Chat log from R6 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Manowar: Hawthorn should win this one, without to many problems!
Cottees: go the Hawks! Please play well
bhg26: I hate seeing JPK as medi sub. Poor guy
MrWalrus: PAFC, our match is possibly getting interesting
Dogs5416: Dermie the biggest flog. Watching on mute. Go Heeney and Sicily
Raspel31: As long as Sicily doen’t touch the pill I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss either way.
MrWalrus: Didn’t take long for a shocker
thommoae: Blimey. #freekickhawthorn
bhg26: Going to have fun listening to hawthorn commentary all day
Cottees: great start by Hawks but cannot watch the game as it isn’t on prime 7. Umps making a few bad calls?
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
navy_blues: swans havent turned up yet
MrWalrus: Dermot is possibly the worst commentator ever
bhg26: No we have not navy
obione05: 5 goal breeze?
Manowar: Horse is having a mare!
cherry9: Nice start Hawks. Need a Ward 78 for a league win – would be a PB
MrWalrus: Free for first goal pretty iffy Cottees but pretty standard otherwise
beerent11: Ward looks lively
Cottees: Thanks Walrus, was worried we were getting all the calls haha
navy_blues: newcombe on fire
beerent11: Has been looking better last couple of games cherry
cherry9: Hawks entry kicks inside 50 are surgical
Valorlonga: Wouldn’t mind Mills coming off the bench ….
bhg26: for fucks sake swans you spuds
Manowar: this one’s over, well done Hawks
beerent11: Early jump bhg
Valorlonga: Rampe playing against Swans atm
bhg26: Huzzah!
MrWalrus: Manowar you’re being silly
thommoae: Rampe channelling his inner Touk
Dogs5416: Hate the constant reference to meters gained. Useless stat. Means nothing at all
masterhc2: fuck we are good
pcaman2003: Hi all! Well this is an interesting start. Quite unexpected!
Valorlonga: Game being completely over umpired atm
MrWalrus: Play on!
bhg26: Love how even from 60m out Buddy has kicked 38 goals at 50%
Raspel31: More clangers than possessions Heeney- that is masterful.
HolyNorf: were people booing buddy or the free kick? I really hope it was the free kick
bhg26: For fucks sake Warner
Dogs5416: No reason for players to take a quick play on. Stupid by titch
bhg26: Buddy kicked a goal, quick get off!
MrWalrus: Manowar, come back! Remarkably somehow it’s not game over afterall!
cherry9: If anyone can beat the Hawks in Tassie it?s Lance
Pav300: Hey m@nty how many months after u pay do u upgrade me to premo? Can u have a look at your payment process?
hinsch: With Hayes out who are you bringing in
Social: Hayes
beerent11: Hayes
bhg26: Hayes hinsch
navy_blues: hayes
AlsoGmax: Thought Heeney would be more in the guts with Buddy and McDonald there.
bhg26: Come on Harry you made Wingard look good
Gelly: can we complain about heeney yet?
pcaman2003: Sicily! That was a lazy kick.
Wahab_18: complain about sicily’s disposal by foot absolute rubbish.. he’s turned over about every kick
bhg26: Have Sicily in fantasy but not in SuperCoach, laughing at the moment
bhg26: Lovely errol
Cottees: argh, last bit was very meh. come on Hawks, don’t lose it
MrWalrus: Me too bhg, it’s most satisfying as my SC opponents mainly have him too
frenzy: errol golden
pcaman2003: Have another pipe Wahab and chill.
navy_blues: got sicily this week cos was just short on cash for sinclair grrr oh well stuck with him now
BigChief: The kebab comes in swinging.
MrWalrus: Let’s go Heeney & Parker, been around it, just need it to start going their way, both can score very quickly
Raspel31: I’m munching a tasty chicken and leek pie whilst considering shooting Heeney.
navy_blues: what price is newcombe?
pcaman2003: Navy. He’ll come good so don’t worry too much. Most matches he will do okay.
bhg26: 350k navy, but will probably go up 30k this week
pcaman2003: 347k navy.
navy_blues: hope so cos im not changing keeping him now and ty guys
bhg26: Holy shower! Buddy a one grab mark lol
pcaman2003: Too many handballs spoil the broth. Sick of HB turnovers ruining the game.
