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Chat log from PF of 2014: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, PF of 2014

frenzy: good luck rooboys…. I believe!!!!
SydneyRox: Lets go boys! A GF awaits. Lets make it a big one for Goodsie
J.Worrall: Norf to do the uppity setterly?
desmondo: is it raining?
m0nty: No rain forecast or on the radar.
desmondo: tx monty
cusch1: Hopefully Sydney put NM back in their place
Redraptor: carn the hawks
J.Worrall: Go Bombers gogogo
frenzy: flower me I’m nervous, what are the players feeling?
J.Worrall: @m0nty – do you remember that scam mob i mentioned – wanna google them
3rdstriker: eddie tipping the swans by $2m – gold
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: Lol 3rd striker
Redraptor: cunningham on boomer
3rdstriker: how did franklin suddenly learn to take overhead marks after moving to sydney
Heizenberg: @raptor wonder if it will be happy days for boomer
J.Worrall: lets’s get it on, South!
SydneyRox: swan by 38. Tippett to kick 6
cusch1: Striker I am guessing that Ryder is moving to play with your mob…who do you think we will get in return?
knickers: Lift rohan
Redraptor: Heizenberg: hoping for a great game
Heizenberg: Okay redraptor
Heizenberg: And good luck to your hawks tomorrow
Redraptor: Heizenberg: thanks and to you guys next year
Heizenberg: Thanks mate if they can keep most boys on the park they can improve i reckon but who knows
Heizenberg: Carlton will be aggressive in trade period i think
Redraptor: Heizenberg: should read good luck to the blues next year
J.Worrall: Is Brown the new Mooney?
MudDawg: Great start Boomer, you sook.
3rdstriker: cusch, not sure, I think we hold out with pick 20 or whatever it is, under the odds obviously but doubt itll be pick 4
3rdstriker: I reckon that Port or Sydney may swoop in on us though
cusch1: Stiker Ive heard Aish & pick 4 but I doubt that will happen
Redraptor: north is doin well
J.Worrall: Goodesy!
MudDawg: JPK going for the handball record.
3rdstriker: He is worth 1 first round pick, definitely no way we’d trade both, even we’re not that stupid
Redraptor: brown in my sc team next year round 1
J.Worrall: agreed Redrp
3rdstriker: jack tv? that was pretty dangerous
J.Worrall: buddy to tip
3rdstriker: Sorry, forgot it was Sydney
J.Worrall: baing
cusch1: It will be interesting to ee where he goes and what we get for him
J.Worrall: jack was lucky there
J.Worrall: Buddy Goodes
Redraptor: buddy is in town
J.Worrall: tippy 2 Buddy
J.Worrall: the ol’ 50% rule for Bluddy
Redraptor: cunningham is doing well on boomer
J.Worrall: Goodes an unbelieveable effort there
J.Worrall: just refuses to give up – unlike Bludd
J.Worrall: no free there
J.Worrall: poetic justice
kangawalla: The goal umps look a bit floggy with those cameras on their caps
J.Worrall: Tippett as determined as Goodes – love to see that!’
Raspel31: Bye bye Norff
Redraptor: tippet shrugs of two!
J.Worrall: Is this game done now?
J.Worrall: Don’t forget that Norf routinely do 30 – 50 points better than opponents in second half this year …
Redraptor: north is trouble because 2nd q is their worst…hope they show some ticker
Redraptor: scott pleading with harvey and dal santo
J.Worrall: Tippett’s determination again – no free there
J.Worrall: That’s better, Norfd
J.Worrall: wow, ball up on the line
J.Worrall: shoulda been htb on Mc
3rdstriker: should ball that up at the top of the square surely
J.Worrall: Goodesy!!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Wells turns the ball over on the wing to Rohan then fails to catch him running past him the other way for a goal.
J.Worrall: thx krmt
J.Worrall: Buddy grabs it in the breadbasket
cusch1: This is starting to run away from NM
valkorum: am I allowed to be happy seeing an upset Scott in the box?
J.Worrall: so long as Norf hold it here the rest of the 1/4, they have a fair chance
J.Worrall: NO, sorry, valk. Not on.
J.Worrall: Great tackle jetstar – he dropped the pill there
Raspel31: You are indeed Val-by far the grumpier of the twins.
valkorum: too bad mr worrell, I am
3rdstriker: Whens parker out of contract, would love to see someone offer him $1m a year
J.Worrall: r they the grumpy twins? or the “considered” twins?
