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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R1 of 2015

frenzy: hearts to hearts
Ben_Gogos: Tex on fire!
Sloaneyyyy: Superman, tex
m0nty: Supertex!
Costanza: Waite still dumb
m0nty: come on Ben, give the icon to Tex!!!
Ben_Gogos: Hahha
Perry95: brodie smith is a jet
cusch1: Smith SC anyone?
yovibay: Any chance of adding DE to the mobile version?
NewFreoFan: glad i picked sloaney
Ben_Gogos: Walker going for a full time cape today!
Sloaneyyyy: Walker going for the double superman
HowI Rioli: Captaincy sitting well with tex
cusch1: Adelaide would compete with the best playing like this
Redraptor: Daaangerrrr!
Koss: wowee the crows are going bananas!
Costanza: a harder crow this year
Redraptor: happy birthday patrick
NewFreoFan: north looking like amateurs
Heizenberg: Omfg walker gonna kick 16 today
NewFreoFan: what’s the record for marks in a game?
Heizenberg: So inaccurate though
Bl00dy0ath: Ellis-Yolmens SC anyone?
WizzFizz_: goldy 19sc hahah u are havin a giggle
wiechy: if he only he could kick straight
NewFreoFan: 16 behinds maybe
Ben_Gogos: I love the way the Crows have played today and throughout the NAB
Heizenberg: Lol free fan
HowI Rioli: Tex tonned in sc yet?
iZander: the record for marks would be done by a backman and would be very high
Woodie: Tex 70sc
Ben_Gogos: harvey getting smashed by Laird
HowI Rioli: Harvey will get reported today
m0nty: SDT cruising for a burger icon at this rate
LuvIt74: I never do sideways trades but seriously this years defence i might change Newnes to Smith
LuvIt74: Tex on 71sc
iZander: i reckon hes pinching harvey
NewFreoFan: sloane is lightning quick in and under. what a player
Koss: Hahaha Tex snags another
Sloaneyyyy: it’s not a good week when your highest scoring defender is a first-gamer rookie
Ben_Gogos: Taylor for the double ton!
Bl00dy0ath: Anyone know where to get live supercoach scores?
iZander: its not a good day when not one “premium” in your team has cracked the ton…except swanny
HowI Rioli: North scored this quarter???
Koss: Scott’s head will explode by half time.
NewFreoFan: ok, mercy rule time, torture is illegal Adelaide
Sloaneyyyy: Sloane you freak! North are woeful !!!
HowI Rioli: This is gonna get ugly
Redraptor: I have no north players in my team…now I know why
Sloaneyyyy: imagine the score if Crouch wasn’t injured!
Redraptor: Daaanger!
m0nty: this is already as ugly as a Reclaim Australia group photo
roshanetw: bastinac pegs one back
iZander: good signs for goldy seeing him score well in a game like this against jacobs
HowI Rioli: Harvey u selfish bugger
roshanetw: laird doing a good job on harvey as well
Ben_Gogos: So selfish from Harvey, he’s getting murdered
NewFreoFan: witches hat the whole north team Benny boy
Ben_Gogos: When the scores are re-calculated, Walker will have had 150SC that half
NewFreoFan: maybe there’s something in the water in adelaide, worried about port smashing us tonight now 🙂
frenzy: how many U einsteins got walker
Ringo4567: north for top 6 anyone?
NewFreoFan: must be hard to give an interview after being on the wrong side of a half like that
malteaser: good one monty 🙂
Heizenberg: Hell yeah nff
thorgils: Brent Harvey only plays for Brent Harvey
Breezey: Pretty weak from NM really
Sloaneyyyy: Could have had Walker instead of Dustbin Martin
alekstah: hate my team, any body else in the same boat?
Breezey: No not really. I’m happy with Van Berlo
Heizenberg: Pretty happy with mine overall
Heizenberg: How
Heizenberg: How much is tex in sc
NewFreoFan: I’m unsure about my team, few didn’t fire but may yet
Ben_Gogos: he was priced at 80
iZander: i got all the good rookies and all the bad prems…
Koss: Tippett dragged for Turner lol
mijg: traded out smith last minute
dkelly: goldy needs to hit to advantage
Costanza: CEYoulman full game now hopefully
Tim Tam: quack quack quack thomas…. again
Sloaneyyyy: did they have supplements at half time or what ???
Costanza: it’s still only the crows
Ben_Gogos: Why didn’t North bring this in the first half?
mijg: Scott gave em a cracker up the ass
deanie: teams need to play full games!
Breezey: The Crows have gone home
NewFreoFan: Scott would have given a spray for the ages, stripped the paint off the walls
dkelly: Goldy’s tappings this quarter has been pretty good
Ben_Gogos: Ellis-Yolmen has been brilliant with ball in hand today
Koss: Tex! What a grab!
LuvIt74: Tex is on fire
Costanza: and burns it
Sloaneyyyy: Tex should have had at least 3 more goals.. his kicking has let him down
LuvIt74: Tex on 119sc
Costanza: whack
Breezey: Danger levelled by a 70 kg Turner
LuvIt74: Have McIntosh & Ellis-Yolmen on bench
Sloaneyyyy: waits to see everyone jump on higgins, then waits for higgins hamstrings to go ping
LuvIt74: Higgins 72sc
LuvIt74: I’m guessing first round sc will be around 2350
Sloaneyyyy: wow, Lobbe out replaced by Butcher… Paddy Ryder to ton-up
Breezey: @Sloaneyyyy. Wont see me doing it
Sloaneyyyy: me either Breezey, he’s made my never-again list
LuvIt74: not my sc score the winner will score around 2350
mijg: Sam
HowI Rioli: Don’t think rd winners ever been that low luv it
Sloaneyyyy: Dangerfield GOTY!
Koss: What a jet!
Redraptor: Daaanger!
Ben_Gogos: Matthews says Danger for BOG, whats he been watching!?
LuvIt74: HowIRioli there have been Roun1 scores 2100 sc win it
LuvIt74: I’m currently on 1847 with 19 played plus my captain in GAJ unless I chose fyfe as captain but i wont…
Costanza: EllisY clean as but needs more tackles
LuvIt74: Tex on 144sc
LuvIt74: make that 155sc
Ben_Gogos: Junk time footy now!
mijg: smith junking up
Ben_Gogos: Tex finishes on 173 SC before updates
pants42: How does Jacobs end up with 71sc? 88dt 84% effective & no free against????

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