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Chat log from QF of 2014: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, QF of 2014

SpudsFC: Anyone out there tonight?
m0nty: go Hawks!
wadaramus: Yep, looking forward to another belter between these two.
cusch1: Sadly the only game I can be here for this weekend 🙁
SpudsFC: Sorry Monty. Go cats for me
frenzy: got a feeling the hawks out in straight sets!!
m0nty: nice of Harry O to sing the anthem
wadaramus: Are you looking to get on m0nty’s bad side frenzy?!
Heizenberg: Yeah cant wait for this wadaramus, wont be on much talking though boys really want to watch this
wadaramus: THis is gripping footy even for the neutral supporter, I love these clashes, they’re epic!
Heizenberg: Exactly wadaramus im a neutral supporter too
m0nty: last minute oil for Selwood’s arm for those arm lifting specials
wadaramus: Haha, nice m0nty.
cusch1: Look at the intensity already #whatfinalsareabout
uptoolate: wtf is going on ???
uptoolate: hello ? is anyone in there ?
wadaramus: Lights out uptoolate!
wadaramus: Don’t panic, evacuation not necessary, resume normal programming, finals overload!!
uptoolate: haha wada …. thanks …. gotchas now ! … may the best team win !
uptoolate: bottons ….. Selwood was not one of my bet options for 1st goal …. but i reckn he prolly gonna have a big role in ton
wadaramus: Who did u punt on, Breust, Roughy, Hawkins?
SpudsFC: Langford caught 3 times already
redwallis: Where’s the muppet icon for Hodgey?
SpudsFC: Bartel looking the goods
wadaramus: He definitely deserves it redwallis, but he’s a Hawk so m0nty will probably go easy on him?
itsduftime: couldve sworn i had gibson in one of my teams. dammit
redwallis: wadaramus – Especially because he is Luke Hodge!
wadaramus: He is a gun, but even so, that was totally muppet-worthy…news flash!
cusch1: Could this be the breakout game for Walker?
J.Worrall: Go JimBob
SpudsFC: Get the icons out early Monty. Star bartel. X walker
uptoolate: @wada …..punted on Lewis & Smith for Hawks ….. Hawkins & Motlop for Cats …. :0/
uptoolate: Cats 12 players with finals experience …. Hawks …. ? ..any idea anyone ?
uptoolate: i picked another bad week to give up alcohol !>?! ….. :0/ ….
Eaglesuk: Quack Quack goes Selwood. Whatta Cheating Flower
spangle: Christ Selwood is unlikable
kuraban: Damn. Missed the start of the game. Can anyone tell me how many tackles Selwood has ducked into so far?
wadaramus: It’s all that oil on his arms Eaglesuk.
wadaramus: Blasphemy uptoolate!
Stupendous: @spuds …and the golden knob award goes to Brooth
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Guthrie shanks a terrible rebound kick to Duryea, who gives to Mitchell and the pass finds Lewis for a goal.
timwhatson: Hawkins eating a big fat donut!
wadaramus: He’s looking at a big fat sprinkled donut with only a couple of minutes to avoid it timwhatson!
Catter1234: This could be a big loss to the cats?? 10 goal loss highly probable.
Raspel31: Hmm -seems to me Hawks fans biggest moaners when losing and worst winners.Jelwood a gun-and I’m impartial.
SpudsFC: Cats forwards terrible. No pressure
uptoolate: @Catter …. PULL urself together man !!!
uptoolate: either way ….. quality of disposals tonight is 1st class (dumb statement I guess) …. but yes Hawks taking over moren
redwallis: Smith moron burned his teammates there
Heizenberg: Everyone else good
Grazz: Evening all
uptoolate: g’evening Heizen ! … where u been hiding ? …
Catter1234: @uptoolate I can’t, we had our 15 minutes and only kicked two goals.
JGreezy: donut for Tommahawk
frenzy: pink donut for thomahawk
uptoolate: @Catter ….. I am with u. Doggies man here …. :0/ ……. still hope thje Cats can pull ‘a rabbit out of a hat’ ! It
uptoolate: Selwood cannot do much more than this ….. G & D !
uptoolate: so many shocking ‘face plant’ tackles tonight already ! I notice cos my son was knocked out in the same a cuppla weeks a
Raspel31: well said uptoolate
flame: Evening Grazz
Heizenberg: Hi uptoolte just really into this game not talking much
Grazz: Hello Flame how you doing mate
uptoolate: should be a free against as unduly rough play. Responsibilty lays with the tackler to take the takled to ground safely.
flame: nervous- cheering for my beloved Hawks!
Stupendous: That is a hell of a mark by Jimmy B
J.Worrall: Go JimmyBob
SpudsFC: Bartel classic big gamer
Grazz: I bet you are, goodluck mate
uptoolate: @spuds …. yep….. Bartel a gun in this space.
