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Blog log from R6 of 2019: St Kilda vs Adelaide

Blog log for St Kilda vs Adelaide, R6 of 2019

Bruce marks on the HFF but his set shot is the first score of the evening, a behind. (Q1 1:19)
After a Smith rebound kick doesn’t clear midfield, Gresham kicks long up the guts to the hotspot for Long to mark and boot the first goal. (Q1 1:49)
Betts marks in front of McKenzie at the hotspot and pops through his first goal of what could be another big game. (Q1 4:07)
The Saints run in numbers up the centre, Long’s kick to Kent is a grubber but Kent gathers and gives to Steven who bounces a left foot snap through from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 7:46)
Sinclair goes to Gresham in the pocket within range but he sees Steven running free to the hotspot, the pass inboard works and Steven… fluffs it with a stinker. (Q1 9:53)
Bruce gets a contact free for a block by Kelly in the pocket 35m out, but misses. (Q1 14:01)
Parker fires up the home Saint crowd with a nice snap for a goal from a pack on the flank 30m out, plus a celebration worthy of a WWE fight! (Q1 15:51)
Greenwood clunks a pack mark in front of Brown at the hotspot for his first goal of the game. (Q1 16:51)
Lonie roves and misses from 20m. (Q1 18:16)
Lonie gets another chance running full tilt to the boundary 20m out, another miss. (Q1 19:24)
Walker rises above a pack near the hotspot to mark a centring ball by Matt Crouch, he kicks truly. (Q1 21:13)
Steele misses after a stoppage deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q1 30:21)
Walker draws a holding free on Battle leading to 40m in the corridor and punches low for his second goal to level the scores. (Q2 1:32)
Membrey marks near the hotspot for his first goal to give the Saints a lead. (Q2 6:59)
Lynch passes low and hard from the HFF to Knight leading to 40m on a slight angle, he levels the scores once again with a goal. (Q2 11:16)
The Crows kick and mark their way from the last line all the way to the FP where Murphy marks a Walker pass 20m out and kicks truly. (Q2 14:45)
Greenwood sharks a Steven handball at the Crow hotspot but just misses on the turn off the left. (Q2 16:45)
Two Saints try to tackle Walker as he storms through CHF, the ball spills but the Saints fall off him like water, he has time to regather and snap truly from 40m. (Q2 18:30)
Gallucci marks a centring ball by Ellis-Yolmen from the pocket to the top of the square for another one for Adelaide. (Q2 23:00)
Long speculator to the top of the Saints goalsquare as the clock ticks towards HT, Parker rises majestically to take an impressive mark and kick his second goal. (Q2 26:00)
Himmelberg snaps the first goal of Q3 inside the first half minute after Betts taps down a Webster handball at the Crow hotspot. (Q3 0:54)
Smith misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q3 5:48)
Kent is over the back of the Adelaide defence to mark a long Acres ball and waltz into the open goal. (Q3 7:28)
Mackay runs through traffic at half forward and tries a checkside from the hotspot, it falls short and luckily into the hands of Himmelberg at the top of the square… miss. (Q3 10:06)
Himmelberg marks a short Greenwood kick from a pack at half forward in front of Wilkie at the hotspot. That set shot goes through for a goal. (Q3 13:04)
Battle intercepts a Smith rebound kick and pumps it straight back to the line, Parker leaps on the back of Laird for a speccy, lands on his feet and plays on into the open goal! (Q3 15:34)
A chain of handballs through traffic up the guts releases Ross to shoot on the run from true CHF, but it skids wide in disappointing fashion. (Q3 22:04)
Lynch plays on after marking deep in the pocket but misses. (Q3 22:22)
Paton kicks to Kent on the HFF, a bit wayward but Kent gathers and gives back to Paton storming to 40m on a slight angle for a fine goal! (Q3 25:34)
Walker marks on the HFF, plays on and misses from 45m. (Q3 26:37)
Atkins passes to Walker 35m out on a slight angle who hits the post. (Q3 27:34)
Walker gives to Lynch outside a pack at the hotspot, the snap sails through but the ump heard the 3QT siren before he saw the ball hit boot, no score. (3 Qtr Time)
Battle intercepts a Talia rebound kick and goes quick and short to Billings 40m out on the flank. Billings doesn’t try to score, O’Brien marks in relief. (Q4 1:27)
Smith bombs long over Brown to Walker going back to the square 20m out, Tex makes no mistake for his fourth goal. (Q4 4:22)
Lynch marks a Sloane pass at half forward within range, but turns and goes low and hard to Himmelberg at the hotspot. Himmelberg just misses to the right. (Q4 7:48)
McKenzie is all over Lynch to concede a contact free 40m out near the boundary, Lynch kicks what surely should be the sealer from the near-impossible spot! (Q4 11:31)
Murphy is over the back to mark an Ellis-Yolmen kick from the HFF to the behind line, he converts to kick off official garbage time. (Q4 15:15)
Murphy marks 40m out wide on the flank and threads it for his second goal. (Q4 18:30)
Gresham has a ping from 55m in front but it’s well wide left. (Q4 20:32)
Billings falls on a loose footy at the Crows hotspot and Betts pounces on him to win a HTB free and some garbage. (Q4 22:15)
Membrey gets a charity piece of refuse from the line after a 50m penalty on Talia. (Q4 26:46)
Gresham draws some appreciative applause for a fine finish from the boundary that nonetheless smells a lot like a garden compost heap. (Q4 28:46)

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