J.Worrall: Fair call valk – btw, how’s life, kids, missus etc?
Raspel31: Malceski-gone with a hammy only2 weeks ago-good work lad.
Raspel31: Whoops Norff
valkorum: life good, missus good, kids good, footy not so good
J.Worrall: eski is a ripper – will he be at a new club next year?
J.Worrall: music? haircut? soreness?
kangawalla: Phew Raspel! I thought you were speaking in present tense re Malceski.
cusch1: If Eski leaves and Goodes retires, + Mitchell leaves and ROK’s delisting, apparantly Sydney are interested in Ryder..fml
valkorum: not playing in band anymore, hair is gone. health good. ok back to the game
J.Worrall: sweet, nice to know you’re fit, m*
valkorum: ooh more vision of an upset Scott in the box.
J.Worrall: ??(no ponytail)??
valkorum: yep number 2 all over
Raspel31: Sorry kangawalla-bad sentence construction.
J.Worrall: buddylays an egg
Raspel31: Bets on a Norff comeback or a blow out.Looking like blow out.
J.Worrall: eski so safe and sure – and aplies so much pressure
J.Worrall: My $$$ on a comeback – but maybe not enough to win
J.Worrall: Goodesy!!
3rdstriker: buddy been seeing the same acting coach as goodes/thomas?
J.Worrall: Snorkel for Buddy
cusch1: paerkerrrrrrrrrrrrr
J.Worrall: Peter Parker, spidey skills
J.Worrall: That JBartel photo in the diving gear was a beauty!
cusch1: Sideshow Bob!
Redraptor: big mark and goal for brown
J.Worrall: Cam mooney lookalike
Raspel31: Not bad for a school kid
J.Worrall: Goodes second effort again
cusch1: Alex Johnson will not be getting back into this team the way that Rampe is playing…rea;;y surprised about him
J.Worrall: Call on Alex – I’d wait to see what happens in trade time, and the pre-season. That’s really early call.
J.Worrall: Gooodes, Frankles, Tippett, baing’
cusch1: I’d look at trading him…he is a talented player and could serve well at another club
3rdstriker: North’s lack of stars really showing tonight
J.Worrall: uite a forward line there
Raspel31: Yep-the difference 3rd
cusch1: 3rd Fall Out Boy song played by channel 7 has just made my night
Redraptor: hope north are saving it up for 2nd half
J.Worrall: Norf are not done yet
Raspel31: Norffhad a great year and punched above their weight-but man for man and position for position you might go 4 Norffers.M
Redraptor: all north stats apart from scoreboard and inside 50s are competitive
J.Worrall: RedRapt – that is usual for Norf 1st half – and they come back in the second – all year. pretty much!
3rdstriker: those two are fairly important though redraptor
Raspel31: Talking over the year Redrap-but agree,stats don’t win games.
Redraptor: yeah i reckon the scoreboard is the only stat that counts
J.Worrall: the scoreboard is what you try to predict, by examining all the other stats
Raspel31: Only point I was making redrap is Norff shown great spirit and may come back-but picking team from scratch-largely Swans
J.Worrall: What was the Norf – Geel fhalf time score last week?
m0nty: Cats 24 up at HT last week.
J.Worrall: Thx m0nty. Norf still a chance, imo. Expect a lower scoring game with Swans …
cusch1: Did the Harvey suspension get thrown out or not? Looking at this game you would have thought that it didnt!!
J.Worrall: Buddy might want to ague with that, but …
tor01doc: North never a chance against this lot
3rdstriker: this ones done
J.Worrall: Harvey was always going to be tagged if he played …
J.Worrall: even so, 2or 3 touches will put Harvey among Norf’s best
Raspel31: What would Nat Fyfe have thought of Harvey getting off.The tribunal a joke.
J.Worrall: Buddy showing something here … could makje a genuine Swans player yet
Redraptor: all over red rover
J.Worrall: incredible pressure, Swans
Gigantor: @monty north were up by 24 not the cats. north down by 27 vs ess
J.Worrall: OK, call it done from here (I’d like to see one more goal difference)
Redraptor: black subbed
cusch1: I’ve said it all year and I’ll say it again…you need to be able to play 4 qtrs to be a contender. maybe next year nm
m0nty: oh right Gigantor
J.Worrall: Black is their best defensive forward – game over
Raspel31: Hope Port do better tomorrow.
