get that.
The39Steps: Shocking Cunnington.
iZander: i don’t get it? goldy??? wtf??
J.Worrall: Bernie vince runs a used car dealership in Adelaide …
Raspel31: Good to see the little thugette Harvey has been coralled this year.
J.Worrall: Daniher scores – even off the side of the boot – were you watching, Travis Cloke?
J.Worrall: Harvey will still hit 90 – 100 SC
pies13: so they are letting heppell run free 2night flowering stupid by north
Raspel31: Poetry Worrall
J.Worrall: Did Razor have a call then, and noT give a Free?
casey22: The half time experts: How far the roos!!!
tamoz: Lift Higgins and Goldstein!
colin wood: Ok time to lift now goldy
Costanza: gotta love the Gadget
J.Worrall: Old man Fletch still a great
dipstick: that razor flog is so blunt he c ouldnt mow anyblokes lawn.
uptoolate: bellchambers still a ruckman ?
J.Worrall: Good work Hurley
LuvIt74: TBC will be lucky if he reaches his break even
J.Worrall: think Belly is a gutman
uptoolate: 4 touches Bellchambers and in ruck ???
tamoz: Goldstein has not been the same ever since that whack from Lewis
LuvIt74: bellchambers is a dud
J.Worrall: Dempsey showing a few moments tonight
Torz: Goldy same number of touches @uptoolate
J.Worrall: Geez, on anyone but Brown that woulda been a high tackle!
dipstick: goldstein 4 touches and in ruck? lift ya tin can
3rdstriker: ben brown in trouble
J.Worrall: Brown cramps? or worse?
J.Worrall: Nah, that’s a nasty knock on the knee …
Costanza: dead leg
3rdstriker: hyperextended knee by the look of it
casey22: Brown out for many weeks
J.Worrall: exact sideways movement – just how a knee should not bend!
uptoolate: @luvit …. agreez re Bellchambers …. Monty deletd my comment … lol ,….. he is as use full as a ….
LuvIt74: absolute disaster so far with TBC & Goldy
Jukes82: depends how bad, could play next week or out for 4-5 weeks.
Jukes82: whats goldy’s sc?
tezzer_j: yeah Belly a chump, but leaving him on the bench 4 the season as backup ruck
LuvIt74: Goldy might start getting a bit more with brown out
Burnsyy: TBC and Thompson have done nothing for me tonight, relying on heppell to go big!
J.Worrall: Sad for brown – reckon he’s got a lot of Cam Mooney to him …
3rdstriker: brown subbed
LuvIt74: heppell on 94sc so far
Kenny27: thats it Goldy more of that !!
uptoolate: a ruckman is employed to get hand on ball … yes …. there are many opportunities to do that in a game ? Bellchamber
mijg: vc goldie but just as well for fyfey
LuvIt74: @tezzer your leaving a $300k player as bench cover for ruck cover thats in sane. I have TBC for the same reason but he
LuvIt74: is going next week
uptoolate: point cut off. Bellchambers u are as usefull as a diiick inn a sleeve !!!
LuvIt74: You can cash in a rookie and get someone like Goddard or any premium u want
Nocash: “Trevor’s in the Tree” – quality jogger!
luked98: comon goldy lift
J.Worrall: Umm, finishing, Bombers?
J.Worrall: You dill, Waite
colin wood: Atta boy goldy!
J.Worrall: is a diiick in a sleeeve like a toad in the hole?
J.Worrall: Daniher!
J.Worrall: Oh Joe, you drip
LuvIt74: Daniher got higher then joe cocker
J.Worrall: wtf 50 for what?
J.Worrall: was after the kick???
tezzer_j: reckon belly was cheap enough to leave floating, it may change closer to end of season but keeping for now
Costanza: most misses wins at this rate
J.Worrall: Cocker is higher than ever B4
meka100: What the fuck are you going to do, please knock that cunt Lindsay out
LuvIt74: that was the worst 50 ive seen in years
LuvIt74: Where the eagles fly
dipstick: anyone got tarrants SC please
J.Worrall: was that another razor decision?
3rdstriker: great work tarrant
casey22: Stants just kicks it to the opposition
meka100: Hibberd you need a spell you fat pig
wadaramus: Taz scoots to 59sc.
h a mm e r: That ball was touched by hurly…and the ump said mark…ridiculous
casey22: My two rucks might get 80 between them
Tw1tch1n: Seriously got to drop Bellchambers. What a disgrace!
LuvIt74: goldy has improved dramatically since brown went off
colin wood: Top last 45 seconds there for Tazza! Break even reached = $$$
monkebuket: so true!he tries hard but surely stants has the most kicks to opp of all players ever
luked98: goldy 77 sc, ill take that
colin wood: Traded big bell for sauce Jacobs this week! Thank F
LuvIt74: @Tw1tch1n yeah all who have TBC trade him out and bring in a premium. Heeney out next week for a rookie then TBC to Bont
uptoolate: @Bellchambers … there is a footy out there …. really ! …. just touch it …please….
