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Blog log from R20 of 2022: Richmond vs Brisbane

Blog log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R20 of 2022

Berry kicks to a 2 on 2 on the forward flank where Hipwood is able to mark against Miller. He runs in from 45m out and puts through the first of the afternoon! (Q1 5:17)
Tarrant gives away a free kick against Daniher and the big man lines up from 40m out in front as a result. He gets some bend on it as it flies through and lets Tarrant know! (Q1 7:47)
Lynch gets separation on Andrews and after a bit of a fumble is able to spot Bolton running into space in the opposite pocket. Bolton marks and misses to the left from 25m out (Q1 9:12)
Pickett turns it over with a dodgy handball, Adams cleans up and kicks to Rayner who takes a very strong mark against Vlastuin. Cam trots in and gives it a bit of left to right! (Q1 11:18)
Edwards and Bolton combine with the small forward taking a shot from 35m out near the boundary on the run, but misses to the near side (Q1 13:08)
Cameron has a set shot from 45m out, but his kick falls short, however the umpire spots a hold on Hipwood, who simply converts from the square for his second goal (Q1 16:03)
Tarrant kicks it long to the pack but it gets past everyone and falls into the lap of the milestone man Edwards! His kick doesn’t meet the occasion though, as he sprays it left (Q1 18:11)
Cameron fumbles a mark but is able to scrap it to Daniher who runs onto the ball and snaps it through from 35m out! (Q1 19:48)
Bailey sneaks a kick down to Cameron who marks it right on the boundary. He opts for the snap, but the ball pings off the post (Q1 19:13)
McCarthy can’t hold a mark under pressure and it’s roles reversed as the big man in Daniher crumbs and dribbles through a goal that would make Eddie Betts proud! Joe has 3! (Q1 22:38)
Cumberland seizes the ball from a forward ball up and dashes forward with Gardiner hanging off him, he goes to ground but is allowed to get back up and dribble through a goal! (Q1 25:22)
Cumberland is the beneficiary of a downfield free kick and he doesn’t waste the chance as he kicks his second goal in about 30 seconds from 15m out! (Q1 27:12)
Neale pumps it inside 50 but there’s no one to receive it, the ball pings around for a few seconds before Cameron pounces and snaps and goals! (Q1 29:13)
Hipwood marks 30m out on the 45 and burns Cameron in the square. The Eel steadies, but hooks the kick to his right for a point (Q1 31:43)
Coleman darts onto a Rayner handball and pops a kick up to Hipwood who’s simply too tall to be stopped! He runs in from 45m out on the 45, but doesn’t get enough movement on it (Q2 3:08)
Coleman runs through the middle of the ground and kicks to a one on one with McCarthy, who is able to take a mark 35m out on a slight angle, which he converts! (Q2 5:47)
Bolton tries a very high snap, but it flies high and wide for another point (Q2 5:47)
McStay marks and kicks quickly from 50m out, but it slides OOTF (Q2 6:58)
Baker tumbles a ball forward that Cumberland runs onto, he moves around the defenders and snaps through his third goal! (Q2 9:04)
The lions move quickly from the next centre bounce, it’s a bit of chaos inside 50 that eventually finds its way to McCarthy who is able to run on through and goal! (Q2 10:12)
Short pops up down forward to rove a contest and snap through a much needed goal for Richmond! (Q2 12:42)
Ross is pinged for tackling Cameron after he disposed of the ball, Charlie runs in from 45m out on the 45 and revs up the crowd with a goal! (Q2 14:00)
Hipwood marks a floating inside 50 entry on his knees 45m out, he jogs on in and kicks his third as all the Lions forwards want a piece of the action! (Q2 18:17)
Edwards pokes a ball forward which Bolton is able to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he guides it home as Richmond hang in this game by the barest of margins (Q2 20:02)
Ross is caught high by Neale and his kick finds Balta who juggles a mark 45m out on a big angle. His kick falls short and is thumped through (Q2 22:22)
Coleman pops a kick to McStay who drags it in with one arm 45m out on the 45! However his radar is way off as he McSprays the kick out of bounds (Q2 26:30)
Rayner takes an advantage as he dashes into the pocket and snaps, but he too misses badly for a behind (Q2 26:43)
Riewoldt leads up to take a good mark 45m out near the boundary, he gets some movement on it, but not enough as it slides to the left side (Q2 29:30)
