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Blog log from R10 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2019

Bontempelli gets a holding free on Anderson at the first centre bounce and kicks low and hard up the guts to the lead of Wallis 45m out… Pittard encroaches, goal from the line! (Q1 0:17)
Wood snaps the first North Melbourne goal from 40m out in front after beating Crozier to the crumb from a Brown contest. (Q1 3:34)
Hunter passes to the lead of Lloyd 45m out on a slight angle who kicks truly as he so often does inside 50. (Q1 6:04)
Repeat stoppages at the Bulldog hotspots result in a free for high contact against Davies-Uniacke to Lloyd, who hits the post. (Q1 10:48)
The Bulldogs have terrible trouble trying to rebound with short possessions from the last line, eventually the turnover at half forward leads to Larkey’s mark and goal from 30m. (Q1 14:36)
Richards roves a Pittard spoil to the pocket and tries a running checkside from 20m… well wide. (Q1 16:24)
Zurhaar flies over a pack at the hotspot like Van Der Haar to mark a Wood speculator from the HFF, he goals as well and North builds its lead. (Q1 17:51)
Liberatore kicks long from the HFF to the square, over everyone’s head and falls towards the line where Bontempelli leads Thompson to volley it home. (Q1 20:30)
Daniel strips Turner trying to shoot from the hotspot, the Dog players stop because they think it’s an obvious HTB free, no whistle so Anderson mops up and goals. Dog fans boo! (Q1 23:15)
Suckling marks just inside 50m wide on the flank, right in his wheelhouse this one and he delivers with a fabulous finish to level the scores. (Q1 24:20)
North rebounds by hand from a stoppage deep in defence around members wing ending with a Thomas pass to Brown in the pocket 35m out, who misses the lot. (Q1 26:37)
Thomas picks the pocket of Bontempelli with a smother and gather after the kick in, baulks the Bont and checksides the goal from 15m! (Q1 27:46)
Dunkley sets Liberatore off to run across half forward and shoot under no pressure from 45m on a slight angle, just avoids the right goalpost for his first of the arvo. (Q1 30:53)
Long ball to the North goalsquare, Anderson stands up in a tackle and gives off to Cunnington who does the rest off the left boot. (Q2 3:42)
Brown leaps in front of Trengove to clunk a Ziebell long ball down the flank to 20m for his first goal. (Q2 4:58)
Wood leaps in front of Williams to mark a Macmillan inside 50 kick from the wing to 30m on a slight angle, he goals as well. North making its move. (Q2 7:12)
Dale kicks quickly from a stoppage at half forward, it lands in the pocket, Naughton gets to it with Tarrant all over him but performs a fantastic soccer kick from 15m for a goal! (Q2 9:27)
Pittard breaks a couple of attacks to start an attack on the wing, Zurhaar marks 45m out near the boundary and sails through another one for the Kangas! (Q2 10:52)
Bontempelli marks in front of Macmillan 50m out on the flank but shoots wide right. (Q2 12:42)
Bontempelli gets a chance for a snap from the same spot a little further out, again misses to the right. (Q2 14:43)
Thomas marks 45m out wide on the flank and just misses. (Q2 15:38)
Dunkley marks a Johannisen kick to 45m wide on the flank on the end of a very slow play, he hits the post. (Q2 17:53)
Brown gets a contact free in a pack at the hotspot for Wood clattering into him, he pops through his second goal. (Q2 24:28)
Davies-Uniacke marks 35m out on the flank but misses, as he often does. (Q2 26:37)
Crozier passes to Wallis 35m out wide on the flank just before the HT siren. Wallis shanks a behind. (Q2 29:13)
Lipinski marks at half forward and feeds Johannisen zipping past for a snap on the burst from 50m on a slight angle that sails through for the first goal of Q3! (Q3 0:47)
Daniel marks behind a pack in midfield and passes to Dunkley at half forward, he’s within range but spots up English 30m out on the flank who misses. (Q3 4:32)
Lloyd misses a snap from the HFF just before getting smashed. (Q3 7:15)
Liberatore runs down Pittard on the wing, ump lets him get a handball off to Anderson who bombs long from the HFF, bounces through, goal paid despite video showing it was touched. (Q3 9:12)
Atley kicks high from the HFF to a big pack at the hotspot, Trengove is pinged for a hold on Brown who misses badly. (Q3 11:02)
Wood passes to Davies-Uniacke in the pocket 20m out on the end of a fat side rebound, LDU checksides the set shot through. (Q3 13:44)
Lloyd roves a Smith contest and snaps across the body off the left from 40m on the flank, it bounces across the face for a point. (Q3 20:16)
Another fat side rebound at pace ends with Wood marking near the hotspot, this is just about the sealer and it sails through. (Q3 22:41)
Johannisen marks a clever Lipinski kick to the top of the square and gives a Joe the Goose special to Smith. (Q3 26:09)
Liberatore roves a McLean contest in the pocket and screws through a goal from 20m just before the 3QT siren. (Q3 29:15)
Dunkley passes to English 40m out in front, the kid has no sideways spin on that one, straight through the hi-diddle-diddle. (Q4 0:42)
Bontempelli lopes away from the next centre bounce and hits English 25m out on a slight angle, nothing Thompson could do there. English goals again, Dogs back in it! (Q4 2:22)
Bontempelli runs down the wing and kicks over a pack on the HFF to Lloyd who turns and runs into the open goal! (Q4 5:48)
Macrae roves at half forward and bullets a pass to Lloyd 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is gun-barrel straight and the Bullies hit the lead! (Q4 8:48)
Higgins passes to Brown with a fantastic kick from the wing to 40m out on a slight angle. Brown, whose radar has been off today, trots in and converts, Roos back in the lead. (Q4 12:13)
The crumb from a stoppage in the pocket rolls to the hotspot, crowd forms and it’s Larkey who roves and gives to Polec for the massive goal! (Q4 15:37)
Simpkin is front and centre to rove Brown 30m out on the flank, his snap off a step off the left is wide. (Q4 16:29)
Turner intercepts a Daniel kick on the wing and gives off to Higgins, long ball to the top of the square where Larkey clunks it in a pack and goals! (Q4 17:02)
Naughton roves a pack at the hotspot and only has Marley Williams to beat on the ground but the Roo catches him HTB! (Q4 18:59)
Suckling misses from the HFF. (Q4 19:43)
McDonald spoils on the wing, gathers and gives to Larkey who gets a chance on the run from 40m on a slight angle and that one’s home too, just about the sealer with 6:23 left! (Q4 21:53)
Thomas marks a Higgins kick in the square for a junk time goal. (Q4 28:24)
Ziebell marks yet another Higgins inside 50 kick to the flank 30m out and passes it to Polec 45m out on a slight angle, for some reason. Polec hits the post. (Q4 30:01)

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