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Chat log from R22 of 2014: Port Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Carlton, R22 of 2014

Dangermaus: geez, m0nty, any chance you could unban my other account… its been more than 2 weeks now
Dangermaus: would be a nice week if Waite decided to kick 5 goals for me too.
WrightWay: Carn ya Murf.
Dangermaus: port to win by about 10 goals tonight
Dangermaus: they’re almost back to full strength
Dangermaus: hopefully Kornes goes head to head with Murphy
Dangermaus: carrots will probably go to Boak or Wines… or possibly even Hartlett
Dangermaus: oh theyre doing that dumb inxs thing again
Mendax: Yeah Danger, know what u mean!
Mendax: How do you call a team in white “The Blues”?
Mendax: … mines over 2 weeks 2. Something about no Cox jokes – so dumb
Mendax: Nice grab young Neade
Dangermaus: i cant even remember what I did, it’d be nice if the ban message was a bit more specific, so I knew how to appeal…
Dangermaus: Wingard on fire early….
colmullet: when ya ready Kade
Mendax: m0nty don’t care – too busy with young Gilly.
Mendax: Love wtching Casboult – just needs to get a bit more accuracy into his kicking – FARK might help!
Mendax: anyone ready to mis spell Monfires tonight?
Mendax: flower meaning Fossils Academy of Kicking
Mendax: Had no idea that Firk where i is replaced by a was a replaced word
old_shepp: Well left Westhoff
WrightWay: Gonna loop hole Windgard at this rate.
Mendax: You going for Adelaide’s Pies, olshepp?
Mendax: Win gard is up – don’t expect too much of Gray tonight …
old_shepp: It’s a dilemma Mendax – can’t really barrack for either. So will watch purely from a fantasy point of view
SydneyRox: cmon Port!!
Mendax: Good for you olsheep
old_shepp: Think you’re wrong about Gray Mendax. He is set to go big
Dangermaus: Pendlebury is overdue for a big one
Mendax: weird – Gray and Windy both performing on the same night!
cusch1: Big game Robbie big VC for me this week
Dangermaus: did Wingard take his supplements this week or something…. ?
Dangermaus: told ya Carrots should have gone with Hartlett
Mendax: They’re double teaming Juddy – hard to get 3 votes now …
old_shepp: Gray 50 already in SC
3rdstriker: stuck with wingard for months, finally traded him and he does this
meka100: Great work Lobbe and Simpson you useless cunts
Raspel31: Hmm,no Fyfe,no Kennedy,no Beams-and Lobbe -3.Over the moon-not.
heppelitis: haha raspel
Mendax: Gray seriously going off, then!
Mendax: Very hard to get 3 votes in a losing team, even for Juddy
slmit4 : Didn’t have the stones to put the vc on gray
old_shepp: Had Jake Neade all last year and he does this to me now !
circle52: You were not alone ther simit
Mendax: I idint have the aggetts to even bring Gray in.
heppelitis: was just thinking that old_shepp too
slmit4 : A massive fu to murph. Lift your game
3rdstriker: Me neither Mendax, I figured that surely Malthouse would put Curnow or Carrazzo of both on him
Slightly01: Murphy getting raped all night then cops that?!
knickers: Life lanky lobbe
coldog: Fuk u Murphy u softcok getting tagged by a guy in his 40s
Mendax: gray right off
uptoolate: hello ??? is there anyone in here ? …
Heizenberg: Omg murphy my match day vc my team getting smashed, happy days 🙁
Mendax: i worried about carrots too
Punt: I have Murphy and Simpson on the bench. They might stay there!
mooses: wasted qtr for lobbe
Heizenberg: Fuck gray i want to bring you in for jenkins for gf, please stop
uptoolate: haha ….. I guess it already came up ? ….. so you nodded off Monty ? …..
old_shepp: Got scared off Gray after his ordinary flu affected game against the Pies. Went Buddy instead.
lozdaleg: oh fuck off wingard you littile cunt
Buzz67: Simpson putting in his regular first quarter shocker. Must still be on Melbourne time
Heizenberg: And stop destroying my side
coldog: Murphy a huge 7 supercoach points
Raspel31: So,no Beams,Fyfe and Kennedy-and Lobbe and Murphy flogs-and Ebert vaguely alive.Groan.Bound to win this week.
