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Blog log from R18 of 2017: Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R18 of 2017

Stevens catches Parker high at the opening bounce, long ball to a pack at the hotspot and it’s Sinclair who marks in front of Roberton, but he misses. (Q1 0:35)
Heeney gives to Papley for a snap from CHF, Sinclair chooses to mark on the line rather than shepherding it through, he does get the first goal. (Q1 4:05)
After a Lonie clanger on the wing by foot, Parker marks a centring Hewett ball from the HFF to 40m on the flank, but misses. (Q1 8:50)
Riewoldt marks a Roberton ball on the HFF 50m out, looks inside and eventually delivers a nice pass to Stevens leading up to the hotspot. Stevens kicks truly. (Q1 11:05)
Robinson sharks a pressured handball on the HFF and gives to Towers who snaps wide from 40m. (Q1 19:20)
Hewett beats Riewoldt one out in the pocket for a low bullet by Parker from the HFF. He makes no mistake from 15m. (Q1 20:05)
Franklin’s inside 50 kick from the wing is a bit of a sack but Sinclair is playing in front of Roberton and juggles the greasy ball 40m out in the corridor. He kicks another goal. (Q1 21:38)
Roberton catches Hewett HTB 50m out on a slight angle from the Saint goals, goes back for the set shot and hangs it right, OOTF. (Q1 24:05)
Jones passes to Rohan to mark 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a rather easy rebound up the guts from that last shot. Rohan misses badly, though. (Q1 25:20)
McVeigh is in the square to rush a snap off a step from CHF by Dunstan. (Q1 26:21)
Franklin has two Saints on him and draws a holding free on Brown in a marking contest at the hotspot. He boots goal number one for his evening. (Q2 3:12)
Bruce gets a free for Rampe catching him over the shoulder 50m out on a slight angle and bangs through his first goal to stop the rot for St Kilda. (Q2 5:57)
Heeney rolls through a snap from the hotspot after roving a Sinclair contest from the next centre clearance kick. (Q2 7:12)
Hewett wins a wrestle with Savage to mark a high Parker ball 30m out on the flank, but shoots OOTF. (Q2 10:42)
Sinclair beats the outmatched Montagna to mark a Rohan ball to the top of the square for his third goal. (Q2 12:17)
Kennedy goes back to mark behind Newnes at the hotspot even though Sinclair was storming up from the square on the lead. He goals too, Sydney in firm control now. (Q2 14:22)
Newman passes to Franklin 50m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 16:12)
Savage gets one back for the Saints with a snap from the hotspot after Mills spoils Riewoldt but goes to ground allowing Rooey to butter up for the give. (Q2 18:43)
Kennedy roves a Geary drop near the hotspot and gives to Hanneberry who misses off the left boot. (Q2 23:58)
Papley marks at half forward and passes to Franklin 25m out on the flank, who misses again. (Q2 27:03)
Sinclair beats Carlisle in a ground contest in the pocket and has Franklin inside but goes himself from 20m… across the face. (Q3 4:40)
Dunstan runs from CHB after a turnover and goes long to Riewoldt one out with Melican, the latter goes to ground and the former gathers and runs into the open goal. (Q3 5:17)
Sinclair leaps in front of Carlisle and Roberton to mark a centre clearance ball by Papley to 45m on a slight angle and bangs through his fourth goal. (Q3 6:12)
Grundy is pinged for a push in the back of Bruce 35m out on a slight angle, Bruce makes him pay with his second goal. (Q3 8:38)
After Newnes gets smothered at the top of the square, Webster taps out to Montagna who snaps OOTF from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 13:22)
Jack gives to Franklin who wows the crowd with a snap from outside 50m on a slight angle. We are in junk time now, scores are still technically close but not really. (Q3 17:55)
Billings misses badly from a set shot 25m out on the flank. (Q3 20:56)
Naismith hits the post with a pressured snap from the pocket. (Q3 21:46)
Towers marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle and shows them how it’s done with a set shot straight through the hi-diddle-diddle. (Q3 22:25)
Sinclair gets a rather soft free on Brown 25m out on the flank but misses, footy gods smile. (Q3 25:10)
Frnaklin centres to Towers 40m out in front who kicks OOTF. (Q3 26:07)
This time Franklin goes himself from half forward but he misses. (Q3 27:41)
Long ball to the square for Sydney, again Sinclair beats Carlisle one out to mark for his fifth goal. (Q3 28:45)
Bruce marks in front of Grundy 30m out on the flank for his third goal to kick off Q4 junk time scoring. (Q4 2:15)
Papley passes to Franklin 50m out on the flank on the end of a quick rebound play. Buddy goes back for the set shot, and the crowd roars as he drives it home. (Q4 10:25)
Carlisle catches Franklin around the neck as Buddy chases a ground ball 20m out on the flank. Obvious free, Buddy tries a screwing set shot that doesn’t work. (Q4 13:15)
Billings converts a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 15:15)
Newnes receives to run through CHF and kick a goal from 45m. (Q4 17:57)
A double 50m penalty against Dunstan for encroachment then backchat gifts Rohan a goal from the goal line. (Q4 22:54)
Dunstan intercepts Lloyd on the HFF and sails through a goal to right the wrong from a couple of minutes ago. (Q4 25:56)
The crowd cheers lustily as McVeigh snaps a rare goal after the Swans boss the next centre bounce. (Q4 26:44)

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