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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2015

Dangermaus: not wishing an injury to the Doggies… but wouldn’t be too upset if Goodes got into the game early
Dangermaus: just saying
colin wood: hi
frenzy: expensive sub, hey dangermaus, Lol
frenzy: Dusty best earn some hard ball today
Fenix: Loule
damoc85: does ex team no longer work?
m0nty: I will get Exteam working again soon.
damoc85: cool mate
m0nty: Testing out a solution for the chat update issue…
m0nty: right, hopefully that will work
J.Worrall: Fingers crossed
J.Worrall: his looks very good, m0nty!
JRedden: started honeychurch over hogan, looking good
lukemattar: cmon lin!!
mace485: dogs will be a top 4 team in 2-3 years
OnTheRocks: KMac is a superstar already
stakerz: when the dogs beat a top 4 team they will be a top 4 team 2-3 yrs after that
snake_p: MCIntosh continuing from last week
theKid: is petterd gonna do anything the spud
frenzy: miles off the pace
theKid: Mcintosh a second gamer and on fire already. the man wont step
OnTheRocks: get Goodes on already Doggies
m0nty: loving Honeychurch’s role
snake_p: Kid he’ll be worth 400K soon
m0nty: Matthew Boyd calf problem… get Goodes on!
mijg: bonts 0 eff
snake_p: early days yet Monty
theKid: @Snake_p McIntosh or Mcgovern who’ll be rated higher by the end of the season?
mijg: bonts 0% de
HawkTalker: HawkTalker in da haus!
Torz: How good was that kick from the Bont.
snake_p: tough kid differrnt type of players McGovern?
Burnsyy: can someone pls tell me how many sc points mcintosh and martin are on?
theKid: @snake yea i know. i picked up mcgove this week. might replace him with mcintosh 😐
OnTheRocks: serves me right for paying too much attention to NOB cup form
snake_p: @kid fantasy wise I’d go with McIntosh
mace485: Honeychurch 41 SC
spiggs: Inb4 martin Fadeout
theKid: @snake yessir.
jddd: what is hunt doing
PotLoser: mcintosh 14 martin 42 SC
snake_p: dusty almost beat last week’s score already
feralmong: Macintosh will be rested. Lovin won’t
Torz: Dusty almost passed last weeks score already!
feralmong: But u need to make cash. As well.
OnTheRocks: after this game, if Honeychurch goes big, watch everyone jump on that wagon
snake_p: lol atthose who rage traded Dusty this week
JRedden: already on honeychurch, you missed out on about 60k already
OnTheRocks: not too late to get him, values wont rise till after next week
mace485: number one rule of fantasy: keep faith in your premos.. dusty is returning the faith
OnTheRocks: Watch GaJ go big as well. Lots of people rage traded him.
HawkTalker: keep faith in premos is right. So many people jumping at shadows
PotLoser: @JRedden no value change til end of next round
JRedden: There is for Dream Team
CamT: Rage trading GAJ after a 119SC or whatever it was.
Torpedo10: No sense at all. Bont is on 29SC going at 14% DE
Torpedo10: While McIntosh is on 16SC
korodos: bont has 3 tackles and 1 clanger
CamT: How many have Hunt in their side ??
colin wood: He had a goal assist
snake_p: point assist
dashurg: what does the penguin icon mean?
rlangdon87: Put the VC on Martin. Loving life 😀
colin wood: Put the VC on the Bont!
J.Worrall: Penguin = linux
J.Worrall: colder than an icicle
colin wood: Lambert done
Jmachete: lambert acl
Perry95: @jmachete its the AC joint in the shoulder. not the ACL in the knee
deanie: lol
colin wood: Lol @ machete
Escapist: Must be a bad injury doing the acl in his shoulder
mijg: hunts clmbing
Burnsyy: can someone pls tell me how many sc points mcintosh and martin are on?
Jmachete: Do you guys even know what an ACL is
Torpedo10: Chances are I’ll be getting Bont in next week, was Above to go Bartel->Bont
qiu333: The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of a pair of cruciate ligaments in the human knee
deanie: anterior cruciate ligament which is in the knee mate, not the shoulder
Perry95: @jmachete. no idea mate, please enlighten me
colin wood: Machete please stop mate your embarrassing yourself here
Escapist: where is matty boyd playing?
deanie: or is it the armpit crucial ligament, the one in the shoulder?
colin wood: Lambert back on!
mijg: do something Macrae
Jmachete: you guyz know nothing
pacman77: ACL is in knee as many have stated. AC joint is in shoulder (acromio-clavicular).
rickyb80: now u know. and knowing is half the battle
rickyb80: has monty fixed the time limit on msgs. seems so
Ben_Gogos: We think it’s all sorted now @rickyb80
rickyb80: cheers ben
Escapist: what position is matthew boyd playing? anyone?
colin wood: Go the Bont!
snake_p: Bont going bonkers
DanBlack: boyd is running off half back
colin wood: I can smell a VP loophole on the Bont here!
