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Chat log from R6 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R6 of 2015

Dangermaus: Walker to kick 8 goals tonight
OnTheRocks: need a big one Sauce to make up for the disgraceful effort last week
Dangermaus: Sauce was undermanned with no real support, couldn’t rely on Jenkins to help him out
Dangermaus: not a great start Crows
Dangermaus: keep going Thommo… captain for my SC team this week
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Lonergan scrags Betts off the ball after Dangerfield marks on the HFF to give away 50m and a certain goal.
banta: 150+ here danger
Dangermaus: Betts is too slick for the Suns defenders
corza013: Sloane any danger of finding the pill!
colin wood: Brought in smith for Bewick 29 minutes ago this better pay off…
meka100: Fuck off Raines you crab
mijg: need the ton from miller keep it up son
spiggs: Fuck me Raines comes in just so he can fuck me up
banta: tagging danger ffs get lost. negative mondset is hwy the suns stink
pies13: would love saad 2get a move on coz simpson is out? is that true?
Dangermaus: should be a nice confidence boosting game for the crows today
OnTheRocks: keep going Peregrin Touk!
Torz: Prestia as captain isn’t looking good.
Jukes82: I wish you were in my league Torz.
Torz: I didn’t have many options Jukes. Treloar, Beams with a sore knee, Neale inconsistent.
meka100: Kelly dollar sign?
Ben_Gogos: Typical that Raines tags for the first time in ages and I bring in the guy he goes to
Dangermaus: raines is on Danger
Jukes82: Surely one of Sloane or Danger will fire today
Dangermaus: Dixon must have giant blood in him
meka100: 1 kick Danger, stop being a sook
banta: give up danger. can’t break a tag. not worth the $$$$$
Dangermaus: Sloane is just gonna get handballs all day, tagged heavily
colin wood: $ for Miller and Saad?
Dangermaus: jeebus! I got Goodes and Kelly on the bench this week… outscoring all my on-field players… dammit
Dangermaus: Tom Lynch is killing it today… seems to have no opponent at all
colin wood: come on brodie…
dipstick: no radio coverage of this game… well done afl
Apachecats: Touk on the bench and can’t loophole.Ouch!
pies13: rekn lynch always does well v goldy then does flower all
Dangermaus: come on Thompson
JRedden: got schade on the bench and kmac on field..
Kenny27: nice Danger
poolboybob: Sloane headed for another poor score?
Raspel31: Can Sloane lose a tag-is he worth keeping ?
LuvIt74: Sloane is a must keep
Apachecats: Sloane BE 215.Will drop heaps in SC
LuvIt74: Yeah there are a ton actually ALL the premium midfielders have dropped allot.
LuvIt74: Rockliff, Lewis, Parker, JPK, Beams, Sellwood u name em there dropping apart from fyfe
Dangermaus: Scott Thompson having a shocker this quarter
tabs: Sloane will be fine, he doesnt need to fire for Crows tonight. He will do enough and should score ok
Raspel31: Poor old Rockliff-he’ll be back.
tabs: Very hapy with Miller and Kelly atm
LuvIt74: I am totally stumpped as to why Minson hasn’t played the past 3 weeks as far as i know its not due to injury.
LuvIt74: Rocky will be a absolute steal in a few weeks sub 500k
Dangermaus: Ayce Cordy has his best game ever today, LuvIt74
tamoz: fuck off laird
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit
uptoolate: Went to Dogs v Saints game 2day ….. rather not talk about it … :0(
LuvIt74: I’m having a shocker had Goodes & McKenzie in defence on my bench & McKenzie as my E but all will play in my defence.
dipstick: rocky will be a steal if you want a papercup in your team.
Apachecats: Rocky will get down to the 400s
uptoolate: lol dip
KrispyKrem: Great quarter KK
uptoolate: is that same as a pansy ?
Ben_Gogos: People have short memories, do we remember what Rocky did last season?
LuvIt74: @dipstick Rocky is a gun, the guy just cannot get a break this year but u watch what he’ll do 2nd half of the season.
