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Blog log from R18 of 2017: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2017

Whitfield marks 45m out in the corridor for the first goal after the Giants dominate the footy in the first two minutes. (Q1 2:17)
Setterfield hits the post with a pressured snap from 40m out in front. (Q1 5:47)
Johnson passes short to the lead of Greene 40m out on the flank who kicks the second goal of the game, making good for Giant weight of ball. (Q1 16:02)
Ward marks despite some high contact 35m out on a slight angle and just sneaks the set shot inside the left goalpost. (Q1 23:30)
Patton misses a long set shot from the HFF. (Q1 23:57)
Patton intercepts a rebound kick by Martin on the Giant HFF, he passes to Ward to take a contested mark on the dive 45m out on a slight angle. Ward doesn’t score. (Q1 26:02)
Rioli gives to Martin to snap from a stoppage 40m out in front, but it curls too far for a behind. (Q2 0:28)
Rioli marks 15m out in front from a short Edwards ball, after Castagna roves a pack on the HFF for the give outside. Young Daniel makes no mistake, first goal for the Tigers. (Q2 1:43)
Broad misses a target under no pressure at half back, the Giants swoop and it’s Wilson who finds Scully to mark untouched 45m out on a slight angle. Scully misses. (Q2 9:46)
Richmond sweep forward from a stoppage on the wing, Riewoldt gives to Grigg to run across the 50m paint, he decides to go to Martin in the square who marks over Corr for the goal. (Q2 13:29)
Rebound around the outer wing, long ball to the pack, Rioli drops it in front but Lambert is front and centre to rove and goal! A point in it, all of a sudden! (Q2 17:43)
A touch of rain has made this a more contested game, and Richmond has started dominating in close, helped by Martin moving from forward line to centre. (Q2 18:28)
The Tigers are all over the Giants trying to rebound and lock it in with great pressure, Short goes long to the top of the square for Riewoldt to storm onto and goal, Tigers lead! (Q2 20:04)
Edwards is paid a mark in a big pack 40m out on a slight angle, Giants nearby can’t believe the ump didn’t rule that Lobb touched it too. He misses, footy gods smile. (Q2 26:54)
Martin pounces on the HFF and gives to Riewoldt to run to 30m and goal to start Q3 like Richmond ended Q2! (Q3 1:02)
Edwards marks 45m out near the boundary and misses. (Q3 2:35)
McIntosh sprays a running snap OOTF from 30m on the flank after a rebound run by Cotchin and link work by Riewoldt. (Q3 10:06)
Grigg misses a snap from the HFF. (Q3 10:53)
McIntosh gets another chance from much the same spot as his last one, after a 50m on Kennedy on the wing. This time he steers it through with care and technique. (Q3 12:05)
The Giants work the ball in tight on the wing under heavy pressure, Greene passes to Haynes 40m out on a slight angle. Haynes hops and skips in, but makes no mistake. (Q3 16:35)
Williams drops a relieving mark on the HBF and there are Tigers everywhere, eventually Martin gives to Caddy for a Joe the Goose special! (Q3 23:05)
Heavy rain falling now. (Q3 23:39)
Nankervis, who has had a very quiet day outside the ruck, gets his left boot to the ball after bouncing off a Williams challenge 30m out on the flank, Martin shepherds it through! (Q3 25:51)
Riewoldt taps to Cotchin for a very quick snap from the hotspot after a stoppage, but it wobbles wide. (Q3 27:36)
Presita gives to Castagna who has time to measure a left foot snap from outside the hotspot, but screws it way wide. (Q3 28:34)
Greene hits Setterfield 40m out on a slight angle after the first centre bounce of Q4, but the first gamer misses. (Q4 0:29)
Kelly snaps a big goal from the top of the square under heavy pressure after roving a long Wilson ball from the wing to the hotspot. (Q4 4:54)
Riewoldt takes a big key forward’s mark just outside the hotspot. His set shot is low and ugly… was it touched on the way through? No, it shaved the goalpost! (Q4 6:59)
Patton passes to Johnson on the boundary 40m out after baulking Broad on the HFF. Stevie J plays on around the man on the mark but his snap is low and rushed. (Q4 9:59)
Williams catches a volley from defence by Lambert and goes wide to Shaw 50m out on a slight angle. He goes to the pocket, stoppage results. (Q4 11:34)
Standing water now visible on the turf as the rain is constant and heavy. (Q4 11:59)
The conditions are terrible and this is now a rugby-style scrum situation wherever the ball is. Which suits the Tigers. (Q4 13:34)
Prestia passes to Brandon Ellis on the intersection of 50m and boundary. He centres, Giants spoil and rebound. (Q4 14:59)
Corey Ellis beats Mzungu to a loose ball in the centre and passes to Lambert 45m out on a slight angle. He also sits it up to the top of the square, GWS clears. (Q4 16:34)
Patton snaps a goal from the top of the square after roving a McIntosh drop and riding a double tackle as the clock ticks under 5:00. (Q4 23:50)
Shaw dives to touch a Nankervis grubber through for a behind after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q4 25:49)
Castagna rolls home the sealer from 25m on the flank after the Tigers yet again lock in the Giants to stop them rebounding. Well deserved, much the better team since Q1. (Q4 26:50)
Mumford marks on the HFF and gives to Kelly who tries his luck from 55m on a slight angle… swings well wide right. (Q4 27:46)
Kelly misses another long snap from the HFF. (Q4 29:17)

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