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Chat log from SF of 2014: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, SF of 2014

Grazz: Evening all
jddd: which key defenders are fremantle missing this game?
Jodd: interesting name
jddd: lol
desmondo: Missing Mcpharlin, Johnson and Silvagni
WojakDaw: Who are we all supporting tonight? Port for me!
kangawalla: Crowley tagging Boak. Lyon just interviewed on ch7
jddd: so basically their main defenders missing, port to win this
kangawalla: I’ll go for the side who is best suited to beating the Hawks. Think that’ll be Port.
kangawalla: Sorry Monty. Please don’t ban me. 🙂
m0nty: Freo defensive matchups will be interesting…
desmondo: yep
circle52: Evening Grazz
m0nty: even the Freo coin tosser is nervous!
pies13: looking forward 2 this freo by 10pts
Luke919: early muppet for mundy
kangawalla: Mundy muppet?
circle52: Port for me They have a better chance of beating Hawks than Freo imo
tor01doc: Am I still banned?
tor01doc: Obviously not.
circle52: ot yet anyway doc
tor01doc: I’ve got Dawson.
cusch1: Whats that logo next to Broadbent? Looks like a GTA mission starter lmaoo
pies13: thats a big +1 4 broadbent
m0nty: it’s teh new plus one logo, for players who are loose in defence
jappleby: sutcliffe on walters when they both play for freo??
Redraptor: pace is really quick
cusch1: Monty I dont think it is in the key down the bottom? I didnt see it..
m0nty: no, I haven’t added it yet
heppelitis: cush1…mzungu to belt Monfries with a baseball bat?
Heizenberg: Fyfe goal
cusch1: What?
circle52: Not alone Doc I had to switch Silvagni to Dawson with the late withdrawal.
heppelitis: GTA mission…my kids ru around belting ppl
cusch1: Lmaoo its basically the objective of the game
Heizenberg: Clarke muppettttt!!!!!!!
3rdstriker: clarke massive muppet
cusch1: Zac Clarke looks like a monkey…kicks like one too
Redraptor: wow boak has been shut out…well done creepy
Heizenberg: Fyfe again
thommoae: FPS cusch … hasn’t Adam Goodes taught you anything?
pies13: is cornes tagn any1??
Redraptor: fyfe is incredible…probably still a bit injured
TIMWHATSON: Fyfe = James Hird Jnr
m0nty: they keep saying Kane is tagging Hill but I don’t see it
cusch1: TimWhatson I tihnk that is heppell tbh
Grazz: Hill Pies
cusch1: Fyfe could maybe be like yourself
heppelitis: nope fyfe is exactly like hird…except current issue
Heizenberg: Monfries muppet now
Redraptor: great game for hawks…really tough
pies13: me neither monty looks likes grey with hill? havnt scene cornes
tor01doc: Bring on the biff hey Redraptor.
m0nty: yeah I have Gray H2H with Hill
Redraptor: tor01doc: just hope it’s this close all game…and extra time!
heppelitis: who the hawkers want to play next week?
Heizenberg: Good game so far
tor01doc: Triple OT that resembles MMA.
masterhc2: i don’t mind who we play, just hope this is a close tough game to the finish, like it has been so far
masterhc2: my god neale is impressive though, reckon i’ll pick him up in AF next year has had a great month
TIMWHATSON: Freo best chance beat the Hawks
pies13: yep heizenburg agree last nights game was sick love finals footy
Heizenberg: Yeah pies cpuldnt watch it though i had work mate
Redraptor: doesn’t matter who we play next week…we just need to win and then hopefully one more
Heizenberg: Who would you rathe play though master? Port?
pies13: was sick aswel i meant, spewing heize u missed a good1
Heizenberg: Yeah pies, oh well what can i do hey?
Redraptor: come on port keep up…
pies13: port need the next goal
heppelitis: love to see port go well…prefer their footy style
Redraptor: fyfe 55 sc
cusch1: Freo boys are looking very sore
Heizenberg: This could start to becime a smashing soon from what i see
m0nty: this is one for the purists… if you don’t enjoy seeing a great coach like Lyon then you’re not a true footy fan
cusch1: Monty what are your thoughts about Crowley>
Redraptor: freo still inaccurate…good to see
pies13: still havnt scene cornes?? weird
heppelitis: yeah m0nty…nil all draws are enthrawling…start a soccer forum you flog!…lol
m0nty: Crowley keeping Boak quiet, what’s wrong wth that?
