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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R1 of 2015

carlton_99: Bartel, Gibson and Lewis vs 164 points plus mcevoy
carlton_99: Who wins?
shooter43: Hawks win
shooter43: And you win
Heizenberg: Hi fellows
Heizenberg: U should win carlton
carlton_99: im mcevoy
Heizenberg: Ohhhhhh
Heizenberg: U probably going down sorry buddy
Jackwatt$: You’ll lose by about 80
cclarke: stuff griffin im trading him for lewis
Paul105: Good start rioli
shooter43: Griffin will increase from 530
cclarke: giving him one more week
Heizenberg: Is my score decent fpr round one 1845 from 18
shooter43: Yes very nice
Heizenberg: Sc by the way
Heizenberg: Othnx shooter
SpudsFC: A bit better than my 1700 from 20
shooter43: If you don’t have Clark you’re starving
Heizenberg: Ive een luckth inj
Heizenberg: Been lucky eith*
roshanetw: clark with an early goal to fuel cash cow dreams
DirtyDawn: afternoon ladies and gents
Heizenberg: Stiil okay uds
Heizenberg: Spuds*
Heizenberg: Hi dd
Heizenberg: The chat still doing that
Slashers: What do you have to do to get a tackle stat!
Heizenberg: Ten second thing
SpudsFC: Corrective trade Shepard to Kelly this week
bluechev: Type in word then copy and paste. I know it is annoying but it is effective.
Heizenberg: Was thinking that taoday blue chev
Heizenberg: Though im on ipad so notes for me lol
Heizenberg: What no is bews boys?
Jackwatt$: Who does m0nty hate more? Cats or bombers?
bluechev: Whatever works I guess. I’m currently using the Google searchbar…. haha
Heizenberg: Hahah okay blue
SpudsFC: Hawks minds on 2014
frenzy: Cegs # 1 ruck at hawks
SpudsFC: Lewis DE = shit sc?
shooter43: As far as Mondays go…this is alright
jaxx: why do players have clangers and 100 percent efficiency?
Torz: Lewis doing his best to save my week!
frenzy: clearances not clangers
jaxx: nah the muppet says clangers
frenzy: my bad
SpudsFC: Muppet blicavs
Sloaneyyyy: Here go the Hawks!
Paul105: Finally you turned up rioli
Sloaneyyyy: how does Cyril take a mark from behind Blicavs???
Heizenberg: Vertical lea sloane
Heizenberg: Lea*
Heizenberg: Leap*
Sloaneyyyy: surprised at StevieJ… thought he takes a few games before he gets going
Heizenberg: Guys i cant see fuckin bews
Heizenberg: Is he fb?
frenzy: jelwood continues the grief
shooter43: Steve j shouldn’t surprise by now he’s unbelievable
SpudsFC: Cats handball is terrible
shooter43: Mot lop most impressive so far
TheLegend6: Motlop is an unbelievable footballer
TheLegend6: Lewis smokey for the Brownlow? Thing is, so many can takes votes away
Rockafella: Ollie wines is the smokie
Heizenberg: Parkr amd treloar could poll well this year
TheLegend6: Gibson, Burgoyne, Frawley, Gunston… Hawks recruited very well
frenzy: who’s on lweis FFS
TheLegend6: And Lake
TheLegend6: McEvoy could make that list
rickyb80: not watching. hows cocatoo look
DirtyDawn: Dangerfield for the brownlow. Polls even when he plays poorly.
Rockafella: Jed Bews Frenzy
Heizenberg: Prettyngood ricky b
Heizenberg: Been in a few contests tackes etc
DirtyDawn: Lots of feathers Ricky
rickyb80: lol why am i purple
Sloaneyyyy: Bartel deserves the muppet there… 2 goal turnaround because of him
J.Worrall: Cocky fumbling too much
shooter43: He thinks he’s still playing u/18s
jddd: lewis to score 180
J.Worrall: new png obv.
Heizenberg: Cause your in crystal ricky b lol
SpudsFC: Cock looks very very slow
frenzy: no wonder thanks Rockerfella
bob81: cockatoo is nervous
shooter43: Blicavs improvement
Rockafella: I need my receptionist to write this fast
Heizenberg: Ffs bews
J.Worrall: Lang with same prob;em
TheLegend6: Lot of Rockliff to Lewis trades this week haha
Heizenberg: Cockatoo isnt the anser to teams
Heizenberg: Yeah the legend
Rockafella: Hey dawn
Rockafella: Survive that carnage?
Heizenberg: Yeah didnt select rocky
zadolinnyj: Good Bartel and mitchell
DirtyDawn: Not really Rocka, need to make some unplanned trades. You??
