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Blog log from R17 of 2022: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Blog log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R17 of 2022

King takes a pack mark in front of Cox 20m out on the flank for the first goal of the night. (Q1 0:14)
Frederick passes to Fyfe in the pocket 25m out who misses. (Q1 0:45)
Darcy has a crumb fall in his lap on the boundary 20m out, he turns and tries an outrageous dribbler off his left that rolls through! (Q1 3:50)
Butler beats Clark to a loose ball and spins out of trouble for a snap across the body from 20m in the pocket… that one goes through off the left. (Q1 4:04)
Serong turns the ball over by foot at half back, Higgins snaps his first goal from half forward around the corner after a feed by Wanganeen-Milera. (Q1 9:14)
Frederick checksides a goal from the hotspot after Darcy roves a Lobb contest and gives off. (Q1 9:44)
Gresham turns the ball over by hand in the centre to Walters, Taberner passes over Wilkie to Fyfe 15m out for the goal. (Q1 13:31)
Gresham owes the Saints one but his snap from half forward is into the post. (Q1 16:54)
Walters marks over Hill 40m out on the flank, plays on and grubbers wide. (Q1 16:29)
Ryder earns a holding free on Darcy near the hotspot, Butler plays on to advantage for the goal. (Q1 20:15)
Billings catches Fyfe HTB on the HFF, Saints swarm but Wood misses from 30m near the boundary. (Q1 20:15)
Banfield taps down a Joyce handball after a Darcy contest near the hotspot, he receives back from Darcy for the goal. (Q1 25:27)
Ross hits Marshall with the next kick from the centre, nothing Logue could do about that. Marshall hoofs it wide from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 26:15)
Higgins’ chase forces Young to turn the ball over by foot from the last line, Wood intercepts 30m out in the pocket but misses. (Qtr Time)
The Saints attack extremely slowly then turn it over on the inside 50, Freo’s rebound is far more flowing with Fyfe marking 40m out in front… but Nat shanks it OOTF. (Q2 2:51)
Jones runs inside from a pack on the wing and hits the lead of Membrey 45m out in front, who just shoots to the left. (Q2 5:32)
Clark kicks long up the guts from the centre, the ball clears Lobb and bounces for a behind. (Q2 5:32)
Steele gives to Sinclair who performs two left-foot steps to get past onrushing Docker opponents and snaps the goal from 40m in front. (Q2 9:21)
Higgins is over the back of a King contest on the wing and scoots away, he passes to Membrey 45m out on a slight angle who doesn’t make the distance, Freo clears. (Q2 12:15)
Higgins marks a Membrey kick inside 50 then goes further on to Wanganeen-Milera near the hotspot, who boots his first senior goal. (Q2 15:55)
Banfield beats Highmore to mark a Walker pass to the pocket 25m out, he plays on and screws through his second goal. (Q2 19:12)
Ross runs away from Mundy from the next centre bounce and hits the lead of Membrey 40m out on a slight angle, quick replying goal. (Q2 21:56)
Wilkie flies behind Lobb to spoil 25m out on the flank but gets pinged for an arm chop. Lobb, who has a new peroxide rinse, kicks truly to a chorus of boos. (Q2 22:16)
Another centre clearance to Ross to hit another lead to 45m, this time King on the flank who shots OOTF. (Q2 25:16)
Schultz centres from the HFF to Lobb 35m out on a slight angle for the opening goal of Q3. (Q3 2:30)
Lobb beats two Saints to mark again at the hotspot from a Mundy kick after the next centre bounce, but he shoots wide left. (Q3 3:54)
Lobb roves a long ball to a pack on the flank 40m out and feeds Schultz to bounce home another one! (Q3 5:33)
Jones goes past a loose ball to bump Brodie on the wing, free handball to Brayshaw who goes long to Darcy to mark unopposed at the hotspot and goal. (Q3 11:55)
The Saints dominated clearances in the first half but Fremantle’s defensive structure prevented a huge lead accumulating. Now the tide is turning purple. (Q3 11:55)
Webster roves in the back pocket but gets caught HTB by Schultz who misses from 20m. (Q3 13:34)
Banfield has a snap from 20m on a slight angle touched off the boot and into the post anyway. (Q3 15:51)
Frederick’s frontal pressure forces a high dump kick by Battle to the Freo hotspot, Brayshaw feeds Brodie who checksides another one for the Dockers! (Q3 16:34)
Colyer centres to Fyfe 30m out on a slight angle who kicks truly. Fremantle are bossing this contest now. (Q3 20:35)
Brayshaw joins the Q3 party with a goal from the HFF after Highmore coughs the ball up in defence. (Q3 23:55)
Steele to Crouch for the next centre clearance, a low bullet to Membrey 35m out in front who converts to stop the rot. (Q3 25:35)
Wilson catches Higgins high in a tackle on the HFF, set shot falls in the square where Wood marks and goals. (Q3 27:35)
Butler roves and shoots from the pocket 20m out but it’s narrow. (Q3 29:32)
Frederick roves a bouncing inside 50 by Fyfe towards the hotspot, shrugs out of a tackle and misses off the left. (Q3 31:01)
Frederick catches Hill HTB in the centre plus 50m for abuse by Butler, Saint fans go ape droppings as he is brought to the hotspot on the 3QT siren for a big goal! (Q3 32:31)
Serong kicks across half forward to Schultz who marks 45m out in front, Battle makes him earn it, he plays on and doesn’t score. (Q4 1:41)
Hill roves and misses under a tackle from a stoppage 20m out. (Q4 8:01)
King snaps quickly after roving 40m out on the flank, needs an off break but continues bouncing left for a point. (Q4 12:26)
Brodie stands in a tackle at the hotspot and handballs to grass for Fyfe to run onto and snap what looks like the sealer. (Q4 14:11)
Brodie does a one-two with Mundy running from the centre and kicks off junk time with a rare goal from 50m out. (Q4 15:46)
Schultz volleys home the crumb from a Lobb contest in the square that sits up for him on the line. (Q4 17:13)
King marks at the top of the square for some garbage. (Q4 19:06)
Mundy releases Frederick to run free from wing to the HFF and pop through another one from 45m. (Q4 24:50)
Banfield marks in the last minute for a miss from 30m on the flank. (Q4 27:42)

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