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Blog log from R17 of 2022: Brisbane vs Essendon

Blog log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R17 of 2022

Essendon chain up the handballs out of the middle, eventually it’s Merrett who tries his luck at goal, but he misses to the left (Q1 1:00)
Rayner catches D’Ambrosio HTB 45m out on the 45. He lines up the shot, but his kick fades to the left late (Q1 2:00)
Dons take the advantage and work it back to Jones who marks 35m out in front. He eases the kick through for a point however (Q1 5:01)
Daniher marks 55m out on an angle, he loads up and blasts it goalward, but it ends up to the right, for another point (Q1 9:33)
Phillips is pinged for a hold on McInerney and as such he lines up from 50m out on a considerable angle. But once again, he can’t convert for another behind (Q1 14:02)
Langford kicks to the top of the square and it’s Draper who stands above the rest to mark! He plays on and grubbers it through for the first of the game at last! (Q1 16:49)
Merrett lowers the eyes and spies Langford in a good position. He marks 45m out on a slight angle and kicks high and long, but also to the left (Q1 19:02)
Hipwood kicks a long ball inside 50 and Robinson goes back with the flight to mark strongly 45m out near the boundary. The kick looks good off the boot, Lions goal! (Q1 21:31)
Stringer goes straight out of the middle and his kick inside 50 finds Hobbs who marks well in the contest. He lines up from 25m out in front, and converts! (Q1 22:29)
Neale cuts through the Dons like butter from a forward throw in, flashing a handpass out to McCarthy who snaps on the spot and curls through a goal right as the siren sounds! (Qtr Time)
Essendon work the ball across the 50 to Langford who has too much space. He kicks from 45m out near the boundary, and he squeezes the kick through to start Q2! (Q2 2:37)
The Lions respond quickly from the centre bounce and pump it long to Daniher and Laverde, the ball spills but Daniher recovers and evades the defenders to snap through a goal! (Q2 4:22)
Shiel dashes forward and blasts it inside 50, the ball rocks around and the Dons get possession, working it back to Langford who once again has space. He goals from in front! (Q2 5:52)
Starcevich delivers it to the pack and McInerney stands tall to mark 20m out. He converts this time and the scores are level again! (Q2 8:17)
McCarthy hits up Hipwood on the lead and he marks 45m out on an angle. His kick starts left but fades badly to the right for a behind (Q2 10:22)
Rayner tries his luck at goal, but it bounces through for a behind (Q2 11:57)
Hobbs tries a wild snap at goal, and it barely sneaks through for a minor score (Q2 12:42)
The balls pings around inside 50 after a Durham kick, eventually Hobbs finds space to take a shot, but misses once more (Q2 15:56)
Langford handballs to Caldwell under pressure, but Caldwell sprays it OOTF (Q2 16:18)
Merrett cleans up a loose ball and lowers the eyes to spot Langford in space, Langford is interfered with and lines up from 30m out on an angle. Langford kicks, and goals! (Q2 18:33)
Essendon move forward quickly, the ball spills to ground inside 50 and Guelfi cleans up a handball to Shiel who has time and space to snap, and goal! (Q2 20:53)
Cockatoo tries a high snap from 40m out, but the bounce doesn’t favour him, and it rolls through for a minor score (Q2 21:58)
Heppell and Shiel combine, Heppell spotting Wright on a long lead, and Wright marks on the 50. He unloads from range, but the ball smashes into the post! (Q2 23:57)
McCluggage finds space to snap into a vacant goalsquare, but the bounces pops the ball up and Durham rushes it through (Q2 24:58)
Martin kicks to Wright who marks 45m out this time on a slight angle. He splits the middle on his second attempt, and the Dons extend their lead! (Q2 25:53)
Bailey runs onto a loose ball and snaps from 30m out in front, but his kick is offline (Q2 27:57)
Adams is caught napping and tackled 5m in front of goal, but manages to handball over the line (Q3 0:44)
McCluggage kicks to Fort who monsters his opponent to mark 40m out in front. He typically doesn’t miss, and this time is no exception! (Q3 1:41)