J.Worrall: Bartel hs had quite a journey to get into this space
uptoolate: absoloodle J Worrall ! … but a champ.
SpudsFC: Hill will yin & yang it
J.Worrall: Jelwood my C, happy happy joy joy
Stupendous: Nice human missile by the tomahawk to bust the pack
rickybrad: gunna be another classic
cusch1: I want Hawthorn to win because Essendon (if they win tomorrow) at least has a chance at beating Cats but not hawks
Raspel31: You,me and half of Melbourne J.Worrall-but still good.
rickybrad: I feel for the supporters and their blood pressure lol
kuraban: Duck wood great choice for C. If only I wasn’t morally opposed to having him in my team.
SpudsFC: HTB a bit stiff there
uptoolate: ridiculous htb decision against the Cats / …
uptoolate: have just seen , yet another holding free which should have gone to Hawkins … ?
Raspel31: Would have thought so uptoolate.
SpudsFC: Hawkins warming up
uptoolate: that’s it Spuds ! yes. And Cats are never done in my humble observation.
timwhatson: Gibson squibbed it
J.Worrall: I guess it was OK that Hawkis had his nand around Lake’s throat to get that mark?
SpudsFC: Who’ll be the 2nd half match winner. I’m with the Hawkins
J.Worrall: Wow, I got a walking “n”
Raspel31: Good question Spuds-possible but Stevie J needs to pick up.I’m going Jelwood.
SpudsFC: Maybe Gunston. He’s been a bit quiet so far
uptoolate: @ J.Worrall …. when I start to type … I am ‘prompted’ with ur previous similar gripes. Put a sock init pls.
Raspel31: Okay-I went out 3 weeks ago and back to EPL.But who won their leagues?
wadaramus: I finished top in one league, made 5 prelims, one granny, no flags, Raspel, thanks for asking!
wadaramus: R u playing EPL Fantasy Raspel?
SpudsFC: Lost prelim rasp. All those inj & susp wrecked the whole comp. winner of our bottom 8 would’ve won the big one haha
Raspel31: Cheers Wad-well done-and yes-back to footy.
SpudsFC: Can I start hanging shit on bwooce yet?
wadaramus: Back to the roundball, who do you follow Raspel, me, I’m a reds fan, Adelaide United and Liverpool.
Raspel31: Yeah Spud,if you had Fyfe,Jpk etc,etc-game over.
kuraban: Hodge again going to ground from the slightest contact. Ironic that it came from a recent ‘diver’.
Raspel31: They’ll boot us off Wads-but a pool man too.Looking good.
wadaramus: Roger that Raspel, hope Balotelli can be half as productive as Suarez! Go Sterling!
whale607: The person who finished 8th in my league won it. Ridiculous
wadaramus: Just one of those seasons whale607!!
SpudsFC: Great kick from Harry
Catter1234: Where would they be without selwood!
wadaramus: Well…despite his duckwood reputation, Selwood is a damn fine footballer, bravo.
Stupendous: Haters can hate Selwood but he’s been huge tonight. Great leadership.
Raspel31: Balotelli a huge gamble but Sterling on fire.Go Jelwood you good thing.
kuraban: Shel wood has been good tonight. Amazing what he can do when he keeps his head up!
wadaramus: Razor Ray is the biggest JERK umpire in the AFL.
Moona: Muppet for razor ray
Grazz: Bit soft that one
Moona: Gotta love the way brad Sewell plays hte game
uptoolate: shiet ! comp crashed …. meanwhile ….
Catter1234: how was that not a free kick?
Stupendous: Soft play Mackie
Eaglesuk: Please quack quack soo overrated and protected by the umps.. not even tag-worthy
SpudsFC: Cats fwd line shameful
cusch1: If geelong win this then Varcoe is x factor definitely…best game ive seen from him in a long time, if not ever
uptoolate: Cats will win.
Raspel31: Still 3rd quarter ladies.Chill.
Eaglesuk: Seeya later Hawkins
cusch1: And Hill x factor if Hawks win it
uptoolate: note to Cats …. knock out Hill now…..
cusch1: thank god he missed that…horrible call
Gigantor: wow i was so confident in roughie i wasnt looking haha
Raspel31: Truly horrible call
D.Barwick: geelong cant milk enough frees from here to win! cats are cheats!
D.Barwick: hang on! yes they can! cheats!
D.Barwick: Cats out in straight sets! ha ha
SpudsFC: Ease up D Barwick. Hawks getting all the softies ATM
desmondo: Useless bloody Burgoyne
Raspel31: D.Barwick-think you’ve over stayed beddy time and a bit over excited.Night night.
uptoolate: @D.Barwick ….. for gods sake ….. don’t forget your medication
Sloaneyyyy: good night Cats…. game over
SpudsFC: Not yet sloaneyyyyyyyyy.