BRAZZERS: lol you stuck with a guy averaging 106 lol, Sic will be fine
Social: You can strike Ladhams off the Hayes replacement list
Gelly: fuck you warner
bhg26: Stop doing that paddy you?re scaring me!
BigChief: Paddy scoring well with zero marks.
bhg26: Wonder if derm can go 30 seconds without saying something that has zero value
Manowar: yeh thanks, we all had Ladhams penciled in as the Hayes replacement!
Wahab_18: Yes BigChief beacuse i didn’t field him this week for NOD and all my opp have him as unique so ofc he will
MrWalrus: If the swans didn’t get the ball the hawks would have, genius stuff derm you spanner
bhg26: Textbook snap off the shin
BigChief: Walrus he was taught by the biggest tool of them all. BT.
pcaman2003: Start earning your money Impey,or back to the magoos for you.
bhg26: That?s stupid budwa
bhg26: All hail lord mills
bhg26: Can we stop kicking to Buddy every flowering kick inside 50
pcaman2003: Swans starting to find space easier now. Tighten up Hawks.
Raspel31: There are a great many roads to perdition- Heeney is simply my latest, sigh.
bhg26: Derm now encouraging rising the arm to get a high free
BigChief: bhg if they kick to someone else Franklin sooks big time.
MrWalrus: I feel like there are worse plans than kick it to buddy
masterhc2: fuck sake titch
bhg26: It?s too predictable walrus
AlsoGmax: Poor Heeney, ingrown toenails really suck.
bhg26: That went about 10 metres
bhg26: How the fuck is that holding the ball
Raspel31: Mr Heeney- you have 2 feet. Surely 1 is made for kicking?
BigChief: McLean laid there like a dead fish and never tried is why bhg
thommoae: And Sicily guilty of that ‘pill touching’ you mentioned, Raspel.
bhg26: So you just have to pretend to try and flop like fish out of water
pcaman2003: Thank goodness for that Breust. Bombing it fwd continually isn’t paying off.
bhg26: Good lord buddy
BigChief: yes mate you do.
Raspel31: My bad thommoae- as was picking Heeney before Mills, sigh.
bhg26: Those players don?t ever try get rid of it ever chief, it?s stupid
pcaman2003: Stop giving them space in the fwd line Hawks. They’ll kill you every time.
cherry9: Ward -10 so far this qtr. Ah well
bhg26: No we won?t pcaman lol
MrWalrus: Sure is bhg, like so much of the AFL exclusive interpretations these days
pjw1234: the rowell to mills trade is looking a bit better now
MrWalrus: Heeney mugged then
BigChief: Swans pathetic kicking for goal.
MrWalrus: Also got nothing for the contested front and centre before, stupid CD
bhg26: You can say that again bigchief
pcaman2003: pjw1234. Nice swap.
bhg26: Swans have attended the bulldogs school of goal kicking
frenzy: I need sum players that can do a contested front and centre
MrWalrus: My in this week was Parker, loving his work from after about half way through the first on
Raspel31: Think Mr Mills will be prime beef on the stock exchange this week.
beerent11: Mid or fwd walrus?
bhg26: My in was petracca walrus 🙁
beerent11: Petracca will be better over the season bhg. I bought him in too
Hazza09: Trac cost me 8 league wins last night
Pokerface: think people will be too busy trying to get in Clarry Rasp
Pokerface: hope so anyway, so they leave my man Callum alone
beerent11: This was the week to get him in raspel. Had a low breakeven.
bhg26: I know he will beer, just got a bottom end score for him. Dee?s have a nice run
MrWalrus: Sitting mid but really he’s fwd long term plans wise, could be now via Martin DPP
Hazza09: Ward and MacDonald are both done! But so is Rachelle, JHF, Durdin and Hayes ofcourse
beerent11: You picked him hazza. Blame rests with you.
Raspel31: Ah- but many have Clarry Poker- and a lot of detritus.
