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Chat log from R2 of 2015: West Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for West Coast vs Carlton, R2 of 2015

J.Worrall: Back Crippsled
SydneyRox: one of the rare times i will be backing west coast
SydneyRox: backed priddis for highest SC as well
Gigantor: Only have NicNat now that Cripps is out
TheKingK: Hey all – nobody playing for me tonight with Cripps out, what a great Friday Night fixture!!
SydneyRox: just nicnat for me as well
J.Worrall: NicNat in SC, Priddyfor RDT
J.Worrall: Racing
J.Worrall: Classic from the big fella
J.Worrall: Are thmanned here, m0nty?e Blues under
J.Worrall: oops … Blues a man down, m0nty?
Burnsyy: How do people find out how many sc points a player is on mid game?
J.Worrall: Ding Dong!
Jmachete: fast starters slow finishes
snake_p: Where are the defences in this game?
J.Worrall: That looks better
J.Worrall: KnittingMachine
colin wood: Hey guys
J.Worrall: What? No stutter step?
kangawalla: Speed typing challenge lives on !!!
J.Worrall: Liking the look of NicNat
J.Worrall: Shuey on his Booty
Bluey: Judd is still the one !!
LuvIt74: Those who have mummy or Jacobs swap to NIC NAT
bob81: casboult??
colin wood: I see sheeds almost beaten his score from last week
LuvIt74: m0nty when will chat be fixed mate?
LuvIt74: Nic Nat will score 120 tonight SC
iZander: don’t be stupid, each ruckman has there chance to play the blues…
Bluey: It’s gunna be a shoot out
JRedden: priddis = freak
LuvIt74: Nic nat 38 and Judd 38
LuvIt74: Casbolt on 3 sc
J.Worrall: Thanks Luv
LuvIt74: Judd 3 votes
Bluey: Clem Smith on
J.Worrall: Sub made
Dangermaus: keep it up sheppard
Burnsyy: Luv, how do you check how many sc points a player is on mid game?
SydneyRox: vintage judd!
J.Worrall: Strength of the Governor!
LuvIt74: Im a Herald sun + subscriber
Coreym1: What a pickup Judd
J.Worrall: NicNat a tackling machine
m0nty: If FNF is a precursor for the weekend’s umpy interpretation changes, I don’t like them.
travo: Go Blues!
J.Worrall: fnf
J.Worrall: Friday night footy?
Kenny27: friday nite footy
rickyb80: got hurn on ultimate footy smh
J.Worrall: Sweet
LuvIt74: m0nty when will chat be fixed mate?
rooboypete: anyone else jump onto the mcgovern bandwagon?
LuvIt74: its killing me
Deank5: go nic nat
SydneyRox: so happy i grab the gov in keeper leagues
LuvIt74: rooboy pointless trading now
kangawalla: Tempted Rooby, tempted
bob81: at least
iZander: well said luvit
rooboypete: Ibbo to the Governor was worthwhile though…
rickyb80: hasnt conviced me rooboy
bob81: it keeps
Burnsyy: What did you lads score in the first round on sc?
bob81: ppl from hogging chat
LuvIt74: roo i dont think so not at all
iZander: in what rooboy? SC?
J.Worrall: NicNat, Yarran SC?
LuvIt74: Considering u need to value each trade as $200k
rooboypete: AF iZander
J.Worrall: You first Burnsyy
Slashers: Coxy hitting the burgers!
rickyb80: 2010 burnsy lol
rooboypete: Two trades a week in AF makes these worth it
iZander: id of given ibbo another week 🙂
rickyb80: but thats with rocky as c
DirtyDawn: Evening ladies and gents
iZander: i traded out abbelet this week in AF, thoughts?
rooboypete: True iZander but I was happy with the rest of my team
Bluey: Clem Smith injured?
Heizenberg: Hi all
J.Worrall: Go Priddy Boy
Heizenberg: Go
J.Worrall: HowdyBerger
rooboypete: I’d have given GAJ one more week
Heizenberg: Go blues and nic nat
rickyb80: hey heizen
kangawalla: Pop up ads on my tablet are annoying!!:/
J.Worrall: PhantomFooty – what a site
3rdstriker: Docherty has been really impressive, may be a keeper this year
iZander: hahaha well played!
LuvIt74: I’d choose Docherty over mcgovern
rickyb80: i thought it was just me kanga
J.Worrall: JJK great mark
J.Worrall: GafferTape
LuvIt74: Naitnui 44 Yarren 45
Slashers: Need more HOTA NicNat!
