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Blog log from R18 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2017

The Bulldogs are picked off coming out of defence through Suckling. The Suns find Lynch out the back and Tom flicks to Martin. Jack trots in and finishes from point blank! (Q1 2:32)
Martin is found on the boundary side as Gold Coast work it forward through Lynch. Jack marks and shoots from 45 on the boundary, but hooks to the near side. (Q1 5:53)
The wind is going to be a useful element in today’s encounter if that kick was anything to go by. Wright marks 55 out from goal. He shoots and nails it post high! (Q1 6:42)
Wallis wrenches the pill out of the centre stoppage and thumps it forward to the leading Wood. Easton marks after gaining a step on McKenzie. He shoots from 35 for a minor score. (Q1 7:52)
Macrae drives the low ball to the leading Wood and Easton takes another catch as Gold Coast continue to adapt to the change of position. Easton misses from the sharp angle. (Q1 10:05)
Macpherson gathers at half back and turns on the afterburners to leave Biggs in his wake. Darcy links with Ah Chee. Calum finds Wright and Lynch goals with ease over the back! (Q1 12:32)
For anyone unaware, the Gold Coast Suns are enjoying what appears to be a tremendous assistance from the wind in this first term. (Q1 13:29)
Liberatore wins it at the coalface and works it out of congestion by hand to the lurking Murphy. Bob chips and hits Dahlhaus on the lead. Luke goals from 35 on the slight! (Q1 17:18)
Redpath takes the strong mark in the isolated contest against McKenzie and sends it over the top with urgency. Picken marks and finishes with the set shot from close range! (Q1 21:33)
Johanissen darts off the wing and sends the ball onto the chest of the leading Picken. Lemmens contacts Liam late and the 50 is paid. Liam nabs another from point blank! (Q1 22:54)
The Bulldogs work it in tight with Johanissen feeding it out to the anticipating Williams. Bailey receives and scores a minor with the 45 metre shot. (Q1 25:48)
Macrae takes the intercept clunk across half forward and moves it further afield by hand to Hunter. Lachie finds Picken out the back with Liam taking the simple chest mark… (Q1 28:50)
Liam nabs the major from 35 on the slight angle, for his third of the term! (Q1 28:50)
Macpherson receives out the back and sends to the leading side of Martin, with Jack taking the grab ahead of Young. Jack sends it through from 30 on the slight! (Q2 5:56)
Hanley marks, turns his body without taking a step off the line and is towelled up with urgency by Picken. The dubious decision is paid and Liam goals from 50 on the flank! (Q2 10:04)
Lynch is caught in the corridor by Wallis and the red, white and blue pounce on the crumbs. Mitch, Johanissen and Dale link before Bailey sends it through from 35! (Q2 13:29)
Suckling sends the perfectly executed left foot punt onto the chest of the hard working McLean. Toby takes the grab 40 out from goal on the flank and he misses to the near side. (Q2 22:14)
The Bulldogs enjoy a string of possessions down the wing, beginning with the Young intercept mark. Dahlhaus flicks off to Dale and Bailey sends it through on the run from 45! (Q2 26:44)
Macrae receives the free kick from the resultant stoppage and sends the ball long with less than ten seconds to play. Wallis crumbs but is unable to send it through from 25. (Half Time)
McLean and Swallow battle at the foot of the pack, deep in the Gold Coast forward fifty. Toby holds David and the decision is paid. The number 24 splits the middle from 30! (Q3 1:40)
The Suns, kicking to the wind assisted end of the ground, gain the ball after a misbounce from Johannisen. Hall receives from Martin and hammers it home from well outside 50! (Q3 7:01)
Swallow proves decisive from the stoppage once more, gaining it and feeding it off to Rischitelli. Michael dabs the pass to Ainsworth. Ben marks and misses from 35 on the flank. (Q3 10:35)
Fear not Ainsworth fans! Williams is towelled up and his errant handball is gathered by Ben. He powers to the arc and unleashes an accurate kick for the major! (Q3 12:30)
Make that two in a minute for the dynamic youngster. Ainsworth wins the free for his tackle on Young. Ben duly converts with the banana from the boundary line! (Q3 14:15)
The Bulldogs link by hand as Gold Coast provide a number of defensive efforts to attempt the possession gain. Eventually Picken gains possession but misses to the left from 25. (Q3 17:11)
The Bulldogs link precisely by foot across the wing before Wallis dabs the pass to the hard running, unmarked Picken. Liam kicks his fifth from 35 on the sharp angle! (Q3 22:45)
Wallis unleashes the running power of Johannisen with a quality hand pass. Jason runs his full measure and finds Dale inside thirty. Bailey marks and goals from 25 on the slight! (Q3 25:14)
The Suns force it out of the stoppage and send it to the top of the square. Lynch finds MacPherson by hand. Darcy is tackled as he throws ball to foot, missing from close range. (3 Qtr Time)
Murphy takes the intercept mark at half forward after Hall produces the terrible turnover. Bob, McLean and Redpath link with Toby finding Jack out the back. He goals with ease! (Q4 2:18)
Witts taps out of the stoppage but is unable to find a red and gold shirt. Dale pounces and work the pill out of the stoppage by hand. Liberatore receives and goals from 45! (Q4 10:43)
The red, white and blue win it from the resulting stoppage, winning six of the last seven centre clearances. Dale flicks off to Murphy inside the arc and Bob misses from the flank. (Q4 11:48)
Miller, Hall, Swallow and MacPherson combine by foot with Darcy marking on the lead inside the attacking arc. Darcy flicks off to McKenzie who blazes a minor score from 55. (Q4 13:38)
Bontempelli gathers for the Bulldogs out of another stoppage scenario and launches out the back. Picken gathers under pressure. He shoots from 30 on the slight and misses. (Q4 14:57)
Roughead marks on the arc via the chip pass from Honeychurch. Jordan is met by late contact to the head from Hanley. He receives the 50 metre penalty and goals from point blank! (Q4 20:43)
McLean bounds off the half back flank and links with Daniel. Caleb and Wallis chain the ball up the ground before Mitch finds Picken out the back. Liam kicks his sixth of the day! (Q4 23:13)
Dale, Wallis and Murphy combine as the Bulldogs swing the ball from the wing to corridor. Bob receives and hammers it through off the right peg from outside the attacking arc! (Q4 25:28)
Biggs moves it wide to Suckling as the two sides play out the final two minutes of the quarter. Matt launches from 60 metres and misses to the right hand side. (Q4 27:46)
Wallis marks ahead of Martin after the Bulldogs continue to savage their opponents at the contest. A 50 is paid for remonstration and Mitch goals from point blank range! (Q4 28:44)
Redpath marks to the boundary side from well outside the attacking arc. Jack lines up the set shot and sends his effort into the post as the siren sounds. (Full Time)

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