Tony9668: Got gray as my vc loop, but team is knackered
uptoolate: Wingard comes good ? …. who coulda picked that ??? …let alone Port firing ! …
Mendax: i wondered about bringing in the Smurf – so glad I passed on that one
Mendax: stop whinging, Raspel, you are the first to do it tonight – this Carnage means “game on” for many of us.
frenzy: same here @ tony9668, will make for a long weekend thou
hammers: Good evening all
Tony9668: Somehow won last week with beams as capt @frenzy, ya never know?
Raspel31: Too true Mendax.Apologies and good luck.
uptoolate: Maltbush has to go for sure at years end ….. has a great list ….. clearly not getting any message across whatsoever
rooboypete: Evening everyone! Wit all these premos out, it should be a fascinating w/e of fantasy footy!
Mendax: hey, hammers, who are you really?
kingbaz: Is Rockliff out also??
Mendax: Respect, Raspel!
heppelitis: shut up kingbaz
Mendax: Rocky named on the extended bench – no idea why.
hammers: Who
scaryness: shouldn’t Tuohy have the 4 leaf clover too?
slmit4 : Rocky named in final team on bench
3rdstriker: he often is mendax, was last week too, its not a concern
Tony9668: Rocky might have leather poisoning
alekstah: Cmon ebert! WTF you doing you spud!
runt: Rockliff has a touch of swine flu and leather poisoning that’s all.
Mendax: sweet, thx 3rd
3rdstriker: murphy muppet
kingbaz: Thanks Mendax, good start by Port. Sore wrist hepp lol
Mendax: Ebert heard you, alekstah
N.Fyfe: Murphy with an absolute clanger!
runt: @Tony9668 took the words right off my keyboard!
Stupendous: Murf is soft like marshmallow
heppelitis: haha runt aint that the truth oink oink
Punt: Murph def staying on the bench!
slmit4 : Murphy soft as butter worst cpt in afl
cusch1: What is Gray sc?
alekstah: Mendax, yes he did … yes he did
Tony9668: Great minds think alike @ runt
slmit4 : @punt u have a mid bench????
Mendax: Too easy for Port here
mooses: lobbe 17 this qtr, go you good thing
Raspel31: Anagram Murphy= Phrumy.In Turkish soft boy.Says it all really.
Mendax: slimbit – fair comment – not many have!
Heizenberg: Please carlton
colmullet: knew i should have loopholed Simspon
tezzer_j: Good work tuohy
slmit4 : Carlton showing their true colours. Shit list no leadership still look for Judd to carry them
uptoolate: incredible the effect of the home crowd advantage as seen so far tonite. Blues had better still be within 4 or so goals
Mendax: I thought a Froomy was a f**er you shared a room with, Thx for that Raspel!
Punt: Yeah I’ve held trades and never had Fyfe
uptoolate: as the commentators say ‘ Carlton need to respond here’ !!!
snake_p: Raspel what’s Turkish for sleeps with light on?
Mendax: Slimbit – Judd has strapped shoulders becoz he carries this team
Tony9668: Crowd didn’t help my hapless crows last week
Punt: Lobbe flying now. Good
Raspel31: Ha ha snake
runt: Anagram Menzel=lemenz In English=dudz
Heizenberg: Stop bagging murphy
Meztek: Isikli uyur… Or something like that.
heppelitis: i think its Barret @ snake_p
slmit4 : I really hate having guys in my team who I have no respect for ie. murph and Simpson, downhill skiers
Mendax: Yarran in a good moment is just great to watch
uptoolate: sorry Tony …. yes they are hapless….. and your violin noted. They had better perform this week.
Mendax: Does Damo sleep with light on?
snake_p: Agree simit. It was like when you brought Didak into your team a few years ago
Tony9668: Will possibly beat roos then lose to saints at home, @uptoolate
heppelitis: According to Robbo…yes
uptoolate: the blues tanking.
Mendax: Game over – anyone want to recommend a good movie?
