Blog log from R17 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Butters tries a quick shot from 50 after Himmelberg spills the ball, but it bounces out of bounds (Q1 1:36)
Burton intercepts and drills it inside 50 to Rozee who marks 35m out on the 45. He kicks truly for the first of the night! (Q1 1:36)
Ash cleans up in the pocket, and kicks backwards to Lloyd 40m out on an angle. He starts the kick right, but it screws to the left for a behind (Q1 4:56)
Keeffe and Taylor backpedal towards the goals under pressure, and Keeffe takes it over for a rushed behind (Q1 8:00)
Greene kicks to Coniglio who marks 30m out on an angle. The kick is straight, but bounces off the post (Q1 11:38)
Lloyd and Taranto combine from a throw-in but Taranto sprays it high and wide (Q1 11:38)
Peatling kicks to where Hogan and Aliir are lurking, Hogan gets separation from his man and brings down a mark 15m out. He shimmies on his run up and kicks a goal with style! (Q1 14:53)
Finlayson kicks a low ball inside 50 and Butters is able to get even lower to mark 45m out. He opens the angle, it’s long, it’s strong, and it’s a behind (Q1 15:38)
Gray kicks neatly to Marshall on the lead 40m out, and as he’s done all season, splits the middle of the big sticks! (Q1 17:58)
Amon sends a high ball inside 50 where Marshall disposes of Taylor easily to mark in the pocket. He steadies, and nails the run-around kick for his second in quick succession! (Q1 18:20)
Rozee marks 60m out and almost plays on, but takes a second, before opening up the angle and absolutely blasting the ball through the big sticks! What a goal! (Q1 23:56)
Greene sends a sideways kick to Ash who marks 40m out on a slight angle. He skews the kick badly though for a shocking miss (Q1 27:43)
Houston curls a nice kick out to Farrell on the flank, with plenty of space in front he lines up the goals and sends through a dart from 40m out! (Q2 4:20)
Dixon rips it from a throw-in and half forward, flicking it out to Bergman, who spins and kicks, the ball bouncing under the diving Taylor for a goal! (Q2 7:53)
Bruhn brings down Houston without the ball right on the logo. Looking like Trav Cloke with the glove, he gives it everything, but it falls just short as Green punches it through (Q2 12:17)
The ball is kicked from the pocket in a rushed fashion, but Aliir has loped up from defence to mark 35m out on a slight angle. He can’t kick his first for the Power though (Q2 17:33)
Byrne-Jones and Powell-Pepper put the tricks on display, eventually getting it to Farrell 30m out on the 45. His left peg can do no wrong tonight! Farrell has two! (Q2 19:33)
Ash puts the jets on and centres it to the top of the square where Hogan is too strong for his opponents to mark 20m out in front. He puts it through for his and the Giants second! (Q2 19:33)
Finlayson spots Marshall leading up and kicks to him 40m out. Marshall kicks from a slight angle, but it falls just short and is punched through (Q2 23:18)
Ash is caught by Rozee as the Giants panic under pressure. He lines up from 40m out near the boundary, and curls the kick to perfection for his third goal! (Q2 24:18)
Cumming is pinged for a dangerous slam tackle on Rozee 40m out on a slight angle. Rozee misses to the left (Q2 28:34)
Dixon outmarks Davis, with Davis doing a hammy in the process. Dixon waits until Davis manages to leave the area and then puts through a goal to start the third term (Q3 3:53)
Boak marks right before Green arrives and collects him heavily, to concede a 50m penalty. Boak advances to 40m out on an angle, but kicks the ball into the post (Q3 5:53)
Powell-Pepper crumbs a forward contest, slaps the ball on the boot and it floats higher and higher, but also to the right for a behind (Q3 6:32)
The Giants break quickly and it’s Bruhn on the run who dashes inside 50 and kicks towards goal, but misses badly to the right for a behind (Q3 7:09)
Powell-Pepper kicks towards the pack inside 50, and it’s Georgiades who’s the one to drag in the mark 35m out. He kicks an absolute shank though and it soars OOTF (Q3 9:54)
Greene kicks a short pass after lining up a set shot to Peatling. He kicks from 45m out in front, but sprays it across the face for another GWS behind (Q3 10:33)
Kelly pumps a ball into the pocket where Greene is able to take a diving mark. He steadies himself and slots a rare goal for GWS! (Q3 12:33)
Taranto has repeat efforts at inside 50 entries, and manages to put it on Hogan’s head, allowing him to pull down the mark 20m out. He opts for the run-around, but its too narrow (Q3 16:54)
Himmelberg finds himself roaming forward and cleans up a spilled ball, tossing it on the boot quickly, but he misses the chance (Q3 20:18)
Whitfield sends a ball to the hotspot where Hogan is able to get a head of steam and take a commanding mark. Has to nail this chance, but it’s another shocking kick (Q3 21:36)
Flynn drops a mark in the D50 and Powell-Pepper finds the ball in his hands in the pocket, spins, and snaps. He can’t from here can he? HE CAN! Or could, because it was touched. (Q3 25:19)
Bruhn kicks to Lloyd who marks on the 50. He gives it everything but sacrifices accuracy for power, as it speeds OOTF (Q3 26:17)
A pause in play as Kennedy is down and receiving attention (Q3 29:54)
The Power juggle it around on the forward flank, eventually Rozee kicks to Georgiades who marks 40m out near the boundary. The siren sounds, and Georgiades kicks OOTF (3 Qtr Time)
Lloyd is awarded a free kick for HTB on the 50. The crowd roars their disapproval but it quickly turns to cheers as he misses to the left (Q4 8:27)
Himmelberg is back in his natural habitat as he scoops up a loose ball in the forward 50, snapping at goal, but adds another miss to the Giants tally (Q4 10:30)
Dixon finds space on the 50 to load up and take a shot, but it’s handled over the line (Q4 13:46)
Finlayson chips a nice little kick to Powell-Pepper who marks 35m out near the boundary. He steadies, runs around, and kicks the first goal in a long while! (Q4 16:43)
Whitfield kicks back into play after an OOTF from Burton, he spots up Greene who marks 35m out near the boundary. His first kick is called back and his second flies across the face (Q4 20:23)
Byrne-Jones kicks short to Rozee who’s looking for his fourth goal, but Rozee can’t convert (Q4 23:12)
Gray lays off his set shot towards Burgoyne who gets some height, but can’t hold on. In the ensuing mess, Rozee gets some space and puts through a classy goal! (Q4 25:03)
Georgiades marks right on the boundary and kicks quickly, putting through some junk as Port end the game strongly (Q4 26:18)

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