J.Worrall: thx Lerv
Heizenberg: Hi Ricky
JRedden: shouldve gone priddis captain
Heizenberg: Thnx luvit
LuvIt74: Redden on what?
J.Worrall: Lycett!
J.Worrall: How many atm, Slash?
JRedden: Dream Team
Slashers: Niceanui
Bluey: Rosa now on Judd
J.Worrall: JJK off astep
kangawalla: Muppet time Yarran!
Slashers: Of his 15 I would have to say half.
Bluey: Kennedy you beauty
Heizenberg: Thank god I went Nic Nat
Coreym1: Yarran = Muppet
J.Worrall: his best is 13, apparently
rickyb80: who did everyone tip?
Heizenberg: Blues by 8
J.Worrall: I haven’t asked them all yet, rick
frenzy: hows our fix going m0nty
SydneyRox: eagles will win easy in the end 25points
Slashers: But that’s just in my opinion tho
Heizenberg: I’m almost lvl 100
p_terg: Whose was the first goal: Hendo or Tuohy?!
rickyb80: cool. yea i saw u were close
J.Worrall: nicNat
iZander: mic nat was first goal
Heizenberg: Thnx Ricky
PurpleName: If Yarran made such a blunder at the kick in, how is he 100% DE??? 0 CL?
J.Worrall: NicNat!
Slashers: Kick this
Heizenberg: Doherrty already on my watch list
J.Worrall: what a great miss! oops
Slashers: Arghhh
m0nty: kick ins aren’t counted
iZander: kick ins dont count as kicks
J.Worrall: then they shouldn’t be called lkick ins
Slashers: They kick it over nic, kick it to him FFS
LuvIt74: NicNat could be #1 Ruck
carlton_99: free kicks 11-3 umps having their imput already
J.Worrall: do they count when it’s a play on from the in?
iZander: i think kick ins perfectly describes what they are
feralmong: howdy all first time in this year.
J.Worrall: free kicks vary a lot in most games
J.Worrall: should be non scoring kick ins
J.Worrall: Hi feralmong
3rdstriker: quack quack
Heizenberg: My team go an be known as one qr wonders
Heizenberg: Gonna be*
rickyb80: i thinkbif they play on it counts
carlton_99: kennedy was holding jamison
frenzy: thought I was supposed to pick Jamie Cripps- gee thanks
LuvIt74: Carlton are shocking
jaxx: 13-3 free kicks
rickyb80: *think if
LuvIt74: Thought the woodenspooners was a given for Saints but after watching the blues not so sure.
Coreym1: Judds been shut down 🙁
feralmong: i had mclovin in my defence b4 R1. changed it. should have kept him.
travo: cmon umpire
iZander: well simpson went very quite during that last 20 mins
carlton_99: 14-3 free kicks
rickyb80: mark mclure cracks me up
rickyb80: grumpy old bugger lol
J.Worrall: why always losing side supporters winge on frees?
Heizenberg: Nice at
Heizenberg: Nice qr Carlton 🙁
feralmong: fortunately cripps is on my bench. not even E.
LuvIt74: m0nty is it ok if i type SC scores
J.Worrall: think its a rule of the game, I do
Heizenberg: I traded cripps
Heizenberg: I traded crippsPrior
Heizenberg: I traded crippsPriorTo
Heizenberg: To
feralmong: no need luv it. Sc paige links below
LuvIt74: im trying but there not comin up
Heizenberg: To vans enberg
feralmong: in the tweets bit.
Heizenberg: Vanbenberg*
Burnsyy: how many sc points is natnui on? 🙂
Heizenberg: Watch him
feralmong: got him heiz
rickyb80: nicnat 67
feralmong: like the fullscreen deal monty. damn nice on my 28″ UHD screen.
LuvIt74: Nic nat 67
Heizenberg: Cool feral
Heizenberg: Was gonna say watch him score like 30
Heizenberg: Next start
LuvIt74: lol UHD on a 28 inch
J.Worrall: png?
Heizenberg: Yes 67 cool
feralmong: hehe yeah luvit74. CUB.
zadolinnyj: Corrective text killin you Heizenberg!
rickyb80: lol i want THAT full screen experience
J.Worrall: *vanbendurg
LuvIt74: UHD doesn’t even exist, it will take years before TV is telivised in 4k
zadolinnyj: Anyone know what happened with cripps
rickyb80: wait…where did she go:(
LuvIt74: vandoberg looks gr8
feralmong: netflix has 4k option. don’t know if any good
LuvIt74: zad yup he got dropped on his head
zadolinnyj: Carlton cripps
feralmong: its good on pc thou luvit. so sharp.