Bailey moves through traffic and flicks a handball out to McInerney who stops and props from 50m out, and slices through another Lions goal! (Q3 4:00)
Durham blasts it to the square where it bounces off hands to Wright who tries to kick it in midair, but can’t connect and kicks another behind (Q3 5:05)
Cameron keeps the ball in play and selflessly dishes off to McInerney in the square but Zerk-Thatcher hunts him down and forces a rushed behind (Q3 5:57)
Stringer floats a ball down to Langford but he can’t complete the mark, Heppell cleans up though and pops through a steadier for the Bombers! (Q3 7:30)
Merrett scans the forward 50 and decides on kicking to a Wright lead in the pocket. Wright makes no mistake and the Bombers punch back after the Lions quick start! (Q3 9:00)
McCluggage scoops up a loose entry inside 50 and allows McCarthy the time and space needed to snap a goal! (Q3 11:03)
Langford spots Jones leading into the pocket and heads that way, Jones marking 30m out. He tries to sneak it through, but smashes it into the far point post instead (Q3 15:05)
Guelfi marks 45m out, but kicks to where the talls are congregating, Wright gets some speed and can’t be stopped as he marks 20m out in front. He converts and Wright has three! (Q3 20:31)
McCarthy dashes into the pocket from a throw-in and squeezes the ball through an impossible angle! What a goal! (Q3 24:46)
Langford kicks low to Stringer who marks 45m out in front, but his kick slides to the wrong side of the post (Q3 26:30)
Fort isn’t awarded a mark and the ball spills to ground where Robinson is waiting and able to smack a kick out that bounces through for a goal! (Q3 30:21)
Shiel and Caldwell combine out of the middle and Caldwell gets it in quick to Wright who marks 30m out in front. He kicks his fourth goal easily! (Q3 31:08)
Merrett scoops up the ball on the boundary and spots Langford out in the square. Langford marks 1m out, spins around and slots his fourth goal! (Q4 2:51)
Dons are moving smoothly, Durham marks on the flank and hits up the Stringer lead 35m out on an angle. Stringer kicks way too narrow though for a behind (Q4 4:49)
Kelly catches McCarthy high on the boundary 35m out, but McCarthy doesn’t even get the ball back in bounds! (Q4 6:12)
Daniher marks at half-forward and there are Lions in acres of space, Cameron is the lucky player and he marks 35m out in front. He guides it home for a big goal! (Q4 7:41)
McCarthy gets some space after a Neale handball to try his luck, but Zerk-Thatcher is there to mark on the line (Q4 9:50)
Daniher gets out the back and takes a running shot, but misses the lot (Q4 12:11)
Daniher makes amends with a handball to Carter Michael on the flank, he runs into some space, and kicks a magnificent goal! How about that for your first! (Q4 13:06)
Caldwell gets a free kick in the middle of the ground, he kicks to the pack and it’s Wright who stands tall! He kicks from 30m out in front and Wright has five! (Q4 14:16)
Durham catches McCluggage high 35m out on a slight angle, notorious for his set shots, McCluggage runs in and misses! (Q4 17:11)
Lyons dumps a high ball inside 50 and McInerney is too big and strong, marking 20m out in front. To get the margin back to 6 points… He misses! (Q4 19:31)
McInerney finds Hipwood in the pocket, and he marks 35m out. It’s a difficult kick, but he makes it look easy! 5 points the margin with just under 5 minutes remaining! (Q4 22:31)
The Bombers explode out of the middle! Draper and Caldwell combine, Caldwell bursting inside 50 and tossing it on the boot. It’s big, It’s there! Back to 11 points! (Q4 23:26)
Lester gives off to Robinson who pumps it long and Rayner marks in the middle of the pack! He kicks from 20m out in front, and the margin is back to 5 points! (Q4 25:08)
Madden marks on the 50 and gives it a proper roost, but it falls just short and ends up out of bounds. 2 minutes remaining (Q4 27:37)
Neale tries his luck at a snap, but misses to the right, 2 minutes on the dot now. 4 point margin (Q4 26:51)
Guelfi gets his head over the ball and is rewarded a free kick 25m out. The clock runs down. The Bombers have won as Guelfi puts through a goal after the siren! (Full Time)

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