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Vital info for opening day

I’ll keep this short.

Despite what I said the other day on this blog (sorry!), we didn’t get squads of 25 for Saturday games yesterday. By 5pm today, we will have teams of 22 for the Saturday games, and squads of 25 for the Sunday and Monday games. Yes, if your player is named in the starting 18 of a squad of 25, he’s pretty much locked in unless a late injury befalls him.

Speaking of squads, take NO NOTICE of the squads shown on The Footy Show and Fox Footy Teams last night. They are not in any way credible. If you looked at them closely you would have noticed a fair few retired and long-term injured players.

Where to get your team info? This blog will carry each the teams one by one as they are posted through official channels during the day. This blog will be updated before the FanFooty game previews listed on the front page, so look here rather than there.

Also, for those of you participating in the Fox Sports competition, be warned that the lockout for changing your team is actually at 5pm today, not at 6pm just before the games start. Sucks, I know. That info was taken from the email they sent out today.

And finally… rumours about Nick Stevens being a late withdrawal tonight continue to gather momentum. Radio SEN has been pushing this story all day, claiming now that a late betting run on Richmond is due to some bettors having inside info on Stevens’ fitness. Treat the whole thing with a grain of salt. Life is risk, my friends! If you don’t like risk, choose Byron Schammer, Justin Sherman or Ryan Griffen at much the same price.

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