McRooster: 1-2, 1-2, does this thing still work?
Slashers: Think NicNat can double that SC score?
LuvIt74: It cant be any clearer then HD
zadolinnyj: Burg is the next Dom Tyson I think
LuvIt74: As its being televised in HD
J.Worrall: Big call Slash
J.Worrall: Ruck scoring changes
J.Worrall: … and reduction in throw ins
J.Worrall: likely to limit …
Burnsyy: how many sc points is natnui on? 🙂
J.Worrall: … that high ceiling …
Heizenberg: I might get Netflix
Slashers: Keep that up he will!
LuvIt74: Doubt he will double it but i predicted 120
3rdstriker: kennedy kicks like he’s hitting a lob wedge, effective though
feralmong: kennedy still tip toeing?
rickyb80: i thought jjk stopped doing that
J.Worrall: Car Niggles!!
colin wood: Go sheed!
3rdstriker: had a slight shuffle on the last kick
J.Worrall: Shocking Shank there
mace485: go sheed!
zadolinnyj: Need a benny hill soundtrack for Carlton kicks monty
LuvIt74: Kennedy would be allot more accurate if he didn’t take those crazy steps
feralmong: will this be carlton 2015. missing q2 and q3.
Slashers: Fuck off lycett!
LuvIt74: looks like it
J.Worrall: Duggan due for a run yet?
zadolinnyj: Still think west coast wasted dominance in the 2nd
J.Worrall: Was a Jet previously.
feralmong: do blues supporters close their eyes when wood kicks the ball.
SydneyRox: if priddis knew how to kick he would be super premium
J.Worrall: only one eye to lose, feral!
J.Worrall: % goal hauls are few and far between these days!
Slashers: Ohhhh, take those marks!
LuvIt74: Priddis is a elite Premium
J.Worrall: * 5 goal hauls
feralmong: double figures for jjk
zadolinnyj: Write your name on the ball kennedy
LuvIt74: Kennedy 102
rickyb80: jjk doesn’t stutter as bad as he used to
LuvIt74: Blues look very flat
J.Worrall: so he’s changed his name to jk?
happytimes: I stab my Malthouse voodoo doll every time woods touches the ball
feralmong: may as well try one of your new forwards on jjk mick. whats to lose
LuvIt74: Cant wait for malthouses press confrence
happytimes: Chat is fucked
J.Worrall: flow is chatted
J.Worrall: jjjosh again!
feralmong: 4 wanna be key forwards is overkill mick
J.Worrall: Josh goes Bang!
J.Worrall: Love to see him get 10
Coreym1: Jamison and Rowe should get the spud
feralmong: what is jjk best for a game. 14?
zadolinnyj: The Nat may jump over the other ruck soon
J.Worrall: Nice work, Casboult
danmaio: muppet levi
J.Worrall: Excellent A1 miss!
travo: sigh….
feralmong: 4 key forwards. 1.4. stupid mick.
zadolinnyj: The bolt prefers vfl I think
Burnsyy: how many sc points is natnui on? 🙂
jaxx: JJK does what he wants.
SydneyRox: JJK looking FANtastic
LuvIt74: nn on 80 sc
J.Worrall: 8 str8, no behinds
danmaio: mick wishes the jjk rumours before game were true
J.Worrall: Kennedy again
LuvIt74: JK is on fire
J.Worrall: thx lerv
J.Worrall: The stutter is gone – and … oh no!
LuvIt74: jinxd him
Burnsyy: thanks luv!
m0nty: I need an icon stronger than Superman
Heizenberg: Ffs Kennedy 8 straight
Raspel31: Wow.
J.Worrall: Universe Man, Universe man
Slashers: Who would beat superman?
feralmong: u need an amphetamine icon monty
J.Worrall: They might be Giants!
SydneyRox: Teddy Richards!! 😛
NovaGlitch: aquaman trident…
zadolinnyj: Maybe Captain Planet symbol monty.
LuvIt74: Judd on 93 so judd supporters will b happy
Auldy: you already have Hulk, why not Ironman?
J.Worrall: The IceMan!
m0nty: does Batman trump Superman?