Raspel31: With all respect Heiz-Murph a great player but not what you would call tough.
frenzy: even tigers can beat the saints
runt: Damo doesn’t sleep. He’s up all night fosicking for bullshit to write and talk about.
tezzer_j: i hate players who’s sole job is to prevent their opposing player to get near the ball, free kick against in my view
slmit4 : @snake and then he pinged his hammy in the first minute, I remember that
Mendax: Carltank lying down – never
3rdstriker: wines audition for my 2015 team is not going well
Heizenberg: Yeah true raspel not the toughest bloke we miss robbo his tough
Heizenberg: *his toughness
Mendax: Carlton might as well get the early flight back
slmit4 : Those who kept chad on the bench could be rewarded when it counts
Raspel31: Deep Sea Blues or The Blues Brothers Mendax.
uptoolate: letting westhoff mark & goal then uncontested ( I have him) was pathetic by the blues. Clearly the word has gone out !
Mendax: Smurf KO’d
3rdstriker: murphy is massive trouble
Punt: Murphy KO
3rdstriker: concussion
knickers: Lol mudguard
heppelitis: The full m0nty @ Mendax….ewww
Heizenberg: Oh great thats all we need
Mendax: Thx Raspel DSB – off tp imdb
Punt: Murphy gawn.
hammers: Poor kick leads to that – player killer
snake_p: Ouch. Murph. Just another injury to my mids
Dangermaus: murphy gone, stretcher out
tezzer_j: terrible kick by docherty, his fault that happened
Cheannn: O’Shea will probably get 3 weeks for that
3rdstriker: murphy wont be back I wouldnt think
Costanza: Adel oval like a bowling green, short cut grass and rock hard
Roksta: Are carltank shooting for a priority pick?
Dangermaus: hopefully that means Kornes can run free now
Heizenberg: Good courage murph
Costanza: then a skating rink when wet
old_shepp: Murphy 18SC – can he get to 30 by the end of the game?
slmit4 : Well that’s season over. Time for some inventive cpt choices
Mendax: Another one I’m gald I dint trade in
Raspel31: Apologies Heiz-Murph not tough but very brave.
coldog: Well I’m fuckd now. Might go play the xbox or just go to bloody bed
Mendax: Deep Sea Blues – no torrent on kat
3rdstriker: wouldnt think so Shepp, that degree of scaling up is normally reserved for the winning team
Gigantor: thank god my opponent has murph as well!
Heizenberg: Thats okay raspel yeah hes brave courageous just not tough as other playets
Heizenberg: Lol colddog, go for the xbox too early for bed on a friday night
runt: Murphy has no luck when all is said and done.
japes: Wingard and Gray SC please?
colmullet: lol Simpson thrown in the white flag for the season?
Mendax: Big kick Casboult – a little accuracy and he might challenge Buddy
frenzy: what the flower is wrong with simmo
WrightWay: Come on Murf, I need ya.
knickers: In sc loopholed langdon and Simmo. Surely Landon out scores him
Costanza: laser beam pass
Mendax: Chad for a night out here
snake_p: Frenzy. Answer – he plays for Carlton
Hazza09: Simpson been terrible tonight
uptoolate: Whats the matter Ollie ?
old_shepp: Oh well 2 donuts and Murph – bye bye 1k finish
Raspel31: Out of here lads-my SC shot.But c’mon Liverpool and Chelsea looking the goods.See you next year and may you all travel w
Mendax: sse ya next year Raspel!
colmullet: can Simpson beat Murph? :p
uptoolate: take care Rasp ! goodonya !
kangawalla: Dammit! My PF opponent has The Chad & I have Murph. Not an ideal start.
Mendax: any other movies worth the DL?
Raspel31: Travel well all.Thanks uptoolate et al.Will miss this.Good luck all still in there.
uptoolate: a damming performance from Carlton so far …. Port are not this good ! … there is something amiss ???
Stupendous: Has the website taken a 2 week ban?
