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Blog log from R6 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R6 of 2019

Four big men go up for a McCluggage kick to the pocket 20m out, Hipwood clunks it flying in from the side to beat Hombsch and boot the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 2:24)
Long ball to the top of the Lion goalsquare, Ballard intercepts but Berry gets a free for a block by Hanley but misses a very easy one from 15m. (Q1 8:17)
Cameron roves and shoots around the corner from 35m on the flank, it screws wide. (Q1 9:16)
Bowes drops a mark at half back, Berry roves and goes to the pocket for Cameron 15m out, who misses badly. (Q1 11:34)
Lyons plays on to advantage from a HTB free to Robinson on Hanley on the wing, reaches 50m on a slight angle and rams through a satisfying goal. (Q1 12:24)
Berry roves the next centre bounce and hits the lead of Hipwood 45m out on a slight angle, nothing Ballard could do about that. Hipwood just misses left. (Q1 13:34)
The Suns manage to get a rebound going finally, MacPherson is spoiled by Gardiner 40m out on a slight angle but gathers and snaps a lovely finish for the first for Gold Coast. (Q1 15:04)
Martin sets Ainsworth on a run up the guts and pass to Wright at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 18:19)
Rich spoils a kick to a pack at the Suns hotspot, the crumb flips over the back where Lukosius roves and goals, Suns hit the lead! (Q1 21:49)
McStay marks within range on the HFF but centres to Robinson 45m out on a slight angle. IQ just misses. (Q1 26:19)
Swallow marks just inside 50m on a slight angle and hits the post after the QT siren. (Q1 29:34)
McStay gets a contact free on Hanley near the boundary 40m out but shoots across the face. (Q2 1:56)
Cameron marks on the HFF, wheels and goes to the pocket for Robinson 30m out, who kicks OOTF. (Q2 3:56)
Joyce is too slow on the rebound and gets mown down by Rayner 40m out on the flank, who makes him pay with the go-ahead goal. (Q2 4:54)
Ainsworth passes to the lead of Corbett 40m out on the flank, who fades in his first senior goal. (Q2 7:09)
Robinson passes to McCluggage 45m out near the boundary, he also misses. (Q2 10:09)
Lester intercepts the rebound kick to the wing after that point and goes to a pack 30m out on a slight angle where McStay marks… but he sprays it OOTF. (Q2 11:09)
Corbett is paid a mark from a Miller pass that he looked like he dropped, he lines up from 35m on the flank and bangs through goal number two. (Q2 17:50)
Cameron set Rayner off to run down the flank in a bit of space, has options inside but goes himself… squeezes it inside the far goalpost for his seconds! Scores level again. (Q2 21:40)
Witherden plays on from a Rayner free on Harbrow to rove and goal from the top of the square. (Q2 23:34)
Zorko soccers a chaos ball to the HFF, the bounce eludes Horlin-Smith and favours Robinson who turns and shoots from 25m for a red time goal. (Q2 26:10)
Fiorini passes to Sexton leading in front of Rich to the boundary 25m out, he shoots as the HT siren sounds and puts it through. (Q2 30:20)
Wright marks 50m out on a slight angle and misses the lot to kick off the second half. (Q3 0:35)
Holman catches Berry HTB on the wing and passes to MacPherson 45m out on a slight angle, who shoots OOTF. (Q3 4:00)
McCluggage shoots on the run from the HFF… yep, another OOTF. (Q3 6:07)
At long last the Suns get a rebound going with the loose man up the guts, Lukosius runs through half forward and pops the kick to Sexton for the easy goal. (Q3 7:35)
Hipwood gives to Neale at half forward after the next centre bounce, the pass goes to Cameron in the pocket 30m out who kicks truly. (Q3 8:35)
Lyons marks a Neale pass at half forward, turns and rams through another one for Brisbane from near the hotspot. (Q3 10:25)
The Lions again boss the centre clearance, Robinson gets a chance from CHF after a rove and feed by Lyons and sails through another one! (Q3 11:06)
McCarthy wins a hard footy in a pack on the HFF and gives outside to McCluggage who hits the post from 45m. (Q3 15:24)
Walker kicks short from the BP but Sexton chips in front of Robinson to intercept 30m out on a slight angle… then misses. (Q3 17:05)
Hodge smashes Horlin-Smith at half forward to cause a spillage, the Lions work it through hand to the square where McCluggage gives Robinson a Joe the Goose special. (Q3 20:18)
Neale runs from the centre to the wing and passes to Martin on the HFF, who gives back to the rampaging Neale for a fine goal from 50m! (Q3 21:21)
Lyons passes to Taylor 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q3 29:06)
Bowes misses from a pack near the hotspot after Martin can’t mark. (Q4 0:31)
Berry roves a Cameron contest but shoots wide from the hotspot. (Q4 1:00)
Robinson feeds Taylor who also misses a very gettable snap from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 1:57)
Berry gives to Cameron, yep Charlie knows what to do with ball in hand inside 50, he screws through the goal from 25m on the flank. (Q4 2:27)
Miller snaps a goal from the hotspot playing on to advantage from a ruck free, not much enthusiasm from the crowd as this is now junk time. (Q4 4:45)
Zorko soccers from the next centre bounce, it rolls to Rayner who shows good hands to gather, turn around Ballard and goal off the left from 20m. (Q4 5:43)
Miller gets the next centre clearance to set up a Wright mark and goal from the hotspot. (Q4 7:00)
Fiorini catches Robinson HTB 30m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 9:11)
Holman passes to Fiorini at exactly the same spot as his last shot, he misses left even worse this time. (Q4 10:00)
Neale intercepts the Hanley kick in to CHF for the Lions, but just misses. (Q4 13:30)
Berry gives to Taylor at CHF in space, he scoots to the hotspot and kicks truly. (Q4 15:00)
McCarthy runs free through midfield for a champagne footy goal from 45m. (Q4 19:40)
McCarthy is swimming in garbage, two for him with that snap from half forward after beating Horlin-Smith. (Q4 22:03)
Sexton misses a screwing snap from half forward. (Q4 30:31)
Rayner misses from half forward up the other end. Not much going on. (Q4 32:16)

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