Heizenberg: Overpriced imo
swans15: bartel robbed
rickyb80: haha heizen maybe. but i haven’t done png this year
Heizenberg: Goddard and hibberd kille dme this round
frenzy: start kicking the ball jelwood
Rockafella: only parker but hes ok i think
Rockafella: kk and del my worrys
Bl00dy0ath: what should i have for dinner?
Bl00dy0ath: cold pies?
Heizenberg: Hahaha ricky
Sloaneyyyy: stevieJ will get a week for that
Heizenberg: Same here ricky
Rockafella: mega deals only 33 bucks
cclarke: best pod option in the mid?
Sloaneyyyy: looks like Selwood has forgotten how to kick the ball
rickyb80: maybe monty owed me one from last year
m0nty: ricky is a Premium member
jddd: purple name game?
Sloaneyyyy: should just crack 2000 with SC… struggling to reach 1800 in Fantasy though
rosty63: where is PNG
rickyb80: ahh i see. thanks for clearing it up
DropBear: i am 2100 plus mitch clark in sc
SpudsFC: Or does that sound too logical?
Sloaneyyyy: I had GAJ as captain and Lewis as vice =(
DirtyDawn: Ive never been anything but premium, but I dont have a purple name??
Schillaci: Jelwood 32SC
rickyb80: id be happy with 2k at this rate
Smithy2202: what is gibbo sc score?
Sloaneyyyy: StevieJ has been reported for rough conduct, change that to a ! sign
Rockafella: to stop all the hair pulling out, RDT should let you have 5 trades first week
J.Worrall: Jed warming up
Rockafella: free trades that is
qiu333: selwood as captain 🙁
rickyb80: stevie j a gun. but burnt me too many times
rickyb80: sick of his brain fades
J.Worrall: Breast!
Sloaneyyyy: did Shiels get injured ???
alekstah: has lewis hit the SC ton yet?
J.Worrall: poooeyPolo
TheLegend6: Great mark
J.Worrall: Monumental, these Hawks
J.Worrall: Call it early – no losses this year
cusch1: Sloaney channel 7 believes there could be a small injury with Shiles
Cicjose: Lewis captain = beast
Cicjose: Puopolo is the best small forward in the league
J.Worrall: Breaust again
J.Worrall: … and again
J.Worrall: Lake’s still got it
J.Worrall: Hawks will only lose when they rest players
J.Worrall: Game Over
DropBear: only the mighty saints can beat the hawks this year
TheLegend6: Yes Jed!
J.Worrall: This is Junk Time
Cicjose: come on Clark do some more things
J.Worrall: no SC points left for jed to get
chinkas: take jordan lewis off
cusch1: Lewis that is class
Cicjose: come on lewis get me a captains score to be proud of
J.Worrall: see ya, Cats
J.Worrall: nice one m0nty … Hawks have the monkey off the back, and have trained it to play Dixie on the piano for them.
alekstah: They’ve already made their sub, so Lewis could be in for a bigger day
JRedden: hodge going crazy this quarter
cusch1: Gregson looks like a younger Joel Corey
Sloaneyyyy: getting sick of these shitty geelong defenders kicking it amongst themselves
alekstah: who’s looking to rage trade this week?
Cicjose: got 3 of the top 4 scorers from this game
rickyb80: this i gunna get ugly
Cicjose: not yet alekstah, need to move my bench guys on field
Heizenberg: True pros dontbragebtrade
Bl00dy0ath: they need to get it to clarke
TheLegend6: Deledio got a week lads
J.Worrall: its ugly al;ready rick
rickyb80: true
Sloaneyyyy: noone has Deledio so no big deal
Stuart88: Wow looks like Clarke is just bad luck
Cicjose: come on Anderson get me 60
J.Worrall: Cocky fumbles again
p_terg: Prices for Cocky, Jelwood, Frawley, & Burgoyne?
J.Worrall: More Breats
Heizenberg: Imknow worrall fuck
p_terg: Bloody Blicavs- the only one out there on my team playing for nothing (on my bench)
cclarke: geez puopolo does the 1 percenters
J.Worrall: dt or sc?
Cicjose: cockatoo was 282k im pretty sure
Heizenberg: Ffs bews has to go
p_terg: SC thx. DT is already up there
Heizenberg: Cpckatoo 171 sc
J.Worrall: The poor Cock, just not ready for this pace
shooter43: Dt sux eggs
J.Worrall: Scwas around the 180 mark
J.Worrall: RoudhNut!
JRedden: hodge cape
JDolling69: Hodge throws on the cape!
DropBear: Roughy!
J.Worrall: up where?
J.Worrall: Lewis off the pace this 1/4
shooter43: How do u beat this mob?
rickyb80: the cock will get better. he is playing hawthorn
J.Worrall: no can do spud
Cicjose: Roughead has scored 50 in that quarter
Heizenberg: Cockatio 171k sc
J.Worrall: Gibbo’s DE looks effin grate
shooter43: It’s not really fair
Cicjose: Roughead with Cape
p_terg: Soz- asked the wrong Q–SC scores for Cocky, Jelwood, Frawley, Burgo pls
cusch1: Hodge is getting robbed in sc!! only 68!?!?
