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Blog log from R10 of 2019: Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R10 of 2019

Following a boundary throw-in deep in Adelaide’s forward 50, Sloane is able to feed it out to Ellis-Yolmen who shrugs off a tackler and snaps the first goal of the afternoon! (Q1 5:33)
Gaff’s hurried defensive soccer clearance bounces straight to Sloane. Rory steps around Petruccelle with ease and slots it from 40. (Q1 7:20)
Himmelberg finds space out of a forward-50 stoppage where there was none. His quick shot, however, is to the near side. (Q1 9:46)
After pouncing on the loose ball out the back of attacking throw-in, Dom Sheed’s 25m right-foot snap is offline. (Q1 12:21)
Yeo bullies the footy out of congestion to Petruccelle who offloads to the running Sheed. From outside 50 on the flank, Dom slots a fantastic goal. (Q1 17:07)
Waterman keeps the ball in play with a clever soccer kick. Kennedy can’t hold the mark but he does enough to collect and hand off to Petruccelle who kicks the easiest of goals. (Q1 18:35)
Starting with Hurn, West Coast’s transition from end to end is rapid. Rioli then marks Cripps’ long kick but can’t convert from 45. (Q1 22:03)
Sheppard takes the intercept grab over the top of Jones after a poor Adelaide clearance. The defender lines up from 45 but it fades to the right. (Q1 25:48)
Ryan roves the back of a contest on the wing and sends it long to the Darling/Hartigan contest. Darling is able to get a few metres of space, then dribbles the goal from 20m out. (Qtr Time)
Duggan’s scrambling clearance kick is only as far as Ellis-Yolmen. The Crow’s hasty 40m right-foot snap is to the near side. (Q2 2:16)
Yeo catches Crouch HTB on the wing before releasing to Sheed in space at half forward. The angle proves to be his nemesis as the running 50m attempt flies wide. (Q2 8:53)
Milera kicks a brilliant goal from a tight angle set shot. It won’t count, however, due to Walker giving away an unnecessary shepherding free kick while the ball was in flight. (Q2 14:17)
Gallucci sends a high footy inside 50. Milera takes the mark in the pocket and snaps the goal to make up for the last play. (Q2 16:32)
Betts dances and sidesteps in the pocket before popping the footy over the top to Milera. He claims possession and gets the kick away in one action – an easy goal in the end. (Q2 18:30)
Brodie Smith launches a shot from long range on the boundary which is touched on the line. A score review confirms the touch. (Q2 21:46)
Hurn’s attempt to spoil the ball over the goal line doesn’t have enough power on it. Atkins is first to the loose ball and soccers it through! (Q2 24:30)
Seedsman steps around the man on the mark at 55, runs a few more metres and connects sweetly from 50 for a top-class goal. (Q2 27:16)
Murphy waits down at the foot of the pack, crumbs smoothly, and then snaps a valuable goal on his left from 30m on a tough angle. (Q2 30:17)
Ellis-Yolmen’s 40m set shot could have stretched the lead just before half time, but it sails to the far side. (Q2 31:13)
A fumbly Laird allows Allen to gather and squeeze a hurried shot away from 20m, but a lack of balance and time forces it wide. (Q3 3:47)
Ellis-Yolmen puts a block on Redden at a forward stoppage that allows Betts to get free. Eddie can’t collect but he’s good enough to tap it to his own advantage and soccer the goal (Q3 7:33)
Talia’s rebounding kick is a dangerous one, causing a turnover. Yeo spoils the footy which falls into the lap of Cripps, and on the run from 45, he kicks truly. (Q3 10:11)
The Eagles get a couple in a row, this one through Kennedy. Duggan sent it inside 50 from the wing and JJK was able to gain separation between Talia to take a strong mark at 20m. (Q3 12:41)
Talia is penalised for holding Darling’s arm while the ball is in flight, gifting the Eagle forward an easy, 20m shot. Jack has no issue converting from almost directly in front. (Q3 14:16)
A hasty, high centre clearance kick from Himmelberg falls to the advantaged side of Eddie Betts. He is able to push off his opponent, clunk the mark, and slot the goal from 40m. (Q3 16:02)
A front-on-contact free kick is paid against Milera in favour of Hutchings. From right on the 50, it starts right and stays right. (Q3 17:57)
With strength, Darling is able to outperform Himmelberg in the ruck contest and offload to Rioli. The quick snap from the hot spot is good! (Q3 20:11)
Greenwood catches Cripps around the neck which will give Jamie a sniff on goal. From 40m without significant angle, he continues the West Coast fightback. (Q3 21:46)
Sloane is the final link in a chain of Adelaide possessions that work the footy from defence to offence, however, his 45m set shot is hung out to the right. (Q3 25:45)
Out of the pocket, Eddie smells danger and gets a snap away on his right boot. It’s awry and bounces through for an underwhelming behind. (Q3 33:16)
Gaff and Redden combine with the latter sending it inside 50. Kennedy Is able to push off Talia to clunk the mark and then slots the goal from 45. (Q4 2:24)
Cripps swoops on the loose ball after an Allen mark isn’t paid. He dishes to Yeo who takes a ping from 45 on the run but it’s wide. (Q4 3:23)
The footy ricochets off Shuey in the pocket following a throw-in, conveniently into the arms of Cripps. Jamie nails the snap from a tight angle to put the Eagles in front! (Q4 10:38)
Walker handballs it over the top to Murphy who is able to somehow escape McGovern yet can’t convert his quick left-foot snap. (Q4 12:36)
Kelly wobbles a centering pass from the boundary which is good enough to find the mitts of Milera, sliding in for the mark. He goes back and slots it from 45! (Q4 14:22)
The big Eagles combine with Darling, Allen, and Kennedy each taking important marks, the last of which is within range. Josh goes back and splits the middle with his 50m attempt. (Q4 19:54)
Sloane offloads to Murphy who shoots for goal off one step from 45 but it’s just offline. (Q4 20:54)
Seedsman collects off the feet of a big pack and dishes to Jones. His flying snap from 40 was never on target, but it does level the scores. Four minutes to go… (Q4 27:52)
Shuey and Gaff combine to send it into the West Coast hot spot. It spills out where Allen is able to paddle it over the head of his marker to himself, before running into goal. (Q4 29:47)
Shuey kicks it forward from the centre square. The Sherrin might have brushed Ryan’s fingertips before falling into the lap of Darling but the mark is paid. He kicks truly from 35! (Q4 29:47)
Betts has a chance on the run on a tough angle but it’s OOTF and doesn’t register a score. With a minute left, Adelaide would need a miracle. (Q4 29:47)
The final siren sounds and the Eagles stage a remarkable comeback. They win by 12 after overcoming a 33-point deficit. (Full Time)

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