LuvIt74: Exactly Ben
dipstick: he gotta break- in the ribs. yeh i know he’s a gun but his head wont be right for a while
Raspel31: Rocky is a pansy I would not want to meet in a lane late at night. Tough as nails.
gdshifty: i think Rocky 2014 was SJ 2012 – more of an anomaly than a sign of the future
LuvIt74: @uptoolate i hear ya m8 but at least both teams played well. I cannot believe how much the dogs have improved this year
Dangermaus: wonder if Gablett will come back this season ?
LuvIt74: I’ll be getting rocklobster in my team in round 12
Raspel31: gdshifty-played one healthy quarter this year and notched up 70 points-not an anamoly
1pistol7: better question is will gablett be back ever
banta: absolute sook danger. lift your game you little baby girl.
uptoolate: @luvit …. yes … thanx …. Dogs have ….. but might be end of their run for now. Bring back BIG WILL !
LuvIt74: @uptolate think they’ll win in round 8
banta: need danger to go big this half. lift mate.
thefalcon: @gdshifty Stevie J averaged over 100 around that 2012 year m8..
Torz: Keep going Prestia. Great start to the Q.
dipstick: if ya cant get the pill sloane at least get a tackle
colin wood: brodie smith and danger you’re letting me down here.
OnTheRocks: thanks for getting back into the game Sauce
OnTheRocks: but please stay intouch with Eddie
Apachecats: B.Smith serial disappointment
Apachecats: Sloane breaks the padlock!!
Torz: Does Smith ever score more than 70?
gdshifty: well his nickname wont be glenn96 this weekend…
colin wood: smith in this week for bewick… what a joke
heppelitis: haha gdshifty…glenn22
Dangermaus: Sloaney subbed
ScootD: Sloane subbed out
Pedrominat: what’s wrong with him now?
frenzy: sloanney sc ?
grossn: KK still running at 100% wow
colin wood: Brodie Smith the one year wonder..
Dangermaus: Walker, great mark !
poolboybob: lol adding Sloane has been a disaster
Ball_Hog15: I was expecting smith to smash out a ton…
LuvIt74: Sloane 66sc
grossn: I am so happy I traded out Savage instead of KK this week
KrispyKrem: anyone else still have Kolo?
frenzy: nice thanks luvit74
Dangermaus: I think its time for Sloane owners to concede he’s had a decent run, and it’s time to upgrade to a keeper
LuvIt74: I thought sloane would have been a late withdrawal, wish it happened after this poor
Dangermaus: how many more goals does Betts need to kick before he gets the Target icon ???
LuvIt74: @Dangermaus that’s just absurd the guy got injured last week. U panic to early
spudaroos: @Dangermaus Sloane is a keeper once he is 100%. I don’t have him but he is in my future plans.
ScootD: Sloane obviously has a niggle. I will be jumping on as soon as he’s 100%, bargain
dipstick: sloane will drop to 525K next week and under 500K after that. great if you DONT have him yet 🙂
poolboybob: Now Sloane’s 3 worst scores in 5 years, the 3 only weeks I’ve had him.
frenzy: sloane or rocky
grossn: KK, Saad and Miller all get 80-90 please
gdshifty: ffs glenn do something. Lay a tackle, 3rd man up in the ruck, get a handpass, do SOMETHING
iZander: gee what were you expecting? a repeat of last week?
iZander: what were you expecting? a repeat of last week
Dangermaus: I will be jumping straight back onto Wines when he’s fit again
Jwow: wines is a jet
shaker: looks like a good win to the crows but really a top team would have put this under strenght team to the sword
Ball_Hog15: Can b smith get to 60?
OnTheRocks: 120+ SC please Jacobs is all i ask
Solat: cheney blue moon
dipstick: danger aint no franchise player in reality
Dangermaus: Sauce with the nail in the coffin
Ball_Hog15: It’s been hrs since glenn has touched the footy
Dangermaus: can we get a magnifying glass for Scott Thompson
gdshifty: glenn hasnt scored in the 2nd half
Torz: Junk footy and Smith nowhere to be found, like usual.
frenzy: rather have Saad than B Smith
shaker: sounds like all the people that jumped on glenn early are havin a bit of a whinge
mijg: keep going to the ton Miller
spudaroos: Danger dont sleep now
Ball_Hog15: jkelly has become a good pickup

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