Punt: Scores frozen?
mooses: dt live for me i thinks
3rdstriker: where the fuck has this been wingard, didnt go anywhere near the wing for 10 weeks and now all over the ground
feralmong: no punt murphy off
frenzy: Judd must be spewing he signed for 2015
Stupendous: Hand off brumby Monty
mooses: dt live frozen to, must be cd
Heizenberg: So who did we all trade fyfe and beams to?
Stupendous: We pay good money for this service Monty and don’t expect you to be asleep at the wheel
3rdstriker: will be going priddis and sidebottom or shuey heizenberg
3rdstriker: although considering bennell as a risky pod
Heizenberg: Okay striker i went fyfe – priddis and beams to k jack, should give me enough cash to go jenkins – gray for gf
Stupendous: @heizenberg, I was confident Sheehan would score 200 tonight so Indidn’t need to cover them
Heizenberg: That is risky so is shuey a little
3rdstriker: I dont have the luxury of a third trade so spending all my cash at once
Mendax: No Fyfe here – Boomer and Beams to … Priddis and Cotch? or Lewis and Ellis?
heppelitis: thats right stupendous i spent heaps on the cougars last year he was selling
Froggy: When was the last score update?
rooboypete: Fyfe to Sloane, Beams to Cotchin
Froggy: There we go
Punt: I went beams to Jobe and boomer to Priddis. No Heppell should help Jobe
Heizenberg: Damn gray not to much more sc or i cant afford you
cusch1: What is Gray’s sc?
Raspel31: Heizenberg-relax for once.I’m gone-but before I go Man City v Liverpool.A cracker.Thoughts?.
wadaramus: Well, pretty sure Murfs early night will cost me all five prelims along with the other donuts.
uptoolate: Are there drugs yet proven to be effective against heppelitis …. ?
knickers: Fyfe to wingard. Beams to gray for knickers
wadaramus: Gray 89sc, wish i’d stuck the vc on him!
wadaramus: No, but a fractured hand works uptoolate.
Mendax: Those trades are smelly knickers
knickers: @mendax. Also as smelly as my gusset
hunt: Wingard SC
Mendax: Bringing in 2 players from an out of form team???
gaz14: WTF Kade Simpson
chrisj911: Kade Simpson, what a dud, can score 120 one week then score 30 the next, wtf?
3rdstriker: that plays freo in freo next week?
Punt: Lobbe 42sc. Simpson 13sc. Murph 19sc
cusch1: Thanks Wada thats exactly what I did…has murphy been subbed yet?
knickers: Out of form team???? Top 5 beeaattccch
zump69: Kate simpson what a spud for a premium.
hardballge: who got injured peeps?
uptoolate: h@wada again …. haha …. liked ur prior comment ….. 2x not published ….
hardballge: ah got it
SweetAsM8: Murphy got injured wasn’t it?
uptoolate: i can understand that u are overwhelmed at times Monty …. perhaps u need extra people on board ?
Mendax: your team knickers, but I’d look at other alternatives
chrisj911: I traded Wingard 2 weeks ago, now he gets his 2 best scores the last 2 weeks in about 10 weeks, typical.
Mendax: uptoolate- you are so right. m0nty has not yet had the therapy for control freak
3rdstriker: dont know that ive ever had a comment not published uptoolate, are you sure its not at your end?
tamoz: Any chance of a comeback from here?
Mendax: nothiong up my end
uptoolate: @3rdstriker ….. get a real farkn opinion ….. u are clearly a nondescript moroon !
Derekcraig: Gray 87sc. Go you good VC
Mendax: What’s up your end, uptoolate?
runt: A moroon?
old_shepp: Might have to loophole Cameron Wood – give me a bit of excitement for the weekend
hammers: Lobbe and Simpson stay down please
Mendax: Gray is a freak. If he stays fit, I’ll bring him in next year
Mendax: Yes, runt, a maroon!
knickers: A moroon is like a cuunnt
Raspel31: 3rdstriker is known to be outspoken but mentally handicapped-so treat nicely lads.
Mendax: Daffy Duck calls people maroons!
uptoolate: @Mendax. nothing. quiet night at home. Does ur nic relate to a medication of some sort ??? if so, get on it if it helps
Mendax: coconut?
Mendax: In my earlier days, I used this nic. Off to Ecuador soon.