J.Worrall: I still think it could be closer than you guess – bets on the margin?
Redraptor: north just laying down in a prelim…
MudDawg: Great to see Rohan in full flight.
J.Worrall: Goodes, Tippeett, baing!
J.Worrall: was that a drop kick?
cusch1: At least Kayne Tyrner can focus on his ATAR score now 😉 hahahah
Raspel31: Yep-you calling wellJ.Worrall
Gigantor: who will syd sub? reid?
J.Worrall: Didn’t some one give away a free for a drop kick last week?
MudDawg: Eski.
J.Worrall: … called an incorrect disposal?
m0nty: Swans would probably put Malceski in mothballs
J.Worrall: Buddy, Tippet, Baing
Gigantor: @jworrall yeah i remember something. i think it was closer to a drop then soccer
J.Worrall: good call, muddawg & m0nty
J.Worrall: it’s a fine line, gigantor, bete]ween pleasure and pain …
J.Worrall: Buddy!
cusch1: Fuck me Sydney that was lethal ball movement
J.Worrall: baing
Raspel31: Longmire will have no choice but to resign after allowing 2 Norff goals in a row.Sad.
Jackwatt$: Surely u couldn’t expect to stop buddy with a Sth Barwon player?
J.Worrall: Swans man on m,an pressure is brilliant. What other team does that so well?
J.Worrall: … umpire!! …. no sense of drama
Redraptor: reid proppy ankle
J.Worrall: Goodesy, Buddy — baing?
Costanza: seeing the rugby in fullHD on 9 shows how rank ch7 is
J.Worrall: 7 sucks
J.Worrall: 7 sucks telastra knobs
J.Worrall: foxtel sucks testra knobe 2
J.Worrall: Kurt showing his worth
cusch1: I think that Rohan has been xfactor Monty
Raspel31: That’s not rugby Costanza-that’s League.Hawk-spit.Rugby is Union.
J.Worrall: Has Tippett played a better game? He is so off and on, he might be the X
Costanza: whatever – not my point
J.Worrall: Harvey’s DT amazing given the tag. Leads the team, and no-one else can stand up …
cusch1: Rohan off of half back has set up Swans time and time again
Raspel31: And only there J.W as Jelwood is a gentleman and didn’t want to deny him a final.
Roksta: Such a boring game. Expected more from the roos
m0nty: Only twice has Boomer had over five tackles in a game this year, both against the Swans with less than 15 touches.
J.Worrall: Even with Jelwoods testimony, Bommer shoulda been out.
Redraptor: reid subbed
Roksta: Worth jumping on Rohan next year?
J.Worrall: Roksta – NO. I alreadydid taht this year, to my detriment
Roksta: We all said it about Higgins too worral lol
Raspel31: Agreed J.Worrall-he’s a thug.But hard to deny someone a finals game.Fyfe turning in his grave.
3rdstriker: higgins had a good history averaging over 80 for several years and was discounted, neither applies to rohan next year
Redraptor: grundy limping
3rdstriker: hope buddy buys scotty thompson breakfast in the morning…
J.Worrall: Yes Raspel
Raspel31: Ho hum,snooze snooze.Port any chance tomorrow?.
J.Worrall: No Roksta
J.Worrall: Higgins an extraordinary player hampered by injuriy
cusch1: Or at least calls him back in a few days Striker hahah
J.Worrall: Rohan a ranga with niggles
Roksta: Fair enough. Who will be the bargains next year?
J.Worrall: Port will make a better game of it than Norf has
MudDawg: Jesse Hogan.
3rdstriker: lol cusch
3rdstriker: roksta, only leuy and kreuzer really come to mind as obvious bargains for next year
J.Worrall: Wait for the pre-season – it’s all about fitness
3rdstriker: and both big risks due to injury history
cusch1: Whitecross potentially if he gets back into hawks starting 22
Roksta: See how swanny goes pre season?
J.Worrall: Buddy all alone – I guess Norf has given in …
3rdstriker: more importantly see if hes a fwd, not sure he will be relevant again as a mid, over 30 now and not bucks favourite
cusch1: I think Byddt tryed to miss that
MudDawg: Tom Mitchell if traded.
