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Chat log from SF of 2014: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, SF of 2014

frenzy: go roos nothing to lose
JGreezy: If we bring our A game I think we can take this one, come one fellas!
m0nty: well, you could lose the game
Howdoyoudo: No Monty.
m0nty: you can’t lose the game?
heppelitis: well done Kangas on yur win last week…good luck to both teams tonight
frenzy: not expected or favourites to win monty
m0nty: North have everything to lose, just as much as Geelong IMO. Expectation more on North’s youth.
JGreezy: I will be very disappointed if we lose
JGreezy: But we’ve got this one!
Bazza2014: Seriously
Bazza2014: Roos by 19
Bazza2014: Start of the slide for the cattery.
cusch1: Geelong should blow this out based on NM last week in the first half…gellong wont make the same mistake as Dons
circle52: If North are close at quarter time they will win cannot afford a start like last week
cusch1: Thats promising
Moona: Handy start for the roos
Bazza2014: handier reply by the cats– coast to coast
Stupendous: Awesome team goal Cats
J.Worrall: Boris you idiot!
Moona: Shootout??
J.Worrall: Cat’s may need a 30 point or more advantage at 1/2 time -m these Roos can have a great second half!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Kelly has a high ball covered but gets spoiled by his own teammate Bartel, Kelly’s man Thomas roves and goals.
3rdstriker: thomas record quickest cape?
heppelitis: Five goals in five minutes
Gigantor: look out fred fanning lindsays on fire!
Stupendous: Not sure Thomas will get let off the leash by Nick Smith
J.Worrall: Blitz looking a good Ruck call this weekend?
J.Worrall: … and Jelly a good (c) call?
Scratchy: Kelly always been overrated. A good player in an elite team.
J.Worrall: Petris dish!
J.Worrall: Where’d the pump punp go?
3rdstriker: shootout
Bazza2014: its a smashing 52-17 possies
J.Worrall: Blitz is sunburnt on lower legs – too much time at 13th?
Bazza2014: 8 cats havent touched it
J.Worrall: Love that kid Brown
J.Worrall: Woot woot, go Turner!
J.Worrall: That kid Turner is OK too!
Bazza2014: Game over- i’m calling it. Cats too old too slow. lol
J.Worrall: There’s an upset brewing here!
J.Worrall: … but you can’t write the cats off.
J.Worrall: Scott Thompson you dill
3rdstriker: selwood a little frustrated
J.Worrall: lovin’ that kid Brown
J.Worrall: … also lovin’ Bliotz
spangle: Selwood is so unlikable…
Redraptor: well done jelwood
J.Worrall: Reckon Cats have probs – esrly call, but yeah, I’m suipporting the North calls. too strong from here!
J.Worrall: Goldy!!
Mudskip: what is going on?
3rdstriker: wow, what a muppet
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mackie’s kick in goes straight over the head of Blicavs at the hotspot, Goldstein roves and goals with ease!
J.Worrall: Hawkins a huge influence on the game so far!
Redraptor: we (Hawks) did a lot of psychological damage to geelong
3rdstriker: boomer tv?
3rdstriker: not much in it but wouldnt want to give the mrp anything if I was him
heppelitis: Haha…my brother in law on tele giving it to selwood after crap handball
Redraptor: river right knee probs
J.Worrall: There’s the big bloke!
J.Worrall: Baig!
Redraptor: great pressure kick tomma hawk
m0nty: Goldstein on 100 hit out pace
mooses: the big fella only needs five touches if theyre the right ones
J.Worrall: Goal tommyHawek
3rdstriker: goldstein has 26 hitouts!
J.Worrall: Big Tommy here to finish the /4!
Redraptor: great pressure kick tomma hawk…again!
J.Worrall: Wota kid!
circle52: Shootout – great first quarter to watch
Moona: Double the possessions for just a 2 goal lead – cats would be happy with that
mooses: harvey gone
mooses: nope all clear
3rdstriker: selwood customary blood rule, here comes the head bandage
Redraptor: jelwood has bandage…watch out
cusch1: Caddy could be getting geelong back into this game
Stupendous: First time I can ever remember Boomer passing the ball within 30M of goal. Ever.
J.Worrall: Now that was seroiuously good footy!
cusch1: I Duncan would be in most teams best 22…such a good player
J.Worrall: jiomBob – so dangerouirs!