Escapist: thanks danblack
jddd: bet on bulldogs the odds were so off
frenzy: put a fork in the Tigers, there cooked
snake_p: dogs looking good
Burnsyy: can someone pls tell me how many sc points mcintosh and martin are on?
waldeckr: Got on the doggies at $3.40 @jddd, absolutely laughing
colin wood: Lambert subbed
jddd: yeah i got on at 3.15
maygs: get goodes on he bloody ground
waldeckr: Goodes just came on
colin wood: Goodes in for Cordy
meka100: Goodes on
jddd: goodes on now
Ben_Gogos: Goodes is ON!
deanie: done maygs, they heard you m8
OnTheRocks: everyone play kick to kick with Goodes
colin wood: K-mac scoring woefully here
wadaramus: Mcintosh 45, Dusty 102sc
Perry95: whats the bont on wadaramus?
colin wood: K-mac butchering the pill
Kenny27: Kmac couldnt hit the side of a barnyard today
Wingard001: Stringer hahaha
DropBear: Come on Riewoldt, kick 10 please!
ballbag: theres a reason the dogs are over$3. you think theyre gonna win?
colin wood: Yep ballbag
Blues1: microphone head!
Wingard001: Who’s bulldogs coach again?
Slashers: Bont even less accurate that Kmac
wadaramus: Bontempelli 84sc
jddd: yes ballbag
Perry95: cheers mate. Up the bont, keep going son
stakerz: josh gibson a late out tomorrow fmsc
JRedden: ballbag you sound mad that dogs are winning
spiggs: Martin has conked out
snake_p: staker source?
wadaramus: Nothing unusual there spiggs!
ballbag: what happened to dustys ‘3+1=4qtrs. $ qtrs = games’ tattoo?
Ben_Gogos: Picked went to Martin late in the second, has killed him
stakerz: hawks twitter apparently
zadolinnyj: Ball bag divinci. Like it
zadolinnyj: Flower auto correct!
danmaio: afl website, Gibbo out, Durya in
wadaramus: Come on Dusty, finish the game off well, get to 130sc
frenzy: surely Dimma’s last season
LuvIt74: Carn doggies
Drak: Sorry Frenzy. Don’t blame dimma. When Richmond had their head in the game last year, they had a massive end to the year.
eski_liddr: tigers look like their going to get over the line
colin wood: Jack walks around like a wanker
eski_liddr: jack is a wonka
eski_liddr: awesome passage of play hope the doggies hold on
JRedden: give bont the gun
jddd: nice kick
Drak: Not having Bont could be the biggest mistake of the year. If he can do this all year, be a good Brownlow smokey
colin wood: 51 bucks for the Brownlow the Bont
frenzy: might be Hogan for me @ Drak
LuvIt74: Agree Drak
LuvIt74: Bonti could be the closest thing to GAJ
Bazza2014: lovin the BONT!
stakerz: Fyfe Ablett Bont top 3
Buzz67: Star for Bonti
LuvIt74: I think bont is worth a corrective trade at his current price
Drak: Can anyone remember if the umps liked him when he had those breakouts at the end of last season? How did he poll?
jddd: these umpries are blind
colin wood: Kmac been good last Q
eski_liddr: how is that a mark when you consider the jong call
Drak: You know who would be a good POD as well that I nearly went with but was worried about consistency? Wallis.
meka100: That’s it Goodes going backwards now you fuckwit
DropBear: i said 10 goals, not 10 behinds riewoldt you spud
LuvIt74: He got votes first season
eski_liddr: i had Bont in my team until 2 hours before cut off. Love this guy
LuvIt74: m0nty thanx for fixing chat m8
LuvIt74: Dogs will have a ton of gun kids in 3 years
JRedden: bont 10 tackles kids a star
LuvIt74: I feel for those who traded out Dusty
snake_p: a lot of man love for the Bont here
spudaroos: Minson u pig
LuvIt74: Tigers had a ton of chances
jddd: thanks for the money richmond fans
Ben_Gogos: Newman receives the muppet for going for home with lloyd in the goal square free
eski_liddr: @snake_p – his new meat! haha seriously though the man crush is strong
SaintsMan: whats mcntosh on in sc????
HawkTalker: tiges should’ve won this if they were worth anything at all
colin wood: Bonti gets love because he’s a once in a generation player
LuvIt74: Without Libba playing also
snake_p: eski he’s a ripper
Wingard001: Newman you muppet
LuvIt74: Mcintosh on 63
Drak: about 20 turn overs saints man. He’s on like 70sc or something
spudaroos: Minson, what the fuck m8
Costanza: 10th
carlton_99: wats hunt on in supercoach
frenzy: bye bye Dimma
Drak: Regardless of Kmac Eff%, best rookie this year.

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