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Chat log from R7 of 2015: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2015

J.Worrall: Bloody Crisps!
OnTheRocks: i hope Carltank get flogged
Hawks_15: get ready for a big score from shiel
rickyb80: well fk me. this week is going well isnt it
rickyb80: and thats without the carnage this week
OnTheRocks: wtf Heater, 1/3 of the way through the first qtr and nothing?!
iZander: don’t tell me calton aren’t tagging? hurry up and put the 3 padlocks up haha
tamoz: Lift Murphy!
homemade: murphy crusing along at 0% efficiency
Jmachete: murphy worst captain in afl
OnTheRocks: Shaw looking at repeating his last week’s effort of 0 Handballs
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert: Bugg turns it over right in front of goal to Everitt, who goals with ease
Jukes82: griffin laying an egg
Torz: Treloar!
Jmachete: umps so stupid murfy ducks into his own player gets a free
iZander: white not tagging?? armfeild not tagging?? don’t be silly
Dangermaus: omg… just checked and ive got ward as captain. fmdt!
iZander: never captain a gun vs calton because they tag like 3 people a game @ dangermaus 😀
carlton_99: how was that not a mark
grossn: I agree, that was a clear mark. Carlton getting robbed hahahaha
Drak: Whenever I feel depressed about being an Essendon supporter, I think of all my mates who barrack for Carlton…
Wends: Somebody grate carrots! Hello all…
carlton_99: are u bloody serious ump
carlton_99: how was that prior
LuvIt74: This round is killing me had no idea Cripps was a late out so now forced to take vandenbergs score & Hogan also had Loni
Crowls: is ward breathing or concsious.
homemade: surprised carlton arent tagging treloar
Drak: only reason he could make was that armfeild spun into the tackle… if he would have just taken possession and let the
Drak: tackle come
Wends: If it makes you feel better Luvit, i brought in ward over shiel/treloar this wk.
Drak: I tell you what though, a lot of these kids need a new hairdresser. Whats with this half shaved half not thing?
Crowls: luvit be a lot of people getting vandenbergs score for Cripps.
Jmachete: Carlton are a disgusting team to watch
danmaio: Cmon McCarthy, do something
J.Worrall: 50% shaved saves both tim and razors
dipstick: take ya mocussins off and put ya boots on shaw you slack bogan
J.Worrall: Mr Hockey said we have to economise
homemade: mick asked blues to be inspired by st kilda last week – players responding by aiming to be 55pts down at HT
Karlpov: Looks like Carazzo has moved to Griffen
dipstick: i might be slow but did anyone know SC has a live H2H ladder?
homemade: wow 18 scoring shots to 5. carlton are lucky not to be 10 goals down
J.Worrall: lol homemade
J.Worrall: yep, you slow dippster
carlton_99: and taht was a free kick how
carlton_99: these umps are just terrible
SaintsMan: carlton are just terrible
homemade: @saintsman carlton aren’t just terrible, they are really terrible
J.Worrall: Judd 3 votes
frenzy: demons will be rapt with carltons performance
dipstick: blues trade out fev, betts, garlett and cant kick goals for 10 yrs? nuff said. pathetic
homemade: judd = atlas
SaintsMan: homemade, they are just really terrible?
homemade: saintsman, hit the nail on the head!
runt: “Thomas unick fromloaded a giant banana kick from the backline”, very funny
runt: nnnk ykk boka
Tony9668: Just logged on, what happened to Cripps?
Wends: Ward back in the game, thank u MM.
Wends: Cripps crossed the Bloods one time too many.
homemade: sav rocca earning his keep at blueland – straight kicking today – he might replace mick…
homemade: also he solved Levi’s problems – just told the kid to avoid the ball
Tony9668: Obviously a bikie term, but please speak laymans
uptoolate: get off your bike Shae !!!
dipstick: yu ra fucken idiot shaw
uptoolate: and Shaw !
J.Worrall: Just love Jeremy
Tony9668: Lay off Heath, my opponents have him!
Wends: That was special from cameron. McCarthy did well on goal line too.
snake_p: ejudd should do a Kane Cornes and retire immediately in disgust
Tony9668: Judd can’t retire, who do Carlton have to carry the baton
Crazygood: carlton witches hats?
dipstick: hows the champagne taste griffen you no effort arse clown
snake_p: no one Tony they are fucked
Tony9668: Gibbs too worried about his ponytail and Murphy soft
uptoolate: dump Mick Meltdown asap …
J.Worrall: carlton have lost their baton
Wends: Think Cripps an ankle Tony9. Griffen went off with injury?
dipstick: send gibbs and murph down the yellow brick rd. no courage, heart or brains those 2 drop kicks
Wends: Griff red vested.
homemade: menzel should be given a run through the middle for q4
snake_p: Gibbs a flog. Murphy as soft as butter
Pittsy: Does Griffen think AFL changed to non contact?
Tony9668: I’m stuffed then, onand playing all top grade teams in 3 leagues
auxDT: lets go treloar! my POD
Tony9668: Good thing blues have kicked straight
J.Worrall: Bye bye Mr record breaking mick
jaxx: Gonna get so much pleasure out of getting Ryan Griffen the fuck out of my team.
J.Worrall: You know its bad when you see Everitt at the top of the table …
J.Worrall: A handy score on the sirene
Tony9668: Father Time gets everyone in the end, bye Mick you were a great coach
snake_p: it’s not Mick’s fault – their list is terrible
Ben_Gogos: Buntine receives the next muppet, this time it was for allowing the Tuohy kick to bounce through after the siren.