J.Worrall: Taylor – so reliable!
Moona: Petrie best game of the year – right time to turn it on
J.Worrall: Nice footy, Roos
3rdstriker: was never going to kick that after bruce pumped him up
3rdstriker: how was that not holding the ball
J.Worrall: that Brown Kid will force Goldie to the Suns
3rdstriker: that one bounced
Auldy: c’mon the team captain by Mr Scott!! Yeaahahhh
Auldy: *coached…. I’ll retire now back to my corner
Stupendous: Typical scumbag defender, Firrito.
Priddis: Walker muppet
3rdstriker: give goldy the fuel gauge, 4 hitouts that qtr is embarrassing
J.Worrall: Was waiting for Blitz to stand up- he hasn’t yet …
cusch1: 8 hitouts out of 29 to adv. for Goldstein?
yeah_nah: Hard to believe Murdoch has even touched the ball. No influence at all.
b.monteath: carn the roos send the pussy’s out in straight sets! ha ha
frenzy: take them on roos, donot stop
OnTheRocks: Joelwood must have a blade to deliberately cut himself. I think he likes those head bandages a little too much
circle52: how was thatt not a free to Brown
Moona: Poor decision to ping Blicavs for HTB
pies13: agreed moona
Redraptor: long way back geesolong
Eaglesuk: Jelwood, is wasting oxygen. Most over rated flower in the AFL
Raspel31: Evening Ladies-Cats from here?
kangawalla: Eaglesuk surely taking the p15s?
Warney: straight sets
Stupendous: C’mon Catters. Make The Kangas play a full 4 quarters.
Redraptor: macmillan subbed out
wadaramus: North getting the job done at present. Selwood can’t win the game on his own.
JGreezy: once you get scar tissue you get cut really easy, OnTheRocks, he’s been cut many times
cusch1: Is that a challenge Wadaramus
Redraptor: macmillian hamstring 2 weeks at least
Stupendous: Give Blicavs another few years and watch how good he’ll be
wadaramus: No, I was sort of going for North!
Redraptor: mcdonald knock to knee
Moona: Thompson went to lindsay thomas school of diving
cusch1: hahah I think Caddy is more likely to win this game of his own boot the way he is playing
JGreezy: copped a hip to the top of the head Moona
Redraptor: jelwood and gibson tons in sc
Moona: he missed him greezy – didn’t touch him
wadaramus: But I have Selwood C in finals SC!
3rdstriker: thompson hurt now
Redraptor: thurlow subbed
cusch1: Lydnsey Thomas you deserved that after your numerous successful diving attempts last week
3rdstriker: motlop mare, been very ordinary
m0nty: handbags at five paces lol
3rdstriker: muppet thomas
cusch1: Well done thomas you dumb fuck
carlton_99: and selwood gets another free kick as usual, his fifth for the game
Eaglesuk: Jelwood, single handedly ruining the image of the game. diving weak piece of shower
Raspel31: Did anyone have the courage to go Port against Freo?
cusch1: surely you are taking the piss … how that is diving is beyond me
Moona: @raspel – yep – with a short defence, i think port will win by 4 goals
Raspel31: Eaglesuk-I rarely make a personal comment.Did Jelwood sleep with your mum?.He a hero
kangawalla: Eaglesuk, did Jelwood shoot your dog or something. Big axe to grind. What’ll you say when he wins the Brownlow?
Eaglesuk: Umps getting Geelong back into it
cusch1: Eaglesuk is just trying to take the piss just ignore it lmaoo
Moona: Brilliant tackle by Varcoe – Swallow ran into him and he dragged him backwards – ump had no choice but to pay HTB
3rdstriker: theyve been doing it all year eaglesuk, why change now
wadaramus: Eaglesuk is just jealous of how good Selwood is.
Stupendous: Yep @wada. Jelwood would be in the top 5 most courageous players in the AFL.
Arch: Ump 21 well known cats fan. Won them a flag in 2011 and trying his hardest here.Absolute cheat.
Stupendous: The other 4 are Swans, lol
Arch: If that was selwood and not swallow he would’ve got a free… AFL is becoming a joke
Raspel31: Lol stupendous.
3rdstriker: selwood is amazing, ive backed him for the brownlow, but id love to see him get less high tackle free kicks
cobrakai00: Arch your 2011 tears are delicious.. Still hurts huh?