Hipwood marks right on the logo but it’s a bit too far to kick accurately as his kick soars through for a point (Q2 30:30)
Cumberland roves a Lynch contest and smashes it to an open goalsquare, it bounces and rolls and dribbles through the middle for his fourth! (Q3 1:11)
Brisbane get it forward quickly from the middle, it ends up in the pocket until Rayner tries to poke it through in the square, but it’s touched by Prestia upon review (Q3 2:36)
Richmond burst through the middle of the ground, getting it to Graham on the wing who is held and takes advantage, kicking to Lynch, who centres to Cotchin, who then misses (Q3 7:51)
The Tigers spread wide to Riewoldt who marks 35m out on the boundary. He opts for the right foot ba-na-na and absolutely aces the kick! Three in a row for Richmond! (Q3 10:26)
Robinson kicks deep to Rayner who is interfered with, Zorko takes advantage as the ball rolls into the square and takes a kick at it, misses everything, but still gets the goal! (Q3 12:11)
The Tigers are moving much better now as they go forward, their big talls combine; Riewoldt to Lynch as TJ strolls into goal and pokes it through! (Q3 14:11)
Berry and McCluggage combine as Berry runs to 40 and takes a shot, but kicks to the right for a behind (Q3 19:12)
Maurice Rioli takes advantage after a Lynch free, he speeds away and sets up Bolton who runs to 45 and takes a shot, but misses Riewoldt and the goals as he kicks a point (Q3 20:05)
Mathieson messes up Coleman and the Tigers turn it over, Rioli Jr jets away and kicks up to Lynch who marks easily 30m out. He kicks another goal as the Tigers work their way back! (Q3 22:30)
Richmond burst from the middle of the ground, Prestia handballing to Bolton who runs and kicks a point as he smashes it into the post! (Q3 22:43)
Brisbane can’t get it out of defence as Cumberland gets it to Bolton who runs in front of goal 10m out, he can’t miss this, and doesn’t, letting Berry know about it too! (Q3 23:47)
Robinson feeds a handball to Rayner who kicks towards the pocket where Hipwood is able to rise above and mark! He converts the set shot and kicks his fourth! (Q3 30:17)
McInerney gives away a free kick against Lynch right on 50m. He jogs in with barely any time left on the clock and kicks his third goal on the cusp of 3QT! (Q3 32:14)
Richmond surge forward late, Riewoldt and Edwards getting involved to get it to Cotchin in the pocket who snaps as the time runs out, but misses! (Q3 33:33)
McCluggage catches Baker HTB in the pocket, he snaps around the body in his set shot and kicks a goal! (Q4 3:29)
Bolton kicks long to Lynch in the square, he gets a free kick for holding but Riewoldt literally steals the ball from his hands and takes advantage, kicking a goal! (Q4 5:59)
Cumberland marks on the 50 directly in front, he runs in with a stutter step and absolutely flushes the kick, bringing the margin back to 5 points! (Q4 7:12)
Mathieson takes a shot at goal, but it rolls through for a point (Q4 8:51)
Lynch takes a specky on the 50, gives it a proper roost from 55, but the ball glances off the post cruelly at the finish! (Q4 13:27)
Daniel Rioli gets on a run, covers a lot of distance and lets loose from near 50m out! He nails the kick and Richmond are in front!!! (Q4 16:50)
Cameron marks in the middle of the ground kicks short to McCarthy who somehow holds onto the mark under contact. He kicks from 45, makes the distance and upon review is a behind! (Q4 19:35)
Turns out a free kick was paid to Balta, with a questionable review by the umpire amounting to nothing (Q4 21:00)
Pickett absolutely nails Robinson in the pocket, Robbo lines up from 15m out and MISSES! Scores level with 5 mins left! (Q4 23:07)
Edwards takes advantage for an incorrect disposal, kicking to Bolton on the flank 40m out. His kick falls just short and is tapped over (Q4 24:40)
McStay kicks to Cameron in the pocket, Charlie needs to kick this to steady the Lions, he misses to the near side though! Scores level again with 2.5 minutes remaining!
(Q4 26:17)
Graham marks an Edwards kick 50m out on the 45, he gives it everything, but it bounces off the post! Tigers by 1! (Q4 27:51)
Gardiner shanks a short kick right to a Richmond player, he chips it over the top to Lynch who marks 20m out right in front. He runs the clock down, he kicks, he goals! Tigers win! (Q4 29:40)

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