D.Barwick: im just fishing for bites and the fish are biting! l love finals tension! sorry!
Raspel31: Ha,ha-good work B.barwick
Sloaneyyyy: cats are no chance to kick 3 goals this quarter the way they have been playing
Raspel31: Damn it all-I’m showing my colours.Carn Dons!
kuraban: @Raspel. Like.
Priddis: icicle hawkins
Stupendous: Spangher looks like Jesus and plays like Fast Eddie
cusch1: Raspel you think we have a chance tomorrow night?
SpudsFC: Selwood champion.
D.Barwick: you could watch these two teams play a best of 5 series!
Raspel31: Absolutely cusch-depends which North turns up.Pity about Carlisle.Jobe will fight a beauty.
timwhatson: North are our Marshmellows
uptoolate: @D.Barwick …. no need to apologise for being a moron. It’s obvious Einstein.
Moona: not sure why sewell was subbed – need the hard adn tough guys in the final quarter on the ground
SpudsFC: C’mon cats. Kick next one. Make it interesting
D.Barwick: @uptoolate dont sook! just banter
cusch1: Raspel I can’t wait to see how Steinberg goes,,think he could be an interesting player to watch
Raspel31: yeah-promising Cusch-and I rate Zac Merrett-but we better get back to this game.
kuraban: I lose more and more respect for Luke Hodge every week. Takes dives, sooks for frees and whinges far too much. Sad.
cusch1: Ripping weekend of footy coming up and its been started tonight
uptoolate: @D.Barwick. no sook here u dopey cornflower. Get a real act …..
flame: Hodge is a legend!
SpudsFC: Agreed kuraban and he just picks it up and goes long on the left without looking
Sloaneyyyy: lol stevieJ
Raspel31: Kuraban and cusch-her indoors just home -gotta go.Go Dons tomorrow!!!!
Sloaneyyyy: Johnson had 9 touches in the first quarter and 6 more ever since
uptoolate: @D.Barwick. did anyone ever tell u that u are not the most important person in your world ?
kuraban: Cheers Raspel.
Grazz: Game set match
SpudsFC: Cats next gen just not up to it
Raspel31: Peace uptoolate and D.Barwick-all harmless fun.
gdshifty: hey heres something new – uptoolate getting into another online arguement over nothing…
m0nty: nominations for star please
goldenleaf: hawks kids way better than geelongs kids but geelong have more of them
stocko12: Liam Shiels Monty.
kuraban: Star S Mitchell. No doubt about it. Fresh air between him and second best on the ground.
timwhatson: Selwood star. anything else is biased
SpudsFC: Probably Mitchell Monty
gdshifty: Hodge the star
pies13: pipe down up2late
uptoolate: thanks Rasp. & goodonya gdshifty (if I want your vote I’ll let you know ###twit ! )
gdshifty: Lewis for junk?
D.Barwick: hodge star done his job in a big final as usual
goldenleaf: should get a symbol for milestone games
pies13: up2late i havnt commented all night but shower u talk shower
mrpotato: sorry to join late, anyword on the attendance? The top deck looked completely empty in some parts
_wato: Selwood for star, nobody even close.
SpudsFC: There have been at least a dozen better than hodge. Lake has done a better job for one
D.Barwick: well said pies13
gdshifty: agrred pies13
RooBoyStu: Bring on the cats week 2
kuraban: Mrpotato. Crowd was 74k.
_wato: 74,700 or something close to that mate.
Sloaneyyyy: bwahahahaha
gdshifty: langford for rising star
J.Worrall: So long Cats
RooBoyStu: too old too slow cats
timwhatson: Bombers will beat the Cats after we destroy Norf again
dudio: D.barwick you talk more shit yourself than up2late. shut up mate
mrpotato: Cheers fellas, pretty dissapointing, was expecting 85k
uptoolate: @pies …. thanks for your feedback. We are deprived of your brilliance until now ?!>?
Raspel31: Atta boy timwhatson.
RooBoyStu: jabbers wont get within 5 goals lol
_wato: Monty mate, Selwood.. 31 touches, 9 clearances, 6 tackles, 4 marks, 7 inside 50’s, 3 goals..
uptoolate: @dudio …. we don’t always have to agree …. I wish u well.
pies13: mate you had alot of shower 2get off your chest 2nite obviously hope u feel better haha
D.Barwick: cats cant beat hawks in big games thats the curse!
nokrad: 2011 QF Final Barwick? Braindead
SpudsFC: See you all tomorrow
uptoolate: @p[ies …. no. All good here. Put your teeth back in, talk sense. Then u will be worth further comment.
uptoolate: @Monty. … :0/ …. I am only here to be involved in footy chat. Seems I attract a little criticism …. that’s ok .

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