Mendax: How is a marron like a coconuta?
Mendax: wikileaks – you know me
uptoolate: @Mendax. I wish nothing less than good on you. Australia’s loss is clearly Ecuadors gain. ….. lucky prieks !?!
hardballge: more like wikipshycward
Mendax: Great mark, Wingard
KelCO: The one week my opponent has Wingard he actually plays -_-
Lions38: Murphy subbed.
uptoolate: sorry all ….. the footy is good. …. :00
old_shepp: Wingard +6 for the another +3 for the hair flick
gaz14: This Carlton team is awful. No pressure at all.
LovesIt: trust carlton to get a spud like wingard in form
Mendax: PsychWard is a website allowing students of Psychology and Sociology to share information and learn together.
knickers: Come on white wood
Heizenberg: @kelco always the way
Mendax: I love the hair flick. Do all players get the +3, or just Wingo?
Heizenberg: Rowe so unlucky if he misses AA which he probably will
hardballge: when your done mendax you can pull the rubber chicken ot of your pants and follow the game ;D
old_shepp: His is the best flick of the current lot
LovesIt: fucking fairy wingard
uptoolate: @Mendax. As much as u are probably a good person. This is a football website apparently > ? …. can u pls pissssssss o
Ferog: Starting to look like hanging on to Wingard was a good idea.
Mendax: What can the Doos Blew here?
tamoz: Is murphy still on?
Mendax: 74 to 16, uptoolate – this is not a football game
heppelitis: oh fri night just got better…simpson plus 3
tigerman28: Any chance carrazzo might man up on gray? Thought he was a tagger
Viscount: Murphy subbed out
Heizenberg: God damn it carlton gonna lose by triple figures
knickers: Carrots ain’t a tagger. He is a root vegetable
Mendax: if u think this game is a joke, say “i”
uptoolate: @ Heizen et al …. wow !!! did not see this coming from Port at all !!!
old_shepp: Gray has tonned up in SC
heppelitis: had more beers than kades kicks so far…wtf
mooses: if you think mendax is ajoke say yah
Heizenberg: @uptoolate yeah just limped over gc last week thought this wou
Mendax: it is not afl
Mendax: it is awful
Heizenberg: *would be close
tigerman28: Carlton are shower
Heizenberg: You serious gray 100 sc, fuck im gonna miss him if so
Tony9668: Port smelling a big kill
Mendax: ok, backing away after lighting blue touch paper
toddpaps9: wingard star? why?
Punt: Carlton will get worse. Much worse.
frenzy: earth to simpson, come in simpson
hardballge: what’s your tally Hepp, I got home half 3 and unbeknowns to me all 8 beers are gone, I swear that mystery beer vanish
gaz14: FUCK had the vc on Gray, but of course I had to reverse a trade fuck me
Torz: Gray the star I would’ve though.
rooboypete: Very early for the star, isn’t it?
old_shepp: He’s 114 now Heizen
Stupendous: Sweet mother of jesus. I just saw lucas almost tackle someone.
wadaramus: Wingard is no star.
Heizenberg: @old shepp omg im fucked
uptoolate: this does not look good for Maltbush !>?!
wadaramus: Definitely Gray the star Torz.
Mendax: Port are totally pretenders, this is not a comeback by Port, its a resignation from Carltoin
heppelitis: the missus out 4 tea @hardballage,,,made a dash for the bin to hide my evidence,,,dunno lol
old_shepp: Same mate. All my opponents have him and I have Murph !
3rdstriker: all too familiar sight of murphy going to hospital
Dangermaus: Seriously what the fuck is this shit with Simpson the last few games…
Bricktop: Wingard is GOD
Stupendous: Murf strapped to the gurni so he doesn’t attack the paramedics
Mendax: Total capitulation
chrisj911: murphy still beating simpson wtf
Mendax: Does Mick want a priority pick?
Tony9668: In 2 SC prelims thought I was stuffed but
cusch1: Do this consistently Wingard I am still not convinced
Mendax: Or is Mick a priority Prick?
uptoolate: @Mendax …. I can only advise u to reduce the dosage of your medicine gradually ….