Pokerface: hayes and rachele need to go first hazza. ward/McD won’t lose cash. Rachele might now
Pokerface: don’t think Clarry is that popular yet Rasp. Was hard to get him in initially and people been waiting for his BE to go u
Raspel31: I know beer- my bad.
beerent11: Cripps will be close to 500k after this round. Might go jhf to him.
MrWalrus: Clarry is SC gold, one of my first picked these days, will be for years to come.
beerent11: Cripps probably about 515k actually
Raspel31: Begs the question why would you not have Clarry from day 1- an awful clanger- but otherwise..
bhg26: Thought touk would go nuts this year walrus. Hasn?t met my expectations so far
Pokerface: rasp – because there was rowell, berry, jhf, daicos, and people went steele, touk etc over him.+preseason niggle?
bhg26: But my mistake will be corrected next week
Pokerface: not an awful clanger either. he’s been the worst of the ubers so far apart from touk. discounting this week 🙂
Pokerface: +cripps. just wasnt room
MrWalrus: Have him too over Steele, started well, not been terrible, reckon he’ll be fine long term still
Raspel31: Well, averaging 113 Poker and but for that 1 game be a lot higher. And is now higher.
Pokerface: yeah now higher. but up till now if you were paying 680(?) 113 isn’t good enough
bhg26: And we will get him in 50k cheaper rasp hehe
Pokerface: maybe it was steele who was 680. cant remember 🙂
bhg26: 670 poker, Steele was 685
Raspel31: Yep- read you Poker but no regrets from this little black duck. Many other regrets though.
Pokerface: but back to the point, he isnt as popular as you think. People are targetting him this week. Mills still be a Pod 🙂
bhg26: It?s going to be fun having 280k in the bank plus another 150k after trading Hayes to Hayes
MrWalrus: Haha, look out, Heeney getting his strut on
Pokerface: i take that all back. seems he is more selected than steele. my apolgies!
bhg26: The ladhams replacement for hayes is back on lol
Raspel31: I’m trading Hayes to Hayes to Hayes.
pjw1234: hayes to hayes will be popular this week but will lose the DP and English loophole
Raspel31: I will lose in FF leagues on the back of Mills v useless piece of merde Heeney- but no anger.
bhg26: Mills is a freak
MrWalrus: So this half umps have decided to let everything go
bhg26: Trying to catch up with points
Dredd: Not if you have Dixon in your fwd?s pjw
pcaman2003: Swans doing there best to keep us in it.
BRAZZERS: i have j.hayes in my forward line, preuss is on ruck bench
Wahab_18: surely concussion test for paddy
Gelly: you fucking dog wingard
Dredd: English preuss dixon rucks with Hayes fwd. trading hayes, moving dixon fwd and getting hayes
DANGERous: slow down sicily
mattmac24: Only reason I will or can bring in Hayes is if Grundy scores a 20 today or gets injured
Dredd: Will have to play preuss hayes till english back but mids of Macrae, Steele, Neale, Oliver, green and Cripps will carry
StuL: I reckon God probably has the c on mills
Social: Have a rest Paddy
bhg26: I?m happy for paddy to have a week off, getting a lot of head knocks this game
Pokerface: just no room mattmac? you wont find a better cash cow coming up
pcaman2003: The real Hawthorn is emerging with constant turnovers.
TheFlagger: heeney wake up
BRAZZERS: sicily done well to match his sc with his dt score
bhg26: Stop with the fucking shitty 15 metre hopeless kicks in the backline
beerent11: My mid bench is a real problem. Ward, soligo, Hough
StuL: Finally the real Heeney is back. This is why you don’t have Heeney
Dredd: Warner is an absolute shocker of a player
TheFlagger: wait for greg clark beerent. played well in wafl
BigChief: Won’t be long before Clark WC gets a game and he should be a good cash cow
bhg26: Had one bad week dredd
Migz: orright which of you lot brought heeney in this week and broke him. Muppets!
TheFlagger: bit harsh on warner
Pokerface: pumpkin heeney
Rebuild: Shades of last night’s game this one
beerent11: Yeah played wafl last two weeks I think should be good
bhg26: Fucking shithouse this effort swannies
MrWalrus: Yeah boo Heeney boo, I mean why not hate on a dude for being a gun all year
BRAZZERS: not similar at all
bhg26: Lot of recency bias in this chat walrus
pcaman2003: bhg26. Strong tackling pressure from both sides. Mistakes will happen.
