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Blog log from R18 of 2018: Essendon vs Fremantle

Blog log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R18 of 2018

The Dockers get the first inside 50 with a quick clearance. Myers collects the loose ball and tries to free himself from traffic but is caught HTB by Johnson. From 30 out he goals. (Q1 2:03)
Fantasia gives off to Hurley who shoots from outside 50. It comes off hands for a behind. (Q1 3:10)
Pearce is a bit stiff to be pinged for a throw after tapping one forward on the wing. The Dons go forward and Merrett roves the pack. His shot from 40 is rushed over. (Q1 6:38)
Colyer is called to play on after marking 40 out directly in front. He gives to Zaharakis who misses. (Q1 7:30)
Hooker goes long inside 50 and the ball comes off Freo hands to Parish. His quick snap from 20 out is a behind. (Q1 7:30)
Langford spots up Fantasia in front of Tucker after the Dons did well to recover possession on the wing. From 40 out directly in front he kicks their first. (Q1 9:21)
McKernan marks 60 out from goal and sends it long to a Baguley-Hughes one on one. It goes over the top and rolls toward goal where Baguley arrives in time to soccer it through. (Q1 13:08)
McNiece puts it to the advantage of Zaharakis on the wing. He spots up Fantasia on the lead in front of Ryan. From 40 out he misses to the right. (Q1 19:39)
After a comedy of errors from both sides, Dea hurries a kick under pressure in his defensive pocket. It lands in the lap of a diving Neale. From 30 out he goals. (Q1 23:33)
Fremantle hurry a kick to CHF from the centre bounce. Hooker protects Dea with a shepherd in the marking contest and Johnson is awarded the free kick. He goals from 50 out. (Q1 25:23)
Giro catches Dea HTB on his half forward flank. The ball spills out and Fremantle take advantage. Walters receives from Mundy 40 out and slots the goal. (Q1 28:23)
Goddard intercepts on the wing against Johnson. He then spots up McKernan on the lead in front of Hamling. From 40 out he misses. (Q2 3:37)
Hill puts a spearing kick onto the chest of Walters who takes a sliding mark. From 30 out on the flank he misses. (Q2 6:34)
Giro misses the target with a kick on the wing allowing the Bombers to spring forward. Brown gathers deep in the pocket and with no options open decides to shoot. He just misses. (Q2 8:52)
McDonald-Tipungwuti is caught high by Sheridan on the wing. He gives to McNiece who finds Brown 50 out from goal. He goes back and bombs through a nice goal! (Q2 10:37)
Goddard takes a running bounce in his defensive 50 and loses his handle on it. It turns over to Cerra who snaps a nice goal from 30. (Q2 12:16)
Heppell’s long ball from the centre goes over the pack inside 50. Colyer runs onto it but fumbles. It falls to Baguley who soccers through a behind. (Q2 13:37)
Fantasia lurks around a stoppage in the Essendon hotspot. A Fremantle kick out of traffic is smothered and he swoops, snapping a beauty from the pocket. (Q2 15:49)
Essendon work it well by hand from half back. Merrett sends it long to a Langford-Hughes contest in the square but they can’t reach it, it goes through for a point. (Q2 18:04)
The Bombers turn it over with a rushed kick on the wing. Fremantle go long to half forward where Walters roves and snaps to Sutcliffe in the goal square. He slots the goal. (Q2 19:47)
After a nice bit of lead up play, Baguley marks at half forward. He then spots up Bellchambers on the lead in the pocket. His set shot from 30 out is a behind. (Q2 23:07)
Banfield intercepts on the wing and finds Hill at half forward. Hill spots up Walters who drops the mark but has the time to turn and snap the goal! (Q2 26:49)
McDonald-Tipungwuti catches Wilson HTB as he tries to clear from defense. He then spots up Zaharakis 40 out on a slight angle. He kicks the first of the half. (Q3 1:47)
Neale put it to Mundy’s advantage with his centre clearance. Mundy outbodies Guelfi and marks 50 out on the flank. His shot is thumped over the line for a behind. (Q3 4:18)
