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Blog log from R18 of 2018: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2018

Breust kicks in the direction of Puopolo who is in a world of space inside 50. He can’t quite run onto the footy, through for a behind. (Q1 3:07)
Puopolo on the burst slaps the footy over the top of Jones on the wing, grabs the one-two with Gunston, and kicks the running goal from 40m. Hawks on the board. (Q1 10:20)
Roughead gives to Breust who makes it two in a minute for Hawthorn on the run. Jones gives away a free after the kick but it’s a goal anyway. (Q1 11:36)
Worpel lowers his eyes and hits Schoenmakers on the lead with a simple kick. From just inside 50, Ryan makes it 3 in a row for Hawthorn. On top early. (Q1 13:48)
Jones’ panic kick lands in Hawthorn laps. Henderson gives to Miles who slots the goal from inside the 50 arc on the run. (Q1 17:03)
Hardwick, Mitchell, Worpel, and then landing in the arms of Gunston. From on the 50 at a 45 angle, it’s an OOF shank. (Q1 23:18)
19 seconds is all it takes for the Hawks to get Q2 underway. Mitchell and Breust combine, with Gunston kicking the goal on the run from 20. (Q2 0:19)
Simpson is called to play on in the forward pocket after marking a wayward Wright snap. On his right boot (!), Kade snaps the goal! (Q2 2:37)
The Hawks defence turn it over under pressure to Murphy. His quick shot cannons into the post. Almost 2 in a minute but not quite for the Blues. (Q2 4:09)
Don’t blink. The Hawks move it from end to end and Breust makes Carlton pay. He goals from 30m out thanks to a Puopolo delivery. (Q2 5:27)
Wright earns a HTB free kick inside his attacking 50. From 45 on a decent angle, his shot is left and stays left. (Q2 7:57)
Schoenmakers the benefactor of a 50m encroachment penalty. From about 55, he launches the shot into the post. (Q2 14:59)
Morrison will line up on a tight angle from about 40m. Missing to the near side. (Q2 15:46)
Charlie Curnow’s dangerous switch kick is intercepted by Mitchell. With his 17th possession, Tom misses right. (Q2 16:59)
Worpel should have done better but his snap missed to the near side following some kamikaze courage from two Carlton players – Jones and Simpson. (Q2 18:30)
Worpel swoops inside 50, kicking backwards to Mitchell, passing to Breust who kicks the goal from 40m directly in front (Q2 20:58)
Roughead splits the middle with his set shot from 45. The Hawks did well to create space for Roughy’s lead inside 50. (Q2 23:00)
The running Miles gives to Gunston who hits Schoenmakers on the lead. From 47 with minimal angle, his shot is OOF (Q2 28:31)
Mitchell’s kick to Hardwick galloping down the wing was centimetre perect. Puopolo gathers on the bounce in the pocket and snaps for a goal. SCORE REVIEW… Touched. Behind only. (Q3 4:15)
Isaac Smith pokes the inside 50 to Breust who has the chance to slot his fourth for the day. That’s exactly what he does. Minimal angle, 40m out. (Q3 5:59)
Harry McKay earns the free kick for marking infringement. His set shot from just inside the 50 is awful. Mimicking Marchbank before him, OOF. (Q3 7:15)
Second chance for McKay from a similar spot. This time at least he troubles the scorers for a behind. (Q3 7:57)
Hawthorn go coast to coast with Burton finding Smith who marks in front of Shaw with relative ease. Isaac hits the post. (Q3 9:09)
It’s yin and yang with Weitering’s OOF kick-out, followed by Henderson’s dead-eye boundary line goal. (Q3 10:50)
Worpel has strong hands on the wing and kick to the advantaged side of Whitecross in the pocket. From 30m out, he misses right. (Q3 12:21)
Casboult centres the footy to find Kennedy who marks at about 40. On a slight angle, Matt comes in for Carlton’s second of the day, but can’t convert. Behind only. (Q3 13:51)
After receiving from Morrison, Poppy opens up the angle on the run but can’t finish truly. (Q3 14:34)
Roughead launches a shot from downtown, but again it misses. Very inaccurate quarter so far. (Q3 15:35)
Charlie Curnow’s quick snap in the pocket just misses to the near side. Blues can’t quite get that second goal despite chances. (Q3 17:05)
Here comes Carlton’s second goal through Matthew Wright. After a good mark, Brand hits him high for a 50m penalty. Easiest of goals. (Q3 18:35)
Charlie has Burton’s hands in his back and earns the free. He opens the angle, runs inboard, and kicks the goal! 2 in a minute for Carlton. (Q3 19:50)
Mitchell continues to rack it up and it not getting anywhere near the attention he deserves. His shot from 50 is wide. (Q3 22:07)
You can’t keep a champ down. Cripps picks up a loose ball in the forward pocket and evades a couple Hawks before snapping the Blues’ 3rd goal in a row. (Q3 24:49)
You’d think it was s Shane Warne leggie!! Cam Polson’s first goal in footy takes an unbelievable bounce from a 50m punt to go through. (Q3 26:34)
Gunston nails the goal against the Carlton flow. Off the back of a stoppage Worpel, Poppy, Gunston, goal. (Q3 27:20)
Dow takes a shot from 50m and with a lack of confidence misses right. (Q3 30:05)
Ed Curnow clutches a Whitecross clearing kick. From 50 it’s off hands for a point. (Q3 32:33)
Not sure if there’s something wrong with the Sherrin or if McKay has his boots on backwards today, because he’s not kicking that footy straight whatsoever. (Q4 4:34)
Gunston shows great vision to centre to Isaac Smith in a heap of space. From 45, Isaac misses right. (Q4 6:43)
Silvagni gives away a HTM free to the front positioned Puopolo. His kick from the pocket is true. (Q4 8:25)
Cripps has gone forward but can’t finish it this time. His running shot from 40 is wide. (Q4 12:18)
Pickett shows sublime pace as he takes the game on in the corridor. Isolated at FF on Frawley, Cripps takes the one handed mark. His shot from 25 with minimal angle is a goal! (Q4 14:22)
Weitering too slow or Poppy too fast. Whichever way you look at it, Poppy shoots from the pocket and goals beautifully. (Q4 16:45)
Ed Curnow fights hard in the hot spot for his team. It pops up to Kennedy who kicks a quick goal from the square! (Q4 18:33)
Impey goes long to Henderson who waits, waits, waits, and then pokes it to Roughy. From inside the arc, his shot is left. (Q4 19:33)
Mitchell under pressure kicks another goal with his 44th touch. Dominant all round today. (Q4 22:30)
Pickett is called to play on so is forced to snap quickly. The footy dribbles goalward but wrong side of the post. (Q4 23:05)
Schoenmakers nails the goal with a quick snap on the left from inside 30 following a good centring ball from Roughy. (Q4 24:37)
Roughy unselfishly pops it inboard to Poppy. From 35 on a minimal angle, he goals! (Q4 27:14)
Gunston lines up from the pocket to get some junk time stats. His snap is bending but not enough, through for a point. (Q4 29:24)
Polson runs into the Mitchell brick wall. To top off an almost certain 3-vote game, Titch goals! (Q4 30:05)
It’s a nail in the coffin with Breust kicking his 5th of the day. Margin out to 73 points and the Hawks fans are laughing. (Q4 32:14)
The siren will buzz before the Ed Curnow kick. From 40 with significant angle, it hits the post. GAME OVER. HAWKS WIN. (Q4 33:28)

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