J.Worrall: It IS Mick’s fault that their list is terrible
LuvIt74: Prior to this game i thought St Kilda was the worst side but now its confirmed the blues are beyond crap
snake_p: he inherited a shit list. Although Jones wasn’t a good choice
Tony9668: Your right Snake, Curnow and Everitt your best, give me a break
happytimes: Mick has played a big part
happytimes: Look at the 3 mature aged blokes we got for our 1st pick
iZander: ryan griffins injury bad or was he just precautionary rest?
J.Worrall: Thomas wasn’t a good choice
J.Worrall: Losing an entire forward line wasn’t a good choice
Redraptor: This is the worst Carlton team I have ever seen…in 40 plus years… embarrassing effort for a historically great club
snake_p: agreed Worrall
Tony9668: Who’s coming thru for the Blues?
Drak: Collingwood was a basket case before Malthouse got a hold of the club. Took him 3 years to even get them competitive.
J.Worrall: Mick had no choice in those bum decisions? Garbage
LuvIt74: Look @ the Dogs young side, they are growing and playing beyond anyone imagined, Jones & Griffen gone, let them have em
roshanetw: i’d assume it would be precautionary since the game is in no doubt iZander
happytimes: Look at who we bought in at the end of last year. Who makes us better?
Tony9668: I’m a crows man and saints have more to look forward to after today
Wends: Wonder how Johnathon Patton goes watching Cameron develop. Must be hard.
dipstick: carlton is run by tatts pokie flog and jeanie pratt. blues are fucked. MM has no say in anything
J.Worrall: How about Coober Pedy shows Casboult how to play?
iZander: why they even think about my AF team before they do subs @ roshan
dipstick: jeanie pratt and that tatts flog run EVERYTHING. fuck them off if the club wants a chance
happytimes: Thanks mick for Cameron wood
goes: How much sc is Mumford on
Tony9668: They killed us inside 50’s and pressure really we’ll
Drak: Id play Wood over Hampson or that other gangle giant you have
Torz: Go big Treloar.
jfitty: Mummy gun
Drak: Its not Micks fault your No 1 ruck man is always injured
dipstick: you watch- tatts flog and pratt will oversee all silvagni does and he’ll resign within 2 yrs. you heard it here
J.Worrall: In the UK, on the way from London to Dover, as a wee town called …
mancityfc: wow opponent had salem, riewoldt, B.smith vanders and mckenzie!!! hhaha
J.Worrall: Pratt’s Bottom. That’s where Carlton are atm
dipstick: @m0nty cmon a seagull gets more than that flog shaw. at least a gull gets a full stomach
roo boys!: Griffen serious or just precautionary given the opposition?
dipstick: not precautionary. griffen is a certified hack now
Ben_Gogos: @roo boys! It seemed precautionary mate.
frenzy: get sum flowering ball Docherty ffs
Tony9668: No more easy trip away to play GWS.
Andrew37: Bin for Shaw
J.Worrall: When was the last time Cameron didn’t get 5?
Tony9668: Look at Murphy and Gibbs when the game us done
roo boys!: Thanks boys, hope he pulls up for next week.
Mcswains: Keep going Shaw 🙂
Tony9668: Skulk around late getting their 20 disposals saying I’ve done my bit
Mcswains: massive sweet junk lol
LuvIt74: cannot believe how a young growing side like GWS why they would want griffen given his age
OnTheRocks: nice Junk Shaw, now i hope that translates into SC
Tony9668: Superman seagull for Shaw
J.Worrall: Same as Mick – the culture is all about “not my fault”
SaintsMan: ontherocks, he was 77 at 3qt with 50 dt points
OnTheRocks: though this is really the first time it’s seriously come down his end
LuvIt74: This is the worst ive seen carlton play although its becomming there average
OnTheRocks: thanks SaintsMan
runt: witches hats
Wends: Junk it up ward, every desperate little morsel counts.
LuvIt74: Treloar 130
HawkTalker: couple more touches, bell. keep going
J.Worrall: Mick taught trhem how to say it
Tony9668: No one willing to crash in and make a stand, JW
auxDT: wtf shaw is on 88? hahah
runt: Have to sack Mick tonight. The rot has set in and will only get worse. Bring in Jock McHales ashes as interim coach
Jair: Margin is generous to Carltank
Jackwatt$: What gives Ben? How come I can’t say the Carlton players name that’s on 34 DT?
dipstick: blues members are pathetic for letting pratt stay for so long. the board is rooting this club sideways yr after yr
LuvIt74: Shaw on 112 sc
runt: The staium is echoing more than a mausoleum
snake_p: salem 12 and mccarthy 84 on the pine FMDT
Wends: Shiel tonnes up, missed 3 goals and all.
Jackwatt$: He is part of the game! I just wanna tell him to harden up a little
runt: Matt Richard soft as….
Tony9668: If Cameron does not beat Shaws SC something stinks
Jackwatt$: If you comment about the Carlton player who has a P plate, u get blocked!??
Torz: You were due for a huge score Treloar 🙂
RooBoyStu: ying yang Smith
runt: Blues a disgrace give your pay back
Cyberdyne: what did buntine do for the muppet icon
auxDT: treloar whatta star
Jackwatt$: That Carlton player with a P plate wouldn’t get a game for any other club. Way too soft
LuvIt74: Love watching Malthouse press conference when they get pumped
happytimes: Bring back the rat
goes: Go Mumford
J.Worrall: Never had that problem with cox

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