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Chat log from R6 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R6 of 2015

Carnster: lift GWS
frenzy: lots of interest in this game
Torz: Duryea hurt in the first quarter again. Great…
Carnster: Am I the only one on
Carnster: true @frenzy
Roflcake: plz treloar
HowI Rioli: Stacks of punters a will switch over now that st k vs dogs finished
Solat: need smitchell to go bananas i lieu of lewis
Dangermaus: go Wardy, need a massive game from you today
The_Kid_05: Shaw 100% yet a clanger. What?
Carnster: Need devon smith and is sac smith to be huge today
alekstah: Cmon Shiel!
Hadouken: was hodge and lewis late withdrawls ?
SaintsMan: r u kidding me? they got reported mate
Jwow: this will turn ugly
Roflcake: not sure if srs Hadouken
Blues1: terrible troll effort Hadouken
corza013: Hadouken taking the p!ss
SaintsMan: wheres shaw?
Carnster: Good goal
heppelitis: hadouken through out the bait…a few flatheads took it!
grossn: Shaw is on 16 points with the cog
SaintsMan: cog?
OnTheRocks: Stay down Roughy, and shiel!
Torz: Treloar is having a poor season. 🙁
Solat: lol each team has a smith and a shiel(s) sort out your blog Gogos
HowI Rioli: Should have gone to specsavers saintsman
poolboybob: Only players named Smith can kick goals in this game
Apachecats: 7 underperforms from 8 players so far
OnTheRocks: fuck off Gibbo
Jackwatt$: This game is the like the movie Mr & Mrs Smith!
frenzy: are U Shaw @ solat
pies13: upgraded salem 2devon keep going!
SaintsMan: good one jackwatt
Dangermaus: crows game starts shortly, going to watch that one isntead
OnTheRocks: you’re not a Smith Roughy 🙁
Dangermaus: going to be plenty of tons in this match if they keep up at this pace
Roflcake: why do dis to me treloar
SaintsMan: neither is hartung
Apachecats: Roughys mother was a Smith
Jackwatt$: Each team has a Bug as well. Hawthorns is called Puopolo
kangawalla: It’s been a while sine Birchall reality has been a DT force
banta: treloar so overrated and arrogant. give up the game kid you stink
kangawalla: *since
Jogr: @banta your harsh
kangawalla: saintsman, your half time comment on the WB v saints page “sometimes I hate my team”. Anything to say now?
OnTheRocks: need more from you Heater
SaintsMan: and sometimes i love them
Jukes82: All feral supporters act that way, nothing new.
Ben_Gogos: Hahha so pretty well SaintsMan let everyone know, he’s a supporter 😉
Fletch91: Cmon Haynes, do something
pies13: would love griffen 2get a ton 2day like sj last night come on please turn my season around
Jogr: there you go fletch91
SaintsMan: they just frustrate me a lot, unless u r saints supporter u dont realise how frustrating it is
Carnster: @saintsman i am the same but with the giants
banta: cameron stinks this year
SaintsMan: but i d realise that we are just bringing up our kids, its going to be exciting
Carnster: CArn the giants
Jogr: i understand how frustrating it is because im a pies supporter and like last night they are shit to watch
Dangermaus: good boy Wardy keep it up
eski_liddr: great kick
eski_liddr: ward is playing so well, will be a big score today
eski_liddr: mummy giving 2 silly free kicks in 2 mins 🙁
eski_liddr: gws on fire, looking good
Torz: C’mon Duryea, haven’t touched it this quarter.
Carnster: Giants on fire, love seeing my team play like this
Apachecats: Go Burgoyne!!
eski_liddr: fantastic tackle by mummy
Fletch91: Cmon Haynes again lol. More possies!
eski_liddr: giants on fire…hawks look lost?
eski_liddr: hartung vest?
Jogr: @banta is treloar still bad
eski_liddr: is anyone here? lol
dipstick: scan the giants team list. guns. close to top 4 next yr if they can keep players
eski_liddr: this is amazing – hawks look completely disinterested
colin wood: did anyone else jump on gws today?
pants42: Ward a star!!!!72 sc for those interested
The39Steps: How come only two games tomorrow?
eski_liddr: had GWS and St Kilda -looking good
Dangermaus: Ward is kicking butt this game, awesome
eski_liddr: mod i think hartung may of got vested earlier can you check
eski_liddr: giants look like theyve got an extra 2 player on the field – really enjoyable game thus far ..great running
m0nty: no vests as yet
eski_liddr: thanks m0nty appreciated
dipstick: 2 games for mothers day i think
pants42: What time do we know the vests for the melbvsyd game???
The39Steps: Ok, thanks @dipstick. Makes sense. Also for reminding me I haven’t got present yet!
dipstick: mummy 7 crunching tackles?? whats his SC?
eski_liddr: dunno but his had at least 2 FA
eski_liddr: H.Shaw should be on a healthy SC too
Carnster: what is fa
The39Steps: Mummy only 42SC.
The39Steps: Mummy only 42sc.
eski_liddr: Free’s Against
Carnster: @pants42 subs are Adam goodes and jack watts
frenzy: mummy aint no overinflated ivan maric
uptoolate: eveing all …. good game this !
Ben_Gogos: Very glad Heeney avoided the vest!
uptoolate: just back from Dobs v Saints. Dogs suck !: ….. 0/
uptoolate: Dogs
Jogr: should bench newton or heeney
pies13: i got devon but always get him and shiels mixd up who is better?
eski_liddr: anyone got Shaw SC thus far?
mijg: hows Griff going in SC?
pants42: Griff 58 sc
Jogr: mitchell only 2 possesions this quarter
Dangermaus: much love for Callan Ward today!
pies13: who was ragn on treloar b4? wow headn 4 a easy ton in dteam
eski_liddr: should of put the C on ward instead of Fyfe
uptoolate: gws still in touch ?