A good spoil from Saad takes it away from Walters and Essendon rebounds. Fantasia ends up marking on the lead in front of Duman 40 from goal. He slots the set shot. (Q3 6:33)
Cerra scrambles a kick forward to an open forward line. The Dockers forwards pressure Essendon out of it and work it by hand. It finishes with Mundy who strolls into an open goal. (Q3 9:03)
Banfield goes into the pocket where Walters takes a strong overhead mark without much opposition. He plays on and his snap drops short, bouncing through for a behind. (Q3 10:28)
Hooker releases McDonald-Tipungwuti in the middle and he gives to Myers. Myers runs to the 50 and launches a long bomb toward goal which just misses. (Q3 11:33)
Essendon clear a stoppage on the wind with Zaharakis finding Brown up against the boundary 50 out from goal. His set shot sails through the big sticks! (Q3 12:48)
Essendon get the centre clearance and stream forward in numbers. They work it by hand and Fantasia finishes nicely from 30. (Q3 14:18)
Langford marks in the middle of the ground and receives a 50 metre penalty after Baguley is put down off the ball. From 30 out he misses poorly. (Q3 17:47)
Zaharakis finds McDonald-Tipungwuti tracking back into the pocket with Neale trailing behind. From 40 out he misses. (Q3 18:33)
Johnson scrambles a kick forward finding Matera wide open in the forward pocket. He goes around the corner from 30 out and puts it through the middle! (Q3 19:04)
Saad uses a clever bit of touch to put a 10 metre kick to Smith with his arm pinned. Smith turns and slots the goal from 40. (Q3 21:33)
Wilson goes long inside 50 with Walters his target. McNiece comes to contest and takes his eyes off the footy, giving away the free. Walters goals from 30. (Q3 23:29)
Hooker does well to shrug off a couple of Dockers defenders. He gives off and the Dons find Saad 40 out from goal. His set shot misses. (Q3 27:48)
A pack forms under a high ball inside Essendon’s attacking 50. The umpire picks out a free kick with Hamling pulling down Hooker. From 40 out on the flank he misses. (Q3 29:33)
Matera finds Mundy who marks 60 out with no player ahead of him. Mundy patiently waits for Matera to lead back around and he marks 40 out. Matera’s set shot is touched through. (Q3 31:19)
Goddard intercepts Neale’s kick at half forward. He centres to Langford who spots up Baguley on the lead. From 40 out he misses. (Q4 3:06)
Tucker catches Merrett HTB. Tucker then instantly goes off his line and is caught HTB by Merrett! He spots up Hooker on the lead in from of Hamling. He misses from the pocket. (Q4 5:20)
Heppell goes around the body into the hotspot where Hooker rises above the pack to take a strong mark. From 30 out he misses poorly. (Q4 6:38)
Merrett intercepts a Walters handball with pace in the middle of the ground. He then spots up Brown on the lead 50 out from goal. He slots the set shot. (Q4 11:06)
Banfield is pinged for HTB in the centre. Merrett sends the resulting free kick into the hotspot where the Dockers rush it through for a behind. (Q4 11:50)
Cerra sends a long kick down the wing. Guelfi manages to spoil but it lands in the path of Walters. He finds McCarthy leading back into the goal square. McCarthy goals. (Q4 14:00)
Wilson’s quick kick out of defence is spoiled by Goddard and falls to Myers. Running toward the boundary he tries to centre but miraculously it sails through for a goal! (Q4 21:22)
Zaharakis spots up Brown in the middle of the ground. With space up ahead, he finds Smith running back toward goal. From 40 out he slots the goal. (Q4 23:51)
Fremantle turn it over in the middle and McDonald-Tipungwuti finds Fantasia on the lead. From 45 out on the flank he slots his fifth of the evening. (Q4 26:36)
Following a quick kick from the centre clearance, Smith takes an absolute hanger over Wilson! His set shot drops short and is rushed over. (Full Time)

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