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Blog log from R18 of 2018: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R18 of 2018

Kelly chips in front of Martin to intercept a Robertson shank on the wing, he has Gibbs running forward to mark at the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 3:05)
Sloane marks 30m out on a slight angle but misses badly. (Q1 4:35)
Hipwood spoils and gathers at half forward, two Crows close so he gives to Berry who misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 7:33)
Mathieson feeds outside a pack to Berry who screws through a lovely finish on the run from 30m on the flank. (Q1 9:37)
Jenkins bounces off Walker chasing a ground ball from Talia and snaps around the corner from 20m on the flank for a fine goal! (Q1 11:35)
Jacobs passes to Betts on his own on the HFF, he plays on and misses from 40m. (Q1 14:34)
The Lions go coast to coast around the outer wing, Zorko marks over Brown and plays on for a snap from 40m on a slight angle, that one is good! (Q1 15:11)
Walker takes a massive speccy over McGovern to intercept in the centre and goes to the hotspot where Rayner takes another huge hanger over Talia, and goals as well! Great footy! (Q1 21:46)
Jenkins dives to mark an Atkins pass 40m out on a slight angle, but shoots left. (Q1 23:16)
McInerney stands up in front of Kelly to clunk a Martin ball to the square for his first goal. (Q1 26:36)
Laird marks a short Greenwood pass at half forward, plays on and shoots from 50m on a slight angle… hits the right post. (Q1 28:05)
Cheney bombs long from the wing to a big pack at the hotspot, Greenwood marks in the middle of it over Rich and kicks the goal just before QT. (Q1 29:01)
Greenwood catches McCluggage HTB at the top of the Crow goalsquare for the first goal of Q2, after a bit of a melee. (Q2 0:53)
Greenwood marks near the square for his third goal after a free in the centre against Hipwood. (Q2 2:53)
Martin marks in the pocket in front of Jacobs and loops a Joe the Goose special to Christensen for the goal from the square, after a fumble. (Q2 7:26)
Hipwood marks a McStay pass over Cheney 20m out in front and converts to keep the Lions in touch. (Q2 9:56)
Gibbs is pinged for kicking in danger in a pack at the hotspot, McStay takes the free and just avoids the right goalpost to extend the Brisbane lead. (Q2 11:38)
Zorko roves and misses with a quick snap from half forward. (Q2 13:37)
Atkins gives to Lynch for a snap off a step from 40m on the flank off balance, that goes wide. (Q2 16:31)
Gibbs passes to Seedsman 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is an ugly floater but it squeezes inside the left goalpost. (Q2 17:09)
Greenwood roves what looked to have been a mark to Robertson at the Crow hotspot, his snap goes wide anyway, footy gods smile. (Q2 18:39)
Big pack flies for a hopeful long ball to the Crow hotspot, Gibbs and Jenkins stay down and the ball flips out the back, the former feeds the latter to waltz into the open goal. (Q2 21:54)
Lynch passes to Jenkins 50m out on a slight angle after the next centre bounce, who misses. (Q2 23:24)
McInerney kicks OOTF on the HBF under heavy pressure after a Lester dump kick, Lynch passes to Knight 40m out on the flank who sails through a red time goal. (Q2 26:26)
Crouch kicks carefully from the HFF to the front of a pack at the hotspot, Gallucci marks and puts some more red time pain on the board. (Q2 27:49)
McStay goals from the line playing on to advantage for a free to Taylor at half forward for front-on contact by Kelly, some red time stuff by the Lions this time. (Q2 30:39)
Rayner marks near true CHF after Gallucci gets smashed going for a ground ball on the wing and the Lions pounce, he steers through the first goal of Q3. (Q3 2:14)
McGovern marks over Rich 20m out in front but sprays a very easy set shot. (Q3 7:00)
Christensen wins a HTB free on Atkins 35m out on a slight angle but hoofs it wide in ugly fashion. (Q3 8:38)
Greenwood sharks a Martin ruck tap in the Crows FP but hits the post under a tackle. (Q3 12:02)
Walker catches McGovern high 45m out in front, he misses another set shot though that one was tougher. (Q3 13:16)
Greenwood leaps in between Witherden and Robertson to mark at the hotspot for his fourth goal. (Q3 18:01)
Crouch gives in tight to Knight in a pack 35m out on the flank, he throws the ball on the boot for a fine opportunist goal. (Q3 20:16)
Cutler just misses with a running snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 21:46)
Again it’s Cutler who plays on from a free at half forward and misses again. (Q3 22:44)
Betts marks 40m out on the flank but decides to give over the top to Kelly who has no idea what to do when challenged and checksides OOTF from the pocket. (Q3 24:18)
Brisbane rebounds around the outer wing, Robinson marks a McCluggage pass at the hotspot and just misses. (Q3 24:47)
Zorko misses off a step from heavy traffic 40m out on a slight angle. (Q3 26:47)
Betts has the sit on Cox for an Atkins ball to the square, Eddie leaps on his back for the mark and crowd-pleasing goal. (Q3 29:16)
Rich goes long to the square from outside CHF but it’s wide. (Q4 1:40)
Barrett intercepts Gallucci’s kick in 40m out in the corridor and sends it over his head for the first goal on Q4. (Q4 2:08)
Betts roves and gives to Lynch who tries a party trick snap from 20m on the flank that goes wide. (Q4 5:24)
Berry marks a Christensen pass behind Milera at the hotspot and converts after a Laird dropped mark upfield starts a fast break. (Q4 9:48)
Betts gives to Laird zipping past, he breaks a tackle by McCluggage and steadies for the snap from 25m on the flank and slots it! (Q4 11:54)
Hipwood gets a free for a tunnel by Keath 45m out on the flank, fairly soft that one. He has had a quiet night since Q1, and hoofs that wide right. (Q4 15:39)
Walker spoils a Seedsman ball to Jenkins in the square for a behind. (Q4 20:57)
McInerney is paid a pack mark 20m out on a slight angle despite Crow protests that McGovern touched it as well. He kicks truly, two kicks in it, 3:17 to go. (Q4 23:27)
Martin clears from the next centre bounce, Cutler gives to Rich who launches from just outside CHF… just wide. (Q4 24:23)
Lynch runs down the flank and hits the post with a snap from 40m. (Q4 25:22)
Greenwood wins a HTB free on Rich 25m out on the flank, it’s a poster but only 23 seconds left and two kicks in it. (Q4 27:09)
Beams clears at CHB, Hipwood marks and wheels, his kick lands luckily in the guts of Taylor at the hotspot but the final siren blows, he goals, Crows win. (Q4 28:24)

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