Redraptor: disposals 145 to 85
circle52: Where is Ports run from last week
m0nty: with the cattle he’s got out there, this would be Lyon’s greatest win
pies13: gray needs 2 get involved
heppelitis: how good was that 12 goal first qtr last night
Redraptor: boak, cornes and grey stil to touch the pill this q
heppelitis: agree with that though
pies13: there he is cornes now on hill?
pies13: that was a soft free there
Redraptor: gray and wines getting smashed when tackeled
Jair: Last night 1st qtr as good as it gets.
Froggy: I love how people bag out crowley when he is one of the cleaner taggers going around haha
tor01doc: Muppet for Froggy
Torz: Sandi with the golden fist of the year. What a spoil!
3rdstriker: cant see port getting back from here, freo should be 8+ goals up, big step up from playing the tigers
Froggy: I love how he gets people so upset just for doing the job his coach asks him to do, and does it well
cusch1: Froggy i agree with you..playing as a defensive player myself playing local footy I think that he earnsa lot more credit
Redraptor: jonas injured
cusch1: crowley just doesnt get enough credit for what he does
tor01doc: Froggy – I think players who face AWAY from the ball need to be pinged.
tor01doc: Just like in a marking contest.
Grazz: agree Doc
tor01doc: Us old blokes always agree.
Froggy: Do you prefer players like Jordie Mckenzie who hold jumpers 24/7
KingPetrie: Pearce has had that many clangers!
tor01doc: Ping them too Froggy
Grazz: haha yep
Redraptor: ports forward need to move up more
old matey: anyone think freo can beat tha hawks?
IWantPie: Sandilands the difference in this game. If freo were more efficient they would be up by 50 already
Froggy: They are a better chance that North beating Sydney
Redraptor: fyfe 86 sc
pies13: mcpharlin looks n sounds like a politician
Redraptor: ports third qs are normally good…will need to be
Redraptor: jonas subbed
pies13: thats the start they wanted
pies13: gray drops a sitter that hurts
cusch1: Good decision definitely not 50
3rdstriker: dawson will be in trouble for that one I reckon
Moona: Dawson will get off because the MRP realise he is a spud
cusch1: He is allowed to spoil is he not Striker?
Redraptor: well done gray…great goal lots of g and d!
IWantPie: Dawson is fine barely touched him
SpudsFC: Suck shit zac
lisapizza7: seen less given 50 dawson reported!
ZacDawson: lol
Redraptor: white for the heart…playing with fractured jaw
3rdstriker: yeah but got a lot of head, still daniel merrett got off so might be alright
pies13: game on
Heizenberg: Holy shit this game come to life now
kangawalla: Good use of the review system there,
Redraptor: dawson reported
3rdstriker: @kangawalla it was correct and quick, theyve come a long way
Redraptor: taberner subbed
SpudsFC: Port wins if umps swallow the whistle
cusch1: Umpies have been good tonight Spuds
Redraptor: creepy b.o.g. for me…boak nowhere
SpudsFC: I reckon they killed port in 2nd qtr
Heizenberg: Walters unreal goal
IWantPie: Walters!!!! Goal
3rdstriker: great goal walters, he is a gun
cusch1: I think it has been fair apart from the Neade nonhigh contact in the final seconds of Q2 but otherwise perfect
Redraptor: i reckon dawson’s gone given his record and acc. points
Heizenberg: @raptor oh yeah mate, i cant even remember seeing boak tonight
cusch1: You cant remember because you havent seen him tonight heizenburg hahah
Heizenberg: @cusch yeah makes sense lol
IWantPie: Still have sandilands as BOG. Smashing the ruck, goal and heaps of goal assists and defensive marks
cusch1: Are there any big names not playing for Port tonight?
cusch1: wtf happened there
Redraptor: fyfe tons up in sc…108
Froggy: Daniel Pearce boy oh boy wow wee
Redraptor: wingard good under press.