Arch: Wow great comeback dufus… Just enjoy straight sets idiot
Stupendous: They got internet in the Prison, @arch?
wadaramus: Agree 3rdstriker, that is his only negative. Easily top 5 Stupendous.
cusch1: I would only dislike it if he ducked his head like Shuey from WCE has done a few times but the arm raising isjustgenious
Jordan321: give it a rest arch you flog
3rdstriker: wouldnt surprise me if the kangas choke here, they have form (although from last year)
cusch1: LOL Stupendous
Arch: What’s that stupid?? Ous
wadaramus: North have been the best team, but still got some work to do to win this one.
pies13: that comment suites your name stupendous spud
Eaglesuk: You guys are getting harder over Selwood than Bruce..
wadaramus: Arm raising is still a bit dodgy cusch!
Redraptor: big miss
m0nty: back on the game please
Raspel31: I’m on this site rather than makng love to a beautiful 19 year old Swedish lass-carn Geelong.
Arch: Gee heaps of keyboard warriors on here. Make sure mummy tucks u in boys
3rdstriker: chance to atone
Stupendous: Make sure you don’t bend over in the showers @Arch
Stupendous: You stupid stupid man @raspel
cusch1: Wada its dodgy but i love it….nothing wrong with it i think and still a legend of a player
Arch: A lot of gay connotations there stupid. Trying to hint something???
wadaramus: Definitely still a legend player.
Raspel31: Everything becomes boring in time Stupendous.
3rdstriker: by getting a bad reputation thomas has missed out on a fair few frees tonight
pies13: your a flowerwit stupendous pull your head in and talk about the game if your going 2comment
cusch1: Pass her this way then Raspel
Raspel31: Ha ha-lol cusch.
3rdstriker: if geelong win, give the x factor to black
Redraptor: go boomer
m0nty: I said back on the game, I am banning.
cusch1: Sealer if he kicks it
donsfan86: sounds wrong but cmon north!!!
cusch1: Donsfan gtfo cheer cheer the red and the white hahah 😉
Raspel31: Monty-chill-mates catching up.Carn Cats-Nth also runs-step up.
Moona: Remember at the start of the game, Fred Fanning was supposedly nervous – thomas sure showed him
3rdstriker: game over
wadaramus: Well that should be it, some junk from Selwood please.
Gigantor: thats enough north, keep it below 40 pts please
Redraptor: great goal
Toughguys: mare for kelly
The_Joker: Dal Santo star!
Redraptor: great goal hawkins…well done
Redraptor: go boomer
The_Joker: Dal Santo will put a stop to this. his class will prevail
Scratchy: Lot of Gibson’s touches have looked sloppy to me. I reckon NDS BOG
Redraptor: big mark!
Moona: If Nth attack – they will win – if theytry to hold it up – they might be in trouble
Redraptor: wow tomma hawk!
donsfan86: oh crap
3rdstriker: if the cats win hawkins will approach or pass 200sc
TIMWHATSON: Hulk Hawkins
wadaramus: Grima getting caned by the tomohawk.
Rilian: Superman logo for Hawkins?
pies13: game on !!!
Redraptor: unbelievable…grazed left forearm
The_Joker: touched! cmon roos
Raspel31: We all know it’s betwen Sydney and Hawks-but Cats-put these pretenders in their place.
3rdstriker: wow, massive goal review
Gigantor: draw on!
kangawalla: Touched? Crikey!
wadaramus: That’s rubbish, inconclusive and they pay touched.
Redraptor: omg!
pies13: did i say game on!!
donsfan86: go cats?
Torz: Was far from inconclusive Wada
Redraptor: jimmy can’t believe it
Moona: I hate BT – but WOWEE – what a finish this is going to be
moorey21: We’ll the cats aren’t going quietly that’s for sure
3rdstriker: noone can choke a game away like north
Redraptor: 2 min left
wadaramus: I didn’t see a hot spot showing the deflection!
pies13: ball??
Redraptor: turner!
pies13: this is crazy!!
3rdstriker: bye bye cats
Redraptor: very draining game
donsfan86: crazy
wadaramus: Well. Well done North.
Raspel31: The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks-go Ctts.
Redraptor: goldy 172 sc
pies13: gr8 game
Redraptor: jelwood 141 sc
Eaglesuk: Justice
jocka: Harvey 1 week.

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