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Blog log from R20 of 2022: Adelaide vs Carlton

Blog log for Adelaide vs Carlton, R20 of 2022

McAdam flies for an impressive pack mark 45m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q1 0:18)
Walker grabs the ball out of ruck from the resultant throw in and bounces through the first goal of the night with brute strength. (Q1 0:18)
Fogarty tries to do the same thing from a stoppage 35m out but his tumbler goes wide. (Q1 4:00)
McKay taps a loose ball on the HFF to Curnow zooming past, he hits Owies running back to the square for the first goal for Carlton. (Q1 10:02)
Newman sends a repeat inside 50 ball to the hotspot, Blues get a handball chain going through traffic with Cerra to Motlop then Charlie Curnow with the Joe the Goose special. (Q1 13:15)
Curnow volleys home the goal playing on to advantage from an arm chop free on O’Brien which would have gone to De Koning. (Q1 17:36)
Young is pinged for deliberate OOB near the behind post, Keays takes the free and misses. (Q1 21:03)
Newman chases the crumb from a contest in the square, Milera gets a boot to it first but did it come off Newman? Ruled a point. (Q1 23:00)
Berry receives from Smith at half forward and passes to Murphy 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 28:04)
Murray fumbles a ground ball 30m out on the flank, Curnow pounces but misses. (Q1 30:45)
Keays goes long to the pocket, it’s on the head of McGovern but Fogarty has the sit and takes a specky 30m out, then converts just on the QT siren. (Q1 29:42)
Walsh misses an unlikely snap from the pocket after a stoppage. (Qtr Time)
McAdam feeds Smith for a flying snap from 55m on a slight angle that goes wide left. (Q2 7:07)
After McGovern drops a difficult intercept mark in the centre, McHenry gives to Murphy who screws through the goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 8:37)
Kennedy roves on the HBF but gives the ball up by hand straight to McHenry, who snaps wide from 35m. (Q2 9:42)
Walker boots the Crows away with his second goal. (Q2 12:08)
McHenry bumps Cerra off a loose ball at half forward, Schoenberg passes to Keays in the square for another one for Adelaide! (Q2 15:21)
Motlop checksides a goal after a stoppage at the hotspot, Blues rode their luck for that one with the home crowd baying for frees before and after the ball up. (Q2 19:17)
Laird feeds Milera for a snap off a few steps from 40m on the flank that stays narrow. (Q2 22:23)
Cripps runs away from a stoppage on the wing and passes to McKay leading to 45m on a slight angle, who kicks truly. (Q2 25:06)
Owies bounces a snap across the face from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 2:03)
As so often happens after an easy miss up one end, the Crows go coast to coast and it’s Keays who wins a raffle with McAdam to waltz into the open goal! (Q3 2:58)
Silvagni passes to Curnow on the wing who wheels and goes long to the advantage of McKay to mark over two Crows 20m out and… hits the post. (Q3 6:58)
Soligo passes very short to McHenry 20m out in the pocket, mark paid and he converts. (Q3 8:58)
De Koning goes long to the square for Silvagni to beat Smith to mark and goal. (Q3 11:24)
Silvagni fights on after contesting the next centre clearance by Kennedy and reefs out the crumb to Fisher who snaps wide from the hotspot. (Q3 13:23)
Walker sizzles a low pass from the centre past Young to the diving Milera 35m out in front, who misses. (Q3 13:59)
Curnow has a snap from the HFF touched through in the square. (Q3 16:15)
Saad drops an intercept mark at half back, Walker roves and kicks to grass at the hotspot for Fogarty to gather and give Keays another Joe the Goose special! (Q3 20:14)
The Crows get another loose man overlap play going through forward 50 but Walker misses the Joe the Goose handball to Keays and the ball dribbles for a point. (Q3 21:56)
Walker feeds Soligo for a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle that flies wide left. (Q4 0:44)
Fisher kicks a high ball across half forward from the HFF for Cottrell to mark over Jones 30m out, he converts. (Q4 3:00)
Walker catches McGovern HTB at the hotspot under a big pack but stabs it wide left. (Q4 5:39)
McGovern gets in trouble on a rebound up the guts, McAdam feeds Keays who has Walker in the square for the Joe the Goose special! (Q4 6:44)
Parnell’s rebound kick is too aggressive and straight to McGovern who goes quickly to the top of the square for Cottrell to mark and goal. (Q4 9:43)
Fogarty fends off one, two, three Blues on a rampaging run on the HFF, he snaps a big goal from 309m! (Q4 13:03)
Plowman tries a switch kick after intercepting but burns it by foot and Milera storms through to seal the deal with the goal from the hotspot. (Q4 16:44)
Keays gives to Himmelberg for the official sealer from 20m in front, it’s been coming for a while now and the Crows are good for the win. (Q4 21:19)
Motlop catches Murray HTB 40m out in front but misses. (Q4 22:49)
McAdam misses from near CHF. (Q4 27:30)

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