DANGERous: Nash is a bull
Pokerface: nick daicos is only 15.00 to win ANZAC medal. Wow.
Migz: yeah. the ‘real heeney’ as he is ranked 6th on the season. I hate having top 10 players in my side haha
Pokerface: shorter than Grundy
Dredd: Longmuir needs to pull his finger out and out Heeney in the mid more..
circle52: Lift Swans – do not want to play you next week after a defeat
BigChief: Heeney doesn’t play for Freo Dredd.
bhg26: No excuse for being 4.10 pcaman
DrSeuss: Blakey is having quite the qtr
Social: I think he likes it in there Dredd
bhg26: Can?t get the ball anymore without being pinged
pcaman2003: At least Hawks aren’t the easy beats many predicted this year.
BRAZZERS: isaac spuddey
thommoae: Heeney htb, Ward not. Hmmmm
Dredd: Ghee Chief, pretty sure there?s a lot of autocorrects that are understood here.. but for you, Longmire
bhg26: How the fuck do you miss from there!
TheFlagger: heeney just clobbered sicily
MrWalrus: The real Heeney, gun fwd pick year after year, #1 fwd this year
Torz: Give Heeney the mare already
beerent11: Anyone else got an ad above with a bloke called Dennis Davis?
pcaman2003: bhg26. Still complaining about frees? Look at free count. Hawks have missed some too. Umpiring not too bad.
BigChief: If you are going to bag a coach Dredd at least get the right 1.
beerent11: Used to be my neighbour
Migz: its alright heeney will vulture him self to 4 goals in the last 10 minutes to get an 80 score
bhg26: Are hawthorn booing that deliberate lol
TheFlagger: max king mode
bhg26: Commented about bad decisions like twice pcaman
MrWalrus: Pca, as im always told numbers don’t mean anything, half the time by you
BRAZZERS: lol do ppl still use the free kick count argument lol
AlsoGmax: Heeney kicked it!
Dredd: It was an autocorrect mate.. A U T O C O R R E C T. Hopefully spelling it can help you read it Chief
DANGERous: Paddy still playing?
Napper: Heeney getting heaps of frees against and clangers and gaining points. Thanks CD
m0nty: Sicily being monstered, can’t buy a free
pcaman2003: bhg26. More than that Mr Bias.Don’t hear you complain when Hawks miss a free.
marls: Paddy done for the day?
StuL: I was saying boo urns
stemy1243: Gee maybe Rowell for Mills was a good move. Nice.
Social: Paddy’s been on the pine this whole time, get JPK on already
zadolinnyj: Footy monday great
bhg26: Well that was out of bounds before pcaman
MrWalrus: The count does matter when it’s 2:1 but nothing wrong about it today
Pokerface: he’s not on the pine Social, he’s in the rooms having concussion test
bhg26: Like for like substitution social lol
StuL: Looks like Paddy isn’t coming back
Pokerface: or was. looks like he is back there now
MrWalrus: It’s a 20 minute process
bhg26: I?ve been complaining about our performance a lot more than the umps pcaman
Wahab_18: back in all my matchups now with paddy out!!!
BRAZZERS: if paddy doesnt come back on, he’s another that needs to be traded
Pokerface: i hope this isn’t serious. poor kid. these things are cumulative
StuL: JpK on
BigChief: Paddy really has no luck
Dredd: Paddy to Coleman, Hayes to Hayes
bhg26: Poor paddy
Social: Like I said
BigChief: You really are a spud kebab.
bhg26: Fuck you chad wingard you little shit
BRAZZERS: paddy done
Pokerface: god he is distraught
Hazza09: Great Paddy gone
Pokerface: sickening 🙁
Valorlonga: Damn that picture of paddy in the room,
Hazza09: Piss off wahab you muppet
MrWalrus: Yeah, gee that’s great news that Paddy’s brain damage can bring you such joy ya spud
bhg26: Classy as always wahab you muppet
Pokerface: here here walrus
BRAZZERS: buddy was in the 5th row lol
TheFlagger: boo
bhg26: Boundary umpires having a mare
MrWalrus: Seriously bloke, what is wrong with you spud?
ajconodie: That deserves a deltetion.