Tw1tch1n: Might do TBC > Blicavs with Mitch Clark R3
LuvIt74: @Colin are u playing DT or SC?
auxDT: big tbc
J.Worrall: utl – he just grabbed that yellow thing. What’s next?
snake_p: Welcome to the game TBC
Torz: TBC out last week was a good move. Stef Martin a great POD
LuvIt74: Must be DT as Clark isn’t a ruck in SC
h a mm e r: Belly!
auxDT: beautiful kickkkkkkkkkk TBC
bigsandi: bellchammbeers
J.Worrall: Baing, goes big Tommy!
uptoolate: Best move ever NOT …. Bellchambers as a Ruckman or anything ??? …… flower me ….
frenzy: Belly clutch
casey22: Put daniher in the ruck & bellchambers at ff
colin wood: Luvit – SC mate
J.Worrall: Dempsey, Hurley – we have a defense!
LuvIt74: lets keep bagging TBC he might pull his finger out, its helped.
J.Worrall: That’s wot’s been done. casey!
uptoolate: @J.Worrall. With due respect. There will only EVER be ONE GIG TOMMY ! And that would be T Hafey !!! (a friend of mine)
J.Worrall: nah nah, not Joe, but McKernan – fair call
LuvIt74: TBC 52 so he will reach his break even
h a mm e r: Umpire gets in the way…
J.Worrall: TBC – get fit you gut heavy lumberer!
Kenny27: hitout to advantage Goldy! Ka Ching
LuvIt74: Colin ok cool so your other ruck must be Goldy?
J.Worrall: OK utl, can we have just Big Tom?
h a mm e r: Should have been a ball up! Umpire got in the way and caused a turnover
uptoolate: BIG Tommy Hafey. lest we forget. Senstaional bloke and argueably best AFL coach of all time … but I digress …
J.Worrall: time enough if good enough
Raspel31: C’mon Dons. This is just Norff-can’t beat them and what hope /
auxDT: TBC > R.Gray for me this week
J.Worrall: We all love Tommy Hafey …
KingPetrie: will Waite get weeks? i missed it
J.Worrall: He ducked
J.Worrall: He faked a head hit
3rdstriker: When will they stop paying this rubbish, ruining football
meka100: Knock that cunt Thomas out ducking cheat
J.Worrall: He’s a cheat
auxDT: get this fucking knt lindsay off the ground
J.Worrall: He’s not worth farting on
casey22: Worst frree kick ever
h a mm e r: Thomas…He ducked his head into! That twice now
J.Worrall: He missed
LuvIt74: @Raspel i think now that ASADA have appealed there not fussed… I’m over this ASADA crap
dipstick: lthomas is a fuckwit. hate that prick
Ben_Gogos: Lindsay’s yips taking centre stage once more. Welcome old friend!
J.Worrall: Brilliant mark, Sam Gibson!
bigsandi: fkn cheat
auxDT: melksham to drop a right hook on thomas
KingPetrie: lindsay has deserved all his free kicks tonight ya dogs
The39Steps: Lindsay’s yips are karma for hus ducking.
J.Worrall: yeah sure KP, your nuts
casey22: Disposal is utter crap
uptoolate: @J.W. thanks for your comment. and I did post that I did agreeb with you re Tommy Hafey. Not my team … T Hafey just a
Torz: Lindsay has never deserved a free kick.
dipstick: without thomas frees all these years kangas would be even more useless. his ducking wins you goals and games the weak fu
h a mm e r: Totally! Yips for ducking
auxDT: deez nuts
J.Worrall: Ok utl – I support Big Tommy H.
J.Worrall: TBC just deserves / needs SomeThing when he finally delivers!
colmullet: cmon heppell dont stop
uptoolate: @JWorrall … Tommy Hafey great bloke …. + best AFL Coach of all time > ?
sticky12: I thought Goldstein would dominate the ruck tonight
Jukes82: L.Thomas is the most punchable player in the AFL
Mozza42: u flows l Thomas does not duck just knows how to draw a free kick, a bit joel wood like. Get over It! ,
J.Worrall: Best coach of all time, except me …
sticky12: I thought godly would dominate tonight against Bellchambers on a Friday night. Not to be
dipstick: goldstein done. bit ahead of himself after the first few rounds.
J.Worrall: I just love Hafey for the things I heard him say on radio.
auxDT: @sticky12 TBC too big for him
sticky12: Oops my first post ever was a double haha
Raspel31: To be beaten by Norff is like being beaten by the Faroe Islands-carn lads.
