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Chat log from R6 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R6 of 2015

SaintsMan: cmon boys
Viscount: Good luck today Saintsman. Hope Savage has a big game
dipstick: lets go C steven
Torz: Goodes getting centre bounces? That’s promising.
kangawalla: let’s go C Bottomsmelli
Brown*Dog: Macrae dissapointing this year
kangawalla: Seconded Browndog
Jwow: sucked in Dahlhaus
dipstick: dahlhaus will still ton. theyre playing the saints
Hawks_15: I should have bought picken 3 weeks ago
Ben_Gogos: Weller is a star tagger, Dahl in trouble
Jwow: dahl will struggle with someone on him for a change
Jwow: the Bont a tackling machine
Torz: Bont 5 tackles already. Record pace!
Jwow: Darmitage has not let me down all year
dipstick: is dahlhaus sooking or has he just given up for the day?
Jwow: How far can the dogs go this year? Im still not convinced
Jogr: of course i get newnes out and he plays well
auxDT: why would you trade newnes out in the first place
SaintsMan: armature must be so good to have
Jogr: @auc
Jwow: yes Goodes
Costanza: Goodie goodie yum yum
Jogr: @auxDT he was doing crap in SC
dipstick: newnes is still crap in sc. his ceiling is 80-90 and that is useless
Roflcake: Newnes will get better throughout the season
banta: someone needs to put their shoulder through that ugly little troll picken
dipstick: when your opp is triple your score im pretty sure the geary/weller tags arent working
auxDT: theres no reason to trade him out unless you are upgrading him..but there arent many upgrade options
kangawalla: Armitage proving to be a great POD
SaintsMan: newnes proving himslef finally
banta: picken one of the worst players in the comp, how is he scoring dt’s!?
banta: don’t understnad why teams don’t tag steven or armitage. stop them and the saints have literally nothing!!!!
Hawks_15: @ banta. Picken has scored over 100 the last 4 weeks
Jwow: @banta why tag them when 40 pts up? they are nothing with them
colin wood: Bonti can’t get in the game
qiu333: close enough lol
Jwow: i quite happy armitage scoring huge every week for me. Massive POD captain
dipstick: @colin the games over mate. pretty sure they dont care
banta: seriously. die picken you ugly mole, this is a joke
Hawks_15: this game is looking ugly
Sloan4Pres: @ Jwow i’d be impressed if he was in your team from round 1
Dangermaus: I truly thought with Joey back in the side, Armitage would go back to be below average. He has proved me wrong
SaintsMan: i hate my team sometimes
Jogr: wat is happening
Slashers: Stretcher
colin wood: What are you on about dipstick?
Slashers: It’s in the blog
Jwow: @sloan RD 2 i picked him up for ablett. Love his work but didn’t have room for him in round 1
Ben_Gogos: 6 touches for 42 is just massive from Bont
dipstick: you said bonti cant get in the game- im pretty sure with the game over he isnt bothered about stats today
Jukes82: smith tombstone
spudaroos: Bontz’s score is a joke
colin wood: @dipstick disnt know players ever cared about stats?
Sloan4Pres: @ Jwow nice, i missed the boat i think. at least Duncan’s come good…
Jwow: @sloan has exceeded my expectations! Duncans on my watch list as POD, any value? (love PODs)
dipstick: my point exactly
Sloan4Pres: @ Jwow he’d be a good pick up now that he’s being played in his natural position. I’ve had Neale from round 1 but…
Sloan4Pres: ..when he has a bad game, he has a REALLY bad game
colin wood: @dipstick cabt recall me talking about stats..
Jwow: @sloan i went wines over neale
dipstick: you didnt. you said bonti cant get in the game. but im pretty sure record tackle rate is IN the game
Dangermaus: of course I leave Goodes on the bench, now watch him outscore 3/4 of my defenders… fmdt
colin wood: I’m talking his usual impact….
Roksta: Bon has had 3 score involvements from tackles
dipstick: no worries then. i assume with that you mean stats then. he has been very involved.
Roksta: Hunter on
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Murphy makes a rare blemish from the kick out by failing to run around Hickey, who catches him HTB and goals.
Dangermaus: make it 90 please Bont and I’ll be happy
Jwow: not all about kicks @colin
poolboybob: Armitage magnet
colin wood: Wow I give up.. When did I mention touches?
Jwow: haha lel
banta: nobody gone near steven or picken all day. roaming free. no defence these two teams
Hadouken: does BONT have a pulse ?
kangawalla: Is Goodes on the ground? Gone missing this Q
colin wood: @hadouken yeah mate he’s right in this game apparently ask the experts here
auxDT: newnes back to his true form
poolboybob: Now I know why Newnes never touches the ball, Armitage gets all the touches.
banta: stop steven ffs! are they dumb
meka100: Good quarter Newnes, back to normal
spangle: why Newnes… why…
Kenny27: where the hell in Newnes seriously havent seen him
banta: someone go near steven ffs!
spangle: trade out CEY or Salem for Goddard??
qiu333: salem
kangawalla: Bulldogs have put the cue in the rack
Jukes82: keep going steven you star!
Jukes82: must have been close to superman?
poolboybob: Armitage going for 50 touches
dipstick: cmon newnes. get on you stepladder and reach your ceiling of 85-90sc
banta: hope steven gets ko’d
dipstick: nah. stevens my stand in dt C for lewis 🙂
Jukes82: Bont’s a flattrack bully.
Dangermaus: traded Newnes for Titch, so glad I did that now
whoislids1: Saints to snatch this one?
Dangermaus: i have goodes and Cordy on the bench…
dipstick: @colin bout time bonti pulled his finger out now
Wingard001: Sinclair is amazing yes
Dangermaus: Blue moon for Cordy, surely
Hawks_15: armitage for magnet and steven for gun
banta: how can steven and armitage have no opponents all day. Beveridge an absolute AMATEUR!!!!!!
Jukes82: This is a great comeback wow.
Jair: D-house kick the winner you good thing
poolboybob: inexplicable not to tag Steven after the comeback started.
colin wood: @dipstick he’s never been in the game today my friend chasing opponents for tackled is not his gamestyle
dipstick: 60sc at HT would disagree bout his influence til then. nothing since however
Redraptor: Bont 108sc…MMM reckon fifth greatestes comeback ever
colin wood: It was 52 champ
pies13: how long left? n hello every1
heppelitis: great game..well done both teams
SaintsMan: what a game! Yes boys
poolboybob: Steven the star
dipstick: oh well- his second was as good as his first then SC wise. not his greatest second half for sure. great C stevens 🙂
grossn: Bont 107 sc? Who is he sleeping with at CD? He didn’t do anything after 1/2 time
colin wood: By wasn’t the game over dipstick so Bonti didn’t care??
Jair: Well done Saints. Pies and Dogs get a kick in the pants this week
whoislids1: Bont’s SC score is a joke

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