BRAZZERS: kebab you dead set flog
BigChief: 5th row Braz? More like outside the stadium.
cherry9: Whole ball has to be over 5th row
pcaman2003: Any cahnce of a ban on Waheeb M0nty. He adds nothing to our chat
don key: think some umps are on the take
Pokerface: wasnt he asking for the spud to be removed a week or two ago???
bhg26: He makes us feel that feel little bit better about ourselves pcaman
Silz90: Poor paddy. How bad was the headknock
MrWalrus: Cheering a potentially career ending life changing injury must be heading into ban territory
Ninty: Might complain about SuperCoach scores but Paddy being concussed makes you not care so much. Hope he?s OK
MrWalrus: Not to bad silz but had like 5 solid ones pretty much back to back
Migz: unlucky paddy. pure luck for me i traded him to witherden this week
bhg26: Fuck you Chad wingard you little pissant
BRAZZERS: i wish you could block/hide users comments from the chat
BigChief: Don’t you guys know kebab’s life mission is to be the biggest moron in the world?
ajconodie: I would rather lose every h2h if it meant Paddy was ok.
Ninty: Never saw wahab comment, looks like I don?t want to know
pcaman2003: bhg26. Losers like Wahab shouldn’t be allowed her IMO.
bhg26: Agreed pcaman, grubby behaviour
TheFlagger: never know if youre gonna get a 80 or a 150 from mills
Catatafish: Not another concussion is it? Fuck me, give the guy a break..
Dogs5416: Missed the comment, sounds like a shower bloke. Like Heeney’s effort
BigChief: Wishing Paddy a speedy recovery and it’s not too serious.
BigCox75: bringing in Mills was a stroke of luck.. playing out of his skin
Swans Star: McDonald wont come back on looking at that head knock
pcaman2003: Poor Paddy though. Might have to do a booster trade this week.
MrWalrus: Looking at the vision I think he’s a bit dirty on being ruled out, that’s probably a good thing
TheFlagger: go heeney woo
bhg26: Was having a great comeback this year, looking like a very good backman. It?s sad, poor bloke
BigChief: Nice flop Heeney.
Pokerface: heeney doing his best tomahak impression
BRAZZERS: lol great dive
Social: this Heeney kid is all right
MrWalrus: Suspect they’ve just gone he’s got history, been hammered, lets just play it safe
beerent11: That looked in the side
AlsoGmax: What a jet!
BigChief: Let’s hope that is the case Walrus. He didn’t look happy in the rooms.
Dredd: Hopefully Paddy can get back sooner than later. No bloke you can feel sorry for more than him with his run in the game
bhg26: No paddy in the backline could be troubling
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks and keep those goals going.
Pavs: Not sure how Heeney gets 19 sc points for that?
zadolinnyj: Confirmed failed test but feels fine
bhg26: Swannies you don?t have to always try take the advantage it never works
Pokerface: good news – comms just said he feels fine. fingers crossed
zadolinnyj: Was it BigChief who brought in mills
Swans Star: Mills Supercoach score is going up faster than petrol prices
TheFlagger: piss off sicily
BigChief: Nope not me, wish I did though
BRAZZERS: lol dermie is a flop
Pokerface: i did too zad
TheFlagger: 76% tog for mills’ score is unbelievable. what a star
Migz: 190 wtf. 6/0 free kicks certainly helps. thats 24 points right there.
MrWalrus: Was Raspel who went Mills over clarry
zadolinnyj: Maybe poker. Someone did for english
pcaman2003: Shut up Dermie you dope.
Pokerface: yeah that one was me zad
MrWalrus: I reckon dermie got that right, ball firts minimal contact
zadolinnyj: I think I said good call Friday poker. Great all on monday
Pokerface: went him over laird
BigChief: m0nty Mills deserves the star already.
bhg26: Hawthorn defenders licking their lips at our kicks inside 50
Migz: do you think ward or macdonald could risk having a breakout games. ya turd twins
beerent11: Reckon heeney is just about to grab this by the balls.
