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Chat log from R1 of 2015: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R1 of 2015

Far Canal: Rock ‘n’ Roll
colmullet: Giants to inflict some pain and go close to making the 8 this year 😉
Bl00dy0ath: Hopefully Newnes and Geary go off
jjf3296: Embarrassment of riches when Coniglio is your sub… scary
TheKingK: Hey guys, who have you got playing today? Newnes and Membrey with the E for me.
Far Canal: Newnes, Shaw & Griffen
dkelly: Newnes and Shaw
dkelly: Shaw stateless starting to get a little worried
Bl00dy0ath: Newnes, Griffin, Shaw, Geary
dkelly: Slow start for a few players
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Heizenberg: I have treloar, Geary, savage
Heizenberg: Shaw
Heizenberg: How you guys been? I’ve missed a few of you 🙁
Yelse: wheres grffen playing haven seen him on the ground
dkelly: I haven’t seen him either probably a heavy tag
Heizenberg: Not sure yelse not watching
KelCO: Anyone hit by injuries yet?
Heizenberg: Bbl
dkelly: No major injuries yet
m0nty: Rocky and Rusty in my DT 🙁
Perry95: got shaw, griffen, lonie and newnes. cmon lads lift
KelCO: Rocky, sidebottom, O’mera, parker, it just keeps goinh
barlow4pm: will parker play next week?
KelCO: Didnt he get a broken jaw or was it just a suspected one?
dkelly: Newnes and Shaw need to lift
dkelly: Anyone have Newnes and shaw super coach?
HowI Rioli: Newnes saad and Lonnie with 7 between em lol
Heizenberg: Bought savage in last night when Mayes was sub
rlangdon87: Whitfield and Shiel in my draft team. Very happy atm 😀
Heizenberg: Anyone else here having trouble with sc gold
wiechy: griffen aint much of a captains pick
frenzy: hows our fix going m0nty
colmullet: earth to lonie!
danmaio: try get a posi Newnes
Heizenberg: Go treloar u jet!!!!
dkelly: Get the pill Newnes!!
HowI Rioli: Yeah I couldn’t sign up for sc gold. 2 week free trial works tho
mijg: shift the tag to ward
frenzy: heater?
Heizenberg: Thnx rioli
mijg: chat works like crap
Breezey: Looking good C.McCarthy
Torz: Newnes having a mare.
dkelly: Newnes 34 Supercoach points
mijg: cmon Griff
Heizenberg: Yeah really does Mj
dkelly: Supercoach Paige just tweeted Shaw 30 SC Newnes 35
cusch1: Picked up Lonie over Mccarthy and now I see the regret
mijg: griff 39
mijg: lonie 15
m0nty: I benched McCarthy for Saad half an hour before kickoff 🙁
cusch1: Heizenberg it took me about an hour to sign up for it Friday night hahah
Solat: saad obviously given the role of taking heater away from the ball
Heizenberg: Oh wow
LuvIt74: Unreal my 2 best defenders Shaw & Newnes doing jack
Roflcake: Why griffen and newnes to dis to me?
LuvIt74: My other defenders done ok Lumumba, Saad, Goods, Geary (McIntosh & Oxley
LuvIt74: defenders this year is a lottery
Heizenberg: Yeah luv it
LuvIt74: I’m going to keep GAJ as my captain, was thinking of making fyfe captain but not now
iZander: ok so who is going to score more than 1800 in fantasy this week?
dkelly: Probably me looking at 2000-2100
dkelly: LuvIt should i trade rocky for Gaz
iZander: how is that possible kelly….
Costanza: refresh so fast – chat so slow
LuvIt74: kelly yeah m8
iZander: ok so newness description says he’s loose at half back? sounds like perfect dt scoring position
rlangdon87: I’m looking at 2000ish in SC
Heizenberg: I know Constanta
Heizenberg: Not sure what I’m looking at really
LuvIt74: dkelly actually wait till round 4 to 6 mate coz gaz will drop 100k
Heizenberg: Have g followed it as closely as in past but still early
dkelly: Picked all the good rookies kinda luck
LuvIt74: Ill be scoring around 2000 on sc
dkelly: Then who should i trade rocky with?
Heizenberg: I usually list all players each round
FlowerTime: Will be lucky to get to 2000 this week
Heizenberg: Should do again soon
LuvIt74: dkelly whats your mid including EME
LuvIt74: My mid GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, JPK, cripps, Heeny, Vandenberg (Ellis-Yolmen, Miller, Lambert)
LuvIt74: Kelly get sidebutt he will smash pendles
dkelly: Sidebutt has brocken his finger
LuvIt74: I cannot see u going wrong with Sidebutt mate
mijg: out for 4
Yelse: sidebar broke his thumb
LuvIt74: Is it confirmed broken?
dkelly: sorry broken not brocken have to type so quick
Heizenberg: Any clashers here?
dkelly: yes confirmed it’s a few weeks if they have to add pins
Heizenberg: By any chance?
dkelly: my mids Rocky, Beams, Keenedy, Cripps, Heeney, Selwood (Vanderberg, Yolmen, Krakouer)
LuvIt74: sorry dkelly thought it was dislocation
LuvIt74: dkelly whats your mid including EMErgency
tor01doc: Newnes could get 80 SC?
Heizenberg: I love u Geary and treloar 🙂
LuvIt74: dkelly is this DT?
LuvIt74: Im glad i chose geary
mijg: dismal effort from griff
LuvIt74: Newnes might score 80sc
LuvIt74: Newnes only on 49sc
Woodie: Newnes 49sc
Heizenberg: Should have made treloar capt
Heizenberg: Monty can u make the chat not refreshso quick
Heizenberg: It’s extremely infuriating
Heizenberg: Please
LuvIt74: I wish i followed my gut and went light in defence so i could select 6 premium elite midfielders
mijg: roberton subbed ?
LuvIt74: hind side is a wonderful thing
LuvIt74: yes mijg
Heizenberg: Plesse get flame back savage
NewFreoFan: Agreed Heiz, especially when I’m on the phone the refresh rate kills me
Sloaneyyyy: bring back the mobile version of the site monty
FlowerTime: Lift Newnes you Flower
Breezey: GWS by how far surely
cusch1: Delaney getting mopped up right now
mijg: roberton 93 sc and subbed strange.
m0nty: the mobile version is still there btw
happytimes: Go mummy
Breezey: Or maybe not
Bl00dy0ath: What a goal
Sloaneyyyy: how do I get to it, there used to be a link near the FF logo on the main page
yovibay: Any chance of having DE added to the mobile version??
yovibay: Or player blurb to this page without having to hover (no mouse on device)
roshanetw: ridwoldt knocked out
roshanetw: back up
cusch1: Bugg you are a flog
meka100: Griffen fucken useless hack like Scully
mijg: Why did I pick Griffen ffs
Costanza: Griffen’s eyes even closer together this year?
LuvIt74: Est thing dogs done was get rid of griffen
HowI Rioli: Someone get an energy drink to Saad
cusch1: StK have had a few tough decisions against them?
LuvIt74: Costanza still early and @ $530k most have him
LuvIt74: Saints woodern spooners again
LuvIt74: GWS look so much smoother
Solat: dunstan on treloar who has had 30+ and luke hasnt laid a tackle
Cotts: hopefully griffen is just using up his dud games now!
ballbag: gws such a more complete team than the suns
LuvIt74: Mummy big waist of cash for rck

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