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Blog log from R18 of 2018: Geelong vs Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R18 of 2018

The Dees power it off half back through a Max Gawn intercept mark. Spargo assists the shot, finding McDonald on the lead. Tom shoots from 50 on the flank and misses. (Q1 6:22)
No matter, the travelling side have the first of the contest! Oliver wins it in congestion and sends it long to the hot spot. Garlett marks and finishes from close range! (Q1 7:36)
Spargo dabs the pass inside the attacking arc and links with McDonald once more. Tom takes the leading mark, but from 35 on the slight, is unable to score the maximum. (Q1 8:47)
Ablett takes the mark a step outside the 50 metre arc. The champion Cat loads up from beyond 55, covering the distance, without the accuracy.
(Q1 14:36)
Hogan gets out the back as the Demons swing it from end to end in the blink of an eye. Under immediate pressure, Jesse swings for home. From 40 on the flank, he hits the post. (Q1 15:19)
Menegola bounds off the half back flank, taking three bounces before finding Hawkins on the lead. Sandwiched between three Dees, Tom takes the mark and converts truly from 35! (Q1 17:42)
Kennedy-Harris sends the sweeping handball to his captain. Jones surveys the options from the arc and launches to the square. McDonald flies, clunks and goals! (Q1 20:49)
Menzel produces an astounding play to setup the Jones goal! Spinning on a dime under immense pressure, Daniel hooks the ball into the path of Jamaine. He finished from 25! (Q1 23:52)
Parfitt receives a free inside scoring range after being driven in the back by Gawn. Brandon flicks it off to Dangerfield, Patrick nailing the shot from 45 on the flank! (Q2 2:27)
Melksham crumbs the six-strong pack and flicks off to one of the few to keep their feet, Neal-Bullen. Alex throws boot to ball with immediacy, hooking his effort for a minor. (Q2 5:56)
Hogan dabs the pass inside the arc and Spargo takes the lead up mark. Charlie, in his rookie season, kicks for goal from 40 on the flank, missing to the near side. (Q2 9:41)
Jones sends the ball across the goal face with a dribbling effort. Hawkins sends a boot to ball and appears to have nailed it. After review, the goal is confirmed! (Q2 12:42)
Brayshaw delivers a spectacular play right on time! The Dees press Geelong into a contested rebound 50 kick. Angus reads the Duncan pass, takes the mark and nails it from 45! (Q2 16:02)
Dangerfield receives the decision after Melbourne was unaware Patrick was the acting ruckmen. Brayshaw shielded him out of the way, gifting the former Crow a goal from 25! (Q2 20:55)
Petracca, Hogan and Spargo link deep in the Dees forward pocket as the forwards search for an opportunity. Charlie settles on the dribble effort and swings it through! (Q2 23:27)
Duncan continues his error prone performance, this time slipping over and allowing the Dees a gilt edge chance. Tom McDonald takes the opportunity, nailing it from 45! (Q2 29:08)
Dangerfield tackles, regains his feet and delivers a handball to the pacing Kelly. Tim receives but misses the running attempt from 35 on the flank. (Q2 30:44)
The Cats have the first of the second half through Duncan! Menegola and Mitch link by hand as the on ballers power to scoring range. Duncan sends it through from 40! (Q3 3:25)
The Dees win the following centre bounce and Petracca takes the grab inside the attacking arc. Shooting from 35 on the flank, Christian makes no mistake from the set shot! (Q3 3:57)
Selwood sends the ball long to the hot spot with the up and under. Hawkins flies and takes the strong clunk. He lines up and nails his third from 40, directly in front! (Q3 6:12)
Kelly makes the foot error coming off half back and the Dees make them pay on the turnover. Jones takes the lead up grab inside the arc and Nathan nails the set shot from 45! (Q3 7:40)
Goal for goal continues to begin this second half, this time through the boot of Henry. He receives on the outside, turns and whacks it through from 35 for the first of his career! (Q3 10:14)