Dangermaus: i said port by 10 goals… should have said 20
Heizenberg: God all you ppl carlton tanking this that they put together 6 – 8 Weeks on solid football
hardballge: lol @Heppelitis, that’s my point, I have no idea how much I ever drink unless my Daughters meter me
wadaramus: Hardly Bricktop, he is a flashy spud.
Heizenberg: *of
LovesIt: wingard a fucken downy
tigerman28: Reckon Mick might kill a reporter at his press conference tonight. Watch out Mark Stevens!
Mendax: not sure about gradually – maybe i could do it slowly?
Tony9668: One opp has fyfe, Kennedy ,pendles, beams, boomer, plus murphy, Simpson
Mendax: apparently Mick can’t be a Priority Pr!ck
Bricktop: yeah heaps of Flashy spuds are all australian at age of 19, you tool
Heizenberg: Fuck carlton
uptoolate: @Mendax …. talk to your doctor ……
feralmong: tigerman i’d love someone to ask him if this is tanking or not. hehe.
Mendax: Gonna watch a movie – Carlton blues die young
wadaramus: He’s done stuff all this year man, live in the past if you want to, he’s not quite GOD.
heppelitis: the missus home..old fosters flop im afraid
Raspel31: Puberty Blues Mendax.
Lynxe: wadaramus biggest troll on fanfooty get lost skid
Bricktop: Maybe not GOD but def a STAR
knickers: Wingard is a DOG
heppelitis: hang on…movement at the station…simpson…plus 3
wadaramus: Well said knickers, he’s not even a star Bricktop, not yet anyway but he has potential.
tigerman28: Blues are back in this!
Heizenberg: Simpson doing the ice bucket challenge, is that the icon?
Heizenberg: Menzel aswell and wines
heppelitis: haha heizenberg
wadaramus: Troll, hardly, speak your mind Lynxe whatever you reckon.
Dangermaus: can anyone tell who Kornes is on now ???
LazyAs: Stiff Shulz
Heizenberg: Thanks heppelitis
Heizenberg: God my team is just shit tonight
Bricktop: so hes not a Star but a Dog and a spud…but he has confused
chrisj911: murphy is getting more sc points than Simpson every minute, lol
3rdstriker: matt white subbed
Lions38: White subbed with iced up groin.
Punt: Lucas must crack up every time he gets paid by Carlton. Terrible player
wadaramus: Didn’t call him a dog, but called him a flashy spud, he can do some good stuff but inconsistent.
tigerman28: Just loving watching Pies and Blues going down the toilet
LazyAs: me nounderstand that free kick to Port ruck
Punt: Good comeback from Lobbe
Bricktop: pretty sure being consistent is a big factor in getting name all australian..
Lynxe: touched indeed
heppelitis: swannies might o the vsame to you tigerman
3rdstriker: goal review actually effective and they got it right
wadaramus: That’s last year Bricktop?
LazyAs: touched his stink finger
heppelitis: oops
Lynxe: wingard and gray sc?
tezzer_j: can carlton actually kick a football at all
Tony9668: 2nd week in a row the third umpire has got it wrong
tigerman28: Had a few drinks tonight, heppelitis?
Karlpov: what a horrible game to watch
Bricktop: his first half of this year has lightning in a bottle too
chrisj911: gray 131 wingard 85 Simpson 18 Murphy 24
tezzer_j: lol @ tigerman
heppelitis: yep…sittng in the dark too
Lynxe: that vc on gray is looking very nice 🙂
Mendax: Carltank a chance to regroup before reurning for the finl flogging
wadaramus: OK Bricktop, you’re a Wingard fan, no reasoning with you!
