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Chat log from EF of 2014: North Melbourne vs Essendon

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Essendon, EF of 2014

frenzy: surely Steinberg is only a decoy
circle52: Bastinac and Dempsey subs
Drak: Geez Bomber must have big raps on Gleeson.
frenzy: goodluck sugar, knock em dead
carlton_99: I hate both teams, however the roos are the lesser of both evils, so go the kangas.
moorey21: Same as me Carlton. Pity they both can’t lose
Heizenberg: Ill be barracking for north my second team
Torpedo10: Come on Bombers, we want to make an appearance next week!
tabs: go norf
TIMWHATSON: Carn the Dons!
Redraptor: carn the hawks
Redraptor: lovely to listen to a footy game without stress
Affliction: Great start
Raspel31: Go you good Dons!
Affliction: Bombers need to make the most of the good start
thommoae: You still here, Raspel? Thought you’d choofed off to EPL-land!
Raspel31: No EPL this weekend Thommoae-and it is the Bombers.
thommoae: Great to see a sudden death final b/w two teams that have such an intense rivalry even in the H & A rounds.
Raspel31: Almost poetic Thommoae-well said.
thommoae: How do I love thee, Finals Footy? Let me count the ways … Sorry. Got carried away.
Raspel31: Ha ha.
Redraptor: good game
Redraptor: l.thomas right knee trouble
Redraptor: l.thomas remarkable recovery…needle….now right as rain
Raspel31: Once more unto the breachdear Dons,once more-or let the blood flow on our sacred soil.
kangablues: Go Kangas
Raspel31: More at the G for Dons/North tonight than last night.!
Raspel31: Jobe you friggin hero.
Redraptor: already 60 tackles in total
Redraptor: dal left shoulder trouble
Sloaneyyyy: go bombers
Raspel31: It’s hard to take your eyes off players you had in Super Coach-aargh.
Redraptor: dal off the ground testing shoulder
Raspel31: Dons!
Woosha 73: That’s 2 things BT
frenzy: firrito is finished
Raspel31: How Norff miss the little thug.
IWantPie: Young danniher has improved 300% this season. Gonna be a good game vs Geelong
Redraptor: north should make the sub early
TIMWHATSON: now I know why they cal Firrito a Spud
Raspel31: Agree Iwantpie-but young Merrett also promising.
The_Joker: is it game over if they get next goal?
mrpotato: Petrie and Thomas cold in a final? Same shit different day
Redraptor: north have only won 7/23 2nd qs…mmmfm
Sloaneyyyy: Ziebell having a stinker
meka100: Petrie gone missing in a big game, as predicable as the sun rising, flattrack bully flog. Should call him Greame Hick
Drak: I rate Essendons defence. If they had a more consistent fwd line. They would be amazing.
Redraptor: 75 tackles already…hard game
kuraban: Colyer showing why he should have been in the team all year.
desmondo: Drak…wait for it…it`s coming 🙂
Fury: Colyer used to have horrible disposal
Redraptor: north miss harvey badly
Redraptor: Campbell Brown having a serious go at north
The_Joker: superman cape for Brown.
Redraptor: well done brown
preki1: give the man the cape ffs
Woosha 73: Big Bad Cape
The_Joker: there’s the cape!
Redraptor: Wells has rolled an ankle
Redraptor: report…greenwood
Redraptor: gleeson subbed
krazykray: how can you get reported for that? what a joke!!!
stocko12: can someone explain to my how on earth greenwood was reported? didnt bagualy take out his legs?? freekick to greenwood?
Pantsman: Haha, should’ve been Greenwood’s free kick let alone he got reported!
Pantsman: It’s OK… it was the umpire’s first day at reporting.
krazykray: i 100% agree with you stocko12
TIMWHATSON: Baguley touched the ball first
mookie: Grrenwoods safe, he had eyes only for the ball. Incidental contact.
Redraptor: feels like september
kuraban: Was probably the hip to the side of the face that got him reported. Should have only been a free though.
dipstick: LOL norf!! what a crap team team. you need a new coach. your club is a rabble
Redraptor: if geelong had chapman on friday it would have been a lot closer
Redraptor: Campbell Brown tips north
dipstick: so true NDS is one of the laziest AFL footballers. no heart. ben brwons a gun to be
kuraban: Damn, Brown is such a good shot at goal.
mrpotato: Daniher 4 big ones in his first final, he’s shaping up well
LazyAs: just hopped on BT u are a TOOL
spangle: Fuck you Thomas you piece of shit
Redraptor: wow
Drak: Way to ruine a cracking final
LazyAs: BT ‘this is it’ 15 minutes out
kuraban: Fucking disgraceful. How that little fucker gets a free kick is beyond me. Tear his fucking head off next time.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Lindsay Thomas to win a free on Winderlich and kick the go ahead goal for North.
torres: LT is the most dislikeable player in the comp
mrpotato: LT is a cheat, dives and ducks his way in to frees and goals
rooboypete: Torres, I reckon Ballantyne is worse…
spangle: An absolute disgrace….
meka100: Someone needs to knock that cunt out, should use the diving rule and ban the cunt
rooboypete: Is it extra time if tied?
Redraptor: extra time is 5min each way
mrpotato: Yep rooboypete
preki1: petrie does nothing all game abd then kicks a crunchtime goal
Redraptor: unbelievable drew
preki1: and again
Chadwickus: Wowee what a game…great finals series so far
rosty63: tomorrow morning hello Mr. Hird.
spangle: I’m going to choose to blame LT the cunt
Drak: Essendon look out on their feet. North still have legs. simple as that.
Chadwickus: Hird made the team tank so bomber wouldn’t look good
circle52: So we have ducker Thomas v Ducker Selwood next week
Chadwickus: It’s all part of the plan for Hird
3rdstriker: Hello mr ryder
Chadwickus: And Scott vs Scott
LetterG: they played to form tho, essendon can’t keep it up

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