LuvIt74: Goldy on 95sc
fshow: I agree with J.Worrall – i am also the greatest coach of all time
dipstick: LOL no lindsay thomas no NORF
Burnsyy: SC points on heppell, TBC and thompson?
sticky12: True aux
3rdstriker: pity tarrant isnt a sc defender, might be a keeper if he was
J.Worrall: Hafey was always measured and respectful, but dead serious about the game. Great commentatot
J.Worrall: look up my record, fshow
Costanza: surge Bombers
uptoolate: @JW ….. I also lovim for the stuff he used to tell me on the fence at the Moorabbin Kangas …. he was an encyclopedi
sticky12: No way lovit??? He’s barely touched it
J.Worrall: A fit old bastard too!
bigpens: muppet tarrant
LuvIt74: heppell 94, TBC 61 and Thompson 58 sc
colin wood: Lift goldy…
J.Worrall: utl, shall we have a beer, or a cold swim?
Raspel31: Surge bombers.
fshow: you can’t even look up my record. whole thing has been black marked. apparently that much awesome can be dangerous
colin wood: His tap work sticky all to advantage
LuvIt74: sticky but when he does its going to the players thats the difference as where TBC just taps it to anyone
uptoolate: @rasp ….. the pineapple … remember ?
colin wood: Watson 14dt for 2sc this q… Wtf???
Ben_Gogos: Zach Merrett receives the muppet for taking the advantage and made an absolute hash of it
Fury Ride: Goody sc please
sticky12: Nice col and luv…awesome. He and Stefan are great rucks for sc
colin wood: Big bell upti 62sc
J.Worrall: Jack Worrall – Fitzroy Footy Club – check it …
LuvIt74: goldy 97sc
Raspel31: thanks uptoolate.
sticky12: 1st draw for the year?
Fury Ride: Yes goldy how does he have 97 sc but only62 td
lozdaleg: Ziebell and goddard’s sc???
LuvIt74: he didn’t have the ball
J.Worrall: Loving how Norf won’t fade
J.Worrall: Fury ride, because he uses it well!
luked98: get a touch goldy
uptoolate: Puck you guys (and Dawn) …. I got SOOOO excited that I burnt the flowern chicn nuggets
colin wood: Tarrant 80sc
Slightly01: Zip ell sc guys?
J.Worrall: hahha utl – I better check me pies …
tezzer_j: listening to a bit of bb king whilst watching this….RIP
LuvIt74: Ziebell 97 & Goddard 102
luked98: whats goldy’s sc?
dipstick: @uptoo. no worries mate. im bout to get a couple whoppers with cheese 😉
J.Worrall: sealer just kicked, at least the pies are edible!
luked98: watson sc?
Slightly01: ZieB was 99 At 3qtr time loll
LuvIt74: @luked 96
uptoolate: rip BB … but really tozzer_j? this is a footy game. … farkov !!!
J.Worrall: losing 2 kings in one week is a bit careless, I reckon …
J.Worrall: 2 goals, 2 minutes – time enuff if …
dipstick: bb? ballbags been banned i reckon. you talkin another bb?
fshow: LOL@Jworrall
dipstick: any chance of late TBC goal?
J.Worrall: Jobe, you big hearted agre of a man
Torz: Petrie marking everything atm.
J.Worrall: Petrie – chewy on ya boot
auxDT: TBC 2 goals in 30 sec 50 points each
LuvIt74: TBC score is like a cork in the ocean
Ben_Gogos: Petrie will be in the votes tonight!
J.Worrall: Razor Ray, you f’ing alps hole
meka100: Petrie got shot out of a cannon
Raspel31: Pooh.
J.Worrall: Robbed – but every team is, sooner or later, by Razor Ray the under loved umpire from Min ky matoota!
uptoolate: i feel your pain jw …. sort of …
dipstick: go and sit in your lonely house razor you gutter flog
J.Worrall: That Gibson bloke can play …
dipstick: poor DE heps, god,, zieb, cunning, swallow, waite. lets go goldy, higs and tarrant with great DE 🙂
J.Worrall: no pain, utl – plenty of uppers – including the pies, chips and sauso roll!
uptoolate: lol dip
J.Worrall: Goldy 96!! Harvey 93!! no stopping these blokes …
uptoolate: gibson doesnt even know which is his best foot !
LuvIt74: it was Scotts decision to place Petrie deep in defence, winning move.
dipstick: seeya tomorrow. hello hungry jacks
LuvIt74: Essendon are crap, they will be bottom 6 side
h a mm e r: These umpires need OPSM. Let it be said that I don’t want to see these umpires umpire another game of afl
Dommy02: z.merrett a disgusting performance
LuvIt74: @h a mm e r What about Speck Savers? lol
uptoolate: but he’s hot on the pokies !!!
h a mm e r: It was Scott’s decision to place the umpire in all their positions and to make all their decisions…lame
iZander: genius?? half the players on the field thought of it too, wouldn’t say it was genius
uptoolate: bum …. why u dump my comment monty ???
uptoolate: @monty …. it appears that u p[ick and choose which comments that you will post. Fair enough for you to have this call.
uptoolate: I have just queried Monty re this room. Fair guess that he will dump me.
J.Worrall: The real genius is whoever lets Razor keep umpiring – keeps the game honest!
uptoolate: test

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