Cicjose: Lewis would worse in SC surely
Redraptor: I love Hawthorn and have done for the last 45 years…Carn the Hawks!
Bl00dy0ath: cockatoo 35
J.Worrall: alls fare in lerv and wear
J.Worrall: You own fault, RedRaptor
alekstah: need lewis to lift!!!
DirtyDawn: Playing catch up. Why is shooter43 a spud?
shooter43: What more can he do?
shooter43: Because I’m baked a lot
Heizenberg: He qas spud frm the startbfor soe. Reaosn
Heizenberg: Fo some reason*
DirtyDawn: Heizenberg ???
Heizenberg: Lol shooter*
Buzz67: Was Shiels injured?
Heizenberg: He was from the start
valkorum: need selwood to junk it up
shooter43: Bews for PM
Sloaneyyyy: I’ll be happy if Clark makes 80
Cicjose: come on bartel get 105 Lewis needs to make 150 now
J.Worrall: Junk started a 1/2 hour ago
Cicjose: anderson is a gun
J.Worrall: If he’s goinna junk, he’s leavin it late
shooter43: Blicavs sc?
p_terg: @cicjoes Lewis on 110 at 3/4-time
J.Worrall: Only spuds pay for premium!
p_terg: @shooter43 Blicavs on 77@3/4-time
Heizenberg: Keep going ando
thefoot: Welp, looks like Lewis needs to be in my team
shooter43: Thanks babe
Cicjose: Lewis is my captain so hoping for 150
p_terg: yw
shooter43: Rioli is a living rollercoaster
p_terg: only a pfft-teenth separating Adelaide and Hawthorn at the top of the ladder
LuvIt74: Selwood very ordinary
cusch1: bad kicking is bad football but Hawks are making it look like good football
J.Worrall: cocky a gathet and handball
LuvIt74: Lewis 131 sc
J.Worrall: he’s on the improve
cusch1: By bad kicking I mean a lot of points from gettable shots
J.Worrall: Cats to go bottom of the ladder here
J.Worrall: Go Mitchy!
Sloaneyyyy: nice work clark, best pts per $ player for the week
J.Worrall: Bllody Lewisblett C in DT
Torz: Happy with that score Clarky.
DropBear: the comeback is real!!!
Cicjose: go Clark get 90 and Bartel please get 105
J.Worrall: oorr dddcgtterebele
dkelly: Was going to go Rocky–>Parker no thats probably going to be lewis
J.Worrall: Lewis was my VC to Ablett in DT
Cicjose: Lewis as captain should have been everyone’s first move this week
Cicjose: Lewis as Captain was amazing
LuvIt74: Lewis is the real deal
Sloaneyyyy: same here J.Worrall
Paul105: Carn Steven j
cusch1: Had Lewis as a POD…not anymore
Sloaneyyyy: is Gibson for real this season?
demonhell: Anyone gonna pick up gibson
shooter43: Macintosh my new fav
Cicjose: come on Jimmy get me 6 more points
J.Worrall: Sloaneyy – let’s o have a beer or six!
Cicjose: had McIntosh and Vandeberg on bench
J.Worrall: JimBob and James have done their jovb
Cicjose: im in the top 2000 for Fantasy 😀
jddd: cicjose did u autofill
cclarke: gibson my pod doing well
Cicjose: lol no, i just picked the right players and had Lewis captain
J.Worrall: obv taht he auto filed
stevemac5: much time left?
Costanza: there ya go cicjose
DropBear: Bartel out
cusch1: Selwood you just gained my deepst respects
Sloaneyyyy: Bartel knocked out badly
J.Worrall: for what, cusch
Heizenberg: U jet Anderson
Cicjose: wow thats just wow 🙁
J.Worrall: jimBob better be back nik wik
demonhell: 3 seconds
cusch1: Worral As soon as bartel went down Selw went and took his mouthguard out and made sure he was ok…looked good on tv
DropBear: entertaining round 1!!!!
cusch1: Did what a good captain does when a star player goes down
Cicjose: everyone should have Bartel
DropBear: see ya all next week
Buzz67: With frawley in Gibsin may float in defence and just rack it
Sloaneyyyy: 1797 for Fantasy this week… average
shooter43: I will rule it all soon!
Jonesy pan: anyone know when the AFL fantasy round ends/
Jonesy pan: as in when the lockout stops?
J.Worrall: 53 SC in a half – and that’s the hawks sub!
J.Worrall: Any one going to beat the Hawks?
shooter43: You will all bow to me
J.Worrall: thx Cusch

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