SydneyRox: Batman > Superman
ballbag: only wonderwomans snatch could over power superman
zadolinnyj: Like it nova. Big aquaman fan
Slashers: Captain America’s shield?
J.Worrall: Batman has no super powers
feralmong: marvin the martian
SydneyRox: just wait for the movie
m0nty: actually I have a better idea, I will make a new one and debut it soon
feralmong: haha ballbag has it
J.Worrall: Ongo Bongo Man
LuvIt74: lol ballbag
3rdstriker: kryptonite beats superman…
feralmong: Rocket Man
SydneyRox: Thor?
J.Worrall: I’m an Ape Man
Heizenberg: Answer*
feralmong: king kong. not to be used on sydney games.
SydneyRox: No powers is why batman > Superman Woz
Slashers: How long before we see another better that superman performance?
LuvIt74: maltiballs press confrence priceless
J.Worrall: Rosa brilliant on Judd
zadolinnyj: In nfl they call it an island when someone is unbeatable
J.Worrall: Chicken Man!
SydneyRox: @slashers Franklin tomorrow night
CaptainWho: Juggernaut monty
zadolinnyj: AKA revis island.
Slashers: Kryptonite it is.
feralmong: jroo tomorrow slashers
J.Worrall: No man is an island!
J.Worrall: Juggernaut is good …
Slashers: Get that icon done NOW!
Raspel31: Goodbye Carlton 2015
feralmong: I am an Isthmus!
J.Worrall: Josh to kick post siren
SydneyRox: dont worry about later JJK deserves to be the one!
Doug606: who will be coach carlton at the end of the year
LuvIt74: Nick Nat on 89 sc
travo: how many for the qtr for jjk?
danmaio: Voss
J.Worrall: For a goal kicker, should be a pig for Plugger
LuvIt74: was it 8
Burnsyy: how many sc points is natnui and hurn on? 🙂
happytimes: Goodbye malthouse
feralmong: terry wallace to coach carlton next year. lol. oh the pain
J.Worrall: Who are you attached to, feral?
Burnsyy: My bad, just seen this nicnat score, how much is hurn on tho? 🙂
colmullet: witches hat for jamison
Slashers: Think it was 75 DT that quarter
LuvIt74: hurn on a massive 38
feralmong: tiggers mate. so i know the pain well.
J.Worrall: I wonder if some women are islands?
J.Worrall: aaah, a tiggers isthmus
J.Worrall: say that 3 time quickly
LuvIt74: JK 5 goals in 3rd
danmaio: Yarran tagging Yarran
feralmong: Lagoons Worrall
zadolinnyj: Lol JWorrall. The chicken man. He’s everywhere!
Raspel31: But who would buy JJK
zadolinnyj: Was that from Adelaide radio. Safm
J.Worrall: hE is … everywhere!
feralmong: Tried that Worrall. Mrs thinks i’m gay now.
LuvIt74: JK only does this once or twice a year
J.Worrall: … don’t see that every week
LuvIt74: Actually once
J.Worrall: Gotta be a win, feral!
rosty63: vlad putin logo
Raspel31: Indeed Luvit
zadolinnyj: Lol
LuvIt74: Blues are seriously deplorable, and could actually be worse then St Kilda
J.Worrall: Putin? Shirtfronted by the Abbot
danmaio: big qt McLovin please
feralmong: Putin out stared by Ms Emoji
zadolinnyj: Kim Jong un symbol. Dictatorship of dominance
SydneyRox: Finally Levi! Hot Streak still on!
J.Worrall: Gt some, Duggan
LuvIt74: Although JK action has changed, his step ups into goal have increased slightly, his not taking those real small steps.
Raspel31: yEP j Worrall
Raspel31: Duggan-fly
zadolinnyj: Jk needs flintstones logo
J.Worrall: God, Buddha, Allah …. some of ther mates could prolly beat SupermNN
LuvIt74: NicNat 91 sc
zadolinnyj: Jebus even
J.Worrall: rASPEL, can he earn a spot tonight?
SydneyRox: Eagles gone to sleep thinking jjk going do it all for them
LuvIt74: damn they are stuffed
rosty63: its Him from cannonball run
zadolinnyj: Stephan dank symbol. Destroyed a whole team
J.Worrall: Lets hav, JK, c’mone that bag
Slashers: NicNat been given the second half off!
