Blog log from R18 of 2017: Collingwood vs West Coast

Kennedy marks in the pocket, improves the angle on his set shot but hits the post. (Q1 3:35)
Crisp turns the ball over to LeCras 60m from goal and LeCras spots Kennedy on the lead 30m out. Kennedy goes back and kicks the goal. (Q1 5:50)
Kennedy streams through the middle of the ground and kicks to Reid who marks strongly overhead 25m from goal on a slight angle. Reid goals. (Q1 8:18)
The Pies move the ball quickly through Greenwood and Thomas and the ball goes long to Reid where Elliots crumbs and goals. (Q1 10:21)
Greenwood from 60m kicks long where Hoskin-Elliott marks in his fingertips with his arms outstretched. His set shot is from 20m out on a slight angle and he hits the post! (Q1 11:49)
The ball goes long into Hoskin-Elliott who spills the one handed mark attempt but gathers and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 15:49)
Sheppard kicks long from the wing to Kennedy who marks in the pocket 30m out. He wheels around and slots a nice goal. (Q1 18:05)
Dunn penalised for deliberate out of bounds in the pocket. Vardy takes the free, wheels around and slots is. West Coast converting well from tight angles today. (Q1 28:03)
Yeo wins a holding free in the middle and spots up Cripps 45m out. Cripps has a kick for goal after the siren and slots it. (Qtr Time)
Yeo kicks to Darling vs Langdon one on one in the pocket and Darling marks comfortably. Darling goals. (Q2 1:12)
Reid marks 45m from goal, loads up and hits it sweetly as it sails through for a goal. (Q2 17:38)
Long high kick from Redden finds Kennedy 40m out on a long lead. Kennedy goes back and slots another one for his fourth. (Q2 19:07)
Sheppard at half forward kicks to Kennedy on the lead 35m out on a slight angle. Kennedy goes back and kicks his fifth. (Q3 1:39)
Redden hacks it forward to the top of the square where Kennedy is too big and strong for Goldsack. He marks, goes back and kicks his sixth. (Q3 5:40)
Ruck contest close to the Collingwood goal, it’s tapped almost to the line where Wells brings it back in for Adams to soccer through for a goal. (Q3 8:54)
Wells hands backwards to Hoskin-Elliott who kicks cleverly to De Goey 30m out directly in front. De Goey goals. (Q3 11:53)
Tight on the boundary line under pressure, De Goey snaps for goals and it bounces through! Three in a row for Collingwood. (Q3 14:54)
De Goey shrugs a tackle, has a shot on goal but hits the post. Nearly a very classy goal. (Q3 21:54)
Darling wins the footy in the pocket, hands backwards to Cripps who snaps a nice goal. (Q3 23:44)
West Coast get out the back via Petrie and LeCras and eventually it comes to Yeo who strolls into an open goal. (Q3 32:25)
De Goey hands to Wills who snaps for goal from 25m out but misses to the right. (Q4 3:52)
Long ball to the hotspot is spoiled by Barrass but De Goey is there to soccer it through for a goal. (Q4 6:05)
Howe streams through the middle of the ground and spots Reid on the lead with a good low ball. Reid from 40m out directly in front tugs it to the right. (Q4 8:33)
De Goey marks on the lead 45m out on the boundary line. He has a shot at goal but misses to the right. (Q4 11:58)
Yeo with time and space kicks from 35m out directly in front and hits the post. Had more time than he realised. (Q4 18:52)
Grundy kicks long to 40m from goal where Greenwood marks overhead. He goes back and kicks the goal to put Collingwood within 10 points. (Q4 19:49)
Greenwood kicks to the top of the square where Schofield is penalised for holding onto De Goey who goes back and kicks the goal. (Q4 22:03)
De Goey catches Duggan holding the ball and finds Elliott on the lead 40m out. Elliott loads up and kicks truly! Pies by 2 points with 2 minutes remaining. (Q4 26:34)
Questionable holding free to Reid against McGovern. Reid centres to Fasolo who has a kick for goal from 30m out with 50 seconds remaining. Goal! Pies will win! (Q4 28:17)

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