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Blog log from R10 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide, R10 of 2019

Ceglar and Puopolo work the footy out wide to a galloping Henderson. He has plenty of time to steady on the run, but the tight angle gets the better of him. (Q1 2:01)
Powell-Pepper changes his mind mid-disposal, effectively dropping the ball. Breust pounces and hands off to Gunston who kicks the goal from 35 on the run. (Q1 15:54)
Puopolo crumbs a pack at half back before hitting up Worpel with the short pass. James identifies Gunston’s separation from Jonas and finds his target. From 45, Jack goals. (Q1 20:43)
Scully picks up the loose ball in the pocket, wheels around, and kicks short to Cousins within range. A 50m penalty for a late push makes it a sure thing. (Q1 23:03)
Gunston marks outside his attacking 50 and quickly offloads to Worpel streaming by. James steadies and slots the goal from 40 with ease. (Q1 27:44)
The Hawks get the centre clearance to start the second term. Gunston hands to Henderson on the flank who kicks to the leading Ceglar. The big man’s 45m shot hits the post. (Q2 1:12)
Howard’s attempted switch kick is poor, allowing a turnover in the worst possible position. Breust applies pressure on Amon then works it out to Gunston who snaps the goal! (Q2 3:51)
There’s a noticeable breeze down in Tassie. The Hawks reaped its benefits in the first term and Port and kicking with it now. (Q2 6:42)
Boak’s inside-50 kick toward Rozee is scrappy but it eventually finds the target. Rozee works it back to Ladhams who has a ping on the run from 45 but it’s wide. (Q2 11:50)
Port finally makes a dent in the scoreboard! Following a marking contest, Frampton dishes by hand to the streaming Rozee who runs toward goal and dribbles it through. (Q2 13:39)
O’Brien gifts Duursma a shot at goal with a terrible attempted switch kick. From directly in from, 35m out, he hangs it out to the left. (Q2 15:25)
Powell-Pepper is penalised for argy-bargy high contact prior to the boundary throw-in, giving Shiels a relatively easy shot at goal. From 35m, Liam has no trouble. (Q2 22:57)
Ladhams’ set shot from just inside the 50 sways straight into the behind post. No score. (Q2 24:40)
A dangerous tackle is paid against Stratton for rolling Duursma, although there wasn’t too much in it. Xavier lines up from 35 and splits the middle for a much-needed Port goal. (Q2 26:41)
Without chalking up a disposal, Robbie Gray cleverly smacks the footy down into the path of Butters just a few meters from goal. Zak gets a mid-air boot to it, but it’s offline. (Half Time)
Powell-Pepper, Rockliff and Boak combine by hand with the latter’s 45m shot touched in the square before bouncing over the goal line. (Q3 2:56)
Gunston bends a high kick across the face from the pocket, falling into the arms of Breust in the opposite pocket. His right-foot snap misses to the near side. (Q3 5:27)
Gunton’s quick kick out of a stoppage is smothered, ricocheting to Shiels standing in virtually the same spot. Shiels tries his luck at goal as well but it misses narrowly. (Q3 8:44)
After plenty of trouble getting out of defence, Port finally get an attack flowing. Ryder finds Rozee inside 50 who marks, turns and hands off to Amon streaming past. He goals! (Q3 11:58)
Duursma’s defensive kick to Broadbent is poor, as is the marking attempt. Wingard mops up and handballs to Scully who snaps the goal to make the Power defence pay. (Q3 12:55)
The ball bobbles off hands in Hawthorn’s attacking hot spot. Moments before it crosses over the behind line, Gunston connects his boot with the footy, resulting in a clever goal! (Q3 16:08)
Amon collects in Port’s attacking 50, looking backward and finding Powell-Pepper in space. From 35m, without significant angle, Sam kicks truly. (Q3 17:12)
Butters’ attack on the footy affects Sicily’s ability to mark. Farrell then picks up the hot footy and flicks it to Westhoff whose snap misses. (Q3 19:29)
Motlop has a running opportunity from 35m on a tight angle but can’t convert, sliding through for a minor score, (Q3 21:58)
Breust protects the fall of the ball with his body to mark Gunston’s long kick in the pocket. He hastily plays on and unselfishly gives Impey the easiest of goals. (Q3 22:58)
Ryder marks in the centre square and links up with the running Rozee. Connor looks up and pinpoints Robbie Gray ahead of Sicily. On a tricky angle, Robbie finishes beautifully. (Q3 26:43)
Frampton gets the one-two with Motlop but with pressure abundant, his hurried 35m shot is offline. (Q3 27:58)
After receiving the handball from Cousins, Wingard’s snap from congestion scrapes a fingernail and results in a touched behind. (3 Qtr Time)
O’Meara lowers his eyes to find Wingard inside 50. Chad quickly loops the hands over the top to Gunston who sidesteps Howard and snaps the goal on his left. (Q4 3:42)
Duursma feeds it to Westhoff in the pocket but his snap bends too much, sailing through for a minor score. (Q4 4:14)
Ladhams cleverly slaps the footy down to Westhoff who pops a shallow kick over the top to Powell-Pepper. From 35m, he sprays it OOTF. (Q4 6:28)
Pittonet picks up the loose Sherrin in the pocket and hands to Gunston. Jack is tackled over the behind line, resulting in a minor score for Hawthorn. (Q4 7:59)
O’Meara is able to squeeze a hurried snap out of congestion that narrowly flies wide. (Q4 8:55)
Lienert makes no effort to dispose of the ball while under the Breust tackle. Luke earns the free kick and shoots from 40m but misses to the right. (Q4 14:40)
Motlop sparks a counter-attack which finishes with Ladhams marking the Duursma inside-50 kick. Adjacent to the boundary, the first gamer’s shot is flawless. (Q4 16:57)
Impey takes a bounce on the wing and kicks to a paddock between Puopolo and the goals. There’s no way Jonas is catching Poppy as the Hawk puts the game beyond doubt. (Q4 22:07)
Gunston caps off a clear BOG performance with a sixth goal. This one was a 40m set shot on a 45-degree angle. (Q4 23:14)
Duursma gets a scraping toe on the footy in the goalsquare. The umpire’s call is a goal, but a review indicates Morrison got a fingernail on it. (Q4 25:56)
Motlop receives from Butters but can’t keep his running shot on target, missing to the right from 40m. (Q4 27:15)
Lienert roosts a kick toward goal from outside 50 which misses. Port is able to recapture the footy following the kickout, but Butters’ set 40m shot isn’t straight either. (Full Time)

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