Jogr: that was banta bagging treloar
pants42: Ward 95 sc
mijg: thanks pants
Ben_Gogos: Ward is such a beast!
OnTheRocks: no wasteful handballs by Shaw, only 86% eff kicks, that’s what i like to see
uptoolate: more than
eski_liddr: thanks pants42 much appreciated
KingPetrie: shiel is a superstar
tamoz: Come on Whitfield!
frenzy: no hodge no hawks
dipstick: nff nff whats that stench? thts u stinkin out my team mccarthy and griff
mijg: Birch SC pls?
Torz: Treloar has been good since quarter time.
banta: cyril goes missing in close matches. overrated
pants42: Birch 47 sc
Apachecats: Burgoyne 24 pos @ 91%.Should be big SC
gdshifty: touch the fcking ball mccarthy you long haired lout!!!
SaintsMan: shaw sc
eski_liddr: Burgoyne has a fair few intercepts which will score well in SC too
Woodie: Burgoyne 85sc
mijg: only 47. spew
pants42: Burgoyne86 sc
Apachecats: I’ll second that re McCarthy
pants42: Shaw 64 sc
banta: pull your damn finger out rioli
tamoz: Please Whitfield, I need u to fire in the last qtr
uptoolate: Cameron is a gun ?!?
roshanetw: yep cameron is a freak, when GWS get better with delivery and as he matures he’ll rival buddy i reckon
mijg: move your ass Griffen. team needs you
pies13: @mijg griffen is flowering me off 480k mid dteam n i get this every week flower me
pants42: Burgoyne gone to 101 sc
roo boys!: Feel free to hit a target I.Smith! Would be having a big SC game if his efficiency wasnt so low
Dangermaus: what is Ward’s SC anybody ?
snake_p: gibbo SC?
Jackwatt$: I knew Bulldogs were gonna be big winners in Boyd/Griffen trade just didn’t expect to see it straight away
dipstick: @jackwatts i hear ya been benched son
banta: need 2-3 goals from you in the last cyril. do something right.
Ben_Gogos: Massive play by Suckling to stop that Whitfield set shot before 3QT
pies13: haha @jackwatt$ yep 5weeks all it took
Jackwatt$: Team balance dipstick, dees are a good thing tonight. Watch this space!
Jukes82: LULZ Boyd was signed for 6 mill/6 years don’t forget that.
uptoolate: Cameron now looks cheap ?
dipstick: @jackwatts well gives you more time to chat here. when u get subbed in hope u snag a couple
frenzy: should Cameron have a cape 3 goals
roshanetw: Hoskin-elliot off for zac
frenzy: lift Dylan lift FFS
iZander: not game related but does anyone know how long made simpson will be out for?
uptoolate: J Anderson a gun in gun team … still underpriced …
eski_liddr: come on giants this would be fantastic
eski_liddr: maybe a draw?
eski_liddr: griffen kicks it from the boundary!!!
Ben_Gogos: Giants look more likely to win this
eski_liddr: this has been a ripper game to watch
eski_liddr: agreed
iZander: griffin performing when it matters 😀 still love him even though he showered my dream team this year
pies13: clap clap clap well done griff!
eski_liddr: GWS 4 points in a row..look on top but cannot put hawks away
Ben_Gogos: Shoenmakers such a C grader
mijg: woohoo go griff gwt them match winning points
Ben_Gogos: So costly, some just don’t make it and I wouldn’t be persisting with Ryan as a back anymore.
uptoolate: Cameron !
poolboybob: Schoenmakers witches hat
Jogr: wat symbol is on Isaac smith
frenzy: rookie mistake ben
thommoae: Just got in – looks a good time for a GWS man to join the chat!
spangle: hulk (broke tag)
circle52: Bug for tagger Thomas Bugg
eski_liddr: Griff playing Fullforward?
iZander: ladybug means bugg is tagging him @ jogr
mijg: well done GWS
uptoolate: get stuffed Thommo … :0)
Jogr: no the other
Jwow: wow. dal Santo on the money
Torz: Good game Duryea.
eski_liddr: nope just was sitting in the square
uptoolate: Cameron most underpriced GUN forward atm !
eski_liddr: not over yet!!! going to go down to the wire
uptoolate: it’s done eski …. settle…
dipstick: pretty sure its over
eski_liddr: @uptoolate – are you watching the game? wasnt done when i posted it and hawks have all the ball now
Jmachete: haha hawthorn flogs
dipstick: how does heater have marks & tackles? he has no hands to handpass
Dangermaus: yes definite Witches Hat for Schoenmakers
Fernyys: how long left
uptoolate: @eski …. Hawks are not what you think. AND they lost.
meka100: Good Birchall
eski_liddr: 49 sec hunston lining up for goal
Jogr: 49 seconds
eski_liddr: *gunston
eski_liddr: @uptoolate – why be antagonistic? just loving the game…going for GWS by the way buddy
RooBoyStu: No Hodge and Lewis = No Hawks, Wingless Hawks!
J.Worrall: Ripper win, Giants!’
Jmachete: umps didnt help hawks much
uptoolate: @eski …. not at all antagonistic …. just real stuff …. sorry if u r offended ….
J.Worrall: I had no idea that the umps were supposed to help the hawks …
eski_liddr: all good 🙂
Mash: Hawks didn’t have a go when they needed to so didn’t deserve to win. Umpires very generous to the giants though
nicw98: how many points to still to allocated SC?

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