Pokerface: lol, yes
zadolinnyj: Raspel said it yesterday as a joke I think
Swans Star: Cant even kick to a contest inside 50
Valorlonga: Got Mills in DT, couldn’t afford him in SC
Dogs5416: 230 burger for Mills. Chuck some extras in for a 230
TheFlagger: haha for sure beerent. couple sealer goals and up to 110 sc
Dredd: Heeney to do what he did against North. Just absolutely light up the last 5
Dredd: Or he can just do it now
MrWalrus: Nah, was going on about it before, went Mills over Clarry
Dredd: I spoke too soon.. fml
Swans Star: Swans really dont deserve to win this, goal kicking has been horrendous
pcaman2003: Lift Hawks.
TheFlagger: lol what was that about warner
bhg26: God I love Chad warner
bhg26: That was an effortless 55 metre kick and some
SilverLion: Finally the real Heeney back. This is why you have Heeney.
MrWalrus: Some real experts on here, Heeney a terrible pick, Waner can’t play, NFI
Cottees: come on Hawks, lift!
BigChief: Damn Mills avg 110 before today.
pcaman2003: SwansStar. We don’t either through horrible turnovers.
TheFlagger: dyl moore is an all australian
Social: Anybody’s game this 😉
Swans Star: @pcaman2003 very frustrating game to watch for both supporters
BRAZZERS: wheres the muppet the was sooking about warner
beerent11: Ward can kick a nice ball when he gets it
Cottees: omg, Hawks aren’t showing up anymore. Should of put this away ages ago
Pokerface: TheFlagger if it was picked right now, yep absolutely
Migz: ward and macdonald just need to play kick to kick for 5 mins on the wing
beerent11: Lots of premature over reacting walrus
bhg26: I?ve always wondered how shit of an experience it is to sit behind a 10 metre tall flag waving around all game
BigChief: Where is Manowar? Called Hawks home 5 mins into game.
MrWalrus: Moore, mabye the squad but Higgins been better
Hazza09: Ward and MacDonald are both cooked
pcaman2003: Big Chief. Yeah! He put the moz on us
Swans Star: No guessing what the Swans will be doing at training all week
bhg26: Why is JPK medical sub
beerent11: Ward is the slowest of slow burns. Improving every week. Great job security.
DrSeuss: Looks like I am going to have to bring Sicily in – can I trust him. Ahhh
Swans Star: Rookies normally need a week off around this time of the season
Pokerface: itll only need one good week beer to shoot up, like with gibcus this week
mattmac24: Goal kicking has been horrible for most teams this round,
Catatafish: Fmd Lloyd do something
Swans Star: @bhg26 Horse hasnt been happy with his form
fruity: Why didnt l keep Mills………
Baldfrog: Very happy Mr Mills
MrWalrus: Because he’s experienced, can slot in anywhere, doesn’t need games for touch & coming in fresh is dominant
Hazza09: Can see them resting Ward or MacDonald soon
mattmac24: Probably doesn’t have the tank to run out a full game anymore Bhg.
Oddsy5: mills woweeeee
HolyNorf: who would’ve thought mills would be the first person to hit 200
BigChief: Suess 5/6 scores 100+ and only 1 was 84, so yes trust in SicDog
Dogs5416: Ward and Macdonald two of the worst rookies. Impey trash.
BRAZZERS: dont bring him in, he only has 5 tons in 6 games with a low score of 85. please dont
bhg26: Too late for Kennedy to get a Brownlow vote
Baldfrog: Raise your bat and balls Millsy double ton
beerent11: 2hunjy
pcaman2003: Very surprised they haven’t tagged Mills.
Gelly: everyone will jump on him next week and he’ll pull out a 50
cmperrfect: Been a long time since a double ton. Wowee.
