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Blog log from R20 of 2022: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2022

Garcia splits the Geelong sea around him and pops a kick up to the pack where Ugle-Hagan rises above to mark! He jogs in from 30m out in front and kicks the first of the night! (Q1 0:23)
The Dogs chain up some beautiful play to work forward, eventually getting it down to Johannisen who marks 30m out in the pocket. He splits the middle and the Dogs have two! (Q1 3:42)
Stewart and Kolodjashnij are able to rush the ball through for a minor score (Q1 7:00)
Dale pushes forward to take a shot at goal but it’s touched off the boot and then rushed over regardless (Q1 10:07)
A rogue Ceglar hand catches English high and as a result the big beanpole ruck lines up from 25m out on a slight angle. He pops it through as the Dogs pull away! (Q1 13:23)
Macrae takes an advantage to chip neatly to Weightman who sizes up the kick to perfection, slotting the Doggies fourth! (Q1 16:27)
The Cats make a rare foray forward, Hawkins linking up on the flank. He pumps it deep and the ball spills, eventually Close takes a shot but misses (Q1 20:26)
Dangerfield is caught high by Bontempelli, and gets a set shot from 35m out in front. He starts the kick out to the left and it barely sneaks through for the Cats first goal! (Q1 19:48)
The Dogs move forward and Geelong are so very open out the back. It’s a Weightman kick to Bruce in the pocket with acres of space, he goes the drop punt, but kicks to the right (Q1 23:25)
Hawkins lines up a set shot from about 30m near the boundary, but the kick sticks to the left for a point (Q1 26:48)
A few looping handballs allows Close to kick to the lead of Hawkins who marks 30m out on the 45. His kick is an absolute howler though, that results in no score (Qtr Time)
Cameron turns it over in a West tackle and the Dogs move quickly, Naughton getting a break on running to 50 and taking a shot, but is offline (Q2 4:16)
Bailey Smith dashes forward, the mullet flying in his wake as he chips a kick out in front of Ugle-Hagan who marks, kicks, and goals from 35m out! JUH has 2! (Q2 5:32)
The Cats respond quickly, getting it down forward and into the hands of Rohan who puts on a burst of speed to evade Khamis and slot through a much needed goal for Geelong! (Q2 8:14)
Stengle has space on the 50 and chips short to Cameron who decides to loop a handball over the top to Hawkins, who is under pressure to snap, and dribbles through a lame point (Q2 9:57)
Holmes gets space on the flank and spots Rohan with the forward 50 all to himself! A simple kick and mark followed by Rohan putting through a goal! (Q2 21:15)
The Cats enter inside 50 again, Close applying a mountain of pressure on Gardner who coughs it up allowing Close to snap and… hit the post (Q2 21:29)
O’Connor pumps it into the pocket where it spills off the hands of Hawkins and down into the hands of Smith who is able to dribble through a goal and it’s back to 7 points! (Q2 22:41)
Dale has the ball at true CHF, and after scanning inside 50, kicks towards Ugle-Hagan who acts as a decoy for Dunkley to mark 20m out on the 45. He puts it through for a steadier! (Q2 22:41)
Cameron handballs out to Close who tries to snap from a ridiculous angle, but misses (Q2 27:31)
Close puts in a power of work up the ground, and is able to get the ball forward to Hawkins who marks 45m out on the 45. It starts right and comes back, but not enough for a behind (Q2 28:57)
Cameron is shoved late by Bruce, meaning that Stengle gets a downfield free kick 25m out on a slight angle. He guides it home to start the quarter! (Q3 1:55)
Bews kicks long to the congregation of players, the ball spills off to Hawkins who stayed down in the contest, he spins and goals! (Q3 5:00)
Cameron rises to take a very good mark in the pocket, but his kick does nothing to reward the effort, sliding across the face (Q3 6:39)
Miers marks a Guthrie kick but chips short to the lead of Hawkins instead of taking the shot. The Tomohawk lines it up, and knocks it down! He has two for the quarter! (Q3 8:56)
Geelong move quickly from the centre bounce, it’s back down forward in a heartbeat and it’s Cam Guthrie this time who takes a shot and goals! Cats on a run here! (Q3 9:56)
Close streams inside forward 50, he has Cameron open in space but doesn’t need him as he runs to 35 and puts through another Geelong goal! (Q3 13:01)
Stewart is pinged for an arm chop on Ugle-Hagan and JUH lines up from near 50m on an angle. His kick can’t meet the occasion to the jeers of the home fans (Q3 16:23)
The Guthries combine as it’s Zach to Cam who marks on the 50 next to the boundary. He wheels around and kicks long, but also offline for a point (Q3 17:59)
The small forward cartel set up shop as Close kicks to Stengle kicks to Miers in the pocket! It’s a hard kick from 35m out but Gryan flushes it so sweetly to keep the Cats rolling! (Q3 19:41)
The Dogs go forward for once and it’s Liberatore who kicks wide to West in space. Rhylee goes back from 35m out in the pocket but kicks across the face and Ceglar knocks it over (Q3 22:21)
The Cats dash from half back, zipping through the middle of the ground and cutting back inside through Holmes who kicks deep to Cameron in the pocket. He snaps and goals! Jezza? (Q3 22:59)
Geelong waltz out of the middle again and its the smalls combining once more, finishing with a Stengle snap around the body surrounded by defenders! Party time at GMHBA! (Q3 25:01)
The umpire rewards Weightman with a free kick against Stewart, he lines up to the boos of Geelong fans which turn to cheers as Cody sprays it to the right (Q4 2:34)
Dunkley gets the better of Duncan in the pocket to take a strong mark. He snaps across his body, and across the face too for a point (Q4 4:08)
Naughton kicks long towards goal and it gets out the back of everyone, as it rolls through for a point (Q4 6:47)
Geelong rebound quickly and work it forward, eventually getting it to Jezza Cameron in the square who pokes through a goal! (Q4 7:48)
Ceglar crashes into Weightman very late and coughs up a 50m penalty. Weightman jogs forward and kicks the Doggies first of the second half (Q4 14:48)
Cam Guthrie is rewarded for a throw against West and has himself a set shot from 35m out in front, but he hangs the kick out to the left for a behind (Q4 17:30)
Guthrie hangs onto a mark right on the goal line, goes back and pops through the cherry on top! (Q4 21:53)
Miers tries his luck at a running shot, but it falls short and is tapped over (Q4 22:31)
Dunkley flies high for a real specky on top of Henry! He rewards the mark with a goal for some consolation on a dirty night for the Dogs (Q4 23:28)
Kolodjashnij is able to prevent Dunkley from marking and knocks the ball through for a point (Q4 24:50)
The Cats have taken their foot off the gas as the game winds down, following a forward throw-in Weightman is able to walk into goal and kick his third (Q4 26:09)

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