J.Worrall: Get that bag, JK
Raspel31: Rookies doing well this year Worrall
rosty63: dadadaan
J.Worrall: Doubt that’s a mark
J.Worrall: Baing, plays on!
J.Worrall: Flamin’ genius
J.Worrall: Just threw it out mate
LuvIt74: what was that for?
J.Worrall: Man with a bun
carlton_99: these umpires are ridiculous
J.Worrall: Come on Frenchie
J.Worrall: Poodle bites
J.Worrall: Poodle chews it
J.Worrall: dynamo Hum
rosty63: yeah its the umpires hehehe
Raspel31: Still backing Carlton to win a game this year
J.Worrall: Zappa
J.Worrall: Yep, umps are really shower
3rdstriker: rubbish decision there
LuvIt74: carlton99 they are playing very bad m8
Slashers: Bloody high because it’s Smurfy
LuvIt74: They played 1 quater
J.Worrall: shocking game from the umps
frenzy: Carltons backmen gunna see plenty of football this season
J.Worrall: Some of these umps need a holiday
carlton_99: I know but 19-9 is very abd
J.Worrall: should be rubbed out for some of their decisions
LuvIt74: I like Docherty as a defender
zadolinnyj: Judd disappeared. He’s the next burt wonderstone
J.Worrall: rosa’im gimpeds tag has got h
rosty63: what are u on j worral
J.Worrall: Rosa’s tag has gimped the Juddernaut
LuvIt74: After 2nd quarter judds been away
carlton_99: at one stage carlton did have a free kick for 56 minutes
Jackwatt$: Finding Judd is like Where’s Wally?
3rdstriker: good use of the vulture and x factor
J.Worrall: rosty, the flamin’ letters just fly around here ..
3rdstriker: if you think the umpires have had any bearing on this game youre watching a different game to me
Raspel31: Carlton make West Coast look good ?
LuvIt74: even if carlton had frees every 5 minutes they had no chance
J.Worrall: coz ginger beer doesn’t do that!
CaptainWho: Nui sc score?
LuvIt74: They stopped running after 1st quarter
J.Worrall: Blues fans like to be beaten FArly!
LuvIt74: nic nack 100 sc
zadolinnyj: West coast selfish. Give it to jk
frenzy: is Lycett outscoring NicNat in SC ?
CaptainWho: Nui 100+ is a good start
feralmong: carlton don’t play a top4 team till R9. gonna get ugly.
NovaGlitch: McGoven sc?
LuvIt74: freezy no Lycett is on 89
Jackwatt$: Nicnat 100 SC off 8 possessions. Wow!
LuvIt74: Mcgovern 72
zadolinnyj: Gibbs should have returned to SA
frenzy: SC is bullshower then
3rdstriker: cripps seagull
LuvIt74: Jack he had 5 tackles
zadolinnyj: Time for the training cones for carlton
Raspel31: Okay-who owns J kennedy-be honest
rosty63: this chat refresh is crap
J.Worrall: Aaaah, thx denis – “they’re putting on a clinic
spudaroos: trash can for Cripps
Raspel31: Yep rosty
LuvIt74: frenzy he kicked 1st goal
DangerCrow: How is NicNat on 100SC.. he has basically stopped after half time!
Jackwatt$: Been playing a drinking game when Judd gets a kick
feralmong: hit out to advantage is 5 pts.
Jackwatt$: I’m sober now
zadolinnyj: At his is when someone claims jk as captain
J.Worrall: Still sober Mr money?
feralmong: 32 hitouts. if 10 are to advantage thats 50 points.
J.Worrall: I woz gunna put jjk cap,n
DangerCrow: hmm yes makes sense. lets just hope Sauce Jacobs has a better game!
J.Worrall: but i left him on the bench for Hogan
rosty63: bye bye Ff
J.Worrall: Pounded there, Carltank
J.Worrall: night all!
feralmong: wood has been thrashed in the ruck
las_cons: is SC gold the only way to get live scores?
LuvIt74: I chose shuey for my highest scorer
LuvIt74: SC gold doesnt give u live scores
las_cons: okay, so what does?
LuvIt74: SC gold onl gives u live scores on your team
J.Worrall: m0nty, how is Cripps on Tuohy?
LuvIt74: To get full SC live scores need to be a herald sun + subscriber
Jackwatt$: The same guy from champion data that rated Gaz last week
Jackwatt$: Clearly rated NicNat and Judd tonight
J.Worrall: Well that’s flowered, eh, Luv

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