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Chat log from EF of 2014: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, EF of 2014

Slashers: C’mon POWER! Richmond are no better than Carlton. Tear THEM apart…
salver11: Gray to chop up.
Soulman: Bet 365 has Ellis v Ebert for most DT points. Ellis paying $1.90, couldn’t say no to that.
Speciallll: Oh HELLO there. Delighted to be here for the first arent i? this is a beauty match up isnt it!
Antony: Richmond aren’t even wearing their home guernsey? Was it all over the shorts!? I’m more confused
Speciallll: Where are Richmond and Port Adelaide? Both these team aren’t wearing their normal jumper are they
Beast_Mode: 10 in a row, book it
heppelitis: draw today?…friday…36 point margin…yesterday arvo…24 points….last night..12 points
Gigantor: did neade just bump dusty off fthe ball haha
Affliction: Richmond rattled, port doing what bombers weren’t able to do with their good start
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Alex Rance and gets an undeserved free.
korza: Is Newman playing on next year ? Hmm
heppelitis: no draw happening today
Affliction: Game over already still 9 min left in qtr prob another 3 goals coming from port
Stupendous: Hardwick’s pre-game address…
colmullet: how good are Port to watch in full flight
gaz14: And in the end, Richmond’s effort to make finals turned into a bye for Port
Stupendous: “Now boys, whatever you do try to take the crowd out of it by drying up their scoring”
StAnselm: Give the whole Richmond team the Wall
Stupendous: Brooce has blown his pants multiple times in the first 15 mins
Heizenberg: Lol heppel yeah unlikely
krapalot64: cotchin has an IQ of a potato..wins toss an kicks into the wind..
Buzz67: How to ruin Fathers day. Well done Tiges!
dashurg: Cotchin should get a muppet for winning the toss and choosing to kick into a strong wind.
m0nty: RIchmond are getting a father of a hiding
Stupendous: Hope the Tiges can kick 10 in the 2nd. They’ll need to.
heppelitis: wind will swing 180 degrees
rosty63: show no mercy power
Stupendous: Yeah Rosty, I really want to hear your theme song. It’s a classic.
Sloaneyyyy: traffic cones for Richmond
rosty63: I like it
Sloaneyyyy: Scary considering Gray and Wingard haven’t even fired up yet
Stupendous: Ranks right up with Freo’s as the worst of all time
krazykray: i say brick walls for the whole richmond team
Priddis: west coast or adelaide would have put up more of a fight
mace485: adelaide or west coast would at least have been competitive..
Pendlez10: even we would have put up a better fight lol
mace485: halloween has come early here at fanfooty!
Priddis: just goes to show sydney tanked to keep eagles out
Stupendous: Morris looked lame running for that loose ball
Woosha 73: Quite happy with my cheap back Jonas
Stupendous: Pull up Pendlez. The only team that the Pies were travelling better than was the Dees.
Pendlez10: @stupendous pretty much mate and we’d still do better 😛
KelCO: Gray as VC isn’t looking to good right now :/
Pantsman: Should’ve been a free and 50m to Neade. Umps are so random!
korza: Bruce just off loaded another shot
Raspel31: Still in mourning for The Dons-and picked Port-but step up Tiggers.
Buzz67: Good to see Tiges taking full advantage of breeze this quarter
MudDawg: Great to see Cotchin leading by example.
Woosha 73: Mick Molloy would probably look like Eddie McGuire now
Raspel31: For all you poor buggers that drove to Adelaide-what a waste of petrol.Sad.
Sloaneyyyy: the winner of this plays Freo, right ?
Costanza: Jroo’s self imposed media ban in full effect today
Buzz67: What’s the biggest half time margin this year? I know Hawks led Dees by 58 at 1/2 time
rosty63: hi hohi ho its off to freo we go
itsduftime: thought i put jonas in my fantasy side but somehow logan is there instead :/
Raspel31: I cannot preach-we seized defeat from the jaws of victory.But Richmond,really,uphold the honour of Victoria.
korza: Newman you old cunt retire and give the kids a go. Selfish fuck
krapalot64: all a team needs is one good trade…thanks richmond on behalf of power supporters for taking Chaplin of our hands..