Heizenberg: Go away mendax, noweone wants you here
zump69: Keep going simpson at least get to 25.
chrisj911: Don’t think Wingard should have the star, maybe gray. Wingard has had about 5 good games for the whole year
Mendax: How many Bombers will cop the (vapourvirtual) 6 months?
heppelitis: agree chris…although id have him at the bombers
chrisj911: Blaine Johnson has more than doubled Simpsons sc score, that’s really sad, I used to think Simpson went alright
Bricktop: have a good w.e mate
wadaramus: Peace Bricktop.
chrisj911: agree Heppelitis, I am also a bombers supporter, quick small to medium forward just what we need
Drak: Whats winged though? 3rd year? Isn’t Gray like 5 or 6?
heppelitis: yes..our fwd line a lil suspect lol
LazyAs: @heppelitis i would have him at the cats, to me hes a selfish player who has the potential to devide a playing group
3rdstriker: 8th I believe drak
Heizenberg: @ drak i think 8th season actually
LazyAs: should be wouldnt!
cusch1: ChrisJ, Heppellitis: We do have ZachMerrett and Kommer when he gets back and Fantasia/Obrien has looked promising
chrisj911: monfries would be handy this year, lol
heppelitis: haha Lazy was scratching my head….old morefrees…still got a soft spot for him…
cusch1: Cornes tagginf Gibbs now too
chrisj911: cush1, I agree we need Kommer back for his pressure, but we need a goalkicker that has speed.
heppelitis: dont know why obrien never got a look in..been in good form..inj now though
chrisj911: Still don’t know why we got rid of froggy and kept Jetta
wadaramus: Gray BOG easily.
cusch1: Heppelitis he should have been playing over Kav these last few weeks
Dangermaus: give Gibbs the Atlas
Bricktop: Gray brownlow odds will fall big time after tonight
hammers: Fck off Gray – opponent has him
Tony9668: Go Robbie VC
cusch1: Froggy retired and jetta was tradebait
Heizenberg: Fuck you gray who im gonna trade jenkins to for gf now??????????
heppelitis: over milkshake too….
Dangermaus: if gray gets top 10 in the brownlow, i’ll eat my hat, you’re kidding aren’t you
chrisj911: Simpson might catch Murphy is sc if he gets another 2 possessions
SydneyRox: the rest of the comp thanks carlton for playing port back into form…
chrisj911: froggy didn’t retire, he was pushed out
cusch1: And Dellolio just needs a bit more consistency and he could be something
maestro: monty jumping the gun with wingard best on ground was is like when he was saying gold coast would make the top 4
3rdstriker: time for the witches hats to come out
wadaramus: Gray 143sc, surely he is star worthy m0nty.
slmit4 : Gray clearly best on
chrisj911: was gonna make gray vc but chose big Sauce Jacobs instead
Tony9668: Give it to Robbie again
Bricktop: Dangermaus check out the odds tomorrow, all I’m saying
Lynxe: tbh gray 3 votes
heppelitis: was dangerous chris but fumbling was his problem…had adhd….lool…mind outta syn with his body
Mendax: Gray. Star. Seemples.
cusch1: I must laugh at all those who jumped on Waite
uptoolate: ohhhh dearrrrrr !!! new coach for the Blues ….. !
Bricktop: if Woewoden won it surely Gray has a chance
colmullet: Kade not doing much better than a donut this week
cusch1: Kommer Colyer MerrettBros and Dell all have talent some just aren’t using itHeppelitis/ChrisJ
heppelitis: G Cornes made statement a few years back about gray winning charlie…maybe he was right
Lynxe: gray gun lmao wtf?? monty drunk or something?
chrisj911: yea but who has taken his place for now? We used him wrong, he had to play like a marking target
Dangermaus: huge down arrow for Ollie Wines tonight
Tony9668: If lobbe goes down port are stuffed
wadaramus: No way Wingard gets 3 Brownlow votes tonight, Robbie Gray FOR SURE=STAR.
Mendax: Is winws even playing?
Heizenberg: Gray a big chnace for brownlow especially ebert and boak gone backwards statistically since last year
chrisj911: Ports sub has scored as much as Simpson in sc, what is wrong with that guy? Can a Carlton supporter answer?
maestro: matlhouse the most overrated coach he doesn’t even have a good winning percentage
frenzy: gee monty your BOG aint had a kick this QTR Lol
heppelitis: ozarios the one…needs a few preseasons though
slmit4 : Loving wines sc, cheaper for next year
3rdstriker: gibbs atlas
Lynxe: montys clearly drunk
maestro: can monty or whoever is controlling the star please have the courage to admit you were wrong with wingard
uptoolate: agree with Maestro ….. (if u didn’t pick it already !) ….. Maltbush is an an absolute forewit !