Fritsch towels Narkle up with ball in hand and the decision is duly awarded. Bayley lines up from 45 on the flank and the left footers shot is touched through. (Q3 15:56)
Hogan spins in and out of trouble, flicking to Neal-Bullen. Alex swings the ball across the face of goal and finds Melksham’s chest. Jake snaps it through from close range! (Q3 17:42)
Harmes sends it to the isolated contest between Hogan and Guthrie, with the predictable result inevitably occurring. Jesse lines up and splits the middle from 30! (Q3 19:35)
Gawn is taken down behind play and the free is paid to the renowned ruck. Max sets sail from 45 out, directly in front, and he whacks it straight through for the maximum! (Q3 22:13)
After replay, Stewart is identified as the individual to have taken the ruck to ground. (Q3 22:57)
Parfitt dabs the pass to the pacing Kelly, Tim taking the grab on the second bite. Lining up for the fifteenth of his career from 45 on the sharp angle, he misses to the far side. (Q3 26:13)
Petracca demonstrates an astounding pick up and handball in traffic. He releases Melksham and in turn Garlett. Jeff receives, runs his measure and goals from point blank! (Q3 31:37)
Oliver and Jetta link by hand across the half forward flank as the Dees go searching for another. McDonald wins the ball at ground level against Bews, finishing truly from 15! (Q4 3:27)
The Cats grab the quick reply through Hawkins. Tom beats Gawn in the ruck contest, out positioning his counterpart. He spins on a dime and snaps it through off the left peg! (Q4 5:23)
Narkle and Selwood link by hand as the Cats captain searches for the opportunity. Joel receives back, runs his measure and snaps it through from 25! (Q4 9:45)
Hawkins wins the ball at ground level and flicks off to the marauding half back in Tuohy. Zach receives on the outside and snaps it through from 35! (Q4 10:41)
Parfitt, Dangerfield and Hawkins link before Tom is found out on the lead. Searching for two in a minute, Tom lines up from 40 on the slight. He nails his fifth! (Q4 12:09)
The Cats win it at the coalface and release Kelly on the outside. Tim runs his measure and darts the pill onto Hawkins chest. Tom lines up from 45 and sends through his SIXTH! (Q4 14:09)
Neal-Bullen paces away from congestion with ball in hand and Alex darts the pass to the leading Melksham. Jake takes the mark at top speed and converts truly from 35 on the slight! (Q4 17:39)
Stanley sends the ball long to Hawkins. A pack of five forces the ball to ground. Kelly follows up at ground level and whacks it through from close range! (Q4 20:54)
Melksham dabs the pass and Tom McDonald takes the strong grab sandwiched between two Cat opponents. Tom plays on and finishes truly from close range! (Q4 24:39)
Just a tick over five minutes to play in this one! (Q4 25:09)
The long bomb from the Ablett boot is sent to the seven strong pack. Hawkins miraculously roves the pack, gathers and hooks it through for his fourth of the term! (Q4 27:42)
Menegola is released on the outside and has the running shot from 35. Sam runs his measure but shanks the effort. After review, it is deemed out on the full. (Q4 28:38)
Stanley dabs the ball ahead of Kennedy-Harris. The livewire runs onto it ahead of Menegola. However, he is unable to convert. Minor score. Two and a half left to play. (Q4 31:10)
The Dees have the ball at half back with just over a minute and a half remaining. (Q4 31:10)
Throw in at the arc of the Dees attack with 1:13 left to play. Gawn off with the blood rule. (Q4 32:08)
59 seconds left now. Ball hasn’t moved very much. (Q4 32:41)
Ball rushed through for a minor score. 41 seconds remaining. (Q4 32:54)
Menzel launches to the hot spot and Tuohy takes a clunk just a few seconds before the siren sounds… (Q4 34:08)
Kicking from 35 out, directly in front. Zach lines up… (Q4 34:08)
he kicks the goal! (Full Time)
Cliff hanger ending, the Cats winning by 2 points after trailing by 29 earlier in the quarter. (Full Time)

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