J.Worrall: Yep – even Swanny.
Roksta: Think griffen will be a good but next year. Might be a biased opinion but had an injury affected season
J.Worrall: Great little mark there, Ranga
Raspel31: You wouldn’t touch Whitecross without half a dozen games under his belt.
J.Worrall: Griffen will be first tagged for a long time yet
Roksta: Mitchell will be a star at another club. Sydney’s mids are unreal
Gigantor: rohan 92 sc!
J.Worrall: Spider senses are spot on!
J.Worrall: Will Mitchell really leave?
Redraptor: parker has had a great year
cusch1: At least Cherry Rohan…give the boy something!! hahah
Raspel31: 11 mins to go-still tipping The Roos-visit my bet shop now.
J.Worrall: Goodes again
Roksta: Sydney will free up salary cap space by getting rid of him
tor01doc: Give Rohan the bin!
Roksta: Parker will need more money.
J.Worrall: Get rid of a star who is father son – I hope not
3rdstriker: If I was running a team id over parker $5M over 5 years, at least put some pressure back on Sydney
J.Worrall: Parker should go before Mitchell – maintains salary ca for limited impact
3rdstriker: *offer
Roksta: He is a gun but can’t seem to break in for a game. Sydney have a young midfield too. Especially with parkers role there
J.Worrall: He will get games next year, no matter waht
Roksta: Hope so he’s good to watch
MudDawg: Mitchell to the Bombers, Ryder to the Swans.
cusch1: Essendon should trade Ryder for Tom mitchell and maybe a third/fourth round pick #optimistbomber
Raspel31: Goodes should go before Parker-good game but rare nowadays.Retire at the top.
J.Worrall: Oh muddawg, that would be nice
Roksta: Bombers will want a pick on top
J.Worrall: Straight trade Parker for Ryder
cusch1: I think it should be Buddy, Tippett, JPK AND Parker for Ryder and we can throw in Melksham as a sweetener 😉
J.Worrall: Ok, cusch, you get to run the club if u pull taht off
cusch1: I went too far
Roksta: And hannerbury cusch?
J.Worrall: Goodes to Buddy, free, baing
J.Worrall: oh, surpprise, Buddy to Goodes baing
cusch1: We need to leave someone at the Swans Roksta
J.Worrall: Goodes lets Buddy down
3rdstriker: the only one tugging it is you bruce
Roksta: Lol
J.Worrall: How about the Swans forwards then? A bit ordinary?
cusch1: But Cyril isn’t playing Striker?
Lynxe: aslong as sydney dont win next week it will be fine.
3rdstriker: lol
MudDawg: It helps when you can ‘cheat’ the salary cap, JW.
Roksta: Franklin won’t get the 3 votes Monty umps hate him lol. Swap icon with Parker
cusch1: And the NM supporters return!! Bad luck Lynxe maybe 2018 will be your year! haha
3rdstriker: sydney have a salary cap?
Raspel31: Gablett considering a straight swap move to the Saints if Ahmed Saad comes back in.And so he should-a sports drink.Shame
J.Worrall: AFL runs the game – set the rules, allow some “cheats” and not others. Your call goes to Gillon or Demetriou, not the Sw
Lynxe: cusch i havent been on at all tonight, im not even angry im actually happy my team even made it this far.
Redraptor: parker and buddy 151 sc
Roksta: Lol striker
man0005: Haha cusch at least North will be able to field next year 🙂 enjoy supporting a bunch of cheats buddy
J.Worrall: I think people calling names like “cheat” sgould suffer the banhammer
cusch1: Are you a little angry Man0005? Lynxe you should be happy but a little disappointed at the margin ahah
J.Worrall: reckon he is, cusch
Raspel31: man0005-cheats language banned from here.Immature and unallowed.
Lynxe: well yeah its disappointing to lose by so much in a final, but no need to troll.
cusch1: Maybe Hird should cry to Jelwood so he can get our mob out of trouble JWorrall
J.Worrall: Apparently Hirdy is also a bleeder!
cusch1: Lynze better luck next year my friend #GoPort
Roksta: Even after it was proven in court? Hope they just serve their bans in off season and everyone can move on
Eaglesuk: Lance ‘3 Strikes Drug Test please move to Sydney’ Franklin!!
cusch1: Roksta who knows what will happen i’ve completely lost interest and just want it to be over with

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