Blog log from R20 of 2022: Gold Coast vs West Coast

Tim Kelly gets three inside 50s inside the first minute, eventually Darling marks a Duggan pass in the pocket 20m out and screws through the opening goal of the day. (Q1 1:28)
Swallow passes to the lead of Witts 45m out on the flank, who runs out left and hangs the set shot left. (Q1 4:53)
Ryan waits after marking on the HFF and somehow picks out Redden on his own at the hotspot, who punches low and straight. (Q1 6:03)
Chol draws a rather obvious holding free on Edwards 20m out in front for the first major for the Suns. (Q1 10:08)
Williams misses out of ruck in the pocket on the spin. (Q1 13:56)
Ryan picks off the resultant Lemmens kick in 25m out on a slight angle but his kick is even worse, just a point. (Q1 14:42)
Rankine marks going back with the flight on the HFF, looks dubious at the distance but does a one-two with Miller for a lovely finish from the pocket 25m out! (Q1 18:13)
Andrew fumbles a loose ball near defensive hotspot, Waterman is second to it but mops up and feeds West who misses. (Q1 19:14)
CHol is unlucky not to be paid a big pack mark 40m out but Holman draws a high contact free on Foley in the ensuing scrum and converts. (Q1 22:33)
Ainsworth delivers a lovely touch pass from midfield over traffic to the lead of Chol 45m out in front. Chol’s set shot flirts with the right goalpost but falls in. (Q1 24:14)
Rankine marks over Foley 45m out on a slight angle and delivers a perfect set shot over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q1 26:34)
Waterman kicks to Cripps 40m out near the boundary who misses as the QT siren sounds. (Q1 28:39)
Graham is pinged for a block on Darling near the behind line, Darling takes the free goal. (Q2 2:24)
Casboult marks the next centre clearance by Miller 30m out on the flank for the instant replying goal. (Q2 4:19)
Casboult draws an arm chop free on Barrass going for a Lukosius ball to the pocket but misses from 25m. (Q2 6:05)
Anderson passes to Ainsworth in the pocket 15m out who plays on and goals. (Q2 6:27)
Shuey gets in trouble trying to run from half back, Suns numbers eventually force the turnover but Lukosius blazes wide from near the hotspot. (Q2 10:59)
Rioli passes short to Cripps 45m out on the flank, who kicks truly. (Q2 13:39)
Sharp tries a sideways kick from behind the wing to the centre and it comes off to start an attack up the guts, Anderson feeds Rankine who curls in the goal from 35m. (Q2 16:24)
Rosas receives behind a pack at half forward and bangs it through off the left from 45m. (Q2 18:29)
Sharp gives to Miller for a running snap from 45m on the flank that flies wide left. (Q2 24:02)
Duggan plays on with two Suns on him at half back, turnover results and MacPherson passes to Sharp near the hotspot for the goal. (Q2 25:42)
Ryan goals from the top of the square to stop the rot for the listless Eagles. (Q2 28:25)
Cripps has a set shot from 45m on a slight angle touched through. (Q2 31:00)
Ainsworth marks an Andrew pass 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 3:28)
Darling marks on the lead in front of Andrew 45m out on the boundary and punches through a lovely set shot for the goal. (Q3 5:17)
Petruccelle marks at the hotspot and steers through another one for the Eagles. (Q3 7:47)
Shuey roves in traffic at half forward after a ball in and pokes a short pass to Darling 35m out on a slight angle who boots his fourth goal. Eagles are coming! (Q3 12:17)
Waterman gathers a long ball to the pocket and centres for West 40m out on the flank, who wobbles the set shot into the left goalpost. (Q3 14:52)
Lukosius hits the post from the top of the square after beating Barrass in a contest. (Q3 16:02)
Anderson baulks clear and rams through a steadying goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 16:49)
Petruccelle marks a Ryan pass just inside 50m on a slight angle and bangs through another long set shot. (Q3 21:02)
Sharp goals on the run from 30m in the pocket after a feed outside by Rankine. (Q3 22:57)
Hollands drops a Lukosius ball 40m out on a slight angle but gets an arm chop free on Redden… then misses. (Q3 24:02)
Rankin screws in his fourth goal from the boundary 30m out from an OOTF free against Foley. (Q3 26:03)
Ah, but a review rules it nicked the post on the way through, just a point for Rankine. (Q3 26:48)
Chol leaps on the back of poor old Gaff to take a screamer 30m out on the flank just before the 3QT siren, he converts. (Q3 33:38)
Chol takes a contested grab leaping over Barrass from a Witts speculator to the top of the square, he boots goal number four. (Q4 2:44)
Kelly engineers the next centre clearance by Williams which goes long to the square for Darling to mark, turn and snap his fifth goal. (Q4 4:54)
Ryan flies over Lemmens to try to grab an errant Cripps snap that lands on the behind line, video review awards the mark and he kicks the goal. (Q4 6:24)
After Ainsworth drops an Andrew pass in the centre, Hurn centres from the HFF to the hotspot for Darling to lead onto, his set shot wobbles in for his sixth goal! (Q4 9:34)
Petruccelle rams through another one on the run from the HFF, West Coast is definitely in this one again! (Q4 11:29)
Duggan goes very long on a repeat inside 50, Darling can’t mark but Dixon backheels the crumb and it’s Redden who volleys home! (Q4 18:45)
Ainsworth passes to MacPherson 45m out in front who misses. (Q4 21:17)
Hurn runs through midfield and bullets a pass to the lead of Waterman 45m out on a slight angle. This for the lead for West Coast… shanks for no score! (Q4 22:44)
Lemmens mows down Cripps on the HBF to prevent a score. (Q4 24:47)
From the resultant rebound around outer wing, Chol marks 30m out on the flank and shoots for his fifth goal… fades it in! (Q4 24:47)
Holman hits the post from the pocket, that would have been the sealer but the Suns should be good from here regardless. (Q4 27:38)
Kelly passes to Williams 30m out on the flank who hooks it way left, 1:43 left on the kick in. (Q4 28:42)
Waterman marks a Dixon pass 25m out on a slight angle and goals, Eagles have 38 seconds to win it! (Q4 30:38)
Rowell clears from the centre, Miller roves at half forward and feeds Rosas who slams through the sealer from 35m! (Q4 31:55)
Jones snaps a goal from CHF just before the final siren but too late she cried. (Q4 33:30)

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