IWantPie: Umps kneeling on freo a bit ATM
itsduftime: muppet kick from pearce
SpudsFC: Who’s for the X factor tonight? Hoff? Shulz?wingard? Pav? Walters? Other?
IWantPie: Wingard or Walters to win this
cusch1: Ken Hinkley X Factor tonight
pies13: gray x factor
Redraptor: gray…amazing
Torpedo10: Gray for the Gun, keeps performing.
Redraptor: hinkley going nuts after that mark
Heizenberg: Walters v wingard this quarter
SpudsFC: Loving the finals. Fresh cream coming to the top
kangawalla: Walters was Lindsay Thomas”esque”after that amrk.
IWantPie: Bang on heizen! Agreed contest is huge!
Redraptor: hinkley needs a new set of headphones
kangawalla: *mark
krakka: never stop stop stop sucking cock cock cock
Moona: Finals footy – just gotta love it
Heizenberg: Thanka pie
Heizenberg: Yeah s
IWantPie: Someone ban that krakka spud
kangawalla: Bye bye Krakka
Heizenberg: Yeah spuds fc true so true
SpudsFC: Go away krakka
pies13: gr8 takle gray
cusch1: Grayt tackle that was
Redraptor: 4 for gray! this q
pies13: gray unbelievable quarter
Heizenberg: Damn why cant my club have a grey
Froggy: oh dear cusch
SpudsFC: What comes after the cape?
cusch1: Heizenberg you have Menzel…I would be happy if he turned out half as good as Gray
Froggy: Port are winning and Boak hasn’t done a thing! I can’t believe that
Redraptor: wow bodies going everywhere
Heizenberg: Yeah good point cusch similiar types actually
Redraptor: 34 min q
Heizenberg: Boak overrated for mine
pies13: wot a weekend of footy another sick game who wins fom here?
Heizenberg: What a last term were in for
heppelitis: wow heiz
SpudsFC: SA v WA showing vics how it done! Who’da thunk?!
Redraptor: port very fit…i’ll back them this q
IWantPie: This is quality coaching in action. Hi kelt knows grey is his b.o.g so plays him forward where a tag is useless
Heizenberg: Yeah hepp a bit harsh perhaps so inconsistent this year
theta: 2nd chance for gray was bs
123wce: how many points for robbie gray that qtr
IWantPie: Hinkley* stupid auto spell
Heizenberg: @pies freo just find a way for mine tipped port pre game though
kangawalla: This intensity & physicality is just what the Hawks would have wanted.
Redraptor: gray 121 fyfe 122 sc
krapalot64: 1 thing for sure guys,under ken hinkley the wont surrender to easy…
cusch1: This is what finals is all about #dontgoquietly fits the season and finals series thus far so well
Heizenberg: @cusch unless youre the tigers
IWantPie: Going to be bloody close. 2 quality
cusch1: Imagine if Gray had held that chest mark early in the qtr as well
IWantPie: Going to be bloody close. 2 quality teams and 2 quality coaches
3rdstriker: was thinking that exact thing heizenberg
Redraptor: freos inaccuracy…again could cost them big time
cusch1: Heiz Their supporters didnt go quietly “9 in a row is all that matters” hahah
Froggy: Good Dukes Son Son
Heizenberg: Yeah cusch hahha
SpudsFC: This game so good not even BT can ruin it
cusch1: its not for a lack of trying Spuds
krapalot64: lol spuds
Heizenberg: @spuds lol
Moona: Mundy was superb then – just brilliant
Heizenberg: Exactly moona poised and calm as, clever too
IWantPie: Quality footy!
Redraptor: big men don’t get shorter as the game goes on…sandi!
SpudsFC: I can’t pick a bad player. Maybe boak but credit to crawley
cusch1: Trengrove forward?
krapalot64: no matter who wins this ,they wont get passed the hawks
cusch1: Zac Clarke for worst on ground
IWantPie: Horrid by the umps then
3rdstriker: a lot of players slipping over
SpudsFC: Oh no. Battery 10%. No charger
Redraptor: neade has an injured shoulder
IWantPie: Umps have no courage on the hard calls
Redraptor: sorry…ibbotsons shpulder just got put back in
pies13: wines!!!
