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Brisbane team to face West Coast

B: Josh Drummond, Daniel Merrett, Joel Patfull
HB: Cheynee Stiller, Joel Macdonald, Colm Begley
C: Tim Notting, Jed Adcock, Travis Johnstone
HF: Luke Power, Jonathan Brown, Nigel Lappin
F: Daniel Bradshaw, Jared Brennan, Rhan Hooper
Foll: Jamie Charman, Simon Black, Michael Rischitelli
Inter: Robert Copeland, Matthew Leuenberger, Troy Selwood, Anthony Corrie

Emerg: Justin Sherman, Lachlan Henderson, Albert Proud

AAAAAAAAGH!!!! No Proud! That screws everything up. 🙁

In fact, that whole emergency line is a disaster. Those who might have been leaning towards the Shermanator as a backup plan for the iffy Nick Stevens can kiss that plan goodbye. Henderson was also in a lot of fantasy teams after some good pre-season numbers. The only good news is Bradshaw playing, though that wasn’t under much doubt. At least we got this one early!

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