Raspel31: I didn’t know Port fans actually existed-thought an urban myth.I’ll be backing you against Freo.
desmondo: Thanks for your 2 points pittyard
dipstick: ross lyon may make a GF but will never win one.
Raspel31: Cats will smash Norff-mark my words.
Boydosanes: Good on yah Broadbent 9 points.
desmondo: geez ..i wish pittard had 9 points… lol
frenzy: why aren’t you on holidays yet @ Raspel31
Stupendous: Tiges played their elimination final last week
Raspel31: EPL break-back to footy.Thanks fenzy-flying to UK next week.Be well lad.
Grazz: Kharma is a wonderful thing. Go the Power…..
Speciallll: Are you listening to me? i am deliciousssss
meka100: Batchelor still hasn’t touched it, what a fucken spud
Grazz: Wheres the Richmond faithfull now.
Stupendous: Brooce is on his third pair of pants. A new record…
DMS774: Least we made the finals Grazz!
Raspel31: Speaking of carbon tax,how much petrol was wasted by Richmond nongs driving to Adelaide?
frenzy: should be a mercy rule for these games
Grazz: Haha yeh i suppose i’ll concede that to you.
rosty63: tigers fans are used to being behind prison bars, he he
dipstick: @stupen ?? you sure? i recall punching out the seams in his zipper front at least 3 times in 1 qtr when rioli was playin
Spanner221: What are the chances of Dimma being sacked by the end of the week?
Grazz: 9 wins on the trot to get here id say none Spanner…
Stupendous: Haha @dipstick, i should have clarified that games involving Rioli are in their own category
Stupendous: Brooce wears industrial workpants for Hawks games when Rioli plays
dipstick: yeh now worries. hes destroyed so many trousers i here hes on new start of the art ‘accomadating’ trackies
Raspel31: I can’t see anyone beating the Hawks-my least favourite team.But Richmond-Adelaide,West Coast would have at least put up
mookie: Too many Trolls here today
9294eagles: they should of subbed eagles in at half time this embarassing
rosty63: this reminds me of the good ol days port maggies wuppin glenelg
Raspel31: 4 minutes to go-can the Tiggers save this game?.
_wato: What is Wingards role? Seems to have changed in the last 2-3 weeks and he seems to fantasy prevalent again..
_wato: #relevant ahaha
Torz: Just a front-runner wato.
Raspel31: Phew,touch and go.Love a close game.
desmondo: Careful not to cause too much work for the stats guys pittard 🙁
DMS774: I think Raspel31 has forgotten what happened to Essendon this weekend!
Raspel31: It was at least a competetive game Dms774015738943
DMS774: Haha! You lost the game from a winning position!
rosty63: fathers day massacre
Costanza: 9th, oh I mean 8th
m0nty: I was thinking that rosty, wonder if that will stick
rosty63: I think it might m0nty
Torpedo10: Wines looking a gem.
Raspel31: Signing off-but go Port.Hope you make the final. Go lads.
Costanza: onya Raspel – keep the faith.
DMS774: you mean running away Raspel31!
rosty63: ump you flog that was a great handball from gray
WojakDaw: Junck Riewoldt strikes again
Raspel31: Costanza-Don’s physio plays with my soccer team.We talk later.Good night ladies and go Port.
korza: Cotchin is a bigger butcher than Swan, shocking.
korza: Onya Bachar, the only one who has stood up for Richmond
Raspel31: I’m a Pom-excuse me.What is the Ozzie term for massacre?.
MudDawg: Rance has lost the plot.
korza: Newman i mean Oldman time to hang them up
Raspel31: Go Liverpol and Port !
dipstick: been a good last 10 weeks tigers. but with weak powder puff cotchin as your leader the struggles will continue
WrightWay: @Korza, shut up, were did the blues finish on the ladder?
gaz14: HAHAHA fuck off richmond, losers
DMS774: Learn to spell Raspel!
DMS774: gaz14 too chicken to put up a team logo!
Raspel31: Richmond are The SEEKERS-versus The Stones.Never going anywhere.
gaz14: any team against richmond mate
dipstick: dust ya wings off cotch. you are a weak fucker and always will be! tough off the ball? hahah
Raspel31: Dms774-his dole number-encapsulates Richmond.Limited intellect,unemployabla ans mentally deficient. x
krapalot64: all i want is a comitted effort against freo,win or loose..

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