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Blog log from R20 of 2022: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R20 of 2022

The crumb from a Stringer contest at the top of the square falls towards goal, Bonar gets a finger to it but Stringer throws a boot and nicks it through for the first goal! (Q1 2:15)
Scott snaps the first goal for North Melbourne from 25m after receiving from Ziebell on the end of a handball chain through half forward. (Q1 4:15)
Larkey rises in front of Zerk-Thatcher to mark in the pocket 30m out but misses. (Q1 9:01)
Dawson gets back to touch through a Stringer snap from near the hotspot. (Q1 16:19)
Stringer converts a set shot from 35m on the flank after marking on the lead in front of Stephenson. (Q1 19:21)
Guelfi feeds Stringer for a snap across the body from 30m on a slight angle for his third of the quarter! (Q1 20:16)
Zurhaar plays on to advantage to roll home his first goal from 15m on the flank. (Q1 20:16)
Stewart marks a centring ball by Caldwell at the hotspot and kicks his first goal. (Q1 25:17)
Perkins roves an errant Goldstein handball at half forward and gives to Langford who does the rest off the left from 35m. (Q1 28:06)
Wright is about to kick inside 50 but the ump pays a free off the ball against Kelly to Anderson up the other end, who kicks OOTF from 40m near the boundary. (Q1 30:17)
Davies-Uniacke feeds Scott to bomb long from a stoppage on the wing, the ball clears Larkey 20m out and rolls to the line…. Hind gets a touch on it for a point. (Q1 31:07)
Larkey marks a Scott pass in front of Laverde 40m out on a slight angle just on the QT siren, but misses. (Q1 33:47)
Zurhaar snaps his second goal from 20m after roving a Larkey contest and jinking away from Kelly. (Q2 1:37)
Taylor gives to Simpkin who misses from the pocket 25m out. (Q2 2:20)
Caldwell chases the crumb from a stoppage 20m out that rolls towards the behind line, he gives inside to Stewart for the goal. (Q2 5:27)
Snelling is pinged under the stand rule to bring Turner to 25m on the flank for a goal. (Q2 10:49)
Jones leaps in front of Dawson to clunk a Hind kick inside 50 to 30m on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q2 14:19)
McDonald is pinged for some fairly soft contact on Stringer in a marking contest 50m out on a slight angle, whose set shot is touched through. (Q2 17:24)
Perkins marks a Hobbs pass 50m out on a slight angle and gives to a rampaging Redman who bangs through a howitzer! (Q2 19:49)
Draper misses a snap from near the hotspot. (Q2 22:42)
Perkins roves a Guelfi contest in the pocket but misses from 20m under not much pressure. (Q2 23:22)
Durham has three bounces around outer wing, Snelling kicks inside 50 to Stewart who goes inside to Langford 40m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q2 26:15)
Horne-Francis clears from the centre, Greenwood marks in front of Ridley 30m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 27:45)
Horne-Francis goes long and strong from half forward to the teeth of goal, Zurhaar marks on the line for his third goal. (Q2 28:45)
Davies-Uniacke feeds Zurhaar zooming past for a snap from the HFF, Redman holds off Anderson in the square to spoil it through. (Half Time)
Spicer misses from near the hotspot after Heppell turns the ball over by foot on the wing. (Q3 4:04)
Martin roves a loose ball forward of congestion at half forward and gives to Merrett who wobbles through the goal off the left from near the hotspot. (Q3 4:44)
Draper taps the crumb from a Stewart contest in the pocket back to Stewart who feeds Guelfi for the goal. (Q3 11:09)
Lazzarro feeds Anderson who snaps on the turn from 50m on a slight angle for the quick replying goal. (Q3 11:49)
Wright marks a Stringer pass unopposed 45m out on a slight angle and steers through his first goal. (Q3 14:59)
Zurhaar marks on a hard lead in front of two Dons 40m out on the flank and sails through his fourth goal. (Q3 19:09)
Perkins passes to Wright 40m out on the corridor on the end of a rebound around outer wing, he kicks truly. (Q3 23:55)
Stringer hits the post with a snap from CHF. (3 Qtr Time)
Merrett snaps wide from the HFF under pressure. (Q4 2:47)
Menzie passes to Stewart leading to 20m on a slight angle in front of Dawson, he converts. (Q4 4:13)
McDonald is pinged for a hold on Stringer as they go for a Merrett kick to 35m in front, who goals. (Q4 6:01)
Wright marks over a pack 20m out in front for anoth… actually no he misses it. (Q4 8:03)
Wright misses more conventionally from a set shot from 50m on the flank. (Q4 10:03)
Anderson hits the chest of Larkey leading to the hotspot, who misses. (Q4 13:03)
Jones marks a Laverde kick 20m out in front, he makes no mistake. (Q4 14:08)
Goldstein gets some junk, even he is not excited about it. (Q4 16:25)
Spicer gives Coleman-Jones a Joe the Goose special. (Q4 17:18)
Anderson misses a snap from 20m after roving, then has a set shot from 45m on a slight angle touched through by Zerk-Thatcher. (Q4 20:19)
Hobbs hits the post from a pack at the hotspot. (Q4 25:07)
Laverde passes to Stringer 45m out on the flank for goal number five. (Q4 26:20)

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