Migz: ronk is a gronk
MrWalrus: Fruity, don’t trade premos, it’s like rule one of fantasy
pcaman2003: Good night Hawks. You’re cooked for today.
bhg26: Callum Mills is among the best in the league and this cements it
tor01doc: Mills top 30 all time SC score – so far
Pokerface: does that mean don’t trade whitfield then walrus?
beerent11: Yeah we say that walrus but I bet we all do it.
cherry9: Hawks no pressure. All ball watching that goal
fruity: MrWalrus l traded him to get neale…
mattmac24: Whitfield not a premo this season
Swans Star: What is the highest Supercoach score of all time?
zoomba23: Very impressive from Ronke to assist his own goal there m0nty
HolyNorf: of course this is the week my opponent has mills and it was a close matchup
Pokerface: matt thats the thing, the follow up is always ‘but he isn’t a premium now’. people thought the same about mills..
bhg26: I would love to have a chat to the bloke who said Warner is shower
Social: Ronke’s everywhere
bhg26: That is absolutely high ump
HolyNorf: Johnathon brown scored 262 pretty sure is the highest all time score
beerent11: John Coleman scored 337
bhg26: That kick was so shower it deserved to be deliberate
MrWalrus: I’m not trading Whitfield until everyone else is premo
bhg26: Can?t wait for Papley to come I back into the side
hinsch: Mills 200+ best this year pity not many have him in SC watch the flock trade to him this week
BigChief: What would have Fred Fanning scored with his 18 goals?
tor01doc: Brown 18 marks 8 goals-
Pokerface: walrus +1
Swans Star: JPK might of saved his career for now
Social: who said strike Ladhams off the Hayes replacement list
Migz: yeah mills would be nice but you don’t wanna chase points if it means forcing bad trades
cherry9: Still remember Ablett Jnr?s 254 – the week I traded him in and made him C. Best trade I?ll ever make
BRAZZERS: hawks played better than this score line
Pokerface: i remember that week cherry! best captancy ever
bhg26: At this rate social he will be above 500k next week
pcaman2003: Well played Swannies. Just too good. Hopefully we’ll improve on today’s poor effort 2nd half
Pokerface: he’s playing the hawks #3 ruck social.. most rucks against us will go big
Swans Star: I apologize to Hawks supporters, Swans didnt deserve to win this IMO
tor01doc: Barry Hall scored 200 three times!!
Ninty: Love that I got Petracca this week instead of Mills 🙂
StuL: Never in doubt. What were you Swans worried about?
Olli32019: Gross 2nd half
Cottees: Swans Star, no we do not. Only deserve it if we played this 4th quarter. Decided to give up
hinsch: cherry I also remember when I traded Ablett jr in and he got 3 hurt his shoulder I had C on him that week
Baldfrog: So poker is a hawks fan?
Pokerface: @bald i am. never shied away from that
navy_blues: think swans have turned up now bhg lol
bhg26: God I love Joey joe joe junior shabadoo
StuL: Mills will never score this not to have him
Migz: CD have way over scaled this game. Gonna be lost points some where
cherry9: Hawks didn?t match Swans intensity. Lazy last qtr
TheFlagger: hahaha gotta love all the celebrations from the swans players. cant wait to see papley back out there with this mob.
FinlaySON: bit like last week against the cats stul
Swans Star: Swans have a lot to improve if they want to be a top 4 chance
BigChief: How the hell does Ladhams score 166?
navy_blues: imagine having mills and ladhams this round
bhg26: They?re a funny bunch flagger
Baldfrog: Now can Grundy play like a ruckman
cherry9: Hawks really lack effort or fitness.
pcaman2003: Cherry9. True! It’s a disgraceful performance for an ANZAC day match. Should hang their heads.
Valorlonga: I wonder what the highest DT/SC scores are for a player with under 75% played
bhg26: God does navy, with Mills as c
BigChief: Ladhams in 440 teams SMH
cherry9: And how does Ward play so many mins in the centre and have a ceiling of 50?
beerent11: Warner Blakey Parker and mcinerny in draft. Happy days
cherry9: When can I flip Warner over and mop the kitchen
Pokerface: Lloyd shot as an sc asset
bhg26: Didn?t have ladhams beer, not good enough
BRAZZERS: glad i put the C on mills, good times
navy_blues: error 404 on ess v coll game
exatekk: me too navy
BigChief: Yep same here navy
navy_blues: proj just over 2300 with a 16, 44 and 42 on field
exatekk: ess col is up now

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