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Blog log from R18 of 2017: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2017

Breust marks out ahead of Hamling and launches long to the isolated contest between Schoenmakers and Weller. Lachie pulls down Ryan and Ryan converts the free kick from 20! (Q1 1:25)
THe leading Schoenmakers takes the grab out ahead of Weller and urgently moves it onto the hard running Whitecross. Brendan marks and centres to Shiels… (Q1 6:36)
Liam lines up from 45 on the flank and hooks his effort to the near side. (Q1 7:14)
The quintessential ball hog, Tom Mitchell, takes a mark on the 50 metre sign. The former Swan lines up the set shot and just misses to the far side. (Q1 8:28)
Duryea, Whitecross, Burgoyne and Howe combine by hand as the Hawks search for the optimal shot. Dnbiel sidesteps Weller and hammers it through from 40! (Q1 9:26)
Roughead wins the ball at the stoppage, powering his way through and moving it wide by hand. The captain receives back again and hooks his effort through from 20! (Q1 12:37)
Breust, Shiels, Langford and Henderson combine as the domination continues. Ricky receives out the back and waltzes to the goal line, finishing from point blank range! (Q1 15:07)
Hodge turns the ball over with an errant pass coming out of defence. Fremantle capitalized with McCarthy marking unattended. Cam converts from 30 out, directly in front! (Q1 17:10)
Fyfe, S.Hill and Mundy link after Nathan gained possession via the Duryea spoil. David finds Kersten on the lead and Shane converts truly from 40 on the flank! (Q1 20:42)
Hill of the Brad variety is caught across half back and the Hawks converge on the pill. The ball is worked to the hard running Duryea. Taylor receives and miss from the arc. (Q1 27:28)
Burton is caught with ball in hand for the second time in tonight’s affair. The Dockers launch a counterattack and Nyhuis is the recipient, marking inside 50. Ryan converts truly! (Q2 3:23)
Shiels flicks wide to the pacing Breust. Luke receives and centres from the boundary to the leading Langford. The unreliable set shot, Will misses another from 30 on the slight. (Q2 13:12)
Luke Breust kicks one of the goals of the year! Luke reads it off the pack and links with Duryea. He receives it back and dribbles it through from 35 out on the boundary! (Q2 15:22)
Hodge makes another error in the defensive half of the ground, gifting the Dockers a chance at goal. Johnson finds Kersten and the former Cat misses from 40 on the flank. (Q2 17:07)
Roughead knocks the ball ahead of the anticipating Gunston. Jack gathers off the deck and thuds it onto the chest of the leading Duryea. Taylor misses from 35 on the flank. (Q2 19:39)
Make that two special majors from Breust in this term! Glass intercepts and launches forward. Luke gathers off the pack and floats a major through from 45 on the boundary! (Q2 22:08)
Glass continues his high quality debut with a spearing pass through the corridor that opens the play. Henderson is the recipient, marking inside 50. Ricky hits the post. (Q2 24:38)
Burgoyne towels up Hill, of the Stephen variety, and the decision is duly paid the former Power mans way. Shaun shoots from 35 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side. (Q3 1:31)
The Hawks work it forward through Smith who chips to the pacing Mitchell. Tom provides clean hands at ground level and provides the no look handball to Howe. Dan goals with ease! (Q3 3:01)
Hartung was like an insect caught in a spiders web, running into a throng of four Dockers. The turnover eventuates and Ballantyne receives to goal from close range! (Q3 5:06)
Langford wins it at the coalface after Breust drilled the pill into the hotspot. Will flicks it wide to Schoenmakers. Ryan attempts the snap from 30 but just misses to the right. (Q3 8:52)
Breust moves it out of congestion with a dribbling effort to the unmarked Shiels. Liam gathers and has a gilt edge opportunity but he misses poorly from 25. (Q3 10:18)
McEvoy produces a horrible error on the goal line. Ben managed to knock the ball up instead of through for a minor. Kersten gathers and goals from point blank range! (Q3 12:47)
Hardwick intercepts across half back after Gunston and B.Hill collided in the corridor. Blake finds Hartung and Billy sends it through from 45 on the flank! (Q3 15:46)
Logue launches out of defensive after Hartung mishandled the footy. Griffin paces through and links with Mundy and Ballantyne. Hayden chips to Kersten. Shane hits the post from 55. (Q3 22:02)
Henderson wins the free kick after Logue made contact with Ricky without eyes for the ball. The former Crow shoots from 35 on the flank and he splits the middle to the Freo boos! (Q3 25:17)
The home crowd were very unimpressed with that free kick. And the boos have continued. (Q3 25:32)
Sicily intercepts at half forward as Walters pulls out of the contest with some type of injury. James flicks to Gunston and Jack truly converts from the paint of the arc! (Q4 2:32)
The Dockers have the quick reply through their famed star! Fyfe works it forward from the stoppage and follows it up. He receives from B.Hill inside 50 and sends it through! (Q4 3:27)
Duryea sends it to the top of the square and Roughead impedes the run of Tucker, allowing Burgoyne to mark unopposed. Shaun sends it through from point blank range! (Q4 16:17)
Burgoyne darts the pass to the hard running Smith, who takes the mark within the arc as the Dockers begin to slow. Isaac shoots from 45 on the flank and goals! (Q4 17:19)
Glass intercepts through the corridor and punts off the right peg to the unmarked Henderson. Ricky sends it onto the chest of Roughead and Jarryd goals from 25! (Q4 21:08)
The flood gates have well and truly opened in this term. (Q4 21:38)
Breust kicks to the hotspot and O’Brien gets to the drop zone first, taking the grab at full pace. Tim goes back and nabs the major from 25! (Q4 22:53)
Mundy darts the bullet to the unattended McCarthy and the former Giant takes the outstretched grab. Cam shoots and kicks his second from 45 on the sharp angle! (Q4 25:53)
With less than thirty seconds to play, Henderson sends the up and under to the top of the square and McEvoy clunks the pill. He goals from 25 out directly in front post siren! (Q4 28:24)

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