GoCrowz98: Shut up just watch the game guys, stop complaining about the umps!
cusch1: Ibbotson down into the rooms
Redraptor: ibbotson going down into rooms
Heizenberg: No charger spuds, spuds fc worst on ground (joke)
Froggy: Boak is alive!
Moona: DELIBERATE – no doubt about that
Redraptor: ibbotson charges back…nice needle
cusch1: Wines made that very difficult!! BUT effective nonetheless
SpudsFC: Monty you’ve spudded everyone before. How about the gun for everyone
Redraptor: unbelievable…if this happens next week…omg
kangawalla: Heart for Ibbo. Back on so soon after islocated shoulder.
Heizenberg: How i can i not put wines in next year after tonight
IWantPie: Gun gun gun!!!
cusch1: Yin Yang for everyone more like it
SpudsFC: Ouch heiz. I’m dying here 🙁
Froggy: Biiiiiiiiiiiig goal!
pies13: wot a game power again!
Redraptor: matty white!…what else!
3rdstriker: mzungu is not having a good game, maybe not a mare but not good
IWantPie: Wow didn’t see this …..wines for gun?
cusch1: I’m froffing after that Chelsea
Froggy: Is Crowley still on Boak? wasn’t with him then
pies13: neades been a gun this quarter
cusch1: this is sensational
SpudsFC: 11 mins. 4%. Wots my chances?
Froggy: No Chance,find a charger quickly!
cusch1: 4% chance Spud
SpudsFC: Pav’s history poor here
3rdstriker: same as your battery spuds, about 4%
pies13: massive kick here
Redraptor: great rundown by schulz
IWantPie: Port deserve the win now – well earned
cusch1: Trengrove is one of the most underrated players in the comp
Redraptor: here we go again
Froggy: Wow Wee that makes it interesting!
Heizenberg: Whata a game
pies13: wow wee wot a game
Redraptor: epic semi-finals week
3rdstriker: special comments, “port need to keep playing football”, thanks
Dangermaus: Can’t wait to see Hawks smash Port next week
cusch1: Park the bus Ken Park the freaking bus
Redraptor: wingard…amazing
Moona: I wouldnt be so sure dangermous
Redraptor: fyfe 150 wines 127 sc
cusch1: He Neades to kick this
Heizenberg: Game over
TIMWHATSON: Sydney vs Hawthorn Granny. Bookmark it
cusch1: What is wingard and gray Raptor
Redraptor: totally amazing…31 points down at one stage
Mudskip: Caaarn port!
cusch1: Wouldnt be so sure Whatson
Priddis: 2 straight sets exits in one year wow
krapalot64: sucked in mr negative lyon
cusch1: Could Lyon’s job be in trouble after tonight?
meka100: Fuck off Ross Lyon you disease
pies13: wonder if any freo fan would have the nerve 2pat ross lyon on the back after the game? geez hahaz
Redraptor: disp. 33- to 320…was 60 diff at one stage…very fit
m0nty: nominations for star please
heppelitis: port power…stars
cusch1: Wines star Gray/Wingard xfactor gun
3rdstriker: wingard or gray, probably wingard as gray has done nothing in the last
TIMWHATSON: Gray ignited this comeback Monty. Deserves the Star
kranky: neade
Luke919: gray x factor wines bog
Moona: Defense wins footy – hahahaha – the sydney disease has been destroyed – Attack wins games
Luke919: fyfe gun barlow magnet
krapalot64: ken hinkley for star monty!
theta: fools who did lion. missed shots lost it.
Froggy: Ollie Wines BOG
Scratchy: Wines star
Heizenberg: Wines bog for mine fyfe if freo would have won
cusch1: Theta Freo kicked one more behind then PA did…?
Scratchy: Freo’s accuracy 39
Scratchy: Freo’s accuracy 39%, Port’s 50%. fair difference
theta: cusch – it depends when the points were. if freo had kicked the easy goals they would have been 50 points up
theta: both port and freo will be top 4 next year, both have great teams with great coaches.

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