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Collingwood team to face Fremantle

B: Heath Shaw, Shane Wakelin, Tyson Goldsack
HB: Nick Maxwell, Nathan J. Brown, Harry O’Brien
C: Alan Didak, Scott Pendlebury, Tarkyn Lockyer
HF: Marty Clarke, Anthony Rocca, Rhyce Shaw
F: Travis Cloke, Sean Rusling, Dale Thomas
Foll: Josh Fraser, Shane O’Bree, Leon Davis
Inter: Cameron Wood, Chris Egan, Paul Medhurst, Dane Swan

Emerg: Ryan Cook, Ben Reid, Alan Toovey

Okay, so instead of three rookies we get one: Nathan J. Brown, named at centre half back. No Anthony. For those of you looking for a replacement for Proud or Pfeiffer, NJB is not a bad option – probably not the best, but at least dependable in terms of getting games past round 1. The other notable omission is Reid, but I warned you all that he’s behind Rusling this year and this is only confirmation.

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