Heizenberg: Exactly gray clearly bog ive watched from start to finish so much contested work and damaging disposal
Heizenberg: Had clearance goals, done it all tonight has gray
Tony9668: Trengrove & monfries big ins for ports balance
Mendax: These are the games that screw SC scores – 3300 points to give to … who?
Lynxe: wingard hasnt even touched it this qtr
tezzer_j: tells you something when simmo’s sc score is still less than murphy, tool!
Heizenberg: * clearances
Dangermaus: looks like the person doing the icons isn’t even reading this shit
cusch1: We must keep in mind Port has played poorly without Trengrove who is easily their best defender
heppelitis: and murph massive out for blues lol
maestro: i hope people don’t use these stars as a reference for brownlow betting
wadaramus: Simmo has got the mare for sure! Wingard deserves yin/yang.
chrisj911: I would trade Simpson next week if I didn’t already have 5 injuries from last week
Tony9668: GAJ may still win brownlow
cusch1: Turf must be very hard for two players to get KO’d
Dangermaus: schulz in koosbane
Masten: What! Just logged on. Murph, Simps, and Lobbe plus all the outs…..
chrisj911: wrapt sportsbet are paying back the cash on Gaj for brownlow, can’t lose!
heppelitis: schultz says…i know nothing!!!
wadaramus: Oval is hard, it’s been a dry August.
Hazza09: Thanks to kade the hack I’m gone in all my games
chrisj911: Nick Holman beating Simpson in Sc and I don’t even know who he is, never heard of h
Tony9668: Not bad @hepp
maestro: who is everyone backing for the big one tomorrow?
Heizenberg: Cats for mine maestro hawks coming back from perth on sunday night wont help
gaz14: Wingard has been trying to get the seagull goal in the goal square all night.
Tony9668: Go Robbie
chrisj911: Bombers!
itsduftime: *cough Gray star *cough
uptoolate: the Blues have no reason to win ! …. this is an embarrassment to the game. Maltbush leave NOW !@!!
tezzer_j: if only i had put the friday night special vc on gray
cusch1: Kennett Curse will continue Maestro
Tony9668: Hawks
frenzy: lol @ duftime
maestro: yeah i guess technically the kennet curse hasn’t really finished
heppelitis: @maesteo jelwood, hartman bartel burg, smitch and suckers to be precise
cusch1: Imagine if Port had kicked straighter
3rdstriker: robbie gray about to cape up
tezzer_j: come on simmo at least beat murph lol
lozdaleg: grays sc ????
Bricktop: sneaky 50 each way on Gray for Chaz
Heizenberg: Yeah it has meestro the way cats lost that prelim super painful for them
wadaramus: For gooddness sake Robbie is the STAR.
cusch1: 50 shades of Robbie
chrisj911: I wouldn’t give pick 40 for Simpson, most overrated player in the league
tezzer_j: the embarassing blues, oh dear
uptoolate: Kennett curse ??? …. u dopey prieks……. get up with the times !!!
wadaramus: Gray a massive 172sc, wasn’t sure if he could back up last weeks big score, wish I had dropped the vc on him!
Swoozie: Hamish Hartlett outsanding since I brought him in at $400k for bench cover.
runt: Blues have been blasted back over the Rubicon
Mendax: Blues just a joke
cusch1: Wingard deserves the star for that
runt: I have Simpson but his effort has been sp pathetic you can only laugh
Stuart88: As a carlton fan carnt belive how bad this is but on a good note robbie VC great call
cusch1: Ken Hinkley on his phone as the final siren goes hahah classic that one
maestro: can’t wait to see malthouse press conference
tezzer_j: 40 scoring shots to 12 lol lol lol lol
frenzy: gray VC , but simpson stunk
Costanza: to the press conference shamozzle that is Mick
Mendax: Not AFL quality
uptoolate: very very sad Carlton ….. for many years now …… :0(
chrisj911: murphy beat Simpson, that sums up my sc prelim

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